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Truth or dare episode 48


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🍎Episode Forty eight🍎


I got back into the living room and went straight to my previous seat, opposite mom’s.

What the hell was he doing here?

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“Who was it?” Mom asked me, not removing her gaze from the TV screen.

“It’s no one” I replied sharply, fixing my eyes on the TV.

“No one?” She says, and I could feel her eyes on me already.

“It was a wrong delivery, mom” I told her sternly and breathe out softly before facing the TV again.

“Okay, but why do you suddenly look uneasy?” She asked suspiciously.

F**k you, Duffer!


A soft knock came on the door again, beating me to what I wanted to say.

My jawline clenched- don’t tell me Duffer hasn’t left?

I quickly got on my feet and went to the door.
I twisted the doorknob and yanked the door open.

“The boy is stubborn, he not leaving” The gatekeeper uttered his bad English language and I just shook my head with an eye roll.

“You should make him leave, that’s your duty” I told him blatantly, pointing a finger to his face.

“Who are you talking about?” I heard mom’s voice behind me and I shut my eyes in anger.


“Who’s at the gate?” She got to where I am standing and directed the question to the useless gatekeeper.

“Audrey’s classmate, Min jun” He gibbered and I shot him a fierce look.

“Is this true, Mi cha?” She raised her voice.
I blinked my eyes rapidly, lowering my gaze.

“Goodness gracious!” She raced out and snatched the umbrella from the gatekeeper, and ran towards the gate.

“You know this is all your fault, huh!?” I said bluntly.

“Geuneun gojib-i seda(he’s stubborn)”

He was saying, but I shut the door to his face and went back inside.

Mom will be so furious when she comes in.

Shortly, I heard the door creaked open and I quickly darted my eyes to its direction.

Mom stepped inside first.

“C’mon Min jun, she won’t do anything- I’m here” Mom assured and I scoffed, folding my hands beneath my [email protected]

He came in afterwards, he was drenched to the skin.
He quickly switched his gaze when our eyes locked.

“Are you happy now?” Mom snarled.

“Are you happy to see him drenched like this, huh?

“I don’t know when you’re ever going to change for good, Audrey”

“Yeah, I understand you’re really mad at your Dad, but this innocent boy has got nothing to do with it”

“Guys can never be the same, so you should learn how to treat the good ones right”

“And how could you tell he’s a good one?” I asked, glancing from Duffer’s face to mom’s.

“Take him to your room and let him have his dress changed before he catches the flu” Mom instructed and I huffed.

“Mom, are you for real right now?”

“Remember this is my house” She interrupted gruffly.

“I’m so sorry, Min jun”
I watched as she turned to duffer and apologized.

“It’s okay ma’am, you’ve been apologizing since you took me in, it’s not your fault” Duffer says, smiling nervously.

“Then whose fault?” I chipped in and he kept quiet.

“Just take him to your room already, if you don’t want to stand under the rain” Mom threatened.

“Jeez” I fumed before storming off.

“Follow her, follow her”

Yeah, this is my chance to kill him.

I walked into the my bedroom and folded my arms.

“Whoa.. what a pretty room you’ve got, psycho” He complimented.

I turned around and caught him grinning, he saw my hardened face and quickly comported himself.

“I don’t have male wears” I told him as I strode towards my closet.

“It’s fine, I can wait till this one I’m wearing get dried”

“Are you out of your mind?”
“You’re going to be in my house till your soaked clothes dried?

I hissed loudly and opened the closet and began to search for some of my old shorts.

He made a move and I turned to him, swiftly.


geol-eum deo balbji ma(Don’t take one more step)” I warned him sternly and he smiled.

“You speak Korean so fluent” He said, averting his eyes around the whole room.

“I was born and brought up here in Korea” I told him as I continued searching for a wear to give him.

“Uhmm… I see”

“Finally!” I breathe out a heavily as I brought out the green short together with a white sweatshirt.

I turned to him and saw him staring at my sketch, plastered above my bed.

Didn’t I warned him not move?

“Who gave you this?” He glanced at me and asked, with dilated eyes.

“It flew out of a garbage truck some months ago” I answered simply.

I nodded.

“My hunch keeps telling me the artist lives around this neighborhood, but I couldn’t get him” I said with a small sigh.

“But why were you looking for the artist?” He asked curiously, turning to me.

I rolled my eyes.

“The person made a sketch of me beautifully without seeing me, he’s a great artist indeed and needs to be awarded” I told Duffer, brushing my hair with my fingers backward.

“I agree”He smiled and nodded.

“So you really love the sketch?”

“Love is an understatement, Duffer”
“In fact, I’m in love with the artist” I said with a big smile.

