Too Late To Claim

Too Late To Claim – Batch 6

Episode Twenty-nine

Everything was going smoothly till one faithful day I was home watching cartoon when I heard the sound of Chris car drove into the compound.
I looked at the time and it was too early for him to be home.
Chris has never been home that early so I wondered what went wrong.
I adjusted on the sofa awaiting his arrival.
He opened the door and walked in looking so moody.
I greeted him but he didn’t respond and went upstairs.
I became dumbfounded because this was unlike Chris.
Everything has been going on well so I didn’t understand why the change of attitude.
I thought on going to his room to ask but I changed my mind and headed to my room..
I must have slept off because I worked up some minutes to seven pm.
I scre-med and ran downstairs only to see Chris talking over the phone.
He was explaining to Chima about his sudden severe headache that made him to close earlier than usual today and he also discussed some issues about Vero.
I felt some guilt within me.
I had never taken the time to figure out that something was wrong when he passed without saying a word.
I should have known that he was feeling ill.
Chris has been such a nice person to me so I am supposed to reciprocate the gesture by going to his room to find out what was the problem but I didn’t,rather I went to mine and slept off.
I gasped.
Gosh! Is evening and I am yet to set the table.
I hurriedly ran into the kitchen but I was surprised to see some used dishes in the sink indicating that he has already served himself.
What kind of a person I was?
I walked back to the sitting room and he was still on a call.
I stood waiting for him because I definitely knew that he was going to shout at me and for the first time I deserves it.
After he got through with his call,he turned towards my direction.
“Hey Jessy, you are finally awake” he said flashing me a bright smile.
I couldn’t say a word because I was totally speechless.
Chris has definitely changed or perhaps I misjudged him.
I didn’t expect him to talk like that to me.
I was waiting for a shout of Anger or even a slap but that didn’t happen.
“Are you ok?” He asked moving closer to me.
“I am fine sir” I replied him.
“If is about the way I ignored your greetings when I arrived, I am sorry,I was having a severe headache and I wasn’t thinking straight” He apologized calmly
Wow!! This is such good news.
Chris apologizing to me is unbelievable.
“Is ok sir but I should be the one apologizing,I didn’t paid any attention to you and even slept off without setting the table”
“No is ok,you have been working hærd since you came,so I decided to let you rest, besides I have eaten already”
“Ok sir and I am sorry too because Aunty Abigail would definitely not be happy if she heard this”
“Nobody will tell her, anyways since you are awake,let me go to my room to rest, you can watch cartoon if you wish” He said patting me on the shoulder and walking away.
I wanted to put on the television but I felt hungry so I went to the kitchen,served some food,ate and washed the dishes while my mind did a recap of what actually happened few minutes ago.
Seriously,it was unbelievable and I was still shocked at Chris’ attitude and this made me to like him more.
When I got through with the chores,I went to watch some cartoon.
Hours later my eyes lid began to get dim and I knew sleep was calling so i off the television and headed to my room, falling on my bed and travelling to dreamland.
I found myself wondering around a des**ted bush scre-ming for help but none seems to be coming.
I looked ahead and saw mother standing looking at me with tears in her eyes.
I moved to her and asked why she was crying and where was I?
She didn’t say anything but continued crying.
I kept asking her till she finally spoke.
“I warned you Jessy but you failed me”
I asked what she meant by that but she just shook her head and disappeared.
I began to shout her name and i felt something hit me at the back of my head.
I jerked and woke up in fright to someone knocking the door.
Feeling a terrible headache,I moved to open the door only to see Chris standing at the door.
I turned and looked at the clock hanging above the window and the time showed exactly two am in the morning.
“Did I wake you up?” He asked
I saw his question as a very foolish one.
What would I be doing by two am if not sleeping?
“What is the problem sir?” I asked him feeling sleepy
“Can I come in?” He asked again
I unwillingly stepped aside and allowed in then I closed the door.
He sat on the bed while I stood gazing at him to say something but he was just starring at me.
“Sorry, please what can I do for you?” I asked again
“Please sit” He ordered
I moved and sat on the chair opposite the bed waiting for him to talk.
“I am sorry for disturbing you” He spoke “just that I couldn’t sleep,I kept thinking about you”
“Thinking about me?” I asked “please is there any problem?”
“Jessy” He called “I know that I haven’t really been that nice to you since I met you”
“But sir, you have already apologized to me and I have forgotten it”
“I know but I want you to understand why I had behaved that way to you?”
“I don’t understand sir, you don’t know me from anywhere so what are you talking about?”
“Jessy when I met you,I saw an image of my first love, the girl that I had loved wh0leheartedly but she broke my heart, you brought back those painful memories and I felt anger,I know you may not understand what I am saying”
“I don’t sir, but I am sorry if I made you feel sad or remember someone you have forgotten but sorry Why are you here?” I asked getting impatient.
It was late and I need to sleep in order to prepare for school early tomorrow.
“Jessy” He moved closer to me and held my hands.
I tried to move them out of his grip but he held them tighter.
“After she left me,I haven’t been able to find true love again, you may know about my relationsh¡p with Vero but she cannot fill the vacuum in my heart, but when I met you,I felt that inner peace, that love that was missing, that void that I have been trying to replace for years”
I became confused,I wasn’t understanding what exactly he was saying.
” I don’t understand you sir”
“Jessy,I love you and I want you to be my girlfriend,I know you are still young but I can’t hide it”
“Jesus Christ” I shouted standing in shock.
Did I hear him right?
So uncle John was right after all.
Chris has been pretending and I fell for it.
Finally it has dawned on me.

