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To hell with love episode 8 – end


To Hell with Love

(Episode Eight)



Lara and Michael became so close that no doubt they were both having feelings for each other.
It was Lara’s birthday and Michael has already planned to surprise her and ask her out on this day.
The preparation was going smoothly and on also on Lara’s part she she decided to tell Michael everything about her and what he needs to know about her.

The day has finally come, the birthday party was just between Lara and Michael ,Michael has ordered for the cake and drinks and he has gotten his diamond ring ready to step in to the line of a real man.

Lara too has everything in order, she decorated everywhere like she was expecting a lot of people .
Later in the night Michael arrived at Lara’s house with the cake in his hands, he also checked himself and breath down twice before knocking on the door.
“Hold on am coming” Lara said the moment she heard the door bell

“I knew it was you, Lara said the moment the opened the door and saw Michael.
” birthday girl ! Michael said as he step in and dropped the cake on the table
“wow!!! you bought me a cake? you shouldn’t have gone through all this stress, I’m already happy that you are here with me today,Lara said while checking out the cake.
” look Lara I don’t care if I have to stress myself or go as far to the mountain just for you, I will do it because you are a special woman, Michael said to Lara.

“Awwwnnn, thanks Michael, that’s so sweet of you , Lara said and then paused before she continued and said ” Michael I have something to tell u tonight, Lara said making Michael wonder what could that be.
“I also have something to tell you but first cut your cake and tell me yours before I tell you mine, Michael said
” OK no problem, shall we,Lara said as she took the little knife and put it in the middle of the cake.
“At the mention of Jesus, you will cut it, Michael said
J! E! S! U! S! jesus, both Lara and Michael screamed as they call the Jesus together and cut the cake.

After the cutting of the cake , Lara and Michael had their meal on the dining and after Lara sat down properly as he called Michael’s name and told him , he wants to tell him something.
” OK am all hears and be fast I also have something important to tell you, Michael said

“when I was child , have always dreamt of meeting my prince charming one day, Then when I grew up and came to Lagos I met someone. He looks so real , he has everything I have dreamt about in my Prince charming. Lara stop to look at Michael if he was listening and he was, Michael eyes were on Lara as she said every words. Toriperi stories
Lara continued, ” His name is Larry, he was tall and dark. Larry and I so much love each other like I think but it was all a lie.

After two years of dating Larry , I became pregnant, I told Larry about it and he sounded so happy and he said that in the next few months we are going to get married. All my hopes and joy knew no bound because I thought i have the man of my dream but it was all a lie.

One morning, I woke up having a stomach bite , the pain was so severe that I passed out, when I opened my eyes I was on the hospital bed and there the doctor told me I lost the baby . I don’t know how it happened, the doctor said that it was food poisoning and that moment I remembered Larry had volunteer to make food a night before that day, I was so confused , I really don’t want to believed and then I started trying Larry’s line but it wasn’t reachable .

After I was discharge, I went home but Larry was not there, I only met a paper where he said I shouldn’t bother to look for him, that all what we had was just a fling and nothing more, it didn’t end there, I checked my safe where I do keep money , it was all gone, Larry took them. I was devastated, I went through so much before I could get back on my feet, I suffered and struggle to keep my broken soul alive and that’s when I swear never to fall in love again , I declare to hell with love and everything about it. I started living just for myself, I make sure I avoid every man that comes my way, I was so rude and broken, I became a tigress but not until I met you Michael, you changed everything, you made me believed that there is still life and love. whenever I am with you, I feel safe and secured, you are a true friend for anyone and that’s why am not ashamed to say this tonight even if you don’t feel the same for me “I LOVE YOU MICHAEL” ,Lara said both in tears and also smiling.

Michael was just looking at her , he stood up and went straight to her and said “you are really a special woman , Michael said and went straight on his knees making Lara to stand up and wondering what he was about doing.

To Hell With Love

( Finale)

Lara was confused as Michael was kneeling down before her
“Michael what are you doing? Lara asked as tears were already gathered up in her eyes.

Michael brought out the box containing the diamond ring from his pocket and looked up to face Lara.

‘ Lara , I know we met within a short period of time but those times has been the best period in my life, I can’t see myself living a life without you, the first day we met it was really funny but I never knew that very day will lead to a great day like this. Lara please will you marry me ? Michael said while still on his knee .
Lara couldn’t believe her eyes, was this real or not?

tears were rushing out of her lovely eyes, she never expected this at all. The greatest dream of her life was now becoming true, she was just staring at Micheal , she just couldn’t believe it.
Michael was also watching Lara, his heart was beating very fast, the silence of Lara was creating fear in him and just when he was about to say another word, Lara screamed ‘YES!!!!!!
‘yes I will marry you
‘ Michael I will marry you, Lara screamed happily with tears in her eyes.
immediately Michael heard those words, he quickly slide in the ring into Lara’s finger and it was perfect on her.
Michael stood up and held Lara then he said to her ‘ I promise never to hurt you,

I promise to be the father of our kids,
‘ I promise to always be there for you, in the rain and under the sun, through smooth times and rough times, I will always be there for you, I promise, Michael said
‘ I believe you , Lara said and that moment they both kissed, it was their first kiss ever since they’ve known .

( 3 years later)
Mrs Michael ( Lara) and Mr Michael were both seen entering a shopping mall , the gate man was opening the gate for them . The moment Lara came down from the car with her protruding pregnancy, she suddenly she called out a name
‘ Larry!!!!! mrs Michael called( Lara) and immediately the gate man turned to face them
Mr Michael wondering was happening
“Honey, what is happening? Michael asked
” Larry is this you? mrs Michael said to the gate man who was close to them and bowing his head like someone who committed a shameful act.

“Honey , this is the same Larry I told you about, the one who almost killed me , the one who almost ruin my life , Mrs Michael said ( Lara)
‘Really?? anyway thank you for leaving her then because you made me to find the gorgeous jewel in my life and the mother of my baby , Michael said holding unto to Lara.

‘ I’ m really sorry Lara please forgive me, ever since then my life has been in mess, am always entering one problem from another, please find it in your heart to forgive me, the gate man named Larry said
” of course I have forgiven you long time ago and thanks to you , I met my own bone, my own husband, I’m now happily married, this is my husband Michael, Lara said holding to her husband.

“Thank you so much much, the gate man said and went back to his post .
” Chai!! look at how he is now looking, anyway I pray he find solace at the end, let’s go honey, Michael said holding unto her and Mr Michael was seen guiding his pregnant wife through the door with so much care and love.
The gate man was seen looking at Lara and her husband as they were entering into the shopping mall, he shook his head and was crying.


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