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Too Late to Claim – Batch 3

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Episode eleven

We stopped at the boutique to get some attires for myself.
That was when I got to understand what a boutique means.
The clothes were so beautiful and designers made, quite expensive I guessed and I love them so much.
I thanked aunty Abigail for her nice gesture and we continued our journey.
It was quite a long journey from the village to our destination.
There was nothing left to discuss so I quietly laid my head on the seat of the car and slowly slept off.
I don’t know if it was a traced or dream but I found myself at the bank of a river crying and pleading to cross over to meet mother who was standing on the other side.
I couldn’t swim so I stood crying for help and shouting at her to come over but she only told me to be careful
“Jessy,be careful”.she shouted again.
I didn’t understand but when I tried to put my legs into the river,I felt a hand pulling me backward.
I gasped and jumped up in fright only to see aunty Abigail starring me,that was when I realized that it was all a dream.
“What’s wrong,i have been calling you for few seconds now and why are you panicking?” aunty Abigail asked
Sorry I slept off” I replied yawning
Are you alright?” she asked me
“Yes ma” I replied
She sighed and then said
“I can see you are tired”
“Please how long before we get there ma?” I enquired
“We are already home dear,you must have really overslept not to notice that the car is not moving”” she responded
I gasped.
Silly me! I turned my head and noticed that we were already inside the compound.
“Come down and get your things” aunty Abigail commanded.
I opened the door and got out of the car.
For few seconds,I became speechless and astonished as I stood by the door of the car gazing at the gigantic mansion.
I couldn’t described what I saw.
It was far from beautiful and I could bet that nobody has ever build this kind of mansion in my village.
The building was almost touching the sky.
I was so engrossed in admiration that I didn’t know when I gasped .
Aunty Abigail understood and she said smiled a little.
Opening the booth,she brought out my bags and hand them over to me.
“Welcome to my small home” she said
Did she just say small.
Jesus Christ!
I bet from what I am seeing,this building is bigger than my entire village.
Wow!! What a mansion!!
This is indeed a paradise.
I bet happiness is secured living in this kind of house.
One needs not to worry about anything.
I remembered the condition of my former house.
A house that you will have to bend down to gain access into.
I laughed when I remembered how my head used to hit the roof whenever I am going in especially in a hurry to get something and I forgot to bend down.
Mother told me that it was because of the roof,my father had died.
She was in her third trimester when he decided to go the bush to find palm branches in order to fix a new one when a snake bit him and he died.
His death news had come as a shock and she moved into labour that minutes after which I came out.
So that was how I became a bad luck child killing my own father at my birth.
My mood instantly changed and I felt liquid trying to come out of my eyes.
I quickly wiped them away before Aunty Abigail noticed it.
I have already promised her not to cry.
I prayed to have one someday even bigger.
And maybe if I have enough money,I will give my mother a befitting burial.
“Hey let’s go in, this is now your home,you have enough time to look around”
I smiled as I picked up my bags and followed her.
She opened her bag, brought out a key and inserted it in the small hole as she turned it.
The door creaked,she held the knob and further turned it revealing a open entrance.
She entered the house signaling me to follow her in which I did making sure my the sound of my feet is not heard.
“Welcome to paradise” I spoke to myself and smiled.