Episode thirty

I stood fixed to the s₱0t for what seems like eternity unable to move or say a word.
I know is not fair to judge a person but I wished I had listened and be careful with Chris.
“Please say something my love” Chris spoke drawing me back to reality.
I looked at him and all the likeness I had developed for him within time disappeared right away.
I think this guy must be high on cheap drugs.
How dare him utter such nonsense to me?
“Sir please get out of my room”I commanded not minding whether he was my superior or boss.
I don’t care because I totally lost every respect for him.
“Jessy, please don’t hurt my feelings,I can’t hide it. I love you,I know it may sound stupid but I do”
“Sir,can you actually listen to yourself?” I asked in Amazement.
“You are in love with a small girl as I am, What will Aunty Abigail say? What will I think of you besides you have Aunty Vero as your girlfriend already”
I didn’t understand what love was actually was,but I understood that it involves two person becoming close together.
I have also been taught about some s€×ual harassment in school.
Our teacher had warned us never to allow any Male play or stay close to our private parts.
Mother has also warned me never to get close to any Male because they are dangerous.
So with that little understanding,I believe that what Chris is talking about is exactly what I have been warned against.
“Jessy,I can’t denied that Vero and I don’t have anything together because you know that she is my girlfriend but I don’t love her,I love you.
What I feel for you is real compared to what I have for Vero.
I love you Jessy and I don’t care what my mother thinks of.I just want you to say yes please.”, He begged
“I don’t love you sir, please get out of my room”I ordered almost shouting.
“Jessy please don’t hurt me” He pleaded again.
“Sir,I don’t want to shout, please leave”
“Please think about it”He said getting up.
I moved to the door and opened it so he could leave.
He walked closer to me,I could see feel his breathe where I stood.
I became terrified, wishing that he doesn’t do anything stupid to me because I may not have the strength to fight back and we are alone.
He looked at me and walked out.
I sighed in relief shutting the door hærd.
I moved to my bed,sat and began to weep.
After that night,I completely ignored or avoided Chris.
Of course,I still served him his meals and do some work he wants me to do but our relationsh¡p wasn’t like before.
Infact, that brotherly love that I had for him disappeared and what I felt was complete hatred.
Inorder to avoid seeing or talking to him,i desisted from watching TV in the sitting room as I spent most of my times in my room.
Chris tried his best to talk to me,he even bought me alot of goodies but I rejected them all and didn’t mind him.
As time went on, Chris developed unusual habit.
Chris hasn’t come home late before.
I wondered what was keeping him.
I waited for hours yet he wasn’t back.
I looked at the time and it was 10pm.
Chris has never stayed late by this time.
I became worried as I moved to and fro thinking about what to do.
I was yet to have a phone so I couldn’t put a call through.
Aunty Abigail promised to get me one on my eighteenth birthday.
I couldn’t think of anything to do.
I had no idea where he was so I couldn’t go to meet him.
I sat on the couch awaiting his return,I didn’t know when I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning still on the couch.
I got up and met Chris having breakfast.
I wanted to ask him about yesterday’s events but changed my mind.
He got up and left the house without saying a word to me unlike before that he will ask or greet.
I didn’t bother too and went to my room.
This new behavior continued every night.
He goes out in the morning and comes back the next morning.
I promised myself not to be worried or show concerned about his attitude but I couldn’t helped it.
I was worry everyday.
Infact I became lonely,I have become so closed to Chris that it hurted me so much keeping malice with him.
I decided to talk to him in the next night or the next morning if he comes back.
I waited till 12 midnight yet he didn’t show up and as usual I fell asleep on the couch.