“Whoa.. really?” Duffer’s eyes widened.

“That’s enough already” I replaced my smile with a frown as I handed the dress to him.

“That’s the bathroom” I pointed to the bathroom door for him.

“And beware, there are three towels on the rails, you can use any of your choice but don’t lay a finger on the yellow towel”

He stopped walking and turned around.

“Why?” He asked, taking his lips into his mouth.

Oh my..
I felt my heart race just now.

“Just go before I change my mind” I threatened, looking elsewhere.


going, but I will use the yellow towel” He sneered and ran into the bathroom before I could say a thing.

“You dare not use my towel, Duffer” I shouted and I heard him laughed.


I was really engrossed with the novel in my hands while munching my favorite chocolate.

I heard the bathroom door creaked open and I lifted my head towards its direction.


My mouth fell open on its own as I watches his figure, from head to his toes.

How could a female wear fits him so perfectly?

“Stop drooling psycho, I’m all yours” He winked, and it was then I realised I’ve been staring for long.

“I wasn’t drooling” I lied.

He walked to the dressing mirror, drying his hair with a towel.

My eyes bulged, immediately I recognized the towel.

“Didn’t I warned you not to touch that towel in your hand?” I barked, getting on my feet and ready to attack.

“But I told you I would be using it” He smirked, staring at me from the mirror.

I gawked at him and snatched the towel from him.

“You should leave now, the rain has stopped” I told him and went inside the bathroom to return the towel.

So stubborn.

“What are you still doing here?” I asked him harshly, immediately I returned.

“I need to dry my hair” He pouts.

I made a facepalm before marching to where he was.

I crouched down and brought out my hair dryer from the drawer, I stood up and gave it to him.

“Suit yourself and leave” I told him hoarsely, and his face switched to a cute frown as he pouts like a baby.

I grumbled and quickly removed my eyes from his figure.

What made him become like this?

“You really don’t know how to treat a guest” He groused and I huffed.

“Point of correction, you’re not my guest” I hooked my arms on my chest and told him.

I watched as he plugged the hairdryer.

“But you’re left with no choice psycho, you can’t chase me away” He sneered.

I seethe, resisting the great urge to throw a punch to his handsome face.

It’s not his fault!

I returned to my previous seat on the bed and continued reading the Novel- still biting on my chocolate.

“Won’t you help me with this, psycho?
I pretended I wasn’t the one he was talking to.

I still didn’t spare him a glance.

Foolish boy.

I kept glancing at him as he struggles to dry his hair.

Without thinking, I stood up and walked up to where he was sitting on the small stool opposite the mirror.


can’t possibly tell me you haven’t dry your hair by yourself before?” I snatched the dryer from him and brought it to the back of this head.

“Someone do it for me, so I’m not used to it” He replied.

Who could it be?

“You won’t ask who?” He looked at me and asked.

“And how’s that my business?” I retorted and pushed his head to it’s previous position.

I ruffled his hair, so the hot air would dry it faster.

“I’m really enjoying your fingers in my head, psycho” He let out a small m0an, closing his eyes.

I rolled my eyes and hit the dryer against his head.

“What was that for?” He frowned, standing on his feet.

“For drying your hair” I responded.

I unplugged the dryer and kept it.

“I’m so cute, right?” He grinned, adjusting the sweatshirt.

I just scoffed and walked past him.

Who are those deceiving him?

“Bye, Duffer”

“But I don’t want to leave yet, why do you keep chasing me?” He said with a wry smile, counting his steps towards the bed.

Honestly, one part of me doesn’t want him to leave.

“It’s getting late, so you should head home”

He shook his head and I watched as he lay flat on my bed.

“Whoa, this is so comfy” He said before closing his eyes.

I tossed the novel and my chocolate on the bedside cabinet and quickly rose to my feet.

“This is not right, Duffer” I told him, trying to sound harsh.

“What’s not right?” He asked, not opening his eyes.

“Lying on a girl’s bed is totally wrong Duffer, so get up now” I yelled and tried pulling him up by the shirt, but he pulled me to himself instead.


He slowly opened his unresisted eyes which stared directly into mine.

I gulped as I listened to my own heartbeat, beating against my chest like a party drum- I’m afraid he can hear it also.

“But I would love to lie on your bed forever” He whispered, staring at me like I’m the most important thing to him in this world.

I felt his hand on my waist and I think I felt electric shock as the butterflies in my tummy swarmed up massively.

Oh no,
A slight movement from him, then our lips are going to collide.

“Please Audrey, don’t push me away, I want to always be around you lately” He breathed, sincerity was boldly written all over his face.

Hold on, did he just call me Audrey?

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