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Trapped in booty island episode 16 & 17


Trapped in booty island

Episode 16 & 17


After the water wiped us out, I gave up all hope of survival, the water splashed me all over, after gulping sea water down my throat, I was unconscious, I didn’t know how long I was out, all I know was that, I was dead already.

While I was conscious, I had a dream that I was sleepover on a rock and I saw rescued my a hunky guy, as I was about to thank for for saving me, I was it was Justin, that was when I woke up from that dream.

As I woke up, I found myself in a tent, my vision was a little bit blurry, as I was trying to figure out where I was, I saw a guy holding me and telling me I was safe, I asked him who he was and what k was doing here.
But to my surprise, he said he’s name was Justin and we’re on an island, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I asked him again to confirm if whether my ears didn’t hear well, but he confirmed it for me, loud and clear, my vision soon became clear and truth be told, it was Justin right next close to me.

All I could do was land a slap on his face, I didn’t know why I did it, but I enjoyed it, I kicked him out and came out of the tent, I saw where we were, my dream wasn’t a fake after all, This was really an island, we were surrounded by water and there was no one around!

I began to panic, my heart was beating fast, was this really all true, maybe I was dreaming, I pinched myself to see if I would wake up, but nothing was happening, I am stuck in an unknown island with my nemesis of all people.

I ran all over the place to see if I could find someone but nobody was around, just me and Justin.
I ran back to where he was, he didn’t talk to me or cared about what I was doing, he just sat down staring into the ocean!

Rashida ➡ Justin!

Justin ➡………


Rashida ➡ Justin!!! Answer me you p—k!!

Justin ➡………..

Rashida ➡ F–k you! I hate you, of all the people in the world to be stuck with, fate had to mingle me with you. God I hate this.

Justin ➡………

Rashida ➡ I bet you had something to do with this! You brought me here, so you could do whatever you want with me, isn’t it. Well your plan won’t work.

Justin ➡ just listen to yourself! Why in the world would I sleep with you? Maybe I should have left you on the rock where I found you. And to show you’re stupid, why would you blame me for something I didn’t cause? Remember if it wasn’t for me, you would have been dead, I saved your life and what do I get? A slap on the face, you ungrateful b—h.

Rashida ➡ F–k you, Justin, you’re lying, I can’t believe you even touched my delicate body with your peasant hands.

Justin ➡ Oh really, miss delicate body, you should be happy that a real man touched you! I’m even wasting my time talking to you.

Rashida ➡ Same here! I don’t even want to stay close to you.

Justin ➡ You can stay over there, while I stay over here, I don’t need you anywhere, I can survive on my own.

Rashida ➡ Thank goodness, finally you’ve done something positive in your life, you stay there, and I’ll stay here, I don’t need you anywhere and don’t think about trying to sneak up on me and f–k me!

Justin ➡ F–k you? Please I’ve slept with better women, I wouldn’t sleep with you even if we’re the last ones in this planet.
Adios b—h.

Rashida ➡ So long, ass hole.

I went to the other side of the shore but not far away from Justin, this place was to creepy and I can’t survive alone here, Hours passed and I was getting hungry plus I had no place to stay, Justin however was having a good time eating fruits and crabs, and what surprised me was how did he make a fire? There was no way he could do that except if he rubbed stick together like back in summer camp school and if I remembered clearly he was the best student camp student back then.
I wanted to ask him for some food but because of my pride and ego, I refused, so I decided to go into the woods to see if I could find any fruits to eat.
As I went in deep, I saw some strawberries 🍓, they were fully ripe and in abundance, I also some peaches as well.
I plucked some and went to the shore and washed them in the water, and ate them, they tasted so good and delicious 😋, I ate quite a handful of them before I got satisfied, after that, I laid down on the sand beaches to sleep.

God, I miss home, though I hate to admit it, I missed everyone back home, especially Marcy, she was the only person that always cheers me up, and as for Edward I bet he’s trying his best doing whatever he can to look for me, I hope he doesn’t give up on me, I don’t want to be trapped here in this island with Justin.

Hours later, I woke up feeling cold, my body was freezing and darkness">darkness had already covered the sky, the island’s temperature was way to cold, I tried blowing hot breaths into my hands but nothing was working, I stood up and ran a little but still it didn’t work, The fire Justin had made was still burning, I wanted to go and warm myself up but my ego held me back, I still to endure the cold bitter night.

But the cold kept increasing up to the point I was shaking and my teeth were chattering , Freezing to death wasn’t an option for me, I need to be alive so that Edward or anyone else could come rescue me, I decided to go and warm up, Justin wasn’t near his tent or around the place so I went there without any worries.

