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Three generations episode 75

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Two th!ngs were on Nwadiuto’s m!nd, Malik’s disrespect and h£r moth£r-!n-law to be. $h£ had shoved th£ second ©vt of h£r th£ way but with what Josh had said, $h£ had to put togeth£r a plan and strategise on th£ implementation. Malik was a small fry.

$h£ had also decided to let h£r family know how $h£ felt ab©vt Josh. $h£ realized $h£ needed only one person’s cons£nt and that’s h£r fath£r’s. If h£r moth£r and grandmoth£r resist h£r desire, $h£ will call h£r fath£r !nto th£ situation.

Malik called h£r some days after to ask if $h£ was through with h£r period. $h£ told h¡m $h£ was and would need a few days before th£y meet. $h£ suggested th£ follow!ng weekend.

That weekend, $h£ went to Port-Harcourt !nstead. Nwadiuto sat with h£r grandmoth£r who was surprised to see h£r. Nwakaego who loved to enterta!n went all ©vt for h£r granddaughter. $h£ even packed some of th£ food !n th£ freezer for h£r to take [email protected]¢k to Abuja.

After th£y had relaxed, Nwadiuto brought up th£ conversation.

“Why don’t you like Josh? What do you have aga!nst h¡m?” $h£ asked h£r grandmoth£r.

“I like h¡m as a person but I don’t th!nk you should marry ©vtside Igbo land. We have so much we are protect!ng and wouldn’t want ©vtsiders to expose our secret”

“What secret? That I was born ©vt of wedlock or a child of !ncest? It is our Igbo people that will have a problem with it if th£y f!nd ©vt not ©vtsiders. Have you ever considered th£ fact that I love th¡s guy? I am h£ad over h£els !n love with h¡m. Th£re is noth!ng you will tell me that will change my m!nd ab©vt h¡m. I don’t want an Igbo guy or Itsekiri or Hausa or Yoruba or B!ni, I want Josh regardless of h¡s tribe and age. h£ is th£ only person !n th¡s world who understands me”

“B!ni people are not nice. Ogo, your cous!n was killed by a B!ni girl who was desperate to teach us a lesson. Chioma who is !n America with h£r husband was shipped to Italy for prostitution by th£ same woman. Ok, what are Josh’s parents say!ng?”

“h¡s fath£r has given h¡s bless!ngs; h¡s moth£r would have preferred a B!ni girl too but Josh is stand!ng with me.”

“You see, even h¡s moth£r wants h¡m to marry from th£ir tribe”

“h¡s moth£r reasons like you so what do we expect? Both of you don’t consider how we feel ab©vt each oth£r; that is very unfair. I didn’t say anyth!ng because I wanted to know how serious Josh was and if h£ would fight to have me. h£ has proved h¡mself and now I am ready to be h¡s forever”

“h¡s moth£r must have a good reason for th!nk!ng th£ way I do”

“Well, $h£ does. $h£ says you killed your husband to be rich and so did your daughter. $h£’s afraid I will do th£ same to h£r son. $h£ believes it is eith£r a curse or it was !ntentional. Is $h£ right? “

“$h£ is talk!ng nons£nse! What does $h£ mean by that? Do you now understand why I said you should marry from home? What did Josh say?”

“h£ is marry!ng me wh£th£r $h£ gives h£r support or not. Although h£ has asked me to deal with h£r for mak!ng those utterances.”

“You really like Josh, I can see that. But, with th¡s new revelation, I will stand my ground and won’t allow you enter th£ lion’s den”

“You don’t have th£ f!nal say grandma, I have a fath£r and h£ has th£ f!nal say as an Igbo girl. If h£ gives me h¡s cons£nt, I will legally marry Josh, get pregnant and m©v£ ©vt of Nigeria. You will never see me or my offspr!ngs aga!n”

“What did you j√$t say?”

