Too Late To Claim

Too Late To Claim – Batch 5

Episode Twenty-three

“Oh sir, you are welcome,how was your journey?” I asked him with a smile
It took him some minutes before he replied after gazing at me from head to toe.
“Fine” he replied as he stepped into the compound leaving his luggages outside.
I went out to bring them in but I couldn’t carried them as they were too heavy.
“Where is that old man?” he asked turning to look at me as he saw me struggling with the bags.
“Don’t tear my bags ok,they are very expensive”
I was a little bit shocked but I composed myself.
I was about saying something when I saw uncle John emerged from behind the house running towards us holding his trouser which was about falling.
“Ha,Oga Chris” he shouted in excitement
“You just dey come” he asked Chris
“No,I still dey camp” Chris replied rudely “so this is what you do ehh, leaving the gate and go sit behind the house?”
“No sir, na Belle dey run me oo,I am sorry” John apologized
“Johnny hope you know me very well, Thank God I am back,is me and you” Chris told him
“Hope you remembered how me and you used to do?”
“Where is my mom?” He asked turning to me.
“Not yet back from work” I responded quickly
“Oga na your load be this” John asked
“No na my head” Chris replied sarcastically
“Sorry,make I bring am in,side?”
“No dash them to the neighbors fool” Chris replied heading towards the door to open it
I chuckled a little at the reply, though I wasn’t comfortable with his manners of approach towards someone old enough to be his father,his respond to the questions were somehow funny.
I helped uncle John to carry the luggages in,side the house.
By them, Chris has already opened the door and was in,side.
When we got in, Chris was already sitted drinking a bottle of water.
He removed a key from his pocket and threw it at Uncle Johnny who grabbed it immediately.
Uncle Johnny and I carried the bags upstairs, opened his door with the key thrown earlier and put the bags in.
That was my first time of entering into his room.
It smelled badly and was totally disarranged.
Everywhere was covered with dust and spiderweb looking very dirty that I felt like throwing up.
We later came downstairs, Chris has removed his shirt and shoes and was wearing a singlet and his trouser.
Uncle Johnny went out after hailing him for some minutes.
I stood starring at him wondering what kind of person he must be.
“Don’t just stand there,go set the table,I am hungry” he commanded
“Yes sir” I replied and hurried to the kitchen.
As I microwave food,I began to wonder if really this guy was Aunty Abigail’s son.
He is so rude and full of himself.
Commanding me as if I am working for him.
Imagine the way he spoke to Uncle Johnny.
I just hope I be able to cope with him in this house.
I set the table minutes later and called him to eat.
He walked to the table and looked at the food
“What is this?” he asked me
“Rice and fish stew sir”
“What kind of nonsense is this?,is this why mom employed you in this house? To cook rubbish and poison” he scre-med in Anger
“Sir,I am sorry but it was Aunty_” I tried talking but he yelled at me
“Shut the f–k up, you don’t talk when I am talking ok, I am your boss”
“I am sorry sir” I apologized quietly with my head bowed looking at the floor
He looked at me, hissed and walked away.
I looked up and saw him climbing the stairs.
I fell a liquid dropped out of my eyes and I didn’t bother to wipe them.
Seconds later,I heard me scre-med my name from upstairs.
I quickly rushed to meet him.
I met him at the door of his room
“You called me sir”
“I don’t know how you and my mom do in this house but I want to let you know that I am a different being and I won’t tolerate any form of laziness from you in this house”
“Yes sir”
“See my room” he said pointing to his room
“I am going downstairs,by the time I come back,it should be sparking white and clean like my teeth”
I kept quiet
“Are you deaf?” he asked
“I heard you sir” I responded
“Better” he said walking away
I raised my head and looked at him.
For the first time,I broke my promise and cried louder calling for my mother.
I knew I was in for a tough battle.

