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Trapped in booty island episode 10 & 11


Trapped in booty island

Episode (10) and (11)

Written ✍ Sadiq Infinity


After that confusion and tension, things went back to normal, nobody suspected anything and the party continued, I went inside the main building with the gang, I was in no intention to ruin Harry’s wedding and I won’t start now! My friends however were all asking me the same question, “What happened and why did I punch the guy? ”

Kevin ➡ Justin, why’d you punch that creep? You guys met before.

Maria ➡ Yes, I have to say, that was one Hell of a punch.

Omotola ➡ don’t support him, Maria, they almost ruin the wedding party o.

Dan ➡ Solid K. O.

Justin ➡ Look I just did it to make that bitc.. I mean Rashida, I did it to make her shut the f–k up!

Maria ➡ Well, she certainly did, and she was surprised. Okay, let’s go I need to really enjoy myself at this party, I won’t waste my time here talking, let’s go, Tola.

As soon as Maria and the rest left, I decided to tell Kevin the truth why I punch that a**hole.

Kevin ➡ Dude, I seriously don’t believe what you just said, you punched the guy like he was your worst enemy! I saw the rage in your eyes man! Tell me what he did to you.

Justin ➡ He’s the one.

Kevin ➡ What?

Justin ➡ I said he’s the one responsible for me and Anna breaking up!

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Kevin ➡ I don’t understand……. Holy shit, he’s the loco banging your girl! Ouch!
Dude, punch him a hundred times over.

Justin ➡ Forget it man, that b—h is not worth fighting for anyway!

Kevin ➡ Sorry man, but there’s a way you can get back at him.

Justin ➡ How ?

Kevin ➡ Simple, you bang his b—h!

Justin ➡ Wait a minute, are you suggesting that I have s£x with….. Rashida?

Kevin ➡ Yeah!

Justin ➡ Over my dead body! Even if she’s the last female on earth, I’ll rather die than to mate with her.

Kevin ➡ Don’t say that! What if you guys get stuck in an island with no one around?

Justin ➡ Look man, you’re just taking about the impossible! Besides she would never agree to have s£x with me either, so there goes your plan.

Kevin ➡ Look, it can happen, though she’s a rotten and spoiled b—h, you have to admit, she has a great figure, I mean did you see her ass and b00bs?

Justin ➡ Stop putting those thoughts in my head, Kevin. This thing you’re talking about is impossible.

Kevin ➡ Yeah, before people thought the bonding of black and white people was never going to happen and what happened?
Obama, a black man from nowhere became the president of the united states of America, ruling over millions of people including whites. So cut the bullshit, are you going to do it?

Justin ➡ Never in a million years.

Kevin ➡ Okay, suit urself, I’m going out to enjoy the party.

Kevin was right, though as much as I hate to admit it, Rashida is so f—–g hot, I never dreamed she’d be this s£xy, the once slim girl from highschool was now a s£xy grown woman, D–n!
I thought about what Kevin said over and over and as always the plan was a stupid one, Besides she’s probably throwing insults at me right now, and she would never even think about hitting on me, would she?


D–n! I never knew Justin could punch like this, what is he, Muhammad Ali? He knocked down Eddie effortlessly and the coward couldn’t fight back like a man to defend his honor, it was humiliating ! And not mention, the way he looked at Justin, could it be they’ve met somewhere before? Well I’m about to find out.

Rashida ➡ Eddie, darling are you okay?

Edward ➡ Yeah, I guess so! My jaw still hurts, that guy is a freak!

Rashida ➡ The least you could do is fight back, that Bastard humiliated us back there.

Edward ➡ Fight back? Lady this is not a fight club, let him act like a barbarian , I’ll maintain my respect and dignity, men of excellence don’t fight. I’m way more intellectual than him.

Rashida ➡ yeah whatever…… Have you guys meant before?

Edward ➡ W-w-w-why are you asking me that?

Rashida ➡ I saw how you looked at him, and you were shocked!

Edward ➡ Yeah…. We’ve met before at a club, he was trying to force a lady to have s£x with him but she refused, so I decided to help.

Rashida ➡ Really? And how did you do that?

Edward ➡ He was drunk and barely had any strength to fight, so I smashed a pool stick on him.

Rashida ➡ God! I never knew Justin was like this, he’s such a loser.

Edward ➡ Yeah, forget about him, let’s enjoy ourselves, shall we.

Rashida ➡ What shall we do?

Edward ➡ Lets get inside this storage room.

Edward dragged me inside the room and started kissing me, it’s been a while since we’ve had s£x, his hands were all over me, he was touching my [email protected] and ass, anywhere his hands could reach.
He fingered my c–t fast and hard, I bit my lips to suppress my m0ans, my c–t was itching to be f—-d, He asked me to turn around and I did, I raised my gown and rubbed my c–t with his d–k, my legs were shaky, I wanted to be f—-d hard and I could no longer wait.