“Let me call my fath£r” Nwadiuto picked h£r phone to call h£r fath£r to th£ unbelieve of h£r grandmoth£r. “h£llo daddy, how are you? A quick one dad, as you are aware Josh asked me to marry h¡m and I said yes. Do you give us your support !n th¡s our quest?”

“What do your moth£r and grandmoth£r say?” Chidi asked h£r.

“Th£y want me to marry an Igbo guy”

“Not after all Josh did for you? I will love h¡m to be my son-!n-law because I have a good relationship with h¡m. h£ is a nice young man. I will cons£nt to it if asked but th£ f!nal decision rests on your moth£r and grandmoth£r”

“No, dad. Th£ f!nal decision rests with me. Both of th£m are be!ng unreasonable. We will elope and have a court wedd!ng”

“You want to break your moth£r’s and grandmoth£r’s h£arts? Don’t do that; th£y will come @r0vnd wh£n th£ time is right. I will have a chat with both of th£m”

“Ok, dad. Thank you”

Nwakaego stood up and went !nto h£r room. $h£ was very upset with Nwadiuto. Why would Nwadiuto rub h£r fath£r !n h£r face after all th£y did for h£r? Which fath£r? Th£ man that can never come ©vt to receive h£r dowry; it will be an abom!nation. “Nwanneka said th¡s girl has gotten ©vt of [email protected] and I didn’t believe h£r. How can $h£ even choose a B!ni boy over h£r family?” $h£ pondered.

$h£ stayed !ndoors for hours expect!ng Nwadiuto to come !nto th£ room to talk to h£r but $h£ didn’t. By th£ time $h£ came ©vt, Nwadiuto had left. Nwakaego was livid with anger. Nwadiuto had grown w!ngs j√$t because $h£ is eat!ng what th£y are and had eaten.

Nwadiuto flew to Lagos to see h£r moth£r. $h£ was at home with Paul wh£n $h£ got th£re. Th£ boys weren’t home.

“Mum, please, tell me why I can’t marry Paul”

“Did I say you can’t? I said discuss with your grandmoth£r”

“Discuss what? I love Josh and I want to marry h¡m. If you refuse, please know that th¡s is th£ last time you will be see!ng me.”

“What are you say!ng?”

“I am say!ng if you do not support me to marry Josh th£n forget ab©vt me entirely”

Paul looked at Nwadiuto and asked h£r, “You want to elope with Josh? h£ will never do that, h£ has too much respect and regards for you to do that. You are angry at your moth£r and grandmoth£r, I understand that. But elop!ng isn’t right. Nikky, why don’t you want h£r to marry Josh? We both know th£ guy loves h£r. What is stopp!ng you?”

“Josh knows too much and might use it aga!nst h£r !n th£ future”

“What does h£ know that is a secret?”

“Nwadiuto, should I tell h¡m?” Nwanneka asked h£r daughter.

“How would you marry h¡m with©vt confid!ng someth!ng so deep with h¡m? Please tell h¡m” Nwadiuto answered.

“Nwadiuto, I want to h£ar it from you” Paul !nsisted.

“$h£ had me ©vt of wedlock for h£r cous!n. I am a child of !ncest and everyone is afraid Josh will reveal th¡s secret. Meanwhile, I am supposed to marry an Igbo guy and never tell h¡m th£ secret. But th£ person who knows and hasn’t allowed it to both£r h¡m shouldn’t be my husband”

“Nikky, let th¡s girl marry th£ man $h£ loves. $h£ has my fvll support. Th£ marriage might last or it might not but th£ most important th!ng is that th£y had an opportunity to be togeth£r and be happy for some time. I believe th£ relationship will last a very long time”

“My moth£r is th£ next problem” Nwanneka replied.

“I will let h£r see reason. Give your daughter your cons£nt”

“If you are sure you want to be with h¡m, I give you my cons£nt”

Nwadiuto hugged h£r moth£r and said thank you. “By th£ way, I left your angry moth£r !n Port-Harcourt to come h£re. $h£ will call you, tell h£r I came to cry to you. If you tell h£r oth£rwise, I won’t have your [email protected]¢k wh£n th£ need arises.”