Episode Twenty-four

She has been horning at the gate for close to five minutes now yet no sign of it been opened or the gateman in sight.
She became very furious.
Where the hell has he gone to?
Is this exactly why she employed him to make her stand outside her own house and horned like a crazy person?
She will surely deal with him.
She was about stepping out of the car when the gate flew opened showing John who was using one hand to hold the gate and the other to support his knicker that was about falling.
She hissed and drove in with speed not minding whether he got hit or not.
She rushed out of the car and walked up to him in anger.
Within seconds,her hand has flown straight across his face giving him a resounding slap which echoed in his ear drum.
“You old fool!” She cursed in annoyance.
“Madam,sorry na purge” he apologized with uncontrollable tears rolling down his cheek.
The slap was really a painful one but he tried not to hold his face.
“Nonsense” she roared with Anger
“Is this why I employed you? Do you know how many minutes you got me standing outside like a fool? Am I supposed to horn before entering my own house?”
“Madam,I am sorry,I dey purge since morning” John apologized again.
She calmed her temper and stood looking at him as he cried.
For a moment, she felt remorseful and regretted ever hitting him.
For crying out loud, the man is old enough to be her father despite the fact that he is working under her.
Fate hasn’t been good on his side so she had no right slapping him whatsoever.
She thought on apologizing but kicked against the idea.
She can’t belittle herself in front of an ordinary gateman.
He works for her so he is under her submission and she has every right to do whatever she pleases after all she is not maltreating him.
“Let this never repeat itself again,I don’t want to ever horn twice at my gate, that is why I pay you every month,to sit,open and closes this gate.If you have any issue with your stomach,make sure you sort it out before I get home,is that understood?” She asked in a commanding tone
“Yes ma” he replied coldly
She looked at him for the last time before turning her head heading to the front door
“Madam” Johnny called but she interrupted him
“I will pay you next week” She interrupted as she opened the door and disappeared.
He shook his head.
He was about telling her about Chris’ arrival but she had interrupted him.
He sighed using his hands to rub where she had slapped him.
It was very hot and painful.
This was one thing he disliked about his madam,she was a temperamental person who lacks self control.
She reacts at every thing and let her anger controls her.
Later,she would regret her actions but by then,the damages has already been done and that was the same attitude her son Chris got.
Chris talked to him anyhow without any respect for his grey hairs and age.
Imagine how she had slapped him.
If not for condition that made crayfish bend,he is able to give birth to five of her mates and even Chris could have been his grandson.
“I don’t think I will continue to work here again”he said aloud for the first time in standard English.

Chris sat on the sofa,his two legs stretched on the table as he was focused on the Television facing him.
He had just finished eating the same meal,he referred to as poison and it was very delicious.
He wondered who would have prepared such delicious meal.
He turned his head to the door at the sound of its opening.
His face covered with smile when he saw the person that walked in.
He stood up looking at her
Aunty Abigail turned to meet the figure looking at her
“I am dreaming” she shouted
With that she jumped on him almost making him to fall if not that he supported himself against the chair.
“Oh Chris my darling boy”she cried “I missed you so much”
“I missed you too my ever gorgeous momma” Chris praised
She disengaged herself from him
“Wow” she exclaimed “look at you, finally my son is now a full grown man, Congratulations dear”
Chris smiled “thanks mommy, thanks”

I had just finished sweeping his room when I heard the sound of Aunty Abigail’s car outside.
I wanted to go open it because it seemed like Uncle John was having another purge but I changed my mind.
I don’t want another dose of Chris’ problem on his first arrival.
I didn’t hear the sound again so I knew that the gate was already opened.
Later I heard some shouts in,side the palour.
I knew she had already met her son so I rushed downstairs to greet her and I saw her hugging her son.
I stood by the corner watching as they embraced in a joyful mood.
I remembered mother and began to share tears.
After some minutes they disengaged from each other arms.
“Welcome ma” I greeted Aunty Abigail
“Ehh heh” she responded still feeling excited
“Hey you, have you finished cleaning my room?” Chris shouted at me
I looked at Aunty Abigail while she looked at Chris
Vero arrived home and rested after much pleasantries from friends and family.
She wasn’t interested in all of that.
Chris wasn’t picking her calls and that bothered her alot.
He had send a message to call back within some minutes which he was yet to do.
She was dead worry about him.
She hadn’t expected herself to fall so deeply in love with him but she did.
She had willingly given her heart,body and soul to him and she has decided to spend the rest of her life with him but was CHRIS thinking the same way?