Rashida ➡ F–k me, you bastard!

Edward ➡ As you wish, w—e!

He spanked my ass hard before shoving his d–k inside me, it wasn’t all that big but he manages it well, he held my hips and pounded his d–k faster into my c–t.
My p—y was driving me crazy, I wanted him to reach deep, I pushed my ass to meet his assaulting d–k and encouraged him to penetrate deeper, Eddie fired his c–k deep, my c–t held on to his d–k, it was throbbing like crazy, after a few thrusts, he pulled out and come on the floor! I was expecting him to rack me up even more but he didn’t, his d–k became limp and shrunk.

Edward ➡ Whew! That was awesome!

Rashida ➡ Are you kidding me? That wasn’t even 5mins! You last longer than that.

Edward ➡ Sorry babe, I’ve been working lately as of late, that’s way!

Rashida ➡ But, I’m still h—y! You can’t just enjoy yourself and leave me unsatisfied, that’s selfish.

Edward ➡ Sorry babe, I’ll make it up to you.

Rashida ➡ You know what…. Forget it…

I cleaned myself up and left the storage room, I was pissed and angry! Why are men so selfish? All they care is about themselves , I went out of the place to get some air, God I wish I could get some cigarette to clear my head!
As I was standing outside, my phone rang, it was Marcy, I wonder what she wants now.

Rashida ➡ Hello, marcy! What is it?

Marcy ➡ Come meet me upstair on the rooftop, now!


She ended the call as soon as she said that, I went up to see what this is all about.
As I arrived there, Marcy dragged me and closed the door to the roof, she took me to where the rest of ladies where!
Maria was there, she was there laughing like a hyena, Why was she acting like this?
Just then there was an awful smell of smoke, it was crack(weed) these bitches were smoking crack!
Marcy and the rest sat in a circle on a blanket, passing the crack around, I didn’t want to join but since there was nothing better for me to do, I decided to blend in.

As soon as I inhaled the smoke in my lungs, my head exploded like fireworks 🎆 , I felt elevated, it seemed like the world was just care free, in total, I was completely out of my mind.


Lady ➡ Wow, this stuff is dynamite!

Lady 2 ➡ Tell me about it! God, I wanna do something crazy!


Lady 3 ➡ Woooohoooo!!!!

Marcy ➡ (laughing) D–n! This crack is the shit, I need to use it regularly as my prescription..

Maria ➡ Baby! Then you’ll end up all skin and bony like Bob Marley.


Rashida ➡ Or snoop dog!

Maria ➡ Snoop f—–g dog! D–n, that guy has a big d–k!


Marcy ➡ How did you know? Did you f–k him?

Maria ➡ Maybe…

Marcy ➡ And speaking of big d—s, how big is Justin?

Lady 4 ➡ What? Maria f—-d Justin? You lucky b—h.


Lady 1 ➡ Tell us, how big is he?

Maria ➡ Let’s see…… 12inches tall.

Rashida ➡ What?? 12inches ? (He’s two times bigger than Edward)

Marcy ➡ D–n! I thought a black man was the only one with that size.

Maria ➡ No anymore.

Rashida ➡ So are you guys dating?

Marcy ➡ Why do you care? I thought you hated the guy?

Lady 2 ➡ Yeah! Or are you falling for him?

Rashida ➡ Hell no! Just asking!

Maria ➡ No, we’re not dating, just having fun with each other, that’s all.

Marcy ➡ D–n! Looks like I have to try that d–k inside my little p—y! Is it okay with you, Maria?

Maria ➡ Sure go ahead. Just let me warn you, he’ll rip you apart! That d–k is a weapon.

Lady 1➡ Okay ladies, let not forget, we’re going on a cruise ship tomorrow, and have a wonderful time.

Lady 3 ➡ Yeah, the place we’re going to meet is in the Manhattan cruise terminal.


Lady 4 ➡ No, I heard it was the Brooklyn cruise terminal!

Maria ➡ No, it’s the Manhattan cruise terminal!


Rashida ➡ Okay, I need to go and sleep, I’m beat.


Marcy ➡ Yeah, looks like I’m going to bed as well. Goodnight bitches.


All of the ladies ➡ Goodnight w—e!! (Laughing)



Hours passed as the party went on, We had alot of fun, some were drinking, some were dancing, while some were busy f—–g, like Kevin and his babe, Omotola!
They were doing it behind the house, away from all the crowd, I caught them doing that, as I went to ease myself, They didn’t see me but I stayed and watched.
Kevin held her hips as he was impaling his d–k inside her, I watched with popped eyes as the d–k slid in and out of her c–t, as for her, she was m0aning hard, pushing her ass to meet his assaulting d–k, this was too much to bear, cause my d–k was already as hard as hell, after some minutes, I watched as they both climaxed, it was fun.