God, warming up near the fire was great, I felt alive again, my body was no longer cold, this sure brings back memories, I remember back in camp school, we would all gather around the fire, telling scary story and making jokes to one another, my brother Dan would always bring marsh mellows or maize 🌽 which we would roast and eat, I missed the good old days, people or kids rather don’t do that anymore, all they do is play games and press iPhone all day long.

As I was warming up myself, I heard a splash in the water, I looked around and saw nothing, again i heard another splashing in the water as if someone was swimming, I moved close to where the sound was and saw Justin [email protected], he was swimming and bathing in the middle of the night, I watched as he was washing himself, God, maria and Marcy were right this guy is an Adonis, his body was shaped like that of Captain america, his muscles looked quite charming and his packs…. Wooohooo, great investment there, i looked down his d–k area and also shouted as I saw it, it wasn’t hard but it was quite long, not even Edward’s hard d–k could reach that length.. All this time, I thought he was a just a loser, the guy actually has a weapon of total annihilation, No wonder the girls are crazy about him, i watched as water ran through his body, God, I would kill to touch that bust of his, as he was almost done bathing, I ran back to my usual cold place and laid down.

I thought about how to get some fire cause its not everytime I’ll get an opportunity like this and I would rather die than to go and beg Justin to give me some.
I soon thought of an idea of how to one, but in the mean time, how to I get my own personal tent, there are banana leaves in this island which I could use as a roof but I can’t my a stick house, and besides Justin wouldn’t help me build one and I won’t ask him.
Just then, I remembered that I was good at making Sand houses back in Newyork, I even won the Newyork beach sand contest back in the day, So I quickly gathered some sand and went to work, it took a while but I finally made some shade in which I could sleep into.
After that, I washed myself in the water and went back to sleep.


The next day, I woke up early and jog a little around the island, Though I was trapped with the craziest b—h in this island, I was thankful I was alive, I washed my body and went to hunt for food.
My mind went back to what happened the previous day, How in the world is she going to survive without any help? This is just too good to be true, she couldn’t survive the camp trip back in highschool not to talk of an island, well that’s her problem not mind.
But still I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she shivered last night, the cold was unbearable and I wouldn’t mind if she crossed over to warm up, but she still remains an egomaniac, Last night as I was done bathing, I saw footprints on the sand, she must have sneaked up and warmed herself up while I was bathing, why can’t she do the right thing and just ask? I won’t stop her, anyways like I said, its her own problem.
I spent almost half of the day, exploring the island, it was fun though, doing nothing, going around, no responsibility, no waking up early to go to work, it was nice being free from all those hassle.
Since there was no watch to tell the time, the sun served as my clock, at noon, I came back to my place with some fishes I caught on the way, as I was about to reach my tent, I saw Rashida bathing, [email protected] on her own side of the beach, she didn’t know I had returned, She took her time, cleaning her body!
God, i was mesmerized my her s£xy body, slim waist, nice curvy hips, she was a bit muscular, maybe she has been working out in the gym, her [email protected] were firm and straight, and her ass was totally loaded, D–n!
I watched as the water ran through her hair, she seem to be enjoying herself, she held and b00bs, pinching her n!poles slowly, watching her made my d–k hard, her body remained me of Maria! Oh maria, I could still remember the fun we had.
Rashida was sure a knockout, beside her boyfriend was a complete ass wipe, i mean why would he cheat when he has a booty like this, Anna’s body could never match Rashida’s, not even in her dreams, too bad Rashida was wasting herself on a worthless piece of shit.

As I was busy watching her, I noticed she also made her own fire! I was surprised cause Rashida didn’t know how to make one, not even if she had a matches.
She must have room some of mine and made her own. Well, I don’t mind just as long she doesn’t get on my nerve.

A month later, I got used to the island, I never gave up hope of being rescued but I didn’t stay, being a helpless victim, I soon got to know round the island, the best parts to stay and the worst parts to avoid.
Life in the island was quite good, it was like I was the owner of the place, during that month, I built myself a wooden house, it wasn’t a real one but I did my best, and I used the wood to make a nice shack, i used the copper wire to hold it together and the tent as a cover just in case there would be rainfall.
I made myself a little box in which I kept my food inside to preserve it, and I also practiced farming, I realized that if the fruits finished I would definitely starve and its not everytime, I get crabs or fishes from the ocean.
So after I ate the fruits, I gathered the seed and planted them, I made a fence around it, in case of any rodents that might try to feed on it.
I managed my life well and prayed to God for deliverance from the island.
As for Rashida we haven’t talked through out the month, she wasn’t doing well exactly cause she looked desperate for help but she wouldn’t ask for one.
The fruits she relied on soon finished cause she was always consuming them, before the month ran out, she began to starve, she tried catching crabs but she was so scared of them and as for the fishes it was a disaster, when there was nothing she could do, she began to steak from mine.

