November 29, 2021

To love a thief episode 29 – end



episode 29

(let me just disappoint somepeople)

“please don’t harm him, I pleaded but the call went dead instantly. “What do I do now? They don’t want me to involve the cops, do I even have the money? I hissed and looked around, searching for my shoes. “f–k, this shoe is too high, how do I go about it now? What if there’s need to run? Well, I’ll off it then, I struggled with the shoe and finally wore it. I stepped out of Zipper’s compound, waiting for the said car to come, but it was taking forever to show up. I kept hissing and checking the time, it’s past seven already. “oh God please, help us to come back alive, I said, looking at the sky as if I can see God. Soon a car drove past me but reversed to my front, I couldn’t see the person’s face, he only gave me order to hope in but I wasn’t willing to obey. Two men came out of the car, walking towards me, I started running but what do you expect, I can’t run with hilly shoes so they caught up with me, one carried me on his shoulder, I was struggling and screaming but he bundled me and took me into the car. They blindfolded me with a cloth. I kept struggling, screaming and hitting them to let me go, they concluded in covering my mouth with cello tape. They gripped my two hands, making me powerless, I gave up struggling and started shedding tears which the blindfold didn’t let the tears come out. I don’t know where they were taking me to, I just accepted faith the way it is. We soon arrived somewhere, I don’t really know how long we spent on the way but I kept dozing off on the way. They brought me out of the car, I really don’t know what’s going on, I kept praying for God to deliver me, the placed seemed dark or so I thought. I heard a foot step coming towards me, I started moving back but the men who brought me there, held me firm so I don’t move. “please don’t harm me, please.. I cried but a voice hushed me. The blindfold was later taken off from my eyes, but the place was still dark, then someone put on the light, the cello tape was removed from my mouth. The room was decorated as if there is an occasion, I frowned and wondered what kidnappers would be doing in a place like this. I decided to turn around, just to ask the kidnappers what was going on but the site before me made my jaw dropped. “What the he……. I tried to say but was cut short by….


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birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you…

Happy birthday to you Noge….

Happy birthday to you….

” oh my God, so today is actuall my birthday, jeez.


To Love A Thief

episode 30

“jeez, I can’t believe I forgot my own birthday, looked at the faces of those singing for me. “What so you girls are actually here, oh my God, you scared the hell out of me, I happily went and started hugging them. My brother was also present with his babe, all my course mates were there. I kept hugging and thanking them, but I was still curious cos I don’t know who actually made all the arrangements for me. “please don’t be Angry, who actually did this? I asked curiously, everyone chuckled. “I thought you would never ask, Cheryl said, giggling. “over there, they all chorused, pointing at a direction, so I followed their gaze and there hid the answer to my question. I saw a well decorated cake with candles on it, shining in a dark corner, I walked straight up to the place. Lo and behold, Zipper kneeling on one knee with a diamond ring in its box, opened broadly, my eyes flashed through it, my lips hung over, I was speechless on what to say, then he pointed to the wall were there’s an inscription saying, PLEASE BE MY WIFE.. I smiled and looked down at my one and only sweetie, d–n his so cute, no wonder I couldn’t help but fall over and over for him. I nodded as tears of joy drip from my eyes. He slid the ring in my finger and kissed it before rising up. I flung my hands around his neck and we hugged tightly, the people present started clapping, the dj started playing a soft music, while I pulled Zipper to one side of the room. I gave him a resounding slap, he was shocked but I chuckled. “that’s for scaring the hell out of me, I teased, he frowned and held his cheek. “that’s way too hot bae, he whined, I drew him closer and kissed his cheek. “sorry love, don’t play such prank with me next time, I warned. “sorry isn’t accepted until you cure the slap by yourself, he said with a straight face, I giggled. “how do I cure it now? I asked playfully, caressing his chest. “like this, he said and pulled me closer with his hands on my boot, he grabbed my lips and started kissing me, I tried to resist but I couldn’t, I found myself kissing him back passionately until someone came to interrupt. ” hey lovers, the cake needs to be cut, Cole informed, not waiting for our response, she pulled me from Zipper and dragged me straight to the cake, Zipper was giggling as he watched me protest but Cole would have non of that. I made my wish and blew the candles, there was cheers from the crowd, most of the people present, I don’t really know them.