Episode Twenty-five

“Are you deaf?” He shouted again
“I am through sir” I replied
“What room son?” Aunty Abigail asked him
“I told her to clean my room, imagine it was so dirty when you have a maid in this house” Chris replied
“She is not a maid Chris anyway never mind” Aunty Abigail said
“Jessy meet my son Chris,the one that was doing his NYSC” she said to me.
I was about greeting him again when he spoke.
“If she is not a maid mother,then what is she doing here? don’t tell me you have opened a charity org-nization because I am the last born and I know all my relatives except maybe your ex husband children” he said
“Shut up Chris,we will discuss it later”
“Jessy, have you set the table?” She asked me
“I have already eaten”Chris replied
I became confused, was this not the same person who was shouting that I gave him poison to eat.
“Don’t just stand there fool,make yourself useful” he yelled at me.
I quickly run upstairs in shock and confusion.
“Chris, you need to mind how you talk to her,you are just meeting this girl and you don’t want her to be afraid of you”
“Who cares mother besides you have alot to explain to me but that will be after I have taken a nap” he told her walking away to the kitchen.
Aunty Abigail sighed as she climbed upstairs.
She was about going to her room but changed her mind and headed for Jessica’s room.
I laid on my bed as the tears continued pouring out.
I had never anticipated that my staying in this house will be a total Fustration for me.
I have grown to lov and cherish Aunty Abigail as well became comfortable with the environment.
How can someone treat me like this on his first day of arrival?
Why is he behaving as if he knew me before?
What exactly did I do to deserve this?
Was this another way of God testing me?
I cried uncontrollable.
I heard a knock at the door but never bothered to check who was knocking.
Seconds later,the door opened and I could tell it was Aunty Abigail as her fragrance scent covered the entire room.
This was one thing I enjoyed most being around her.
She smelled so nice and sweet.
She walked slowly to me and sat on the bed drawing my head up and placed it on her laps.
“Jessy,I am sorry for what happened earlier,I know it hurt but I want you to overlook it. Chris is such a nice person and you will get to like and be comfortable around him soon.
Just forget how he reacted to you.i guess it’s because of how stressful NYSC is. Don’t worry, you will get along just fine and you will like him as an elder brother.ok please don’t cry” She consoled me with her smooth and tender voice.
I nodded and wept my tears not because I believed exactly what she has said but because of how she said those words to me.
I slowly begun to understand exactly what uncle John has told me earlier. If indeed it was true then I know I am in for a tough fight.
Within me,I knew that Chris is another challenge that I need strength to overcome.

“Guy I have reached home ” Chris said to Chima over the phone
“So where you keep your home abi you non dey see your girlfriend call?” Chima asked
“Abeg don’t mind that girl” Chris replied
“Why wetin happen,she just dey disturb me say you never call am to tell am say you don reach”
“As my wetin na,she be my mama abi my wife,abeg make she park enter dustbin”
“Guy,non do like that, you know that Vero loved you very much and she is a good girl,I advice that you settle down with her and change your ways”
“Oshey pastor Chima infact daddy G.O” Chris mocked
“See who is advising somebody,you are advising me as your boy abi wetin”
“Is the truth Chris, you better listen to me”
“Taaa shut up there,see let me be frank with you, I am still very young for any kind of settling down right now,I haven’t even gotten a job besides if I want to marry,is certainly not Vero, that harlot that I f—-d everywhere in the camp,no na”
“Chris forget about job, your parents are well connected to get you any kind of job you want and as for what you are saying about Vero, you know that is not true,is not because she willingly opened her legs for you,she is a decent girl”
“Guy I non understand you o,Are you Vero elder brother abi she send you to me?”
“Chris think about it please” Chima begged
“Ok i hear,I go call her later”Chris replied
“How is your mom?” Chima inquired
“She is fine but guy guess what” Chris said
“What again,abi you don catch another mugu”
“Not that joor,I got home only to meet a young girl.I thought she is a maid only for my Mom to say she is not a maid”
“Then who is she na?”Chima asked
“She promised to tell me later”
“Is she a big girl?”
“No,na one small rat like that o but she package for front and back shaa”
“Chris, I take GOD beg you,non reach her side o”
“You know I non like small children na,I am not a rapist”
“I just dey beg you o” Chima responded
“Ok daddy,talk to you later”Chris replied pressing the end button on his phone.
Aunty Abigail sat in her room looking into space.
What exactly is wrong with Chris?
Why did he detest every girl she brought into this house?
She had seen him insulted all the maids she brought into the house on many occasions.
They all had left with no specific reasons but she knew that something wasn’t right and she must find out.

