November 29, 2021

Through my eyes episode 7


Through My Eyes (episode 7)

Ever heard of the saying that goes “every new level attracts new demons”? Well, that was the reality of Ned and Akunna’s relationship. The very moment it felt as though they had scaled through the toughest level in their relationship, another problem surfaced from nowhere. Just when Ned had successfully introduced Akunna to his family as his girlfriend and they welcomed her warmly, Brenda popped up from nowhere to ruin their joy.

How can you claim someone that isn’t claiming you and go as far as having the audacity to confront the person’s partner to spill trash? How can Brenda tell Akunna that she was wasting her time with Ned and went as far as saying she was betrothed to him since they were 10 years old? The situation was indeed laughable because it’s baffling how some people reason. The fact that Brenda rubbed her family’s wealth on Akunna’s face was kinda condensing on her part. Why do all that to prove a pointless point to someone who probably cares less and doesn’t give a dime about who you are. It’s safe to say that the battle line had been drawn and neither Akunna nor Brenda seemed as though they were willing to back down.

After that awkward encounter with Brenda at the bar, Akunna didn’t want to let the things Brenda said to get to her emotions. She kept it cool and waited till the cocktails were served before heading back to the party to join Ned. “Babe where have you been? I have been searching for you” Ned innocently said, “I was getting drinks for us at the bar, here’s yours” she said and handed the drink to him. He took a sip and was whisked away by his business partners because they weren’t still done with their business related discussions.


Ned was engrossed in conversations upon conversations, Akunna was a bit lonely and just sat close to the live band. She moved her body back and forth in rhythm to the music. As much as she tried not to think about what Brenda said back at the bar, she just couldn’t help but think about it. Deep down, she felt a little insecure but didn’t want to dwell on any negative energy that evening. She was there to have a good time and nothing was going to stop her from doing so.

It was beginning to get quite late and Akunna started getting ready to leave the party. By the look of things, Ned didn’t seem as though he was ready to go anytime soon. He had a lot of people to talk business with and it would be disrespectful for him to go home and leave them hanging. On seeing that Ned wasn’t ready to go anytime soon, Akunna walked up to Mr Tony to inform him that she was leaving. “Thank you so much for the party sir, I had a really good time but would be leaving now. I have so much work from the office waiting for me at home that I need to tend to” she politely said.


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Tony was understanding and was happy that she had a good time. “It’s ok my dear but does my son know you are leaving?” He asked, “Not yet sir, he is really busy and I don’t want to bother him so I would just leave and call him when I get home. Goodnight sir” Akunna said. Mr Tony asked if she needed anything and she assured him that she was perfectly fine. With that said, she booked an Uber and headed back home without informing Ned that she had left.

All through the ride home, Akunna couldn’t stop thinking about all Brenda said to her. No matter how she tried not to think too much about the confrontation, she just couldn’t help it. The fact that Ned left her alone because he was too engrossed in his discussions with his business partners also hurt her feelings. She felt neglected and abandoned even though she knew he didn’t mean to treat her that way. Everything was just getting to her and it made her feel uneasy and stressed. When she arrived home, she took her shower and went straight to bed.


the other hand, Ned had no clue that Akunna left the party about an hour ago. It was when he was done talking business that he began to search for her but couldn’t catch a glimpse of her. At first, he thought she was somewhere around but after searching for almost 30 minutes, it began to dawn on him that she wasn’t at the party anymore. Confused about her whereabouts, he walked to his dad to ask if he had seen her and was told she left a while ago. “What!! When?.. How?… Without Me?” Ned asked and his dad told him that she didn’t want to interrupt his discussions so she left without informing him. It was then that it dawned on Ned that he neglected Akunna all through the party and she might be a little upset with him. If only he knew there was more to the reason why she left so soon.

Immediately Ned was told that Akunna had left, he had no interest to be at the party anymore. He said ‘Goodbye’ to his dad and siblings and headed to where his car was parked. When he got to his car, he was shocked to find Brenda leaning on it. “Brenda, is that you? Wow it’s been a really long time” he happily said as they hugged for old time sake.

It’s apparent that Ned and Brenda’s acquaintance didn’t start today. They had known each other for a very long time so it’s quite understandable why he would be that excited to see her again. “When did you get back from the states?” Ned curiously asked, “Just last week, your dad invited my dad for the party and I was super excited because I knew I would see you again. I wanted to call you when I got back but couldn’t reach you because I didn’t have your number. It’s nice seeing you again” Brenda said. They spoke for a little while and exchanged numbers afterwards. Ned didn’t see her as anything more than an old time childhood friend but that wasn’t the case for Brenda. She loved him and wasn’t going to let a newbie take her crush away from her. Never!!

When Ned and Brenda were done exchanging pleasantries, he got into his car and drove off to Akunna’s house. When he arrived, it was quite late and she had slept off by then so he called her phone. After it rang the second time, she picked up. “Open the door, I’m at your house” he said when she picked up. She looked through the window and saw his car parked outside so it confirmed he was truly at her place. With sleepy eyes, she opened the door for him to come in.

When Ned saw Akunna in the skimpy ‘see through’ nightgown she wore, his heart began to beat fast. He held her waist and planted a soft kiss on her neck. “You left without me, why?” He calmly asked as he grabbed her tummy from behind. Akunna was too tired for any affection and was also angry with him so she wasn’t giving in to his touches. She tried to free herself from his grip but he held her tightly. “Are you angry with me? I am sorry” he calmly said and kissed her neck even more.


then, Akunna was getting turned on but she still wasn’t about to give in. “Who is Brenda?” She asked out of nowhere and Ned froze. The fact that she knew the name of the person in question was enough to get him suspicious that something more happened at the party. “She is a childhood friend of mine, did you meet her at the party?” He curiously asked and Akunna took a deep breath and replied; “yes I did”.

