November 29, 2021

Truth Or Dare Episode 22 – 23


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌊Episode Twenty two🌊

🌬️Audrey POV🌬️

“You weren’t nice back there, Audrey” Kwan joked as we sat on our various seats.

We just returned from the principal’s office and I couldn’t be less happy with the way the principal reacted by the news- I love it.

“I never claimed to be nice” I tucked out my tongue at her and we both laughed.

“I really can’t wait for her to get punished” Kwan wiggled on her seat.

“Me too” I smiled.

Talking of the devil, I turned my face to her direction and I saw her walking out of her seat- heading towards Duffer’s seat.

“Kwan, let’s watch” I said silently and she gave a quick nod.

We both watched as she nervously talked to Duffer when she got to his seat.

I can’t hear her clearly but I smiled when Duffer ignored her at first.

Her eyes widened in shock all of a sudden.

“You mean.. you didn’t see any letter.. under your desk?” She said that a bit aloud, looking frightening.

I broke out in laughter as I couldn’t help it any longer.

“You took my letter, didn’t you? She shouted as she charged towards me.

“And what does she have to do with this?” Duffer facile and I was stunned.

Did he just talk for me?
I thought, staring at him.

He cleared his throat and glanced at me, and I was a bit embarrassed he caught me staring at him.


he sweet?” Kwan said dreamily behind me.

I blinked my eyes and let out a small cough to cover up my lost state.

I stood up and left my seat to face her squarely.

“I’m so sorry, Jin” I smiled, placing my left hand on her shoulder.

“But I already got the letter” I broke the news to her and her eyes looked like they’re about to fall out soon.

“What?!” She shrieked.

“That’s impossible” She yelled and I arched my brows.

I took a step closer.

“Then tell your sweetheart to provide the letter” I smirked and she gulped, turning to face Duffer.

“Min jun, please I beg of you”
“You don’t like me right? Fine, I understand”
“But please don’t implicate me” She whimpered, rubbing her palms together.

Duffer looked from her face to my face, perplexed- but I just smile and even the class is now in total silence, watching the scene I’m sure.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying” He shook his head and sat on his seat properly.


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She yelled and I raised my brows.

“Give me back my letter this minute” She ordered, grinding her teeth.

“I would have given it to you already, pumpkin” I sneered.

“Cause I don’t even like the idea you’re going to flood the whole class with your tears” I teases and I heard some people laughed in the class.

“Just give back the letter to her, you stupid” Her friend chipped in angrily and I tapped a finger on my lips, like I’m thinking.

“Should I?”

“Yes, just give it back!” Jin exclaimed angrily.

“I would have, but whoops!” I gasped lightly.

“The letter had gotten to the principal” I announced.

She and few others in the class gasped and I covered my lips with my hand as I chuckled.

Jin and her friend stared at me with total bewilderment and I winked.

“The principal wants everyone assemble on the assembly ground immediately ” A female prefect announced.

“Whoa!” I jumped up happily.

Jin staggered but her friend was quick to hold her.

“Don’t faint yet, miss Jin” I clicked my tongue and she just glare at me.

“Happy punishment in advance” I waved at her and walked back to my seat- Kwan was already standing, she obviously enjoyed the scene.

“You’re so good, Audrey” She commended.

I only smiled and took her hand.

“Let’s hurry, so we can stand in first role” I enthused and we strode out of the classroom with other students.

“You love to be punished didn’t you?” The principal asked Jin, who has been shivering since she was called out.


were even reminded about it but you said the least you’ll ever received is a punishment, isn’t it?” On hearing that, she quickly glanced up.

“I didn’t.. say anything.. like that, sir” She stuttered.

“Will you shut up?” The principal yelled and I almost flinch.

This man is something.

“I didn’t ask you to talk, did I?” He snorted.
He already had his cane with him.

The principal collected the letter from a teacher and gave it out to crazy blondie.