Episode Twenty-six

“You got me worry Chris” Vero spoked over the phone
“I am sorry honey,you know is not an easy thing seeing your son after one year,my mom couldn’t let go of me” Chris apologized
“Even at that,you ought to have notify me of your arrival at home,I thought something happened to you” Vero responded
“I am sorry,so what’s up? how are your parents? I know they were so excited seeing their princess” Chris asked
Vero blushed “of course they were ,you can imagine the welcome party and pleasantries I received,I even have to slid away from them”
“I know right, anyway mine was pretty cool and simple,no party though because I am not really interested in that kind of a thing but it feels so wonderful to finally be home a complete and qualified graduate after years of toiling and cracking of brains”
“Yeah babe and you know what makes me happy most,is that I am finally going to settle down with the man of my dreams which is you” Vero exclaimed
Chris paused and scoffed not loud enough for her to heard.
“Man of her dreams my foot”
She better wake up from her day dream.
“Are you there boo?” Vero asked as she didn’t hear any reply from him.
“Of course baby,I am excited as well but I think we should settle and get a job first,you know we just arrived today baby and we have a long way to go” Chris said
“I know honey but the early the better or don’t you love me Chris?”
“Of course I do baby,I love you so much and I want to make you the mother of my children,my special Vero” He gave a fake Compliment
Vero blushed again.
Her head began to swell and she smiled as she heard those words from Chris.
“I love you more bby” she responded
Just then Aunty Abigail walked into the room and stood standing gazing at him
“I will call you back later ok”He said ending the call as he stared at his mom.
“Mom, I am sure you know that you just invaded my privacy”He said to her
“Sorry dear,I totally forgot to knock”she apologizing sitting besides him on the bed.
“Now what is it this time?” He asked
“Chris,there is something I want to ask you” She replied
Immediately Aunty Abigail left,I pretended lying down.
Later when I noticed that she had gone,I got up and went downstairs to meet Uncle Johnny.
He was sitting looking moody.
I needed no soothsayer to tell me that he wasn’t alright.
He didn’t even notice me as he was deeply in thoughts.
I stared at him for a while,shook my head and walked back to the house.
As I was about going to my room I heard AUNTY Abigail voice coming out of Chris’ room.
I paused, went closer and placed my ear on the door.
“And what is it that couldn’t wait till later,For Christ’s sake,I arrived minutes ago and I need to rest mom.”
“I know Dear but I am just curious to know please” she begged
“Ok fine,I am listening”
“What exactly transpired between you and the two maids I brought here?” She bluntly asked.
Chris became shocked.
Why was his mother asking?
Was his secret finally out?
“I don’t understand you mom” he said with his voice almost shaking with fear.
“Chris,I noticed that you were always having one confusion or the other with almost both of them.For the first week, you all were doing fine but I just don’t understand what later transpired that made them to leave without any reasons whatsoever”
“So are you insinuating that I am responsible for their departure or what?” Chris shouted in anger
“Calm down Chris,I am not insinuating anything,I am just being concerned or curious”
“Well since it just came to your notice,All those maids you brought here were complete Harlots, pr-stitutes”He shouted
Aunty Abigail became shocked and confused
“What do you mean by that son?” She asked in confusion
“Mom, you are an educated person,I am sure you know the definition of harlot,your maids tried to force themselves on me,they wanted me to have s€× with them”
“What!” Aunty Abigail exclaimed in bewilderment
“Yes,They made passes at me every day, wearing short expolsives things to tempt me thinking I am your ex husband that falls into every p—y h0le he sees and when they didn’t succeed,they became ashamed of their deeds and since they couldn’t stand my presence,they had to leave”
“You mean both of them” Aunty Abigail asked
“What language should I spilled it in mom? how am I even sure that they didn’t f–k the hell out of your darling former husband?”
“I don’t want to believe this Chris” Aunty Abigail held her head in shocked.
“Of course,why will you believe when all you think about is yourself and your God forsaken Husband who is now your never care about me mother,did you even care to know Why I decided to stay on campus? No,you saw it as an advantage to have your husband anywhere you want.”
“Stop it!” Aunty Abigail shouted “just stop it Chris.”
“How the hell was I supposed to know when you didn’t tell me? I never knew that anything of such happened under my nose?”
“That is why you are a mother,you ought to be sensitive towards your children,but what you care about was your job and husband”
“Oh Chris,I am so sorry”Aunty Abigail cried
“I have been a bad mother, forgive me please”
Chris stood up and faced her.
“I am sorry Chris,I will never doubt you ever again,I am going to listen to whatsoever you says,i am so sorry”
Chris moved closer to her and hugged her
“Is ok mom,I love you no matter what”
“I love you too son”
Chris smiled within himself
Mission accomplished.
Call it eavesdropping or whatever,I don’t care.
I have just left the door of Chris’ room.
I have stood for minutes listening to their conversation.
I really don’t do this but I found myself listening maybe I could get some truth out of it and maybe I did but I just became more confused.
Who exactly is saying the truth?
Uncle Johnny has told her that Chris tried harassing the maids s€×ually so they had to fleed and here Chris was telling his mother that they tried forcing themselves on him.
This was just too much for a first day.
Filled with confusion
I opened the door of my room, entered and closed it tight, falling on my bed.