The conversation began to get heated as Ned wanted to know all that transpired between Akunna and Brenda. She told him everything that happened at the bar and it left Ned dumbfounded to know that Brenda confronted his partner even before they met for the first time at the parking lot. He was a bit disappointed at Brenda for stooping so low but all that matter at that moment was explaining to Akunna that all her claims were false. “It’s true we are childhood friends but that’s all I can remember we are. They relocated outside the country when we were still very young and we occasionally kept in touch till about two years ago when I completely lost contact with her. She is someone I care about but as a friend and nothing more. Please don’t tell me you are letting this bother you” he said.

With everything Ned had said, it was impossible for Akunna not to believe him. She was just tired and didn’t know what to say anymore. He held her so tight and apologized for Brenda’s actions. The apology was accepted and the atmosphere came back to being less tensed. The lovebirds kissed passionately and ended up on the bed. Ned wanted to rip the nightwear Akunna had on because she was just driving him crazy. “I want you” he said as he planted several kisses all over her body. She was tired but couldn’t deny the fact that she was dying for those touches too. They kissed for a really long time before stripping their clothes off.

“Damn!! Babe I love your body; it’s my greatest weakness and strength” Ned whispered into Akunna’s ears. She blushed and ran her fingers through his hairs. You have no idea how happy Ned was to know that Akunna’s body was his and his alone. He honestly couldn’t wait to take her to the altar so he never loses her to another man. The thought of another man having Akunna was too hurtful for his heart to imagine or bear. There was absolutely no way he was ever going to let her slip through his hands. There was no way!!

After romancing each other for a while, they finally made love. Ned didn’t want to stop anytime soon because he missed her so much. They made love all night till around 3am in the morning. They were both tired and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Hours later, Akunna got up to make breakfast and didn’t want to wake Ned up. She made something and they ate together. The lovebirds spent some quality time together that day before Ned left in the evening. She missed him already and the feeling was mutual.

Ned and Akunna’s relationships took a good turn after that party. Ned’s family members were now aware he had someone in his life: their relationship was no longer a secret. Most of Akunna’s colleagues now knew she was dating the CEO’s son and this accorded her more respect. She became a member of Ned’s family and spoke to his sisters and dad from time to time. At this point, it’s safe to say that they were now officially a verified couple. Things began to look more beautiful than before for the lovebirds but the devil was working harder to bring them down.

One fateful day, Ned received a call from Brenda requesting to meet him at her home. She lived in a luxury apartment suited not too far from Global Tech. Deep down in Ned’s heart, he didn’t want to honour such invitation but had to go because she made mention that she wasn’t feeling too well that day. For old time sake, he went to see how she was doing.

When Ned arrived at Brenda’s home, she welcomed him well and tried to make him feel comfortable but he wasn’t. “Thanks for coming on such short notice, I really needed someone around” she said, “It’s nothing, hope you are feeling ok now?” He innocently asked and she said “Kinda”.

The atmosphere became tensed and uncomfortable but Ned kept his cool. They got into a conversation about random stuff but after a while, Brenda began to make little advances at Ned. She first laid her head on his chest and later crossed her arms around his shoulders.

At that moment, Ned began to feel uncomfortable being around Brenda and just wanted to leave. “I think I would be going now, call me if you need anything ok” he said and tried getting up but Brenda didn’t want to let go of her grip. “Please don’t go, I want you here” she said but Ned wasn’t having it. “I have something to attend to at the office so I have to go now. I stopped by because you sounded really sick over the phone” he said.

Just as Ned was at the verge of loosening himself from Brenda’s grip, she leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on his lips. It happened in a flash of light before he could stop it. At that moment, he was pissed off and wanted nothing more than to get out of her house that very minute. “Please don’t ever do that again, Goodbye!” He said and walked away in disgust.

As Ned drove back to the office, he was really pissed due to what Brenda had done. He felt bad for letting another woman have such access to him and didn’t know if to tell Akunna or not. After much deliberation, he decided to let it slide and not tell her so as not to complicate matters the more. Despite feeling bad, he tried to convince himself that he hadn’t done anything wrong by visiting a friend who claimed she was sick.

When Ned arrived home that very day, Akunna was already at his place. She had her own spare key and usually went there unannounced whenever she wanted to. On that day, she came to his house from work to make few dishes for him after he complained of not having home cooked meals in a while. She made stew and soup that evening and put them in the fridge.

Immediately Ned saw Akunna cooking, his face and mood lit up. “Babe I didn’t know you were stopping by today, what’s cooking?” He happily asked as he joined her in the kitchen. “I made stew and soup, they are in the fridge. Go and shower and come have dinner” she said. Without hesitating, he went upstairs to take his shower and left his briefcase and phone on the kitchen counter.

While Akunna was dishing food for Ned, his phone beeped and the screen light came on. She reluctantly looked to see the notification and was shocked at what her eyes saw. It was a WhatsApp message from someone with the name ‘Brenda’ which read; “I am sorry for the kiss and for making you leave my house angry, call me when you get this”.

For a split second, Akunna died within. To say she was shocked would be an understatement of how she felt that very moment. It was as though she had been jammed by a huge trailer and it crushed her heart.

As Akunna stared at the text message over and over again, tears began to drop from her eyes. She looked at the message for the 4th time and shockingly muttered “Brenda?”.

End of episode 7 😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.

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