Till Death Do Us Part

Till death do us part episode 7


Episode 7

Hellen started wondering what was making her friend Cathy want to leave her behind when going to see Mr RAM. Some weird thoughts started running in her head but immediately tried to control them as she didn’t want to imagine.
“Anyway, time is the best teacher. I will get to know if they are really family friends or there is more to it.” Hellen said as she went to the hostels.


When they knocked off from evening prep that day, Cathy and Hellen started heading to their hostels. As they walked they got chatting like they usually did whenever they got an opportunity to.
“Cathy you seem so happy, what is going on with you?” Asked Hellen.
“Its nothing. I am just happy that the day has finally come to an end” Cathy said.
“I know you. There is something making you happy. Kindly tell me?” Said Hellen.
“It’s nothing like I have told you.” Cathy said.
“I thought we were best friends. How can you hide what is making you happy.” said Hellen.

“You like asking so many questions. Anyway, i will tell you but you have to promise me not to tell anyone about it” Cathy said.
“As long as it is of no harm to you, I promise not to tell anyone” said Hellen.
“Why do you like putting conditions to anything you say?”
“I always want people to know my stance”
“Oh okay.”
“So are you going to tell me or not?”
“Hellen, patience”
“Am patient tell me now” Hellen said as she stopped looking at her friend.
“Hellen, Mr RAM has asked me to visit him at his place over the weekend” said Cathy .
“Okay, but how has that to do with you being happy?” Asked Hellen.
“It’s great to have someone you know nearby.”
“Listen to me Cathy, he is not yet married, stays alone and wants you of the opposite s£x to visit her in the name of ‘you know each other’, do you know what can happen?”
“Hellen that’s the problem you have. You tend to make a big deal of anything.”
“Listen to me, so what you think you will be doing at his place all the time you will be there?” Asked Hellen.

“Okay, let me not cheat you. These acquaintances are what my parents warned me of. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They do the unspeakable.”
“So are you saying I shouldn’t go?”
“I am not saying that, the choice is yours but what you should recall is that teacher’s homes are out of boundaries to all pupils”
“We have already come up with a way on how I will go there without being noticed.”
“What?! You mean you will go secretly? If you are family with him, why doesn’t he want other people to see you going there? I smell something fishy here.”
“Don’t worry Hellen. I am a big girl, I can handle everything” Cathy said.
“Don’t cheat yourself Cathy. We are young girls. Thirteen years old girls for that matter” sais Hellen.
“You are 13 and I am 14 years old”
“What difference does it make? We are both young?”


to me Hellen, you were born until now not shown what you are capable of doing. Look at our bodies, they are now big. It’s just our years which seem small but we are old enough to date even Mr RAM” said Cathy.
“Meaning you are going on a date with Mr RAM?”
“Hellen, I didn’t say that.”
“This is wrong regardless of what your body is capable of. You need to keep your body safe. You will seem like enjoying but he will ruin your future.” Said Hellen.
“I don’t know why you are fetching this so far. You will find me in the hostel. Excuse me” said Cathy leaving.
Hellen stood there watching her friend going to the hostel. She felt pity for what her friend was getting into. Quite alright Cathy and her had bodies grown a bit older than their normal age due to the lofty life from their homes but they were still young. They had well built bodies which were sprouting out due to their recent onset of puberty stage. They were both cute looking girls which also paused as a threat as they were admired by most male species.
“I will need to talk to her” said Hellen as started walking.
“Why do you want to talk to her? Is everything alright between you?” Asked the matron who was coming her way after hearing her.
“Oh madam, it’s nothing serious” said Hellen.
“I know but can I be of help?” Asked the matron.
Hellen thought for second and saw that it would have been of benefit if she told the matron who was older and mature than her to help her friend. She then gave a second thought of what could be the repurcasion of the matron knowing it.
“It’s nothing madam. We just had an argument. She was saying I stepped on her beddings with dirty legs today.” Hellen lied.
“Oh okay. Just apologise to her whether you have done it or not” said the matron.
“Okay thank you madam”
“Welcome and goodnight my girl” said the matron.
“Goodnight too”
Hellen walked to her room and found that Cathy had already got into her beddings. She wasn’t sleeping but obviously trying to stop Hellen from talking to her.



next day Cathy woke up earlier and prepared for classes. She didn’t say her Goodmorning to Hellen. Hellen also got ready for classes and went to her class. At break time, she went to Cathy’s class to look for her. As She was about to enter the class, she met Cathy who was heading outside.
“Hi” said Hellen to her with a wide smile.