Episode thirty-one

The next Morning came,and I woke up having backache due to sleeping in the couch which has become my room since Chris started behaving funny.
I also felt a terrible headache because of the over thinking I did last night about Chris.
I looked up at the dinning thinking he was having breakfast but he wasn’t there.
Maybe he has gone to work as usual.
My heart hurt with how Chris was behaving towards me.
I got up and climbed the stairs heading for my room.
Today was Friday and I chose not to go to school not because there wasn’t any good school infact I had an exam to write but I missed it because I was hurt.
I won’t be able to concentrate especially since Chris and I began this problem.
I was about entering my room when I heard Chris’ voice coming from his room.
I moved closer contemplating whether I should knock and apologize or not.
As I got closer to his door,I overheard his conversation with Vero.
He was saying all the nicest things to her and I began to feel jealous.
I couldn’t explain why but I felt that he is supposed to be talking to me and not her.
I was even surprised at myself because I never expected myself to get jealous over his conversation with Vero.
I boiled with anger as he blew her a k-ss telling her goodbye that he was going to work and he will visit her as usual in the evening after work.
That explains why he comes back home late these days.
So he was spending the entire night at her house leaving me alone in this big not minding whether I was safe or lonely.
I felt pains and anger that I couldn’t understand nor controlled.
Immediately I ran back downstairs waiting for him because I wanted him to see me and perhaps talk to me.
When he came downstairs,I wanted to greet him but my l-ips became heavier and I was unable to speak.
He looked at me, hissed and walked out leaving me standing like a fool.
I felt my heart ripping into two and some liquid fell off my eyes.
I fell to the floor and cried.
Why I was hurt,I couldn’t say but I knew that I feel something special for me and now it was much more than a brotherly love.
The car drove into the gate drawing my attention away from the Television.
I peeped through the window and saw Chris’ car.
I was very happy at least he was back early today.
I rushed into my room and changed into something beautiful.
I planned on apologizing to him and reconciling with him.
I missed his friendsh¡p and it hurted and affected me so much.
I hurried back to the sitting and sat awaiting his presence.
The door opened and Chris entered into the room but he wasn’t alone.
I stretched my neck and VERO appeared too.
My happy face changed to that of a frown as I sighted Vero but I quickly fake a smile to avoid suspicious.
“Hey Jessy” she said hugging me
“How are you”
“I am fine ma” I replied though I was annoyed
“I bought you these” she said handling me a bag of snacks
“Thanks” I managed to murmured
“I am waiting for you V” Chris spoke from the stairs.
She quickly disengaged herself and walked to him as they left.
I hissed after her and threw the bag away not minding where it landed.
I was annoyed.

