Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare episode 46 – 47


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💭Episode Forty six 💭

~Chun cha(Audrey’s mom)~

I quickly grabbed the makeup box and walked past him, brushing my arm against his in the process.

“Chun cha, please listen to me” He said tearfully at my back, but I didn’t even stop to glance at him.

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I dug my free hand inside my bag and brought my phone out.

I better call Audrey before she starts coming.

“I’ve been searching everywhere for you since the day we met Chun cha, please just hear me out”

I pressed the phone to my ear, waiting impatiently for it to start ringing, but it got disconnected.


I hastened my steps, more like I was running and redialed Audrey’s phone again.

“Excuse me”

“Please excuse me”

I kept saying as I bumped into people on my way out of the building.

“Please not today, just ring already” I prayed silently, tears rolling down my cheeks already.

I got to where my car was parked, I opened the backseat door and threw the makeup box inside, carelessly.

“Chun cha!” He yelled after me.

I turned around and opened the driver’s seat door.

I made to hop into the car, but I felt my wrist been held back by a huge palm.

I became enraged and yanked his away with all my strength.

“Stay away from me!” I flared up, bringing out the leg I had took in.

“And don’t even think you’ll ever get to meet my daughter, cause I’ll make sure I prevent it by all possible means”

He just watched me as I talk with sombre look.

“Go back to your family, and never come running after me again” I concluded sternly before sliding into the car and shut the door.

“No Chun cha, you have to listen me, please” He begged, hitting the window of the car.

I ignited the engine and sped out of the compound, not minding if he had just hit head against the ground.

I handled the steering with a hand while using the other one to continued trying Audrey’s line.

Same result, still not going through.

Why is her phone not going through for Christ sake?!

I tossed the phone on the passenger seat.

No, I don’t want to believe she has left home already.

Please Audrey, don’t go.

I parked the car roughly at the front of the house and hurried out of the car.

I knocked on the gate twice before the gatekeeper opened up.


“Where’s Audrey?” I asked him impatiently, beating him to whatever he wanted to say.

“Audrey?” He asked me like this is actually the first time he was hearing the name.

“Where’s my daughter?!” I yelled to his face and he cowered.

“She.. she.. leaving the house just now” He stuttered his wack foreign language, but this is not the right time to correct him like I normally do.

Oh my goodness!

I went back to my car and picked my phone from where it was lying on the passenger seat.

I dialed Audrey’s line for the hundredth time, but it kept disconnecting.

Oh lord, what do I do?


Ryan and I pressed our palms to our cheeks as we watched Hazel bring out all the dresses in her closet, still, she hasn’t found a suitable dress to wear for the birthday party.

I was sitting on the bed, while Ryan was sitting on the small couch in Hazel’s room.

She turned around and caught our eyes on her.


“Why are you guys staring like that?” She asked with an eye roll.

“I don’t understand a thing Hazel, with all these nice dresses Audrey and I had picked for you, you still want don’t them- then what do you want?” Ryan asked her, obviously annoyed.

She heaved a small sigh before turning to the closet again.

“I don’t know, Ryan” She said, tiredly

“Can’t you see those dresses are outdated?”

Ryan and I glanced at each other and I shook my head.

“Do you know how many hours we’ve been here?” I spoke up and she turned to me with a pout.



I told you I already promised Kwa young that I won’t be late” I added, glaring at her.

She murmured with pleading eyes as she rubbed her palms together.

She quickly turned to her closet and sought for what to wear.

I sighed deeply and made a facepalm in frustration.

“Just hurry up already!” Ryan shouted.

“I found it!” She shrieked in excitement and I looked up.


She brought out a beautiful red gown- she started grinning as she walked up to the bed, showing the gown to our faces.

“How is it, girls?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“It’s beau…”

“I prefer that pink color” Ryan cut me off, pointing to the pink gown on the bed.

She hissed and turned to me.

“What do you think, Audrey?” She asked, blinking her eyes.

