November 29, 2021

Truth or dare episode 40 – 41


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌸Episode Forty🌸

Jung (Kwa young’s Dad);

I walked into the bedroom with a soft yawn- I just finished listening to Kwa young’s boring stories.

A little smile came lingering on my lips when I remembered the love on her face when she was telling me about her new friend- Audrey.

She obviously likes the girl and she had requested to pay her a visit once she’s back from the school trip- I would love to meet the girl too.

“Darling” I called loudly, walking to the bed.

“I’m in the bathroom” She shouted from the bathroom.

I smiled and made to sit down on the bed, but I was taken aback by what I’m staring at right now.


It’s Chun cha picture.

I rubbed my eyes- am I mistaken?

I glanced at the bathroom door before picking the hard copy among the other pictures.

“It’s really Chun cha” I muttered, with widened eyes.

But what is her picture doing here?

Has Mia found out about her already?

But how could she find out when she doesn’t even recognize her.

Oh no.
I ran a hand through my hair.

What’s going on?

I heard the sound of the bathroom door creaked open, I quickly sat down on the bed and picked the magazine on the nightstand.

“I want to believe Kwan young has gone to bed” She said as she came out of the bathroom.

I smiled up at her.

“I made sure she shut her eyes before I left her bedroom” I replied with a soft chuckle.


kept stealing glances at the picture while watching Mia change into her night dress.

There was an awkward silence so I decided to break it.

“What’s up with these pictures?” I asked her simply, tossing the magazine on the bed.

She glanced at me and smile before turning to the mirror again, brushing her hair down her shoulder.

“I learnt those women in those pictures are the best marketers in the whole south Korea” She explained, dropping her hair brush on the drawer and stood up.

“And you know, I want the best for my ongoing project” She further said, counting her steps towards the bed.

I nodded with a smile on my face as I watch her.

Chun cha is now a marketer?

“But I’m still making a secret findings about their background, I won’t like anyone to mess things up” She added as she rearrange the pictures on the bed.


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looks more responsible?” Mia asked, bringing the pictures to my face.

“They’re all looking responsible, Mia” I replied with an uneasy smile.

“No, you’re my husband you should be able to choose for me” She pouts, sitting her ass on my laps.

“Uhmmm.. I think this one is cool” I told her, pointing a finger to Chun cha’s picture.

“Really?” She asked with a big smile.

I nodded.

“But do you really have to make a background check on everyone of them?” I bit out, itching my forehead.

“Do you think it’s not necessary?” She raised her brows.

“Yes, Mia” I nodded my head.

“Alright then, I won’t”

“But you think this one you’d picked will do a good job, right?” She asked, bringing Chun cha’s picture to my face again.

“She’s looking more responsible, you know?” I shrugged before pushing her hair to her back.

“I’ll give her the job, then”

Why do I have this feeling something is fishy?

“What’s wrong?” She lifted my jaw with her finger, making me look straight into her eyes.

I shook my head sideways.

I shouldn’t have any negative thought, now that I’m meeting Chun cha very soon.


I barged into our room after I have successfully sneaked into the building.

“It’s the lover girl” Hazel and Ryan squealed on their beds as I walked to their front.

“Are you guys happy now?” I shot at them and they both shared a ‘what’s_wrong_with_her_look’ before facing me again.


it went wrong?” Hazel asked, giving me a puppy eyes.

“Were you able to confess your love to Min jun ?” Ryan added.

“Ugh” I groaned, ruffling my hair exasperatedly.

These girls are driving me crazy.

I ruefully sank on my bed, I lay on my back and turned myself to the other edge of the bed- I don’t want to talk to them right now.

“We are sorry if you’re sad, Audrey” Hazel spoke up in a low voice.

“You’re being strong-headed, so we thought it was the best idea we could come up with, it’s very much obvious that you’re in love with Min jun- you won’t just admit it, ever”

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened to Hazel- is it that obvious?

Am I really in love with him?


“I hope you all enjoyed your stay here in Nami Island?” The English teacher asked the few students standing before her, which Hazel, Ryan and I were also among.


“We don’t want to go back to Busan again!”

“Please let’s stay one more day”

I rolled my eyes as I watched them shouts like barbarians, including Hazel and Ryan.

We are all set to leave but still waiting for some students that are not done packing their stuffs.

I really can’t wait to get home- I miss my mum and Chelsea so much.

I walked out of their midst, without Hazel and Ryan noticing.

There’s a large garden at the back of the girls Villa and it looks so beautiful.