Episode thirty-two

What insolence!
Imagine the audacity!
He brought that girl here to spite me and get me upset because he knew I have developed feelings for him.
Couldn’t they have gone somewhere else rather than coming here when they knew that I will be home.
“But Jessy, why are you getting angry?,they have been coming here for long yet it doesn’t bother you,why are you getting work up now? Why do you feel so much hatred for Vero and why are you jealous seeing her with Chris when you knew that they have been lover for a very long time?” I asked myself.
I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me.Why was I have this stupid feeling for someone that I became angry with when he voiced out his feelings for me.
“Jessy,you need to wake up” I slapped myself hærd on the head.
I didn’t come here for this.
God please help me I silently prayed.
I thought on going to my room but I won’t be able to stand hearing Vero and Chris’ voice echoing from his room.
So I just stayed in the palour and watch television but I couldn’t focus.
I found myself climbing the stairs leading up and instead of going to my room,I went to Chris door and stood before it.
I could heard some mo-ning sounds from there.
“Stupid girl” I cursed with anger
“That’s the only thing she knows how to do,she doesn’t value her pride as a woman”.
I hissed and walked back downstairs after some minutes.
I looked at the TV and talented kids reality show was going on.
My favorite program where kids get to display their various God given talents but I wasn’t interested in watching so I switched the TV off and went out to get some fresh air.
After what seemed like forever,they both came out of the house.
I saw them from the garden so I hid behind the flower so that Vero won’t see me because I know that I might respond rudely to her since I now haboured undescribable hatred towards her.
After much rom-nce which got me boiling and even felt like slapping Vero,they got into the car and drove off leaving me heartbroken.
That night, I made up my mind to apologise to Chris comes whatever.
I was definitely losing my mind and I couldn’t bear it.
I longed to hear his soft calm voice as he calls me Jessy.
I longed to feel his touch around me holding me like a kid sister.
I missed all the goodies he brought me whenever he comes back from work.
I missed us sitting and chatting like family.
I missed us going out together to beautiful sites infact I missed everything about Chris.
It surprised me that I no longer care about Aunt Abigail and her return.
There was only one special person on my mind and that is Chris.
I knew that I was gradually changing into a person that I never was.
I knew that my actions was not a nice thing.
I knew that mother will never be happy with me.
I knew that I was never given this kind of training.
I knew that I was going the wrong way but I didn’t have the strength to turn and changed direction because Chris was all that matters to me.

Episode thirty-three

Chris didn’t come back earlier so I had to sit on the sofa awaiting his arrival.
I was determined to stay up till whatever time he comes home because I want to set things right.
I believed that I was having this feeling towards Chris because we both were not in good terms.
This feelings didn’t developed when we were talking to each other.
I have to do something right about this because I was seriously losing my mind and I was heading towards a path that could be deadly to me.
The Time showed 10pm which meant he would be home anytime soonest.
I patiently sat on the chair eagerly waiting for him to show.
I missed this guy so much,why? I couldn’t explained but all I knew that I missed him.
It seemed as if the time has stopped working because it moved so slowly, which I kept gazing at often.
11pm and he wasn’t back.
12am,yet no sign of his car or himself.
Does this means that I won’t get to see him tonight as usual?
Maybe he was enjoying himself with Vero.
Maybe they had gone out to flex or maybe he chose to sleep at her place.
Why would he do such a thing?
Doesn’t he have conscience that I will be alone?
I think he was wrong about loving me because you don’t treat someone you love this way.
Different thoughts ran through my mind and i began to have headache instantly.
I looked at the time and it showed 1:15 am and I was beginning to feel sleepy now.
I laid on the couch and closed my eyes as the image of Chris and his wonderful smile appeared to me.
Even in my sleep,I was smiling making me looked like an idiot.
I didn’t know when I slept off while waiting for him again.
At exactly 3 am,I heard a heavily banging at the door like the house was about falling.
I jerked from sleep in fright and having a severe headache instantly.
Beads of sweat forming at my forehead.
The banging continued more heavily as if the person wants to break the door down.
I feared that armrobberies have attacked us.
And I was alone.
What will I do? I have heard of armrobbing attacked but I guess today was my unfortunate day.I began to cry as I thought on what to do
“Open this door,where is that fool?”
I paused,breathing in relief as I heard Chris’ Voice.
Gosh! I almost had heart attack.
“Fool, open this door,or I will break it down now” Chris scre-med.
I moved to the door and turned the knob opened worried about Chris waking the neighbors.
Immediately I opened the door, Chris forcefully pushed me aside making me fall on the floor.
“So you were hearing me yet you refused to allow me into my own house abi” He spoke.
I didn’t replied as I was hurt a little by the force he used to push me.I keep quiet as tears formed in my eyes.
“Am I not talking to you fool?” He yelled as he staggered towards me, making an attempt to hit me but I quickly dodged it which made him to fall on the floor.
I stood up looking at him.
“So you purposely fall me down,I will tell my mom when she comes back,you pushed her darling Chris to the floor,you want to kill me” He continued babbling.
It was obvious that he was drunk from the offensive odour and the way he staggered while speaking.
“Why are you looking at me like puppy,go and wash the house else I won’t pay your salary”
I hissed and made an attempt to walk out on him but I changed my mind.
Looking at him,I felt pitied so I moved closer to help him Stand up.
“No no, don’t help me,you can’t bribe me,I will tell my Mom, infact go and pack your things,you must leave”
I didn’t listen as he continued talking trash,I held his left hand,supported myself against the wall inorder not to fall because I wasn’t able to carry his weight.
Thank God some part of his senses were activated as he also made things easier for me by standing up too.
Like too drunk people supporting each other not to fall,we both staggered climbing the stairs and going to his room while he kept uttering senseless words.
All his weight rested upon my shoulders and I began to have backache but I was least concerned about that.
At last we reached his room door,I pinned him against the wall searching his pocket for the keys which I found.
I opened the door,dragged him in,side and gently carried him to the bed.
I laid him on it and was about leaving but he forcefully grabbed me back to himself.

