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Torn apart episode 3

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💔Torn Apart💔

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Chapter 3

Subtitle : He’s mine 💕


” Derek what’s up ” I trilled.
” Am fine “he replied.
He didn’t join us, he just stood in a spot with is hands on his trousers pocket.
We’d stood up to our feet and I brought at her hand for a handshake.
” Why are you treating me like some strange ” he said plainly.
“But it’s not bad to have a handshake, me thinking ” I snapped.
His eyes was now over Eugenia now as he stare at her with lovely eyes.
” Do you hate me this much that you don’t like speaking to me ” he said softly to her.
” N.. no, not that. What made you think I hate you. I don’t it just that….
“You can’t love me. Well is not your fault, only the heart can tell why is like that ” he uttered lowly.
I just hope they can be some relationship between them coz Derek is really in love.

~Derek’s POV~

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I love Eugenia, but she doesn’t love me in return.
Buh! I don’t care coz am gonna keep loving her.
Even if she isn’t with me am always gonna love her.
I can’t find anyone to replace her in my heart.
I’ve always love her for years and still in love.
Am also use to the fact she always rejects me, it make no difference to me.
I can’t find anyone like her.

After chit chatting with the a little. I’d went away.
I came to here coz of Eugenia, I know I can find her here since she wasn’t in her home.
Seeing her face is kinda of okay to me.

~ Eugenia’s POV~

I’d watch him as he left.
I don’t feel anything for him. Derek is a good guy. but I can’t seems to love him.
Maybe he’s meant for someone else and I also.
I thought he’s gonna forget me coz it as being five years since he start loving me.

” what’re you gonna wear for the upcoming party next tomorrow ” I demanded to know.
There is gonna be a party more like a company’s party.
The party is gonna be org-nizes by another company owner by a man named Andrea Johnston.
I haven’t met him once, neither as Ivy.
Well, it happens that is sister Kathleen Johnston had a partnership with our company.

So she invited us to her brother’s own company party.
” Well, a purple Italian gown will do the trick ” she stated.
“Umm, am sure when you step into the party ground they will all be like ;wow the queen of england as arrived let the party commence and he one of them you might me your prince charming ” I teased.
” Stop teasing me ” I pouted like a child.
She poke her t0ngue out.
I kinda of pretend to be annoyed when she does that.
I’d chase after her and she ran there and there.
I try catching up with her.

Fast forward ⏩


We both decided to go for a little outfit shopping at Cosmo mall,well for the party I guess.
I do have a car.
Ivy brought me a car as a birthday pres£nt two years back.
In no time, I learn how to drive it.
Both today, I decided not to drive my car and since we’re both going to the mall, I can follow Ivy in her car.

We got to the mall and alighted. We’d both walk majestically into the mall.
Ivy was putting on a tank top a trousers and some sneakers 👟 to march , while I was putting on a nice fled gown and some high heels 👠.
We went in and start shopping. Ivy couldn’t decide for a particular outfit she wants.
I kept on arguing she should take this one, she’ll say I don’t like this one and I’ll pick another one and she’ll still say she doesn’t like this one.
She’s kinda of pain in the neck. I’ve select a gown already, a black gown.
Why she kept on battling with the one she wants.
“Jeez, girl, c’mon I’ve selected different Italian gown already for you to wear, but you keep on rejecting them” I said frowning.
” I said I want a purple Italy gown ” she snapped.
Is she for real I just selected a purple Italian gown, a while back as she rejected it.
” But I selected it, a while back and you decline it ” I struggled
“I don’t like that one.It looks so dull” she stated and I grunted out in frustration.

~Andrea’s POV~

I took Allie my little niece to the mall.
She as be disturbing me to carry her to the mall for shopping.
I don’t know why she want me to come along with her,when there is Kathleen to take her here.
Well,I’ve to come at least to be free ,she consider me as are favourite uncle.

She went on selecting her outfits she wants.
Why I stood in a spot waiting for her.
My eyes wondered around and came to rest on a lady.
She was selecting outfit too with another lady beside her.
At the sight of this lady,my heart skipping a beat.
It as if she cast a spell on him immediately,because I became stunned as I stare at her continuously.
I don’t know when my legs carried me to approach her.

~Eugenia’s POV~

I arched my eyebrow and saw a stunning guy approaching towards us.
I felt my heart pounding in my chest.
He looks so handsome.
I nudged Ivy to look up coz she was looking at outfit.

~Ivy’s POV~

Eugenia nudge me with her elbow.
I’d look up and gaze at her.
Her eyes were fix to a direction as she look stunned.
I turn to what she was looking at and some a guy approaching towards us.
At the sight of this guy, I felt something strange striking through my heart.
I don’t know what is it.
When a bit closer, I could’ve a perfect view of him.
His startling emerald green eyes stared at me and my very soul, his wild blonde hair in a carefully planned disarray.
His jacket,perfectly made, was a dark brown color, complimenting the perfectly clear complexion that he seemed to wear effortlessly.
His dark blue jeans rested low on his hips, and a hint of skin was showing right where his t¡ght shirt and jeans met.

The muscles he had were straining against his shirt, and his cheekbones, very defined in his masculine face, were slightly red. His full red l-ips only accented his perfectly proportioned facial features.
Gosh, what am doing.
I’ve waved it the thought of checking him out from my head.
“Hi” he hailed, bring his hand for a handshake.
But Eugenia take his hand and shake him.
I think the handshake was meant for me.

I would’ve love to make the chapter longer, Insufficient battery.


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