Episode Twenty-Seven

I tried not to focus much on that issues as I shoved it behind me.
I did everything as much as possible not to get into Chris’ ways.
I avoided him like a plague but make myself available whenever he calls.
I do whatever he says no matter how he shouted at me
I really didn’t know what happened but Uncle Johnny resigned.
He told Aunty Abigail that he is not interested in working any longer.
We all tried begging him but he became adamant to all our pleads so we had no option than to let him go.
I can’t say what happened but I believed it was because of Chris attitude towards him nevertheless I will missed him so much especially his words of wisdom and jokes as well.
Sunday came and we all went to church with Chris as the driver.
Meh! My heart almost jumped out of its h0le, Chris was definitely a rough rider.
Service was wonderful, infact too wonderful.
Aunty Abigail had a Thanksgiving celebration at church and an after party at home for the success of Chris’ Graduation.
After service, While Aunty Abigail was discussing with some friends,Pastor Eric called me aside telling me about a dream that he had where he saw me shouting for help.
He told me to always pray and read my Bible.
I didn’t understand him and I didn’t care to understand what he meant but in order not to make him feel stupid,I thanked him and ran along.
The home celebration began at 2:,00pm
Everywhere was jammed with people and it was really fun.
I saw Chris at the other corner, chatting with a guy and a girl while pointing at me.
Aunty Abigail was moving to and fro greeting people,while I was going around serving them with food and drinks along with the help of my neighbors.
It was really fun,I danced and enjoyed myself like never before not minding anyone.
Pastor Eric and other church members, friends and families were present even my neighbors.
Being very tired, we all retired to bed feeling very exhausted.
The next morning,I woke up early to prepare breakfast for everyone.
We had a quiet breakfast after which Aunty Abigail hurried off to work.
I need to prepare for class too so I hurriedly packed the dishes and carried them to the kitchen to wash.
I was washing the dishes when a spoon slipped off my hand and fell to the floor.
I bent down to pick it up only to turn and see Chris standing looking at me.
I froze!!
“What are you starting at?” He yelled at me
“Nothing sir” I quickly replied
“Then do your work” He said
I quickly turned to washing the dishes though I wasn’t feeling comfortable.
I looked at him through the corner of my eyes and saw him opening the fridge to collect water, after which he left.
I breathed in relief.
Chris behaviors towards me had left so much fear in me that I am always troubled at the sight of his presence.
I quickly rinsed and dried the dishes and rushed to my room to prepare for school.
After getting ready,I went down to the palour only to meet him on the phone.
I waited for him to be through with my heartbeat rising above normal but noticing my presence,he turned to look at me and removed the phone from his ear.
“Yes, what is it?” He asked
“I am going to school sir” I replied
“Wait let me drop you off” he said putting the phone back to his ear.
I didn’t think I hear him right.
Chris wants to drop me off.
Like we are going to ride the same Car together?
I was deep in thought that I didn’t notice he was through.
“And what are you still standing doing here,my friend go and open the gate”
I ran outside in fear
I wanted to protest against him dropping me off but I lost confidence to say anything.
I opened the gate and waited for him.
Moment laters,he arrived,we got into the car and drove out.
He jerked up from sleep in fright shouting Jesus.
He looked around and saw himself sitting in his office.
He remembered bending his head on the desk to rest and sleep carried him away.
This dream again.
What exactly does it means?
He was no way related to Jessica.
He only met her through his church member Abigail.
Why the continuous dream?
Looks like God was revealing something but what exactly he can’t say.
For the past three days,he is always having a dream, seeing her scre-ming for help.
He took his bible from the corner and began to pray.
He opened the door and entered into his room falling on his bed.
He had dropped her off moments ago and returned back to the house.
He just couldn’t explain what kind of feeling he was having deep in,side.
Something strange about that girl.
A feeling he can’t explain.
He had gone into the kitchen to drink when he met an unimaginable image starring at him,that at a moment, everything became blanked in his sight.
What a gorgeous a-s for a little girl.
She is indeed loaded.
He imagined a nude picture of her in his head and how wonderful she will taste.
What’s wrong Chris?
You have seen better asses than that
You are not moved by little Children, what seem to be the issue with this little girl that you can’t control.
He tried to remove his mind from what he has seeing.
Picking up his phone,he wanted to call Chima but found himself dialling Vero number.
He surely needs to plug his cable somewhere else he might loose it.
Konji is a b—–d!!!