“Would you have d!nner with us?”

“No, thank you. I am go!ng to see Josh now; h£ doesn’t know I am h£re. I will spend th£ night th£re and go [email protected]¢k tomorrow”

“Why do you have to sleep th£re? Don’t you th!nk h£ has had too much access to you?”

“h£ is compla!n!ng it is not even enough. Get your moth£r to cons£nt so you will stop look!ng at it like s!n”

Nwadiuto went to see Josh. h£ was surprised wh£n $h£ called and said $h£ was at h¡s house. h£ had to rush home to meet h£r. $h£ told h¡m what $h£ discussed with h£r people and th£ ©vtcome. $h£ had gotten three cons£nts it was j√$t th£ rema!n!ng one.

Th£ next morn!ng, Josh took Nwadiuto to see h¡s uncle, h¡s moth£r’s broth£r. Th£ way h£ looked at Nwadiuto, you will know th£ man likes women. Josh had warned h£r ab©vt h¡m mak!ng advances at h£r. h£ did th£ same to all h¡s girlfriends and a girl h£ !ntended to marry. Some of th£m fell and some were wiser.

h£ asked Nwadiuto questions which $h£ answered. Th£y talked ab©vt so many th!ngs !n general. h¡s wife never sat with th£m; $h£ went !nto th£ kitch£n to cook and later served th£m. $h£ didn’t eat with th£m. Nwadiuto found th¡s strange and voiced it ©vt.

“Wouldn’t your wife be jo!n!ng us? Nwadiuto asked Josh’s uncle.

“No, $h£ wouldn’t. $h£’s a shy person and doesn’t like discussions.”

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable eat!ng h£r food while $h£ is away wh£n $h£ is supposed to sit with us at th£ table”

“Th¡s one is sharp and smart. I can see why your moth£r doesn’t like h£r. $h£ is everyth!ng your moth£r is and $h£ is a threat to h£r. $h£’s a younger version of your moth£r; feisty and bold. Th£y can never be friends. Th£y will have cont!nuous cla$h£s. $h£ wants a subjugated woman for you who you and h£r can order ab©vt. Th¡s one can never be subdued by your moth£r”

“I know uncle. It will be a war. I need your support wh£n th£ time comes because I will go ah£ad to marry Nwadiuto with©vt h£r bless!ngs”

“Never, I will have everyone’s bless!ngs before I marry you. $h£ must come @r0vnd before we get married.” Nwadiuto !nsisted.

“Th¡s one is wise too. What does your fath£r say?”

“h£ has given h¡s cons£nt” Josh replied.

“Your moth£r will come @r0vnd eventually. You know $h£ loves you so much and you have been rebellious for some time now. Maybe you should have a h£art to h£art with h£r”

“It didn’t work uncle, but I trust Nwadiuto to [email protected] it”

“Perfect, let th£ two women sort it ©vt” th£n h£ spoke !n b!ni to Josh, “You are enjoy!ng th¡s one. $h£ didn’t allow me to even w!nk at h£r, h£r eyes were j√$t on you. Treat h£r well especially !n b£d so you don’t share h£r with anyb©dy. If you need a$$istance, I am available to h£lp. I like to tame th¡s type of women and listen to th£ir cry !n ₱1ea$vre”

“Uncle, you are an old man now. If th¡s girl [email protected] you, you will eith£r rema!n !n a wh£elchair or get to h£llfire at once. Trust me, you won’t survive it”

“Well done. Th¡s one will keep you busy for life”

[email protected]¢k !n Abuja, Nwadiuto contacted Malik and apologized for h£r abs£nce. Th£n $h£ fixed Wednesday even!ng for th£ir rendezvous. Malik was excited h£ar!ng from h£r as $h£ had called of h£r own accord. $h£ agreed to book th£ Hilton !n h¡s name as h£r token for disappo!nt!ng h¡m. Malik was excited as memories flooded h¡s h£ad and affected h¡s gro!n.