“Hello” said Cathy without any emotion on hia face.
“I can to see you. I didn’t get a chance to say hi today. You woke up earlier today” said Hellen.
“Yeah but as you can see am going to the tuckshop” said Cathy.
“Okay let’s go together” said Hellen as they started walking together.
“Cathy, I am really sorry for whatever I said last night. I didn’t mean to offend you but just offer my suggestion. Please let’s start afresh. I miss your company” said Hellen.
“I don’t like it when people judge me without getting my point of view.” Said Cathy.
“I am sorry”
“Okay but don’t bring yesterday’s issue again.”
“No I won’t”
The two girls got along and headed to the tuckshop together. Hellen decided not to mention anything concerning their teacher to Cathy.


On the weekend, Cathy smartly sneaked to Mr RAM’s home in the morning after doing their inspection. She found him alone cooking some stuff. He was wearing a vest and short. He also had an apron as he was cooking.
Cathy looking at his fair skin and slim body which after comparing it to hers, looked like a well made match.
“I am glad you are finally here” he said coming from the kitchen entering the living room.
“Thank you sir”
“Come om stand up and give me a hug” said RAM opening his arms.
Cathy stood up and shoved herself into his arms at which he held tight to himself. He felt the well positioned nice bre@sts prick his chest with a soothing feeling which went running at supersonic speed to all parts of his body.

“Oh you are so lovely and beautiful” he said looking into her eyes as he held her waist.
“Thank you sir” she said.
“Okay, make yourself comfortable here. I guess you can see all you would like to see. Get yourself what you want from the refrigerator.” He said.
“Okay sir” she said.
Mr RAM went to finish with what he was cooking in the kitchen.
Cathy went to the refrigerator and got herself some juice which she pouled in the cup which was on the table and started drinking.
When RAM was done cooking, he served the food on the dinning table and invited Cathy to the table.
“Wow. Sir you can cook. This is so delicious.” She said as she ate.
“Oh thank you. I guess you can surpass me in your cooking skills.” He said.
“Unless you teach me how to cook, i cannot surpass you”
“Really? I will teach you”
They had their meal as they went on chatting until when they were done.
“Come on let me show you around the house” said RAM.

“Okay” she said standing up.
RAM started showing around Cathy the inside of the house. She showed her all the rooms until they got to his bedroom.
“Sir I can’t enter your bedroom” said Cathy.
“All the rooms are same as the ones you have seen. I am not married, so you have nothing to worry about.” Said RAM.
“Okay but some other time” she said.
“Okay, you are scared of seeing the curtains in my room?” He asked as he drew closer to her.

“N.. N.. No sir, I am not” she said getting a bit uncomfortable with the reduced distance between him and her.
“I know you cant be afraid because you are so beautiful. Just look at how cute you are” said RAM still getting much closer to her.
He then bent in to her as he gave a her a peck. Seeing her not refuting his advances, he then went in for a more complex kissing. Cathy then reciprocated to the kissing by putting in her efforts. RAM saw that Cathy’s kissing was so amateur but it was so lovely that he continued until he started caressing her. He then heard her starting to breath heavily entailing that she was carried away with the passions.
“I can’t take this chance to impregnate her, I need to protect myself” he thought to himself.
RAM then moved her to his bedroom and made her sit on her bed.
“Just give me a second” RAM said to her as he rushed outside his house going to his friend.
After about 8 minutes of waiting for him, Cathy just heard some knocks on the door at the living room. Though a bit scared she went to check on who was there.
Smartly, she first peeped through the window to see who was there. She started shivering seeing who was there. It was the deputy head teacher.
“Mr RAM hurry up, kindly open up” shouted the deputy head teacher.


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