Too Late To Claim

Too Late To Claim -Batch 7

Episode thirty-five

The unimaginable and undescribable pains I felt the next morning when I woke up was nothing to write about and will forever remained an experience I will never forget.
I looked down at myself and was unclad or should i say partially because I was still wearing my dress which has torn and my p-nts shifted to the other side exposing some part of my v—-a.
I tried getting up but my legs failed to aid me in standing.
A sharp pain escaped my thighs making me to look down between them and saw heavy thick blood.
Looking under me,the bedsheets was stained with blood.
I looked at my side and Chris was busy snoring like a dragon.
My heart divided into two and I scre-med out loud in tears making Chris to jump up and look at me.
“You heartless b—–d!” I scre-med to the amazement of myself and Chris.
“What have you done to me?, What did I do to deserve this? You fooled me and used my naiveness to get what you wanted.” I continued saying, crying in tears.
“Please calm down Jessy” he spoke “I didn’t mean to do this,I was drunk”
“You were never drunk, you used that to play me, what did I do to you, what did I do to deserve this, i have always taken and respected you as a big brother.
What is my offense for doing this to me.Chris you are heartless”
“Jessy,I am sorry but believe me I never planned to do this but I love you so much”
“You don’t know anything about love,you only wanted to take my pride and I was so foolish to have fell for it.
Chris you deceived me and I hate you,I hate you so much”
“Jessy don’t say that,I love you and I always do”
He made an attempt to touch me but got the greatest surprise of the century.
I gave him a mighty painful slap on his face with all the strength I summoned within me and I didn’t regret it.
“Don’t you dare touch me,you filthy animal!”I yelled at him.
He held his jaw looking at me, astonished at what I just did.
“Chris,I hate you,For doing this to me I hate you.I have loved Aunty Abigail and you as a family but you have evil plan against me all this while.I now understand your attitudes and tricks you used in getting me.
You knew that being a naive and innocent girl,I was definitely going to fall for it.You tricked me Chris.I should have been careful of you Infact I cursed the day I met you and believe me,I will never forgive and forget you for what you have done to me. You will never know peace. Joy will never see your face. Sorrows shall be your dialy bread and Fustration your meal. Just as you have taken away my pride and made me to share tears, your most valuable treasure shall be taken away and you will cry more than I did.”
I kept cursing him unawared of everything I was saying.
I was just hurt and annoyed and was letting my emotions out.
He didn’t say a word as he kept starring at me.
After I got through talking,he got up from the bed, picked his trouser from the floor and wore it, after which,he walked to the door and opened it while I was looking straight at his face bearing so much hatred for him.
Turning back to me,he said
“Jessy,I didn’t know you were a V-rgin,I am sorry for taking it away but to be honest with you,I will never regret it”
With that he walked out leaving me alone.
His words pierced through my heart like a sharp knife, going deep into my soul.
Just like a movie,Things began to unfold right before my eyes.
My mother constant appearances in my dreams began to open and give me the real meaning of what she was trying to warn me about.
Uncle Johnny advices to me concerning me to be extremely careful and avoid Chris gradually began to make meaning to me.
Chris strange attitude now began to make sense.
He knew that I was going to fall for it.
He played on my intelligence, what I once felt for him was as a result of his tricks.
Pastor Eric told me to be careful and always pray yet I saw his words as nonsense to my ears.
Mother was right,I have failed her infact I have failed myself.
With a force,I scre-med like I was going to bring the roof of the house to the ground.
“Forgive me mother,I should have listened to your warnings.I have indeed failed you”
I raised my voice to the ceiling and wept louder.
Aunty Abigail was driving along the Express road when her phone began to ring.
Looking down,the name pastor Eric displayed on the screen.
She quickly pressed the answer button and connected it to her Bluetooth.
“Good morning sir” she greeted into the phone.
“Bless you sister”pastor Eric replied from the other end
“How is the church and your family?” She asked him.
“Doing great by grace and you?”
“We thank God”
“Please have you returned back home?”
“I am on my way sir, hope no problem?”
“Not at all, just wanted to talk to Jessy, I didn’t see her in church last Sunday”
“She is fine,I spoke with Chris and he gave me a favorable response concerning her,she has never missed any service,I guessed she left after church without you noticing her”
“Yes I think you are right, please extend my greetings to her when you get home and please call me to pray for her”
“Ok no problem,I will even put a call to Chris right away”
“Ok thanks,God bless you, have a nice day”
“You too sir, thanks and bye”
With that she disconnected and quickly put a call to Chris.
I have gotten up from the bed and went to my room dragging my feet across the floor, crying due to the pains I felt.
My door opened and Chris walked in.
What does this beast wants again?
“Haven’t you done enough already? I asked him.
He smiled and replied
“Go have a bath and change your clothes,My mom is on her way and I don’t want her to see you like this, here are pains killer, take them”
He said dropping the drugs on my bed.
I kept staring at him without saying a word.
“Don’t even dare to utter a word to my mom about this else I will kill you myself”he threatened and left.