After the celebration had finished, Zipper took me home and we made great love that night. The next day, we got the information about his friends who went to rob in a bank, being oblivious of the tight security, they got into shoot out with the police, some of the guys got killed while others were injured by the police and got arrested. “jeez, Ruby, you see y I’ve always wanted you to quit? What would have become of you if you had gone out with them? I kept murmuring. “that’s y I always wanted you by my side, cos I know with you, am gonna quit, he said, hugging me from behind, he started kissing my neck. “what’s next now? Are you bailing them out? I asked, touching his hands that rapped my waist. “if I should try bailing them, they might involve me, Zipper stuttered, and I believe him so I left him to his decision.”bae, I can’t wait to make you my wife, I am kinda addicted to you, I don’t want you to leave my site anymore, please move in with me or should we get the wedding fixed? Zipper asked, I turned around and face him. “why are you in a hurry? I still have a year for my youth service before thinking about marriage, I said, making him give me a raised brow. “come on babe, I wanted the wedding to be this year, immediately after your project defense, he whined like a baby, pouting his lips, I smiled and kissed him. “your wish is my command my love, fix the date for us to go visit my parents, and yours, before planning on the wedding, I suggested, he smiled and lifted me up. “that’s my sweetheart, he kissed me and head straight to the room. “What are you doing, Ruby? Keep me down, I can walk, I protested but he will never drop me. “you would waste junior’s time you know? He really needs attention, he said, I giggled and hit his chest. “you’re so naughty, I said playfully. ” for my angel alone, he replied.


day we are supposed to visit my parents came so fast, Zipper and I, decided to travel back to kogi state with one of his latest jeep. When we arrived at ankpa, where my family house is located. My parents were so happy to see us cos I already notified them before our arrival, and I trust my mom in terms of hospitality, she is really good at entertaining visit. Knowing our aim of coming, she tripped the entertainment. “mum, you worry too much, don’t tell me you went this far to prepare all these meal for us, you sure know we aren’t gonna eat much, I said playfully while on the dining, enjoying our meal.




Episode 31
“anything for you daughter, mum stuttered with a smile. We had a lovely time with my family before returning to Lagos. We fixed another day to visit Zipper’s family too, though his dad is late but his mom was looking so young and beautiful. Yeah, that’s were Zipper got his cuteness from. He actually looks like his mom.

Days changed to weeks, and weeks turned months and a year past.

It’s our wedding day already, Cheryl and Cole were just so excited for me, people will wonder if we are triplets cos they were all over me. “awwn, I can’t believe am getting married to Zipper, a notorious criminal, turned Saint all bcos of me, I muttered happily, while the make up artist was doing her thing. “I told you girl, and am glad you heed to our advice, Cole added. “oh please, don’t take the glory to yourself, it’s God all the way, Cheryl reminded. “What ever, Cole rolled her eyes. I just couldn’t stop laughing, these girls are really fun to be with. “enough of the argument, let’s get going, Noble said immediately he opened the door. “oh my God, I never knew my twin sister is a goddess, Noble said immediately I looked at his direction, I chuckled and gave him a hug. “and my twin brother is also looking cute, I complimented. “thanks sis, he replied. We all head straight to church. My dad held my hand as we walked slowly to the front of the church, with the keyboardist giving us a lovely cool music. My dad gave my hand to Zipper, who winked at me, I smiled and held him. We both stepped forward as instructed by the pastor. I was feeling nervous cos I never thought I would get married so soon, and Zipper wasn’t ready to give me a little break, and am kinda loving it shaaaa. We took our marriage vows at last and the pastor pronounced us HUSBAND AND WIFE.

(You can continue with your imagination, I rest my case)

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