Episode twelve

We got in, aunty Abigail sat on the sofa breathing in relief.
I guessed she was very tired from the hours of driving.
She told me to sit and drop my bags.
Immediately her phone rang,she answered and began talking to whosoever it was.
I decided to use that opportunity to take a look around.
I dropped my bags on the well tiled floor but refused to sit.
I remained standing as I continued looking and to be sincere,that was the most beautiful site I have ever seen.
The place was very cold and smelled real nice.
I felt a little bit cold like I was when in the car but I managed to bear it.
I can’t come and disgrace myself even though I am a villager.
I later learnt that it was the air conditioner that is responsible for the cold temperature of the house.
I looked around, moving slowly from one place to another admiring everything I saw.
Everything was well arranged and decorated like a wedding venue.
All were so beautiful and well designed to suit their various made.
I didn’t know the names of everything but I could see a table made of glass placed in the center of the house.
I saw four blues chairs around the table which I learnt are called sofa.
At the other end,were the same table and chairs and I learnt that was referred to as the dinning.
I saw a big television hanging on the wall or should I say was built inside the wall?
I was surprised.
I have seen a television before but not as big as this one neither was it built in the wall.
I smiled at the white man wonders.
Who says White man is not God?
Just look at this.
My eyes caught a photo hanging on the wall.
I moved closer to get a better view.
I saw a woman sitting in the middle with four other people surrendering her.
Two girls and two boys.
I recognized the lady as aunty Abigail and from the resemblance of their faces,I could tell they were the children she had told me about.
They were really beautiful and handsome especially the girls.
And they all looked fair like her.
“Wow” i exclaimed
Who will ever believe that I will set my foot into a beautiful mansion like this?
I noticed aunty Abigail was through with her call so I quickly sat but I jumped up in shocked.
The chair was too soft like it was about to go under.
Aunty Abigail laughed at me making me to feel ashamed.
“Don’t worry dear, you will get use to it with time” she said standing up and picking my bags up.
“Come let me take you to your room so you can freshen up,I need to go buy some food stuffs at the market”
I nodded and followed her.
But when I saw that she was climbing endless stairs that looked like a long snake,I stopped half way and watched as she climbed.
It was like she didn’t hear my footsteps after her so she turned to check only to see me standing down looking at her with fears written over my face.
She chuckled a little, telling me to climb that it doesn’t bite but i was so afraid.
She sighed and asked me to wait for her as she continued climbing and disappeared through the other way with my bags.
Few seconds later,she came back without my bags and climbed down to where I was standing.
“You have to learn how to make use of this Jessy” she told me
“Your room is upstairs and you will use these stairs to go to it.”
I nodded though I was afraid.
She held my hand and commanded me to follow her and be observant of her feet.
Slowly,we climbed as I watched her feet and followed her while she held my hand.
Though I afraid, i was careful not to fall.
The stairs were quite long but we reached at the end which I sighed in relief.
What a stressful work.
She looked at me and smiled again, letting go of my hand and told me to follow her as we walked.
I counted four rooms before we reached to the fifth one.
She opened the door and we entered.
Another beautiful sight to behold.
There was a big bed in the right corner of the room,big enough to occupy five people.
A table at the other end filled with books and other things.
A big standing mirror placed at the middle of the room.
A lightbulb located in the ceiling which enabled the room to shine brightly.
A small room right near the bed which I learnt was called a wardrobe for keeping clothes and the other one at the other side leading to what I don’t know.
A small window at the upper left side of the room.
Above all, the room was beautiful, tidy,cold and smelled nicely.
“Hope you like it?” aunty Abigail asked
“Yes ma” I smiled
“This used to be my third daughter room but she travelled to America to be with her daddy,so you will be staying in this room”
I gasped!
Me alone in this room!
“But ma, what if she comes back?” I asked
“Well,I doubt because I believe she will be married by then but if she does, there are other rooms available” she replied
“Ok thanks so much ma” I appreciated her
“You’re welcome Jessy, I want you to feel free and comfortable,ask me whatever you want and I will do my best ok,I know I can’t replace your mother but I want you to see me as her, never you hide anything from me,no matter what. always be a good girl and we will run along very fine”
“I promise ma” I said to her
“Good and what is our agreement again?”she asked me
“No more crying” I replied smiling.
“That’s my girl, come let me show you how to on the shower” she said leading as I followed her to the other room I saw either on.
The tears dropped from my tears.
She had said no crying but these weren’t tears of sorrows.
They were tears of joy.
Mother was truly right.
“God makes everything beautiful in his time”