By the time, they were done f—–g it was dark, and I was getting dizzy from all the drinking I did.
I walked back to the guest room which Harry had provided for me to rest from all this excitement.
I removed my clothes, and laid on the bed with only my boxer, my d–k was still hard, it was hard trying not to remember what I saw!
No wonder, that little brat Dan, said he wanted to F–k her, that Omotola’s ass was so tempting! God, that Kevin is one lucky son of a b—h. As I was about to dream off to dream land, a knock went off my door.

I went to check who it was, and as I opened the door, Marcy walked in, she had a worried look on her face, as if something terrible had happened and not to mention the cloth she was wearing, it was a long drab coat.
As I was about to ask her what happened, she turned around with a smile and dropped the cloth, and behold, she was [email protected] before me, her [email protected], hips everything was in display before me, she bit her lower lip and gave me a s£xy wink 😉 signaling me with her finger to come close.


Justin ➡ Marcy what are you doing?


Marcy ➡ Quiet lover boy. Tonight you’re mine and I’m yours, let drop all courtesies and get busy.


Justin ➡ But what if someone sees us?


Marcy ➡ Who cares?


Marcy didn’t wait for any second to waste, she pushed me on the bed and jumped on me, pulling my shorts with amazing speed, before I knew what was happening , She latched her mouth on my d–k, s—–g it hard and good, a m0an escaped my mouth as I felt the warmness of her mouth of my d–k, she s—-d every inch of my d–k, her tongue wrapped my d–k, like a baby in a blanket, she grabbed on to my thighs as she did that.
Her mouth was too good for my d–k, I grabbed her hair, and pushed my d–k deeper inside her mouth, her eyes popped wide open as she gagged , I pushed her head closer to my d–k to swallow it all, her throat was too tight, my d–k could barely fit in there, I kept pounding her neck until she stopped and pulled her mouth from my d–k, her eyes were watering with tears and she was really sweating, she came in between my thighs and wrapped her b00bs around my d–k, moving it up and down, she flickered her tongue at the tip of my d–k, making me m0an harder, my d–k was driving me crazy and within minutes, I came on her face and b00bs, I fell back on the bed to rest a bit, no woman has ever made me c-m like this, Marcy swallowed my c-m, rubbing the rest on her body, she grabbed my d–k, stroking it hard.


Justin ➡ Marcy, let’s stop.


Marcy ➡ Are you kidding? After we’ve been half way through, Justin get ready, this is going to be a wild night.


Justin ➡ Oh f–k……



After the smoking stuff, I hung around the party and had a little bit of fun, I danced with quits a lot of handsome men, the only down size was I didn’t get one of them to screw me, To be honest, after being treated by Edward like that, it wouldn’t be bad, if someone scratched my h—y c–t.
I went back to the guest room to sleep, Tomorrow, we’re all going on a cruise 🛳 and it is going to be amazing, as I reached my door, I heard m0ans and smacking sounds, next to me, whoever they are, they are sure having a good time, but as I listened carefully, The m0ans started to sound familiar, I wanted to peep and see but the door was closed, it was as if that m0an was coming Marcy. But who was she f—–g?

I ran to the back of the house to see who it was Marcy was f—–g, the window was a little bit high so I had to climb and watch, I removed my heels and stared to climb through the holes on the wall, as I came close to the window, I began to see everything good on in there, March’s was really been f—-d hard, her [email protected] were bouncing all over, and her body jerked with every t—-t made into her, she held her lovers face staring into his eyes, begging to be f—-d more harder, What a b—h.

The guy increase his tempo and shagged her harder, Marcy was screaming loud and hard now, her legs were shaky and her hands were vibrating as if she was electrocuted, she always does that when she’s in an excited mood, The guy too was really good, his movement was fast and precise, no wasting motion, his hips moved fast and his ass checked up as he drilled his d–k inside Marcy’s c–t, If only I could see his face, as they kept f—–g for minutes, the guy quickly pulled out and stuck his d–k inside Marcy’s mouth, he groaned hard as he released his c-m inside Marcy’s throat. God, it was hot to watch, my p—y was itching like crazy, as the guy raised his face, I became so shocked, that I shouted, but because of that, I fell off from where I was to the ground, luckily for me, the height from the window to the ground wasn’t that far.
I walked back to my room, surprised by what I saw, Marcy was f—–g Justin? First maria, now her? I thought she was joking when she said that, and Maria wasn’t kidding, his d–k was really big, As much as I hate to admit it, I was getting turned on.

I laid back on my bed, trying to sleep but before I knew what was happening, They were f—–g again, this time it was harder than before cause I could hear the creaking of their bed and the smacking sounds of the flesh collide, I tried to block it out with my pillow but it was as if the sounds were forcing themselves into my ear, Marcy’s m0ans were getting louder and louder, that Bastard was really f—–g her good.
God, I wish I could get some of this, if only Edward was as good as that Bastard, out of frustration and a burning s£xual urge, I stuck my fingers into my c–t fingering myself, till I finally fell asleep.


To be Continued

Next Episode ; Stranded on an Island.

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