Episode Thirty-six

Upon hearing those words from Chris, Fear came upon me and I stood glued to the floor.
What kind of a beast in human form is this?
Where exactly did this guy kept his conscience?
Threatening me even after forcefully taken my pride as a woman.
Oh God!! What have I gotten myself into?
How foolish was I to fall for such pretense.
I went into the bathroom and washed myself spending hours in there.
I kept thinking of Chris’ hands over my body and I continuously scrubbed myself over to remove his touch.
I was so devastated and I wished I have never got closer to Chris,at least this was never going to help me.
I have no one to blame, not even God or Mother but myself.
Mother promised to always be there for me and she fulfilled it.
She was there always and even warned me to be careful and prevent it from happening,but I didn’t listen, rather I saw her constant appearances in my dreams as nightmares and disturbances.
“Chris,it will never be well with you” I cursed over and over.
After I got out of the bathroom,I got dressed and picked my clothes from the floor,I wanted to take them to the washing machine to wash before Aunty Abigail comes back home but I thought against the idea, rather i tied my stained p-nt and torn dress in a nylon and kept them in my bag which I vowed never to forget in my life.
The pains between my legs has gone down a little though I was unable to walk very well.
I felt very hungry but instead of going downstairs to get some food,I laid on my bed and cried my heart out.
Just when I thought that all my sorrows were over and that I have finally found the long lost joy that I desired to have,I never knew that I was dinning with the devil in the form of Chris, that unrepentant demon.
Who will I talk to?
Who will I expose his evil deeds to?
Uncle Johnny is no longer working.
I am not that close to pastor Eric,and I don’t want to be used as Church sermon.
Aunty Abigail trusts her son more than anyone else and will never believe me,even if she does and confronts Chris,he may carry out his plan of killing me.
“Forgive me mother,I have failed you,I have failed” I wept and within minutes,I fell asleep.
She drove into the compound turning the engine off, sighed in relief and got out of the car locking the door.
What a long journey and driving is really not an easy thing.
“Welcome Mom” Chris greeted and pecked her on the cheek.
“Thanks darling,how are you doing?” Aunty Abigail asked
“Very well pretty and your journey?”
“Very stressful but good to be home”
“So why the sudden change of plans?” He inquired
“Governor wants to have a meeting tomorrow with every member of the private sector” She replied
“I see, anyway welcome back”
“Thanks” shouting to the gateman
“Come pick my bags from the booth”
She and Chris walked into the house.
“Where is Jessy?”
“Oh she is in her room”
“And why is that?, Didn’t you tell her about my arrival?”
“I forgot to tell you,she has been down with fever since yesterday”
“What,How is she doing now? Why didn’t you tell me to get some drugs on the way?”
“I already bought for her mom,I guessed she is sleeping”
“Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you. Thanks,I am really impressed with the improvement and relationsh¡p,glad that you now see her as a sister”
“Of course mom and believe me,she is such a nice, intelligent and hærdworking girl”