Episode thirty-four

The force he grabbed and drew me with to himself was something I didn’t expect and couldn’t break away from.
I fought to free myself but he tighten his grip around my wa-ist.
“You pretty little thing,you have been avoiding me since days now ” He said exposing his teeth as the alcoholic odour emerged from his breathe.
“Please let me go” I pleased with him.
“Shut your trap” He shouted at me and forcefully turned over on the bed and got on top of me.
I began to scre-med and cried.
I thought this was someone that was drunk or did he pretend to be?
“Please sir,let me go” I begged in tears but he wasn’t listening.
He pinned me down with one hand and was loosening his trouser zip with the other.
I tried to break free yet I couldn’t as I was unable to comprehend where he got some power from to hold me.
Knowing that he wasn’t going to listen to me,I began to scre-med the gateman name, maybe he could heard me.
Chris seeing that I was yelling, gave me a heavy slap on my face that made everywhere blanked for me to see in seconds yet I didn’t give up shouting.
He torn the upper part of my dress exposing my young mammary glands and was m-ssaging them with his hand.
His hands moved to the lower part and he carried my dress up as he positioned himself between my two thighs.
I fought, cried,shouted and pleaded with him yet he paid no attention.
I didn’t know when I blunted out.
“Please sir, don’t do this to me,I am a V-rgin and I want to keep myself for my husband, please sir don’t”.
I thought that would softened his heart and changed his mind concerning what he is planning on doing but it was like I added fuel to fire.
He paused, looked at me and smiled.
“Jessy,if truly you are a V-rgin,then you don’t know what you are missing and I will be glad to show you the sweetest part of life”
Oh no!!! I scre-med in pains.
“Please sir, don’t do this to me I beg you,I am an orphan,.my parents are dead, please sir don’t.I beg you, please I will leave your house if you want me to.I am sorry for disrespecting and avoiding you for days,I won’t do it again please sir, please”
My pleads fell on deaf ear as he parted my legs and send my p-nt to one side.
I scre-med as I felt something hot and big penetrated me.
It was like a huge stick was forcing its way into my stomach and bringing out my intenstine.
I continued yelling calling my mom and Aunty Abigail as Chris t—-t in and out of me showing me no Mercy.
At a time,I couldn’t bear it anymore due to the undescribable pains.
I immediately passed out.
“Jesus Christ”Pastor Eric shouting jumping up from his bed.
Mrs. Eric immediately woke up too hearing her husband shout.
“Honey what is the matter? Are you alright, please talk to me,are you ok?”
She continued to ask in a worried tone.
“So it was a dream” Pastor Eric said aloud to himself.
“What dream dear?” Mrs. Eric asked looking concerned but pastor Eric kept quiet.
“Honey talk to me, you are getting me worried”,
“So it was a dream”pastor Eric said again “but what does that means?”
“That girl again”
“What girl again honey?, Why are you keeping me quiet?, please talk to me”
Pastor Eric quickly took his bible and began to pray while Mrs. Eric watched him not understanding what was going on.
The Alarm sound woke her up.
She sluggishly get up and headed for the bathroom to empty the liquid content she been keeping all through the night.
Walking back to her room, she looked at the time.
It was 5 am in the morning.
She picked her phone and opened her message which reads:
“This is to inform every staff that the governor will be having an important meeting with every member tomorrow so all projects are postponed till further notice.kindly return back to your respective homes to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting”
She hissed and sat on her bed.
Why will they make such an emergency meeting?
Anyways,she still has time to go home.
With that she got up and went back to the bathroom to shower.
She must hurry up because it’s a long journey back home and traffic in the country is something else.
Back in the village.
A woman stood over her grave sharing uncontrollable tears.
This was never what she wished for her only child.
If only she could have prevented it.
If only she had listened to her.
If only.


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