“It’s the prettiest of all girl, hurry up and get dressed already, forget about Ryan” I said in a convinced tone with a smiling face and her face brighten up immediately.

“Thanks, Audrey”

She stuck her tongue at Ryan before walking to a corner of the room.

Ryan just rolled her eyes and I smiled.

Hazel is a headache.


“Whoa whoa… it’s so obvious Kwa young’s parents are stinkingly wealthy” Hazel said as we counted our steps into the living room, looking around like aliens.

This place is extremely beautiful.

I kept darting my eyes everywhere, it felt like we are in another world entirely.

They were a lot of people and with no doubt, majority of them were elites.

Uhmmm… It feels good to be rich.

A big smile appeared on my lips when my eyes landed on her big picture frame.

She looked lovely with a real smile plastered on her face.

“Waiter!” Hazel called upon a guy, dressed as a waiter.

“I hope I found a soul mate here tonight” Hazel said dreamily, fanning herself with her hand.


on, girl” Ryan told her and she glared hard at her.

She and Ryan picked two glass cups, filled with wine.

The waiter stretched the tray to my direction but I shook my head negatively.


“And where’s the birthday girl?” Hazel asked, sipping at her wine.

I let my eyes searched around for her, but I didn’t see a trace of her.

“I’m sure she’s somewhere around, let’s find a seat first” I told them and started walking ahead.

I looked up to see her climbing down the stairs with two body guards at her back.

I smiled as I watch her pure with adoration.

She was cladded in the most beautiful ball gown I’ve ever seen, a velvet color to be precise.

She got where I was standing pulled me into a tight hug.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart” I told her before we disengaged from the hug.

“Thanks Audrey” She shot me a bright smile.

“Happy birthday, Kwa young” Ryan and Hazel chorused and smiled wider.

“Thanks girls, I really appreciate”

“We got you a present Kwa young, but it’s with those securities- we were not allowed to bring it in” Hazel groused, folding her arms on her chest.

“I’m sorry about that, but I’ll surely receive your presents”

“Thank you”

“You’re welcome”

She turned to me and took my hands.

“You look beautiful, Kwa young” Ryan complicated and she blushed.

“All thanks to Audrey’s mom” She said and my eyes bulged.

“You mean my mom came here?”

“Yeah… I was taken aback too, but there’s one thing I still don’t understand and I’ve been trying to ask my Dad since your mom left here this noon but he wouldn’t provide an answer”

“What’s it, Kwa young?” I asked her and she twisted her lips.

“It seems your mom and my Dad knew each other before today” She said and I smiled.

“That’s possible, Kwa young”

“They might be old friends or something” I told her but she kept shaking her head sideways.

“You don’t get it, your mom left here angrily immediately she saw my Dad”

I furrowed my brows in confusion- I don’t understand.

“Oh.. Dad!”
She called and we all turned to that direction.

Whoa.. her Dad looks so young.

“Your Dad is quite handsome, Kwa young” Hazel whispered and I nudged her arm.


Her Dad got to approached us with a small smile on his face and we’ll bowed in greetings.

“Good evening, sir”

“You’re welcome, girls” He replied and we’ll looked up with a smile on our faces.


Dad, meet Audrey- the same girl I told you a lot of things about” Kwa young introduced and I felt a bit shy so I looked down at my feet.

“And these are…”

“Hang on, Kwa young” His Dad cut her short and I lifted my head.

He stared at me, but the look on his face was what I couldn’t decipher.

“You’re Audrey?” He murmured and I nodded curtly, glancing at everyone faces.

“You’re Chun cha’s daughter?” He asked in a shakily voice and I felt my heart tremble.

“How did you know my mom’s name?” I asked him with popped eyed and his jaw dropped.

“You’re my daughter, Audrey” He said silently and I could feel my heart struck.


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

💌Episode Forty seven💌


“You’re my daughter, Audrey” He said silently and I could feel my heart struck.


A small gasp fell out from Ryan, Hazel and Kwa young’s mouth.