“Of course she is,let me go to see her” she said as they both climbed the stairs.
They entered the room and met Jessy sleeping.
Aunty Abigail moved near and sat on the bed and placed her hands on Jessy’s forehead.
“But her temperature seems normal” she spoke to Chris
“I think the drugs is working,told you I gave her some drugs”
“Has she gotten something to eat?”
“Yes I prepared Indomie for her”
“Thanks so much Chris, You are so kind”
“Anything for you Mom,Why don’t you go to your room to rest,you know it has been a stressful day,I am here to check on her”
“Ok thanks” She said hugging him “I am proud of you baby”
She opened the door and left.
Seeing that she has left,he tapped me on the arm waking me up.
“I don’t know whether you pretended to be sleeping or not,but my mom is back and I already told her that you have fever,so you better act according to the script else you won’t live to tell the story”He threatened again, hissed and left.
I looked at him and tears found its way out of my eyes.
Three days after, Chris and Chima were in a bar chatting over some issues.
“You were right Chi,she was a V-rgin” Chris spoke
“Who was a V-rgin?” Chima asked slipping from his glass of wine.
“Jessica” Chris replied
“Which Jessica” Chima asked again not quite understanding what Chris was talking about.
“Don’t be silly Chima,am talking about our maid or should I say sister?”
“Oh ok, I told you, that girl is too small to have a boyfriend,though children of nowadays don’t fear anything but how did you know? Did you ask her or she told you herself?”
“Which ask? I confirmed it”
“You confirmed it,I never knew that you studied Medicine in school or is there a machine for testing V-rginity?”
Chris looked at him and he immediately began to understand.
“Oh my God, Chris,let it not be what I am thinking, Don’t tell me you rape her Chris!” Chima shouted drawing some other people attention to himself.
“What is wrong with you?” Chris asked getting annoyed at how people were starring because of Chima shout.
“Chris, don’t tell me you did it” Chima asked again lowering his voice.
“Call it whatever you want ok, I was drunk and it just happened and I so much regretted it infact I hate myself now”
“Oh no! Chris, this is no joke,I am so much disappointed in you,how could you? Chris I once begged you to never go near that girl,why couldn’t you controlled yourself?”
“Guy,the deal has already been done and I feel so nasty about it right now, Chima,you know me very well,I am a flirt but I don’t do that to children because I respect myself. I am 25 years and that girl is just seventeen,I don’t know what came over me,at first I thought what I felt was love but after the deed,I hate her completely.”
Chima shook his head in disappointment without uttering a word.
All those years,he never thought Chris was this kind of person.
“So what are you going to do in fact how is she?” He asked.
“She is there,still hurt, though I warned her never to say a word and we pretend like everything is cool around my mom but I feel guilty. I know I have hurt her and myself and I can’t stand the guilt and shame.”
“So what do you have in mind?”
“I have already started looking for an apartment somewhere in Star time estate”
“I don’t understand,you want to send her there or what”
“No fool,I am moving out of the house,I can’t stay with her anymore”

