The Invincible Hunters


( Unimaginable_Seed )

At the base of the cliff was stagnant water. *That explains why Hannah came back home looking w-t*. Jennifer found herself there too then looked up and sideways to recognise the place. Of course she understood where she was and the next thing she remembered was the seed, so she began to run. She didn’t mind the muddy environment or how crowded the bush was with grasses and trees. One could see her running and flinging all grasses away from her way. Due to she wasn’t familiar with the place, she took a wrong way to the deadly part of the den. She came to a particular place where few grasses and trees are found then she stopped breathing hastily. She listened very well to hear the sound of vehicles or people which would enable her know the direction to follow. As she listened, she heard the roaring of lions. When she tried to run, one of them came out from the same direction she wanted to run. Therefore she slowly moved backward. She turned to see another lion behind her so she got ready for a fight feeling a strong power within her. As the lions roared and jumped at once to devour her, she held each of them on the throat with a hand and strangled them to death.
Back to Hannah’s resident, all were still contemplating on how to find Jennifer but Mr Fenado said, “What are we gonna tell the police?”
“The police?” Vena repeated.
“Yes, they came to our house and told us that Jane should report to their office. Now Jane is no more, what are we gonna tell them coz i know they must be on their way to our house now”
Just after Mr Fenado concluded, Jennifer forcefully broke the door in anger so they ran backward except Vena and Hannah who stretched their hands for a spiritual fight but when they knew it was Jennifer, they brought down their hands surprisingly and slowly.
“Jane?” Hannah called.
“Jane!” Jack exclaimed. He ran and
hugged her while the parents did the same. Randy was still standing looking at her just like Hannah and Vena. After everywhere became calm, Jennifer looked at Hannah then walked closer to her without a word. All waited to see her reaction. Before they knew it,
she gave Hannah a powerful punch that drove her to the wall. At the same time she stretched her hand, drew it backward then Hannah’s throat landed in her fingers in a way she began to strangle her to death.
“Jane, no!” Mr Fenado exclaimed.
“Let her go!” Vena stretched her staff at her then a fire came out from it to hit Jennifer but she dogged it swiftly and made Hannah receive the fire instead of her before she released her.
“Oh, my Kesha!” Vena rushed Hannah on the floor.
“She wanted me dead!” Jennifer began angrily. “She betrayed and took the seed from me. Somebody i called my friend! How could she?!”
“My dear, she’s sorry about what she did” the mother said.
“Sorry? What if i had died there, then all she would say would be sorry?”
“Just thank God you are alive, darling” the mother concluded.
Meanwhile, Hannah had regained herself standing beside her grandmother then Jennifer looked at her and everybody in the room.
“By the way, where is the seed?”
“The buffulers have taken it” Vena
“What?! Who are the buffulers?”
“The same witches and wizards that attacked us at the supermarket” Hannah clarified.
“I know them and their habitat which is located at the fringes of the city” Vena began, “They are strong and wicked. I have encountered them severally in the past. Don’t worry, Jane, the battle has just begun coz we are hunting the buffulers tonight!”
“I’m hunting too” Jack stepped forward. Randy glanced at him and said, “I’m not leaving my friend. I’m hunting too” he smiled at Jack. All looked at Mr and Mrs Fenado to hear from them also.
“Listen” Mr Fenado began. “If you are thinking that we are following you guys, the answer is no”
Jennifer looked at all of them and said, “We are leaving by seven tonight” she directed her eyes to her parents. “Let’s go, dad” she began to walk towards the door.
“Jane!” Hannah called then she stopped looking at her. “I’m sorry”
Jennifer didn’t say anything but finally went out followed by others. After they left, Vena looked at Hannah and also left without a word.
As the police headed to Jennifer’s house, so as Randy was going there too with Frank who couldn’t believe that he was going to the buffulers without any power. They were walking briskly by the road side.
“Randy, think again” Frank began. “You aren’t a wizard neither do you have super powers but you are going to fight those that have powers! Mehn, are you crazy?!”
“At least i have a gun” Randy said.
“Gun? It is useless. A witch can just
charm it then it won’t function anymore”
“I guess Hannah will save me by then”
“You mean, Ann, the witch?”
“She’s following you guys too?”
Frank smiled happily and said, “Mehn, I’m following you guys too” he hastened up while Randy smiled.

To be continued

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