November 29, 2021

To love a thief episode 13 – 16



episode 13

I ran into the bathroom and quickly had my bath. I dressed up hastily and stormed out of my room only to bump into Zipper, he had a nylon in his hand, seems like he got take away from an eatery, that moment I realized how hungry I am. “good morning Noge, he greeted with a smile, making me feel awkward, I thought he was angry, but here he is, smiling as if nothing happened, I was lost in my thoughts that I never bothered to reply him. ” sorry, I woke up late, that’s y I couldn’t prepare breakfast, so I actually went to a nearby eatery to get you this, so you won’t be late for lecture, he explained but I was dumbfounded cos he amazed me, how could someone I insulted last night, take the stress to still get me what to eat, I just stared at him without making any move to collect it from him. “please take it, you can eat it after lectures, he said again, stretching the nylon to me. “thanks, I stuttered after collecting it. “can I drop you off now? I’d be heading for a meeting later, he said. I wanted to decline but hell no, I’ve got no money for cab so, I gats obey and go with him, my shakara no reach that side at all. I nodded in affirmation and he paved way for me to pass, while he followed suit. The drive to school was a silent one, he drove into the school compound and dropped me in front of my department. The lecture was already going on, I just jumped down hastily and wanted hurrying in before Zipper called me back. I walked halfway and he came closer, giving me some money. “please I don’t know how long I will spend at the meeting I want to attend but in case you don’t see me on time, get a cab, I’ll join you at home, he explained. I nodded and accepted the money. “thanks, I stuttered. He just smiled and went back to the car. I head straight to the hall and sneaked in, thanks goodness, the lecturer didn’t notice me, or so I thought. As I was about sitting down, then I got the shock of my life. “miss Noge, can you come forward and explain to us, why you are thirty minutes late to my class? I heard Mr Scott Brown stuttered, without even looking at me. This man is behaving like a devil, I never knew he saw me, I hissed and sat still. “will you come here fast or leave my class, he barked. I jerked immediately and started walking towards him. “am sorry sir, actually… I.. I mean, something came up, that was y I came late, I stuttered, feeling awkward cos it seems the whole class were looking at me. “see me in my office, he said



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episode 14
I went back to sit beside Cheryl and Cole, I knew no one goes to Mr Scott Brown’s office and comes back the same but, he’s not going to succeed with me, I hissed. I wasn’t even concentrating on his lectures any more. “babe, you are in a hot soup, Cole said immediately the lecturer stormed out. “like seriously, I don’t think I deserve any of his rubbish, today is my first time of violating his law, it hasn’t gotten to that now, I murmured, and hissed. “that’s your own, he has his principles and we all try to keep it, so prepare for yours, Cole added, making me feel sad. “abeg, forget Mr brown, what’s up with your boyfriend now? I saw him drop you off, Cheryl said, making my eyes popped. “don’t be ridiculous, he’s not my boyfriend and can never be, I blabbed. “shut up jor, that’s how it will start, Cole added, eying me, I giggled. “like seriously, that guy like you ooo, I can see it in his eyes, Cheryl muttered. “for get it, he’s not my kind of guy, he’s into robbery, I whispered. “and so what? What matters is what the heart feels, and I know you have some feelings for him, stop pretending, Cheryl muttered. “Cheryl better stop it, I don’t have any feelings for him, and that’s final, I replied, giving her a warning look, she chuckled. “the guy get money shaaaa, just chop your share before the one week end, Cole advised. “I don’t do that, and you know it, let’s forget about him and discuss something better, I said, trying to change the topic.


please, you need to understand me, the girl is harmless, she doesn’t deserve what Fixo did to her and he’s still planning more, Zipper stuttered at the meeting with his gangs. “you violated our law, Zipper, you have no right to call the police for Fixo, and the girl was the cause, so she’s gonna pay for it, Sharks barked. “please Sharks, I can’t let you harm her, please let her be, am sorry for involving the police and it was the main reason I ordered for his release that very day, please don’t harm, I beg you please, Zipper pleaded. “well, if Fixo is willing to forgive you, then, it’s settled, Sharks concluded. Zipper turned to Fixo who have been quiet all the while. “Fixo please, don’t do that to her, please, Zipper pleaded again and again. “hope she’s not going to come between us? Cos I know, no girl will like to date a thief Fixo stressed out. “oboy, how e de do you now? Na by force say make you mention thief? Just say our kind of job, sharks cut in, making them chuckle. “anyhow.