Episode Twenty-Eight

I opened the door and walked into the sitting room feeling very tired.
School has been really wonderful not only because of the lessons taught but because I was feeling very happy.
I had a short but interesting conversation with Chris on our way to school.
He apologized over how he has been behaving towards me and told me not to be afraid of him but see him as a brother and feel free to discuss anything with him.
I looked around the sitting room, everywhere was quiet except for the television that was on.
I saw a big black bag on the table.
Was Aunty Abigail back?
I peeped through the window thinking that I didn’t notice her car due to how tired I was but I didn’t see her car outside.
Then who could be the owner of the bag and where is Chris?
I climbed the stairs still wondering who was the anonymous visitor.
I was about unlocking my room door to enter when I heard some strange sound emerging from Chris’ room.
I moved closer wondering what was going on.
The sound grew louder as I drew near.
“Oh yes baby,give it to me, give it to me baby,I love it honey, show no Mercy, f–k me h-rder bby boy”
I continue to hear the voice and I knew that it was a lady mo-ning.
Few seconds later,I heard Chris’ voice too asking her
“Do you like it,is it big baby,are you feeling it deep,is it touching your womb,who is your daddy?”
As confused and naive as I was,I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on in there but I knew that Chris was in,side with a woman.
Few seconds,I heard some scre-ming and p-nting sounds and Chris telling her to get dress that his mother will soon be home.
I quickly ran back downstairs because I didn’t want Chris to know that I heard his conversation or noticed a strange presence.
I sat on the couch and pretend to be watching the television.
Minutes later,I heard Chris and the lady coming downstairs while laughing and chatting.
As they got to the sitting room, I turned and greeted them.
They both replied and Chris walked her out but I could tell that he was looking at me.
He returned after seeing her off and I was still sitting on the couch.
“When did you arrive Jessy?” He asked me
“Just now sir” I replied
“So you didn’t go upstairs?”
“No sir”
“Ok make sure you don’t tell my mom who came here today” He instructed
“Yes sir” I answered
He smiled and sat near me
“How was school?”
“School was fine sir”
“So we are now friends right?”
“You weren’t my enemy sir”
He laughed out loud like I cracked a joke
“You are really a smart little thing,I like that”
“Excuse me sir,I want to go change my clothes” I said getting up and leaving him sitting there.
Months later, Chris and I have become good friends and it really got Aunty Abigail impressed.
We were like one big family.
Did I mention that Chris now got a job and was working?
Oh yes he did and He comes home the same Time with Aunt Abigail but he had his own car.
We got a new gateman but I wasn’t that closed with him because I liked and missed Uncle Johnny.
Chris showered me with lots of gifts whenever he comes back home.
During weekend,we got out on flexing sometimes with Aunt Abigail and sometimes with the lady I met at home the last time.
Chris introduced me to her during one of her visits again and we became good friends and I got to know that her name was Aunty Vero.
She loved me like a kid sister and got me alot of goodies though Aunty Abigail was unawared of her presence and relationsh¡p with Chris.
Everything was moving really good and we all were like one big family infact we were one big family.
I also got to meet another guy called Chima, Chris’ best friend so I learned.
I remembered seeing him at the party held in Chris’ honour after his NYSC.
I so much loved and Cherished my family that I wouldn’t trade them for anything but I would never forget my mother whose soul will continued to rest in peace.
She had long ago stopped appearing to me in my dreams but I wished she was alive to witness the kid of joy I felt today.
I have been able to overcome the greatest challenges and I gave it all to God.
We attended service every Sunday and pastor Eric never ceased to advice me to continue praying.
At a point,I became bored with him that immediately after service,I dashed off before he could see me.
Oneday Aunty Abigail informed us that she would be traveling to another village to work on a certain project.
I guess she was going to do the same work that had connected me to her when she visited my village.
She gave me some money for upkeep and told me to make sure that I keep the house in order especially now that Chris has started working.
I bid her farewell and she left early the next morning.
If it were before,I would have been very much afraid of being alone with Chris but now Chris and I have become best pals and I now see him as the brother I never had.
If only I knew.


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We plead you off your AdBlock on this site, as it kills the only source of it income.