“Now read it out to everyone’s hearing” The principal instructed.

Kwan and I exchanged a quick glance with a bright smile on our faces before taking our eyes back to the live show.

I chuckled inwardly.
Live show indeed.

We watched as she shakily collected the letter from Mr An, and slowly unfolded it.
After she finished reading the letter a loud gasped escaped everyone’s mouth except from Kwan and I.

“She really deserves a punishment for going against the school rule” A girl spoke up from the gathering, but I can’t see her face clearly.

“Yes!” Majority students chorused.

Kwan and I just grinned.

I’m really enjoying this.

“Well.. since you love to be punished, then I’ll give it to you the way you want it” The principal began, strictly.

“I’m giving you fifteen strokes of cane right now, and you’re suspended for two weeks” He concluded and I just shrugged- not bad.

“Now turn your back!”

She obeyed quickly and the principal started flogging her so hard.

She cried and I just muffled my laughter- her cries is even annoying.

“This should serve as another scape goat for everyone, including Grade 12” The principal said, still flogging her.

Kwan and I continued laughing with few students and as I wanted to look back at the whimperi Jin, I caught the new fool- staring at me.

I rolled my eyes.
This is the second time I caught him doing that.

What’s his problem?

He should better stay in his limit, or else even his famous father would be so sorry for him.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💌Episode Twenty three💌

🌹Jin POV🌹

I sluggishly left the bed, feeling so much pain in my ass.

I groaned in pain, sliding my feet into my flip-flops.

This is all her fault.

She would be feeling fly she got what she wanted right?

Well, it’s her time to shine- she should shine on but by the time I resume after two weeks, I’ll make sure she regret all the pain and humiliation she caused me.

Foolish girl.

I bent the bathroom doorknob but a knock came on the door, interrupting me.

“Who’s it?” I rolled my eyes.

“It’s me, Jin” I heard mum’s voice and my eyes popped up in surprise.

She hasn’t left for work yet.

Oh my gosh!
What do I tell her?

“Will you come open the door already?”
I placed a hand on my forehead, thinking of an excuse.

“Jin!” She yelled.

“I’m coming, mum” I adjusted my nightdress and left where I was standing to open the door.

“You’re not dressed yet?” Mum asked astonishingly, immediately I opened the door for her.

“I’m not feeling well, mum” I itched my forehead.

She checked my temperature with her hand and held my wrist, leading me towards my bed.

“What’s wrong?” She sat me down.
“Is it a fever?”She asked worriedly, pressing her palm to my forehead.

“I just feel weak” I groused, feigning a tired look.

She heaved a sigh.

“Go take your bath and come have breakfast, so you can take some pills” She instructed and I just nodded with a smile.


why haven’t you left for work?” I asked her, parking my hair up.

“Didn’t I tell you about my leave?”

But I just stare at her- what leave?

“So forgetful” She rolled her eyes as she shakes her head.

“I’m on leave now” She announced and I felt my heart ran out of my chest immediately.

I gulped nervously as I wiped the sweats that formed in my forehead.

“Are you okay?” She asked with concerned plastered on her face.

“I’m fine.. but you’re on leave.. how many hours leave? No, I meant how many days leave?” I gibbered.

“What’s the problem, Jin?”
“You’re not sounding good”

“Nothing mum”
“Remember I’m not feeling well” I reminded.

“But why aren’t you cool with my leave?” She queried and I smiled.

“Why won’t I be cool with it, Umma?” I scratched my nape.

“I mean, we’ve been looking up to it for long, isn’t it?”
“So tell me why won’t I be cool with it?” I grinned and she smiled.

“How many weeks is it?” I asked her again.

“It’s a month leave” She replied and my heart trembled on hearing that.

This won’t be good.

I wasn’t really bothered about the suspension before, because I knew my mum won’t even noticed a thing. She resumes work very early in the morning and returns so late in the night.

But now..
What do I do?