Episode thirteen

Aunty Abigail showed how to turn on and off the shower,how to switch to cold,warm or hot water and how to flush the toilet.
Being a smart learner,I was about to grab the idea immediately and when I did it myself I got it perfectly.
She smiled,showed me the soap and towel and left the room to go freshen up and come back.
I removed my clothes,sat inside the bathtub, careful not to fall because it was a little bit slippery.
I took the soap,on the shower and began to bath.
In less than ten minutes I was done.
I took the towel,dried myself,tied it around me and walked back to the room..
I saw my bags on the table,so I opened it,picked a pink dress and wore it, going to the mirror to take a look.
Gosh!! It was so beautiful that i couldn’t helped but smiled.
Which person like to suffer?
What is life without happiness?
I picked my worn clothes off the floor and shoved it under the bed.
I sat on the bed and it was so soft and warm.
This is what we called a bed not that rough floor mother and I used to sleep on and get body ache every morning.
Oh! I wished mother was here to witness everything.
She sure deserves to partake in this blessing.
“I will always make you proud mother” I said to myself.
I stood up,moved to the window and peeked through it.
I saw a man sitting by the corner of the gate.
I think that’s the gate man.
I was so engrossed in admiration of the building that I didn’t even notice any other person outside except aunty Abigail when we arrived.
I smiled again.
Thanks to Aunty Abigail for persuading me to follow her.
This is how I would have lost my golden opportunity of a lifetime,if I have refused to follow.
I turned when I heard a knock at the door unsure whether to open or not.
Few seconds,the door opened and aunty Abigail walked in.
She has changed her dress and was wearing a blue jeans trouser with a black polo shirt and black slippers.
This woman was truly an epitome of beauty.
Despite being a mother of four,she still looked young and beautiful.
I guess her children must have taken after her.
She smiled looking at me.
“Wow!! You look beautiful dear” she complimented me.
“Thanks ma” I replied flashing a smile too remembering how mother always compliments me even in my rags.
“Come here dear” she said opening her arms for a hug.
I moved closer and embraced her.
She caressed my hair and assured me that all is well.
“Look at me Jessy” she commanded.
I raised my head and stared at her.
I could see a motherly love in her eyes.
“You are a fighter and you will survive”
I bowed my head and hugged her again.
Tears tried to come out but I stopped them.
I was done crying.
It is now time to smile again.
“Let’s go downstairs,i know you must be tired but I am taking you to make your hair for church tomorrow and we will also go to the market to buy food stuff for tomorrow.After that,we come home and you will lie down and rest”
I nodded as I wore the black shoes she bought for me and followed her.
Only God will help me to bless this woman with a golden heart.
Only few women can do what she is doing for me.
I will always be indebted to her.
“Aunty Abigail” I called as she was about opening the door
“Yes dear” she turned to look at me
“I love you” I said to her
She moved backward, hugged me tightly and responded
“I love you too my Jessy”
We got downstairs and went outside.
I was able to climb the stairs by myself.lol.
After introducing me as her daughter to the elderly gate man whose name is John, Aunty Abigail told him to open the gate as we got into the car and drove out.
The Era of a new Dawn is finally here.

Episode fourteen

Chris sat on a bench outside the hostel in the camp,his hand holding his chin.
One could tell that he was seriously thinking about something.
Few moments later his friend Chima walked up to him swinging his hands to and fro.
“Guy how far”he asked but Chris mind was far away.
“Guy” Chima said tapping him on his shoulder which brought him back to reality.
“Hey Chima” he reluctantly replied stretching his hand for a shake.
Chima ignored his hand and sat near him.
“Guy what is the problem na?” Chima asked looking at him.
He adjusted himself resting his head on the wall.
“Talk to your guy na” Chima said again.
“Chima,I am tired of this service abeg,I can’t wait to get out of here” he replied.
Chima couldn’t help but laughed at loud which made his friend to look at him.
“Why you dey laugh na? Did I crack a joke or what?” He asked in annoyance.
“Yes o, you cracked a big joke” Chima replied still laughing.
He hissed and turned his head toward the other side.
After seconds,Chima stopped laughing when he realized that his friend has gotten angry.
“Guy” he called “I am sorry for laughing just that it was so funny, seriously that is a woman talk”
“Oh really?” Chris asked turning back to face Chima.
“Of course,see guy,we have come very far ok.
I believed the most difficult times were during our university days.
Where we have loads of exams to write and projects to do.
Spending money here and there to please lecturers.
NYSC may be a little stressful but there are a lot of fun in it and I tell you,i am enjoying it so much.
Within few months,we will be through and out of here facing the world ready to prove what we have acquired all these years.
So cheer up guy.”
“You know, this is the only sensible thing you have said since I know you, Never knew you have sense like this,
Where did you keep it since?” Chris said smiling.
“Inside your boxers idiot” Chima fired back
“So what is the meaning of that na?”Chima asked frowning
“So everything I have been saying since university are nonsense abi?”
“Of course buddy, seriously I am actually surprised,is like the hot sun from this camp is shinning sense into your brain” Chris responded laughing.
“Guy,I just don’t have your time,is like the konji you never do is affecting your head”
“Talking of konji” Chris replied ” Seriously I am yet to find any girl to replace my university girlfriends o,
Are there no beautiful damels in this camp?
Man is hot o”
“And why are you asking me,.as what?” Chima asked
“As minister of konji affairs na” Chris said laughing again.
“If I slap you ehh”Chima said laughing “but come to think of it, you might be right o,Na only fat, ugly, shapeless girls I dey see for here even the slim ones non follow as they look like a stick of broom”
“Oho, you see am right” Chris said nodding in agreement.
“Guy let’s go take a walk around” Chima said to him standing up.
“Walk or you want to search for something?” Chris asked
“Both na” Chima replied laughing
“Bad guy” Chris said as he stood up from the bench.
“Hope you know you are the one that spoilt me”
“If I hear” Chima replied “you wey spoil from your mama womb and to think you come get fine yellow face with average height, you think I don’t know how you showed the girls fire during university days especially that girl Agatha”
Chris laughed at loud
“Yes na, that girl with big buttocks and b00bs,girl that I was eyeing since” Chima continued “but come o Chris, how you dey do all these girls abi na jazz because I non understand you o,gist me na”
“Abeg go joor, are you not the one that spoilt me?” Chris asked
“Is true but you surpassed me now, you be the master for the game”
“Let’s go abeg”Chris laughed as he and his friend walked on while gisting.*****
Chris and Chima had met during their first day in class at the university.
They were both studying the same course, business Administration.
Chima thinking that Chris was an old student,had asked for notes to copy,but after realizing that they both were new students,they made friends and went ahead to find someone to ask for notes.
As the day passes,they became tight friends and were seen everywhere together.
Chima was a guy that is very unserious with education and a chronic womaniser that loved to taste everything in skirts.
He negatively influenced Chris with his behavior and they began rolling together.
Chris was not that perfect because he had his girlfriend before entering the university but after the encounter with Chima,he forgot totally about his girl and followed Chima to s£x any girl available.
Being that handsome,fair and average height guy with pink lip, girls fell for his trap and soon,he began worser than Chima.
They both lost concentration on studies as most of their days were spend flexing in parties and other social gatherings.
Both managed to bribe their way through examinations as money was never an issues for them.
Chris come from a wealthy family and his parents supported him financially.
After graduation,both of them were so lucky to be sent to the same area to serve.
Just like the monkey that doesn’t go anywhere leaving its tail behind.
Chris and Chima is ready to catch their next preys.

