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Tope's Heart tale – episode 3


Part 3.
By Amah
His wife became pregnant and I wanted the whole secret romance to stop.
I felt bad anytime it happens but I couldn’t stop him again.
I complained to him that since his wife was pregnant that he should focus on her and leave me alone.
He told me that he was going to

stop immediately his wife gives birth to their child.
He said I should be patient with him until his wife gives birth but after the wife delivered their baby he still did not stop instead it became worst.
I follow him everywhere. Anytime he was going for an Evangelism or church fellowship, even crusades we will go together and will still end up smooching and kissing in his car by the road side.
Before we will drive back home from any church programs, this man will park by the road side with less passeby first and mostly at night and will engaged me in the dirty romantic web.
when we get home, nobody will suspect anything.
We will pretend and act like nothing was going on.
As time goes, I came to know all his family and also the wife’s family. They know mine too.
I felt so guilty whenever I see their faces.
His wife was nice to me but she never knew what was going on between me and her husband.
She believes her husband was a man of integrity and a man of God and can not indulge in sin.
This man upgraded from kissing and touching to something more.
After a year passed, he disvirgined me.
We would always have s£x and I was becoming addicted in the act.
He will buy me gifts and give me money sometimes but when he saw I was beginning to enjoy the act he stops buying me things.
One of my Aunty visited one day, she looked at me and said that I looked pregnant.
I was so scared and that was when it dawn on me that I could be pregnant for real.
If I happen to be pregnant who will I even say that got me pregnant because this Evangelist was a well respected man both at home and church.
People may not believe me. They will think I was making up the story and trying to stain the so called man of God.
I was scared even though I haven’t bought a pregnancy test to confirm but I was scared and confuse on what to do.
I will bring shame and trouble for my family if they find out.
Many people will blame me for not leaving the house or speaking

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Time was going and I needed to act fast.
So I decided to wait for my next monthly flow or to get a pregnancy test to know if truly I was pregnant.
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