I should steal this opportunity to watch it one more time.

I stood there with my arms folded beneath my [email protected], I already left my luggage with Ryan.

‘I love you, Duffer’ Those words flashed through my head and I heaved a deep sigh.

I shut my eyes as I recalled that moment of my life.

For some reasons, I’m glad I said those words to him but I don’t know what he feels towards me.

“It seems someone is in a bad mood this early”

I heard the only voice that’s capable of holding my breath and I become stiffened immediately.

What’s he doing here?

Was he following me?

I didn’t look back and in a short while, his fragrance hit my nostril.

I glanced at my right handside and saw him staring at the garden, with his usual non smiling face.

My heart started to beat tremendously.

“What are you doing here?” I choked out, looking away from his face.

“I came to see your face, of course” He replied simply.

“Why?” I tilted my head to his direction and asked.

Without a notice, he turned to me and his sparkling eyes penetrated into mine causing goosebumps to rise on my skin.

I gulped nervously.

Who created this guy?

“You should stop the pretence already, psycho” He began with a cute frown.

“What pretence?” I cocked my brows, not looking away from his intense gaze.

“Last night…”

“Audrey!” Someone called my name, interrupting Duffer.

I watched as Duffer stood right with a hint of disappointed look on his face.

What did he want to say?

I turned to the direction of who just called me and to my surprise, it was Jordan.

What does he want?

He came closer to where I was standing, his eyes shooting daggers at Duffer’s back.

“Can I see you for a minute?” He asked politely, immediately he got to my front.

“Why?” I asked, trying to sound calm cause I’ve grown feeble by Duffer’s presence.

“Tell him to excuse us” He said in a thick voice.

I glanced at Duffer, he’s now staring ahead with his hands in his trouser pocket.

“What are you saying?”

“Without anyone telling you, you knew yourself you just interrupted us”

“So you still want him to leave here for you?” I asked him with my brows furrowed.


important, Audrey” He half yelled.

“Maybe we should both leave here instead, come with me” He said and took a step forward.

“You’re not leaving psycho, remember I’m still talking to you” Duffer chipped in hoarsely before I could budge.

“And who are you tell her not to leave?” Jordan fired, walking to his front.

“Are you deaf?” Jordan snarled and swat Duffer’s chest.

“Jordan stop..”

Before I could complete my sentence, Min jun has already sent a punch to his jaw causing him to staggered backward.

My eyes bulged as my mouth went agape on their own.

“Duffer?” I murmured.

🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🖤Episode Forty one🖤

Audrey POV;

Jordan made to charge towards Duffer after he’d revived from the punch, but I quickly stepped in between them.

“Will you stop it now?!” I yelled.

“What do you mean stop?”

“Didn’t you see how he punched me so hard now?” Jordan flared, trying to push me away.

“The bus is ready,guys!” Someone announced from our back and I breathe out with relief.

The person had just successfully stopped the drama that was yet to unfold- I’m glad though.

“Let’s go” Duffer grabbed my wrist and started walking away.

Hold on, what’s wrong with him?

We got to where other students were standing, but Duffer still didn’t let go of my hand.

“Will you let go of my hand now?” I asked him with a little sigh.

He turned to look at me, he sighed ruefully before letting go of my hand.

I watched his back as he marched into the gathering.

I breathe out heavily before looking down at the hand he held, ignoring the stares few students are shooting at me.

What’s up with him?

“We saw that, girl”
I glanced up to see Hazel and Ryan sneering at me, but with the look on my face, they both composed themselves.

“What’s wrong?” Ryan asked, concerned laced in her voice.

I sighed deeply.

“Duffer pulled up a stunt earlier, and which I don’t understand” I bit out, staring at the direction he had taken.


“Did he say something that hurts you?” Hazel asked this time, looking worried.

Students are already marching into the long bus, one after the other.

“Let’s go in” I told them, after I collected my bag from Hazel.


What’s going on with me?
Why can’t I hold myself back there?

I settled down bedside a nonfamiliar guy.

I can’t even think straight- I don’t understand what that girl is doing to me.

What I have for her had increased since the moment she told me she loves me.

I wanted to have a nice moment with her, I wanted to make her know I also have something for her, but that moron had to ruin everything.

I’m sure going to kill him next time, he better back off- psycho belongs to me only.

Why haven’t I seen her in the bus, though?

I darted my eyes around and saw her at the back seat, staring outside.

She’s not looking so okay to me.