Episode fifteen

After making my hair,Aunty Abigail had noticed that I was feeling uncomfortable.
She asked and I told her that the pains were unbearable.
She smiled, gave me some pains killer and told me to bear that it will soon be gone.
After,we went to the market to buy food ingredients and other home stuffs then we went home.
The hair was very beautiful when I looked into the mirror properly upon reaching home.
I never knew I was this beautiful.
I couldn’t even recognized my face because I had transformed into a beautiful damsel.
I continuously blushed as Aunty Abigail kept complimenting me with sweet praises.
Telling me how angelic and gorgeous I looked.
Whenever she praises me,I remembered mother.
Never a day goes by without mother saying sweet words to my ear especially if I made alot of sales for the day.
I will never forget my mother no matter what.
Here I have alot to eat but before mother would give me the only and last piece to eat and sleep on empty stomach.
Goodbye is indeed the saddest world she has ever told me.
Later,I went into the kitchen to help Aunty Abigail arranged the stuffs and also to prepare dinner.
I took a look at the kitchen and bless the person that built the entire house.
Nothing can be as beautiful as this place.
Everything were neatly arranged in an orderly order.
All kitchen utensils were looking clean and beautiful ranging from the pots to plates to spoons to trays.everything.
Aunty Abigail showed and taught me how to use the kitchen sink, how to open and close the tap where water comes from,how to on and off the gas cooker and how to microwave food.
She showed me the oven too and promised to teach me how to bake someday.
She taught me many other things that I have never seen in my village.
I paid keen attention as she elaborated on everything and their patio used and functions in the kitchen.
I understood and kept them at the back of my mind.
I was sixteen years then though I have the full mature body of a young adult.
After teaching me,we went ahead to prepare rice and chicken stew for dinner.
We talked about many things as we cooked together.
It was then I asked her about the reasons for divorcing her husband or vice versa.
She paused a little and looked at me.
I guess she was shocked to know why I asked her.
For a moment,I regretted asking her that.
I apologized to her for trying to ask about her privacy.
She smiled and told me that it was nothing.
She promised to tell me everything someday.
Dinner was ready but I wasn’t hungry because of what I ate in the car on our way to the city.
She understood and told me to go upstairs and rest so I can wake up early tomorrow to get ready for church.
She kissed me goodnight on my cheeks as I sluggishly climbed the stairs to my room.
It has really been a stressful day and I was very tired.
The hair was really painful though but I had to manage.
Aunty Abigail has given me some painkillers on our way home so I believed the pain will be gone in time.
I opened the door of my room, entered, closed it and fell on the bed.
I was so tired so i made the prayer short by thanking God for life, then I slept off straight to dreamland.


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