EPISODE Thirty- Seven

Two weeks later, Chris packed out of the house with reasons best known to him and his mom.
I didn’t even care to ask why or where because I hated him with passion and his presence gave me nightmares so it was a good thing that he left.
Aunty Abigail didn’t have any reasons to suspect that something was going on or ever happened because we both pretended to be at peace whenever she is around before he left.
I go to Church but I always escape immediately after service so I won’t get to see Pastor Eric.
Sometimes I fake sickness so I won’t go to church at all.
Once,pastor Eric came to the house and I stayed in the toilet pretending to have dysentery till he left.
I don’t know why I didn’t feel like talking to him or anyone.
I became a sadist and avoided many people both at home and school.
Most of my days were spend with pains and tears but I tried not to let Aunty Abigail know.
I lost appetite and refused eating and lost alot of weigh but Aunty Abigail was too busy with work to notice.
I felt my life has been shattered into pieces and will never be put back together.
All this continued till after three weeks when I suddenly took ill and couldn’t go to school.
This Time around,it wasn’t a makeup sickness but a real one.
My skin burned like hot oven using for baking bread, headache became a dialy routine,I increased in size,had no appetite to eat and when I forced myself to eat,I throw out at every opportunity.
The smell of frozen food like fresh fish, chicken and others strongly irritated me.
Both of my b—–s became swollen and painful.
My stomach hurted and increased a little in size and I Starting feeling dizzy.
At first, Aunty Abigail gave me malaria drugs since she thought that it was fever or malaria but when the situation got worse and I fell off oneday,she quickly rushed me to the hospital where a test was conducted on me.
After some hours,I was given treatment and we drove back home in complete silence.
Aunty Abigail didn’t speak to me till we got home.
I was wondering about the results of my test because she didn’t tell me what the doctor had said was wrong with me.
She left me in the palour and went to bed without saying a word,after minutes,i went to my room and sat but I couldn’t sleep as I kept thinking and having this inner feeling that something worse is about to happen.
“Honey can you answer that for me?” pastor Eric shouted from the bathroom where he was having a shower just before going to bed.
Mrs. Eric moved to the other side and picked the phone wondering who could be calling at this ungodly hour of the night.
Does being a pastor means someone won’t rest both in the day and night without getting to solve people issues every time?
She smiled when she saw the name displayed on the screen,the name of their ever faithful and best steward to the things of God and humanity.
She pressed the answer button.
“Good evening Child of God” she spoke
“Evening ma, please I am sorry for disturbing,
Is Pastor Eric around?, I want to talk to him” aunty Abigail spoke.
She was not in the mood for familiarities or pleasantries.
“You sound so annoy, is everything alright?” Mrs. Eric asked concerned about Abigail’s behavior which was totally strange.
By then, Pastor Eric was through with his shower and had entered into the room to get dress.Hdress.He was listening to his wife speaking though he couldn’t say who was at the other end.
“I am fine, please can I talk to him?” Aunty Abigail replied getting annoyed.
Can’t this woman understand that she wasn’t in the mood for plenty talks.
Mrs. Eric handed the phone over to her husband without saying a word.
He took the phone, looked at it and spoke.
“Good evening Sister Abigail” he greeted
“Evening, please sir,can I see you urgently tomorrow at my house in the morning by 9am?” She asked without wasting any time.
“Is there any problem Sister?” Pastor Eric asked
“No but it will soon be, please is it possible to see you?” She asked
“Well sister,I have a counseling to do in the morning so I will be at your place by 12 pm,is that ok with you?”
“Yes sir no problem, goodnight” she pressed the end button.
Pastor Eric stood wondering about the unusual behavior of Abigail.
“Did she tell you what’s wrong?” Mrs. Eric asked him.
“No but I have this feeling that something is amissed” He replied.
“Well,God is in control” Mrs. Eric replied “Come let’s pray.
Pastor Eric moved to her and they both knelt down holding hands.
6 am, Chris got up from the bed and hurriedly ran into the bathroom to empty his bladder.
Coming back,he met Vero still sleeping.
He has an important meeting and needed to get ready.
He picked up his phone and turned it on.
He had off it in the night when he was making love to Vero so that there won’t be other disturbances from his many girlfriends.
A message popped in and read:
Call me back immediately you receive this message. Mom.
He paused looking worried.
His mom has never sounded urgently like this before.
What could be the problem?
Did his daddy finally called to resettle?
Are his sisters and brother ok?
His eyes grew wide in shock?
Oh no! Jessica!
He hoped she hasn’t spilled the beans.