Hazel caught me staring at her and smiled at me, I reciprocated it in the best way I can before sitting properly.

Why’s psycho looking so dull?

“I miss you so much, sweetheart” Mum said for the fifth time, placing a kiss all over my face.

“I miss you too, mum” I kissed her forehead.

Chelsea barked in my hands.

I smiled softly at her.

“Of course I miss you too, baby girl” I ruffled her fur.

She purred, causing myself and mum to laugh.


“Go take a quick shower and come have lunch” She urged me.

I nodded in agreement and kissed her cheek for the last time, before taking the stairs.


“So how was the trip?” Mum asked me, while eating.

“I’m sure you enjoyed it” She added, but I only nodded.

I’m so enjoying this meal.

“I miss your food, mum” I talked between mouthful of salad.

She chuckled softly.

“Don’t be silly, Mi cha”

“You can’t tell me you didn’t get to eat this on your trip”

I gulped some water.

“It’s nothing compared to yours, baby” I winked at her and her cheeks turned crimson.

“How’s Min jun, by the way?” Mum asked with a big smile, and I felt my heart skip at the mentioned of his name.

“I want to believe you guys already get along so well cause I saw everything”

My eyes dilated.

“You saw everything?” I asked with a quizzical look

“Yes Audrey, in my dreams” She grins.

I shook my head as I rose on my feet.

“I need to nap, mum” I yawned softly, beckoning to Chelsea from where she was sitting to come closer.

“You need it dear”

“Catch you later” I told her, carrying Chelsea up to my chest.

“You still haven’t answered my question, Audrey”
I halted my steps on the stairs.

“What’s that, mum?”

“How’s Min jun, my boy?”
I could feel her grinning already, from the tone of her voice.

“He’s fine”
I replied with an eye roll and continued walking to my room.

I wonder why mum has come to like him this much.

🌸 The_following_day🌸
Busan Foreign High School (B•F•H•S)

“I miss Nami island already” Ryan pouts.

“Would you like to go back there?” Hazel asked her, munching on her toast.

“Gladly” She replied, eyeing Hazel playfully.

I just watched them with a little smile on my face.

“Can I join you guys?”

Oh my..
I know that voice.

I looked up swiftly, and truly, he’s the one.

My heart beat started it’s normal movement, whenever he’s close.

“Of course, Min jun”

“Seat here” Hazel smiled widely, pushing an empty chair back for him.

“Thank you” He also smiled as he took his seat, next to mine.

I felt his eyes on me, but I refused to look at him.

What’s he doing here?

“Min jun is here, Audrey” Ryan announced, and I shot her a hard glare.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Duffer asked, directing the question to me.

“Uhmm.. we’ll leave you guys” Hazel and Ryan stood up from their seats and walked away before I could utter something.

I glanced at Duffer and he’s already grinning.

“So can you be plain with me now?” He smirked.

“You were shy cause of your friends, isn’t it?” He winked and I blinked my eyes twice.

What a cute jerk!

“Did you by chance took a wrong medicine?” I asked him, bluntly.

He lifted his shoulders.

“I don’t know, all I know is that I want to be around you” He facile.

Our eyes locked for a while, my heart won’t stop beating so fast.

What’s he doing to me?

“Will you get out of here?” A male voice yelled, bringing us back to present.

I averted my eyes towards the direction the thick voice just blared from, and to my utmost surprise, it was Kwan’s boyfriend- he just yelled at Kwan in the presence of everyone in the cafeteria.

The whole place had fell into complete silence.

Kwan looked around, embarrassingly.

“What’s wrong, Seo yun?” She asked tearily.

I could hear her clearly, since she was standing close to my seat.

“I didn’t tell you something was wrong, just get out of my sight!” He scowled.

I watched as tears rolled down Kwan eyes before she ran out of the cafeteria.


I stood up abruptly, anger had laced through me.

I glare at him on his seat.

“You’re not going to meet him, are you?” Duffer asked me, silently.

I ignored him and walked out of my seat and went straight to where he was sitting, laughing wholeheartedly with his friends.

“So you think it’s funny?” I asked him with a growl, folding my hands on my chest.

“It’s none of your business crazy, so stay out of this” One of his friends cautioned.

“One more word from you again and you shall see how I’m going to destroy your mouth” I threatened through tightened teeth and he gulped down, looking away from my figure.

“Why did you just embarrass my friend?!” I threw the question at the a*shole.

He stared at me like he doesn’t understand the language I just spoke.

Someone is losing his tooth soon.

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