I glanced at them and their faces held a surprise one, I scoffed softly before taking my eyes back to Kwa young’s Dad.

He stared down at me pitifully, but I only stared at him like he’d just uttered gibberish.

I mean how on earth is that even possible!

“Audrey” He murmured softly and took a step forward.

The guests hasn’t noticed what’s going on yet, I could see some of them chattred happily, while some were already dancing to the low music blaring from the speakers.

“Where’s you mom right now?” He asked in a low voice, and I think I saw the tears that are welled up in his eyes.

“We need to talk” He added.

I shut my eyes- I’m really not understanding this and I don’t want to be rude towards Kwa young’s Dad, not even on an occasion like this.



A familiar voice interrupted cut me short from my back, I swiftly turned around to look.

It was mom.

But what’s she doing here?

She left where she was standing and marched towards our direction.

I caught Kwa young’s Dad with a light smile on his face as he watches mom.

“What happened to your phone Audrey, I’ve been trying to reach you for hours now!” She got to where I was standing with others and asked, more like she yelled.

I twiched my lips and reached for my phone in my clutch, that was hung on my shoulder.

“Here’s my phone mom, I guess it’s the network” I explained before returning the phone, after I’ve shown it to her face.

She heaved a deep breath and took my hand.

“We have to get out of this place now” She announced and my eyes dimmed at once.

“What do you mean, mom?”

“I mean I just arrived here a while ago and you want me to leave so soon?”

“Chun cha”
“Let’s just resolve this, please” Kwa young’s Dad moved closer to us and begged.

Mom swallowed as her eyes glinted angrily.

“Let’s go” She started pulling me out of the house, ignoring the few looks some were already shooting at us.

“Mom, what are you doing?” I asked her, trying to freed my wrist.

“You’re embarrassing me, mom!” I yelled in a tiny voice, but she kept pulling me, turning deaf ears to my grouse.

What’s going on?

One of the securities opened the gate and mom pulled me out.

We crossed to the other side of the road where her car was parked, she opened the passenger seat for me and gestured for me to get in.

“Would you please tell me what’s going on already?” I scowled.

She rolled her eyes and threw me in.

Oh my…
What’s wrong with her?

I watched as she turned around and got behind the wheels.

“Mom!” I yelled.

“I promise to explain everything to you when we get home, but first, we need to get out of here” She said calmly and that seemed to calm my nerves a bit.

“Okay” I uttered and sat right on the seat before crossing my arms on my chest.

Yeah, I need to understand why she’d to drag me out like that, in the presence of everyone.

And Kwa young’s Dad, what was he saying?


“Let’s get home first, Mi cha” She cut me off.

“Kwa young’s Dad told me something and I…”

“I already promised to explain everything to you” She glanced at me and said angrily.

I gulped before facing the road.


“You mean I’m truly Kwa young’s Dad daughter as he’d claimed earlier at the party?” I asked mom in a broken voice.

She nodded, staring down at her feet.

She just finished narrating all that transpired earlier and I couldn’t help how shattered, anger, hatred, broken I’m feeling right now.

“I didn’t want you to meet him, and that was why I’ve been trying to reach you, but couldn’t” Mum lifted her head and said, with tears rolling down her face.

“But you should have told me earlier mom, that man needs to be taught a lesson!” I spranged on my feet and yelled.

“I knew if I had told you at the party, you were going to create a scene and I don’t want that” Mom said silently, staring at me dolefully.

I shoved my hands into my hair and ruffled it- I’m absolutely devastated right now.

“It’s fine mom, but don’t even think of transferring me to another school cause I won’t oblige” I said with tightened jawline.

“And he better not try to come close to me, otherwise..” I trailed off and with another glance, I stormed off hitting, my toes against a stool in the process.

“Ouch!” I yelped silently, but didn’t stop walking.

It’s all his fault!


🍓Min jun POV🍓

I kept checking myself out in the mirror, wanting to be sure if this dress fits me well. It’s my first time visiting psycho, so I should look my best.