Whenever I went out to get something or to take a walk, she would quickly come over to my place and take whatever she wants and leave, how I got to know she was stealing was her foot prints on the sand in my own space.
I didn’t say anything and neither did she, she pretended as if nothing happened, what was funny to me was, does she even realize I know what she was doing, in a way I didn’t care.
But her habit soon got out of hand, sometimes she would pack most of the items, leaving me with a small quantity, I still didn’t bother about it, but as all thieves they eventually get caught.

One afternoon after I came back from my hunt for fishes, I caught her inside my shack stealing food, I stood behind her until she was done, as she turned around, she shouted and dropped the food.

Justin ➡ What are you doing?

Rashida ➡ You scared me, fool.

Justin ➡ Answer the question! What are you doing in my shack?

Rashida ➡ i was hungry and I needed something to eat.

Justin ➡ This is too funny, first you said you don’t need me and now you’re in my shack stealing my food. Get out!

Rashida ➡ But I’m…..

Justin ➡ I said get out.

Rashida got angry and left, pushing me aside, as I was packing my stuff on the ground she returned.

Rashida ➡ You know what you are a mean son of a b—h! That’s what you are, you’re selfish, you only care about yourself. You’re not even a real man.

Justin ➡ You dare call me that? You dare say that to me? You’re the one who’s selfish, and wicked and as for your last comment, I am a man.

Rashida ➡ Really? Are trying to force a girl to sleep with you at the club? That’s right, Edward told me everything.

Justin ➡ This is unbelievable, me force a girl? Look, I’ve never been to a club, I spend my entire week at the theater working my ass off, I don’t need to force women to f–k me, women love me. And as for your Edward that coward is not half the man that I am.

Rashida ➡ Oh, Edward is worth ten of you.

Justin ➡ Really? If your Edward is that as you say, where the f–k is he? Why isn’t he here to rescue you? Huh? Why?

Rashida ➡ He is…

Justin ➡ Oh no, he’s not, he doesn’t care about you, I thought with all your Superiority and intellectuality you should have known that already, Edward is a cheat and a ass hole, he doesn’t love you, he never did, you’re just a f–k toy for him.

Rashida ➡ (choking with tears) you’re lying?

Justin ➡ Am I? Why do you think I punched him, when we met at Harry’s wedding, huh? I’ll tell you why, he’s the reason my girlfriend and I broke up, I came to my girlfriend’s house trying to see her but what did I see, he was having a good time with her, he paid her and used her as his s–t, my own girlfriend, and do you know what he said to me? He said ;

“You’re a loser, she had to look for a better man, since I couldn’t deliver, Money wins not love, that’s why she has her lips around his d–k”

Those were the words he told me, right in my face, and I would never forget those words ever! He disgraced me beyond my imagination.
So now you see, you let your arrogance and wealth blind you from seeing who he really is! And because of your attitude that’s why people don’t like you.
You think you’re better than everyone, that everyone is beneath you,now you see you’re not different from anyone, you’re not special, you’re just human like the rest of us, you think money is the key to everything, well now you see its not, your money can’t give you everything , it can’t even get you out of this place, even if you had the money, you can’t bride the sea to drift you home, and I’m also at fault, I was grateful for what I had, I was always complaining about my life, not realizing it was the best thing that happened me, i wanted the best out of life.
So because of that, Fate has brought us here, we human are never grateful for what we have, so God has decided to punish us by sending us to this place.

I’ve promised myself when I leave this place, I’ll never complain about my life again, and we should be thankful we’re alive and not fish food, at least there’s hope we might get out of here.
So am telling you now to change, I can’t force you to, its your choice but know this, your lifestyle isn’t going to take you anywhere, and just to let you know, people don’t hate you, its your attitude that pisses people off, Maria and your brother do care about you, but your, I don’t give a d–n attitude is why they make fun of you.
So think about it.
I left her standing and went to my usual stuff, She stood there for a while before she went back to her place, And from what I heard, it seems she was crying. I hate making women cry and I know the thing I told her hurts but she needs to know the truth, and someone had to tell her.

After a while, Rashida came to my side of the shore, while I was eating, she sat close to me without uttering a word, just then a slap landed on my cheek but she quickly apologized.

Rashida ➡ I’m sorry for that, but it was for saying those words and years of torment at highschool.

Justin ➡ I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have said it like that.

Rashida ➡ No you’re right, everything you said about me is true and I deserve it.

Justin ➡ Well, we’re cool then? No longer enemies?

Rashida ➡ sure but I need to stay here.

Justin ➡ Sure here, have a fish.

Rashida ➡ Thanks.

To be Continued.

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