To Love A Thief

To love a thief episode 17 – 19



episode 17

“you love him, please go and spend the night at his place, or don’t your Prince charming have room that can accommodate you? He asked, trying to upset me and yes I became so upset. “enough of your insult ok? He has the best house that even the whole of your generation can not afford, but I chose to come here, since you think am dating him, so be it, am going to date him for sure and you will lose your chances of being with me, I yelled, he just chuckled. “I care less ok, I don’t need you anymore, just go, he yelled back. I was surprised, he has never yelled at me before, maybe the break up changed him totally. I was about begging him to let me stay when I heard a female voice coming towards the sitting room. “baby what’s keeping you now, I heard the half [email protected] girl say. She eyed me and went to give Dave a peck. “who is she? She girl asked, looking me over, I swallowed and kept quiet to listen to Dave’s introduction. “baby, she’s no one important, she’s only looking for where to squat, I heard Dave say. “jeez, I screamed, I couldn’t believe my ears, I started wondering if he had ever loved me as he claimed and that instant, I grew more hatred for him. “look here girl, there’s no way I am going to let you squat here, this is my boyfriend’s house, so get out, the girl yelled. My mouth hung open, I looked from her to Dave but he supported her. “you heard her, get out, Dave yelled and forcefully pushed me to the door, I almost fell but I held the wall, he just banged the door at me heartlessly. I left his apartment in tears, there was no cab or bike on the way again, I checked time, it was already some minutes past 1 am, I was just trekking maybe I could see help on the way and Zipper’s house was very far from where I was, I just paced about, shedding tears.

Zipper and his gang finished robbing a hotel, they were hurrying back with their car, chatting in the vehicle. “stop stop stop, Zipper suddenly said, making Viper hold automatic Break. ” what’s that for? Sharks yelled from the front. “sorry boss, I saw Noge just now and I believe she’s kinda stranded, Zipper said, they all started hissing. “just get your a-s out Mr nice guy, Sharks stuttered, angrily. “please help me tell my driver to meet me up, Zipper pleaded. “you have his number, call him, please get down jor, he took off his mask, dropped his gun in the car and ran out.

I stood facing the road up, just praying for help to come, after a car sped past me, I don’t think.

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Episode 18
I don’t think another vehicle is forthcoming, maybe I should just go rest under a tree till morning. Just when I have lost hope, I heard my name from behind, I didn’t look back cos I thought it’s my imagination playing trick on me. “Noge wait it’s me, I heard the familiar voice again, this time around, I looked back and oh my God. “Zipper, I yelled happily and ran into his arms for a hug, he hugged me too before breaking free. He looked into my eyes and found tears dripping. “What…. What happened to you? He asked, curiously, searching my eyes for an answer, I star sniffing, he pulled me closer, and caressed my back. “I was lonely in the house, so I decided to come see Dave, but he threw me out, I explained halfway. “I thought he’s your boyfriend, why would he do that to you? Zipper asked, raising up my jaw so as to look into my eyes. “I actually broke up with him but I wanted settling things between us that was y I came, but he is having another girl already, I said painfully. I watched how Zipper shot his eyes tightly, battling with his feelings. “maybe he never loved you as he claimed, just forget him ok, I’ve called my driver, he’s already on his way here, Zipper said before pulling me to sit on a small fence that’s closer to the road, his arms still rapped around me and like seriously, I wish he could hold me that way forever. “Zipper, what were you doing in this area by this time before you saw me? I asked, without looking at him, he hesitated before speaking up. “I.. I was with my friends, the car that passed you a while ago, I was in the car when I saw you, I decided to let them go, so I could take you home, myself,,, Zipper stuttered, our hands actually locked in each other, I could feel his hot breath close to my neck, I loved the feeling that transpired so I wouldn’t want to spoil it, I know he went to rob again, let me just forget it and enjoy the cuddling cos that’s what I actually needed right now. The driver soon arrived, Zipper held me by the waist while we walked to the car. He opened the back door for me, I got in and he joined me at the back, while the driver drove straight to the house. I was already sleeping before we got to the house. Zipper carried me like a baby into my room. He changed the dress I put on, and wore me my nighty, I was conscious of all he was doing but he thought I had slept off. He covered me half way with the duvet and pecked my forehead. He was about leaving my room.



Episode 19

I started stretching, he turned and our eyes met. “sorry I had to carry you here cos you dosed off in the car, Zipper tried explaining but I wasn’t listening to what he was saying, I only watched his lips move. “Zipper, could you please spend the night here with me? I really can’t sleep alone tonight, I muttered, I could see a look of surprise on his face cos he hesitated before coming closer to sit beside me on the bed, looking into my eyes. I pulled him to the bed by force cos he was seeking for permission. He took off his shoe and laid beside me, I moved closer and curled into his arms, he rapped his arms around me and was just staring at me. I shot my eyes so tight cos it seems his eyes were piercing through my soul. “kiss me, I whispered, he didn’t waste time in taking that opportunity. We locked our lips together, kissing passionately like lovers, well I don’t know if we are in love shaaaa, I was only being directed by my emotions. His hands started roaming around my body, the romance became so hot that I got carried away, m0aning under his touch. “make love to me please, I whispered in between the m0ans. He instantly stopped and moved away from me. “I know you aren’t yourself, you need to get some sleep now, good night, Zipper said, getting up from the bed. Gosh, why now, I became silent and watched him leave the room just like that without completing what he started. I kept turning and rolling in bed until sleep finally came and I dosed off.


next morning, I woke up very weak, I remembered the event of last night, I smiled but later frowned when I remembered how he left me, I hissed and rested back on the bed. My door crept open, here comes my prince charming with a smile and a tray, breakfast I guess. He’s such a romantic guy, I smiled inwardly. “good morning my angel, Zipper said, dropping the tray beside me on the bed, I raised my brows cos he’s never called me his angel before, I just smiled and watched him peck my lips, I felt like pulling him for a deep kiss but I kicked against it. “do you have a girlfriend? I asked, ignoring the greeting. He frowned but later chuckled. “we don’t do girlfriends, he replied, making me gasp. “why? Is it some kind of tradition or what? I asked, making him chuckle. “you know what we do, having a girlfriend will only cos distractions, he simply said but I wasn’t comfortable with that cos I was wishing he could have feelings for me but here he is, saying girls are distractions.


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