I brushed my hair for the umpteenth time.

“Perfect” I muttered and kept the hairbrush.

With one last look, I sauntered out of my room.

“Whoa.. remind me how I was blessed with a cute boy as you” Dad joked immediately he spotted me climbing down the stairs.

I grinned widely.

“It’s all thanks to your beauty, Dad” I complimented as I got to where he was sitting on a single sofa, with a magazine in his hands.

Today is Sunday, he doesn’t go to work except if he just want to have a nice time with his friends.

“You’re ready?” He asked with a wink.

“Obviously, Dad”
I rolled my eyes.

“You shouldn’t talk to much when you get there, Aaron” He began.

“And if you’re going to play any games, make sure they’re not weird games” He tutored and I frowned.

“It’s just a visit Dad, I never told you we’re going on a date” I reminded.

“Just do as I say, huh!”

I bowed in agreement.

“May I leave now?”

“Of course son, won’t you peck Dad before leaving?” He pouts.

I smiled before leaning over and pecked his cheeks.

“Why didn’t you use the cologne I got you the last time?” He asked with raised brows.

“It’s nothing, Dad” I shook my head.
“I should get going”

I started walking away.

“Have you called your driver?” Dad asked.

I stopped walking and turned to answer him.

“I would love to take a cab, Dad”

He shot me an adorable smile.

“Good of you, son” He said and I also smiled at him before continuing my walk.

“Don’t forget all I just told you, Min jun”

“Don’t talk to much and do extend my greetings to her well, understand?”

“Sure, Dad”

I got to the entrance door and walked out.

If I had not left like that, he would still be bombarding me with talks.


Luckily, I found a cab immediately I got outside.

I told him the address and he took off afterwards.

I’m coming for you, psycho!- I screamed to myself inwardly.

After some minutes drive, the car halted and I looked out to see psycho’s house gate.

My lips curved to a wide smile.

I quickly got down and paid the driver.

I breathe in and out before taking few steps to where the gate was, I made to knock on it when the weather suddenly changed.

I looked up at the sky.

“Oh my… It’s going to rain soon”

I quickly knocked on the gate before it starts raining.

“Geuge nuguya(who’s that?)” I heard a voice from inside, and I presumed it’s the gatekeeper.


“Naya, Min jun (it’s me, Min jun)” I replied nervously.

My palms I’ve became so sweaty.

The gate went open and my eyes met with a ‘not too old man’, he scrutinized me from my face, to my toes.

“Dangsin-eun nugu-ibnikka(who are you?)” He asked, not so friendly.

Can’t he speak English language at all?

“I’m Min jun, Audrey’s classmate, I’m here to see her” I replied, trying to sound polite.

He stared at me for a minute before nodding his head.

“I coming” He said and shut the gate.

I couldn’t help the small laugh that I bursted into; I coming? Really?

The storm broke and I became frighten.

Oh no, don’t tell me I’m getting w€t.


“Just hold yourself for a while, let me get in first!” I shouted as it pours heavily.

After a short while, the gate went open again and I felt a bit glad.

I turned to the gate quickly.

She was holding an umbrella over her head, she was wearing a very simple yellow gown, which stopped at her knees, her slender feet fits so perfect in her white fur slippers.

“Hi, psycho” I greeted with a bright smile, but she only stared on- like she doesn’t recognize me or something.

I gulped, maybe she’s pissed I came uninvited.

“Uhmm.. I’m sorry to came here without your consent, but I just wanted to surprise you” I explained, blinking my eyes as the heavy rain keeps pouring on me.

She still didn’t say anything and to my utmost surprise, she turned her back and went back inside.


“Psycho!” I shouted, trying to go in after her but the gatekeeper wouldn’t allow me to.

“Go” The gatekeeper said and shut the gate to my face.


I wiped the water from my face- what’s wrong with her?

Audrey shouldn’t pass her aggression to my Min jun 🙄
Min jun be going home, don’t mind Audrey😏

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