Episode Thirty -Eight

He listened as the phone rang and his mom answered
“Good morning Mom” He greeted
“Morning, please I want you to come over to the house by 11am this morning”
“Why,is the any issue?”
” No just that we have something to discuss”
“But that can wait,I will go there in the evening,I can’t afford to miss the important meeting I have at the office today”
“I have already send an excuse to the office on your behalf,make sure you are at home by nothing more than 11:oo am. Bye”
His mood changed instantly.
He knew something was definitely wrong.
He knew his mother very well,the last time she gave this type of command and summoned him to be home was when his dad was caught with her best friend in their house and all the children had to come together for a meeting.
He just hope is not what he is thinking.
He tapped Vero and woke her up.
“Good morning baby” She greeted yawning but Chris ignored her greetings.
“You need to get ready,I will soon be leaving”
“But you are not yet ready for work” she replied
“I am not going to work,I am going to see my mom”
“Why,is something wrong?”
“Can’t say till I get there”
“Can I come along?”
“Hell no, this is a family meeting, you are a third party and we weren’t told to come along with people, this is not a wedding party”
Vero looked at him in shock.
She was hurt by his choice of words but tried not to show it.
“Talking about your mom, Chris, you are yet to propose to me,I don’t know where I stand in your life”
“And you think this is the right time to talk about this?” Chris asked in annoyance.
He doesn’t understand why she was bent on getting marry to him when it was obviously cleared that they both will never be together as husband and wife.
She must be really stupid to think of such.
“But baby you-” she was about saying when Chris interrupted her.
“Vero please,is too early to talk about this,get dress so I can drop you off on my way,I don’t want to be late,I will stop by to see you later”
“But why don’t I stay here till you come back?”
“No Vero,stop being a nag,I don’t know when I will come back home, maybe today, tomorrow or three days,you can’t stay in this place alone,get dress please” He shouted getting irritated by her constant behavior.
Why was she behaving like a pest?
She is not even his girlfriend not to talk of wife which she will never be so why the many questions.?
Vero got angry,hissed, went into the bathroom.
She came out dressed moment later,took her bag and stormed out of the room without saying anything.
Chris scoffed and went into the bathroom.
She had even made his work easier for him.
She can get angry for all he cares.
Since she is so blind to read the hand writing on the wall,he will continued to f–k and use her for his own pleasure till he is ready to settle down with the real woman of his dreams.
The sound of knock at the door made me came downstairs still feeling weak and tired.
Aunty Abigail was in her room and I wondered why she didn’t go to work, maybe because I was sick but she is yet to say any word to me.
When I met her this morning and spoke, she only murmured a response and walked pass.
Since then,we are yet to say any word to each other.I am confused on what is wrong.
I opened the door only to behold pastor Eric.
I almost had an heart attack.
I never expected to see him this morning especially since I have been avoiding him for some time now.
“Jessy” he smiled as he walked in.
“Goodmorning pastor” I greeted weakly.
He paused and looked at me deeply.
“What is wrong with you?” He asked looking concerned.
“She is having a severe fever” Aunty Abigail spoke as she walked to us.
I didn’t even hear her walked down the stairs.
“Greetings sister Abigail” Pastor Eric spoke as he shook her hand.
“You are welcome sir, please have a seat” She smiled as they both sat down.
“How is your family sir?” She asked
“We thank God, hope I didn’t keep you waiting” Pastor Eric asked
“Not at all sir, thanks for coming”
“What do you say is wrong with Jessy?”
“Oh,she has been down with fever,we even went to the hospital yesterday” Aunty Abigail said looking at me.
I bowed my head down to avoid eye contact with her.
“Is well, you will get well soon” Pastor Eric prayed.
I walked away to my room leaving them conversing.
“What do I offer you sir?” Aunty Abigail asked
I am fine thanks,I was really worried when I got your call last night asking to see me urgently, infact I had alot of counselling and prayers to do but I had to suspend everything because of your call”
“I am grateful sir,I really appreciate your coming. Thanks so much”
“So what is the problem? Hope all is ok”
“Of course,all is ok, just that I have something to tell you”
“Ok I am listening”
“Pastor Eric” She began about to say something when the door opened and CHRIS walked in.
“Goodmorning sir” He greeted pastor Eric
“Ha, good morning Chris, you are looking so good”
“Thanks sir, goodmorning mom” he greeted his mother
“Good morning, thanks for coming, please have a seat” she replied as Christ sat down.
“Your mom told me you have moved out of the house”pastor Eric said to Chris
“Yes sir” he replied
“Congratulations,I am so proud of you.that is the foundation of becoming a man. May God guide you through”
“Amen sir, thanks” he replied as he faced his mom
“You sounded urgently mom” he spoke
“Oh,she invited you too” pastor Eric asked
“Yes sir,I did”Aunty Abigail replied.
Something has happened and though I refused to believe it. It is true.
“What’s the problem?” Pastor Eric asked as Chris adjusted and listened attentively.
Aunty Abigail sighed taking a deep breathe as if what she wants to say is too heavy for her.


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