Episode 15-16

“anyhow you call am, na still thief we de thief, just make sure say, the babe no make you back out, na my own be that, Fixo said. “she’s got no problem, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t come between us, Zipper stuttered. “very well then, we have an operation by 12am, get your selves prepared, no one is permitted to leave this place until we return from the place, understood? Sharks addressed and they all replied “yes boss.

I went to meet Mr Scott Brown after the day’s lecture and he was kinda giving me a strange look. I smirked and greeted him, he adjusted his spectacle and started checking me out. “sir, you called me, I yelled, eying him, he cleared his throat and rested his back on the seat. “yes, erm, as you know my policy, I’d just go straight to the point, you know late coming to my class, attracts failure in my course, even if you are the world vest student, I would fail you woefully for coming late, he blabbed. “but sir, this is my first time of coming late, please you have to consider that sir, and you know I’ve never failed any course, yours won’t be an exception, I murmured, looking him over, he smirked. “well, we’ll see how it goes then, just leave my office, he said calmly, making my eyes popped, cos I know he’s gonna fail me just as he had said. “sir, it hasn’t gotten to that now, ok fine, what do I do to get my real marks, I suddenly asked, making him smile mischievously. “now you are talking, just meet me up at Zina’s hotel tomorrow by 4 pm, every thing would be sorted out, he stuttered. I took a good look at this old thing sitting in front of me, I felt like strangling him, he’s such a devil. “Alright sir, I replied, eying him. “good girl, you may now leave, we’ll see tomorrow, he said, leaking his lips. I left his office so angry, I needed someone to talk to, I couldn’t tell my brother cos he has no idea of how to treat such issues. Maybe I’ll tell Dave about it, he helped me with such issue In first year, I pray he isn’t still upset about the break up. Mtcheeww, I won’t tell him cos he might want to use that as a means to get me back.


I got to Zipper’s house, he wasn’t home and he didn’t pick me up as he had said. “gosh, I’ll be so bored In this house without him. I took my phone and tried calling him but his phone was switched off. I called my brother, we chatted for a while before ending the call. I prepared lunch but couldn’t eat. “why the strange feeling now? I asked myself.



Episode 16
I just hope am not missing him already cos that’s how that their stupid thing called love starts and I don’t think I need that now. Even if I want to love, it shouldn’t be with a thief now, Mtcheeww. I’ve spent just three days in this house but only today that he’s absent, it now seems like he’s been absent for many years. I looked at the time, it’s 10pm already. I tried sleeping but it’s not coming, I kept thinking about what the lecturer had said and how to handle him. I think I’d forget pride and go tell Dave about it. I’ll just pay him a surprise visit, and am sure he can’t say no to me, or so I thought. I had a quick bath and dressed up to go see Dave. I wore a short fitted dress, it’s sleeveless, and it hugged me perfectly, showing all my cleavage. I wore a simple pink sandals, the dress was sky blue, I picked up my hand bag, checked myself out on the mirror. “he can’t resist this, I said to my image in the mirror, I smiled before walking out. “madam, oga say make you no go anywhere before he come ooo, Sk stuttered. “am not a prisoner, open the gate for me jor, am not coming back tonight, I replied him. “aaaahhh, make oga no sack me ooo, sk stressed out. “that’s your own, I opened the gate and walked out.

I got to Dave’s apartment, I knocked several times before he sluggishly opened the door for me, he looked surprised, seeing me that way, I smiled and walked into his sitting room, without waiting for permission. I was about sitting down before his question stopped me. “What are you doing in my house by this time of the night? And how come you never told me you were coming? He asked, making me frown. “since when do I need permission to come to your house? I asked forgetting we are no longer dating. “Noge, have you forgotten you broke up with me bcos of that guy? Why are you now here? Or has the guy chased you out of his house? Or maybe he got what he wanted and threw you out, Dave muttered, making me angry but I tried to hide it.”Dave am sorry for breaking up with you the way I did,,, I never meant to, I was just angry, that’s y, I tried to explain but he flared up. “listen up Noge, I heard you clearly that day, you told me vividly that you never loved me, please I don’t want to be a bug to you anymore, just go and meet the love of your life and leave me alone, Dave stuttered. “but Dave, am not dating him, please let me spend the night before leaving in the morning please, I pleaded. “enough of the deceit, you love him.


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