Nwadiuto walked !nto th£ Hilton after $h£ was sure Malik was wait!ng for h£r. $h£ collected anoth£r key [email protected] it to someone and th£y both went up th£ elevator. $h£ knocked on th£ door and Malik answered h£r wear!ng h¡s boxers and s!nglets only ©vtl!n!ng what h£ had to offer.

“I didn’t know you would ₱v|| th¡s through. You look h°t!”

“I j√$t came !n from work, I will like to take a bath first if you don’t m!nd”

“I don’t. We could take a shower togeth£r”

“I’m shy. Let me take a shower first. !n th£ meantime, how adventurous are you?”


“Good. Because I brought my toys for us to ₱|@y with. Before we start, I want you to sign an agreement that you agreed to th£ BDSM. I !ntend to [email protected] you and th£n ride you to ecstasy. But you must agree to it” Nwadiuto said smil!ng.

Malik had second thoughts ab©vt it but look!ng at Nwadiuto look!ng so sweet and s£×y, h£ threw caution to th£ w!nd, read through th£ do¢vment and signed. $h£ took h£r bath, came ©vt wear!ng a red sl¡p and th£n proceeded to [email protected] and bl!ndfolded h¡m after [email protected]!ng h¡m.

Noth!ng happened for a few m!nutes and Malik was a bit worried until h£ h£ard some music and th£n someone ₱v||ed d©wΠ h¡s boxers and went to work. h£ was enjoy!ng h¡mself. h£ said, “Baby th¡s is so good, I didn’t know you had it !n you”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes, I do. You are gett!ng it right” and th£n h£ stopped talk!ng. Th£ [email protected] and m©vth on h¡s manhood hadn’t stopped while Nwadiuto was talk!ng so how come $h£ was talk!ng while $h£ was ….. “Rem©v£ my bl!ndfold” h£ ordered.

“Why baby?”

“I said rem©v£ my bl!ndfold now.”

“F!ne” and $h£ rem©v£d th£ bl!ndfold.

Malik almost had a h£art attack as h£ saw a man go!ng d©wΠ on h¡m while Nwadiuto h£ld a camcorder record!ng everyth!ng. h£ was shocked and surprised. Nwadiuto ended th£ record!ng and said to Malik.

“Your friend told you h£ was engaged to me and you came secretly to still sleep with me. What do you take me for? I can never disrespect or dishonour Josh by gett!ng d©wΠ with you while I am engaged to h¡m. You are a despicable human be!ng and not worthy of my time or my attention. Stay away from me. If you come anywh£re close to me, th¡s video will circulate. If you try to harm me, it will go viral. I have done th¡s to get you away from me and also to save myself. Keep away from me”

“I get th£ message. Nwadiuto, please delete th¡s video and it will be like I have never met you before. We are strangers to each oth£r. I beg of you”

“Th¡s is my security. I have s£nt it to five trusted people. If th£y h£ar I have been !nvolved !n an accident, th£y will circulate it. If th£y don’t h£ar from me every week, it will go viral. Which£ver way you try to hurt me, be certa!n it will come [email protected]¢k to you. And, if you ever mention th¡s to Josh, I will make sure it circulates directly to your clients”

“I agree to your terms. Please release me let’s talk”

“It is too late for that. After I leave, h£ will release your [email protected] and give you th£ keys to release your legs. I am ©vt of h£re”

Nwadiuto walked to th£ elevator, got to th£ lobby and from th£re to h£r car. Th£n $h£ called h£r accomplice and said to h¡m, “You can release h¡m now”. $h£ drove off from th£ h°tel to h£r new apartment. $h£ had taught h¡m a lesson h£ wouldn’t forget !n a hurry.

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