“Hurry and have your bath, dear” Her voice jolted me out my thought and I nodded curtly.

She stood up and I watched her back till she walked out.

How do I tell her I am suspended for two weeks simply because I wrote a letter to a guy and I was caught? And which I’m very much aware it’s against the school rule.

Darn it!

She will definitely feel bad once she heard it.
She’s striving so hard so she can cater for my needs.

I don’t have a Dad, we lost him since I was little and ever since, my mum does all the responsibilities.

I’m so proud of her and I’ve vowed never to disappoint her.

But now..

I let out a rueful sigh before buryiny my face in my palms.

“Think, Jin think” I mumbled.

|•Jordan POV•|

“Hope you slept well?” She smiled lovingly at me, dishing out my meal.

I just gave a nod in response.

I picked my cutlery after she was done and started eating slowly.

Her image popped up in my food and a wide smile ran across my lips.

Why is she so pretty?

“And what’s he smiling about?” Dad’s voice interrupted and her image disappeared instantly.

“Good morning, Dad” I greeted, carrying the glass of water.

“Morning son”
“It’s pretty obvious your night was pleasant” Dad teases as he took his seat opposite mine.

“It’s boldly written all over your face” He added as he picked a fork, still smiling.

I just chuckled softly.

“I hope you like the school?” Dad asked while eating.

“The school is nice, Dad” I replied happily.

He nodded with a smile, not looking up from his food.

“Have you made friends already?” She chipped in.

And what’s her business?

I just continued eating my food like I’m not the one she was talking to- without sparing her a look.

“She’s asking you a question, Jordan” Dad spoke up.

“And I chose not to reply her” I snarled.

“That’s rude, Jordan”
“She’s your mum” Dad said calmly.

“Stop it, Dad!” I went wild, banging my hand on the table.

“She’s not my mum and she can never be” I spranged on my feet.

“She killed my mum so she can have you for herself!” I clenched my teeth, pointing a finger at her.

She gasped.

“Tell me, how can I regard someone like that as my mum” I queried furiously.

“What nonsense are you gibbering?” Dad shouted.

“I’m outta here”I carried my backpack from the table and stomped out angrily.

“Jordan” He called behind me but I didn’t answer him as I kept walking till I was away from their sight.

~Mr Jung POV (Kwa young’s Dad)~

“How many minutes more left?” I asked my driver, not taking my eyes away from the laptop.

“Thirty minutes, sir” He replied.

I glanced at my wrist watch and grunts.

We are stuck in traffic and I’m having a conference meeting in the next Thirty minutes.


I kept working non-stop on my laptop, hoping we get out of here soon.

Shortly, I looked up from the laptop and glanced outside.

“Uhmm” It felt like the car is not moving again.

I averted my eyes back to the laptop but my eyes had caught something outside so I quickly looked out again.

I blinked my eyes for a while, to ensure I’m not dreaming right now.

I watched as she kept the paperbag she was carrying inside the car boot before locking it.

I left the laptop on the seat and quickly opened the door.

I easily crossed to the other side of the road, since there was traffic.

I ran towards where the car was parked and the car was about to take off already.

“Please stop!” I shouted as I ran close, hitting the car at the back.

She stepped on the car brakes and I was glad.

I scuttled to the front of the car and I impatiently watched as she wind down.

She removed her sunshade and her eyes widened immediately she saw me.

“Jung?” She was taken aback.

Water formed in my eyes- I was right!.
I can never mistook anybody for her.

We both stare at each other, she’s still shocked.

“Chun cha” I called as the water dripped from my eyes.

Without notice, she wind up and speed off.

“Chun cha” I screamed, running after the car but she’s not stopping.

I stopped running and crossed to where my car was.

Thank God, there was no traffic again.

“Drive!” I shouted immediately I hopped into my car.

Forgive me, Chun cha.
More tears keep dripping from my eyes.

Who’s Chun cha and how’s she related to Kwa young’s father?🤔

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