November 29, 2021

Truth or dare episode 49


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌜Episode Forty nine🌜

💌Min jun 💌

I lay on my back, grinning from ear to ear as memories with psycho kept flashing through my head.

I never wanted to leave soon, but she finally succeeded in chasing me away.

My lips curved to wide smile, remembering how our lips had wanted to jam against each other-Heaven knows it took all the strength within me to restrict myself from taking those raspberry lips of hers into my mouth, but I do not want to take advantage of that moment.

I want to confess my true feelings to her first, she needs to know how vulnerable she has made me become.

Yeah, she needs to know.

And the sketch, I didn’t believed my eyes at first, but it became clear when I saw my name beneath the paper.

She said she has been looking for the artist, not knowing I was right beside her.


She’s getting a beautiful art from me very soon, and I would make sure I put in my very best so she would love the artist more.

I grinned, I can’t imagine how surprised she would be immediately she discovered I was the person that made the sketch.

I just hope she likes me more.

“What a great day!” I yawned softly.

I closed my eyes to catch some sleep, and her charming eyes was the first thing I saw in the dark- I smiled to myself, will I ever get some sleep?


I quickly got on my feet and went to her seat immediately I heard the bell rang.


out the classes, my eyes didn’t leave her figure even for a second and each time she caught me staring at her, her cheeks flamed up and I couldn’t be less happy I made her blush.

“We’re having lunch together” I uttered the first thing that came to my mind at the moment.

She glanced at me and smiled softly but quickly replaced it with a frown, I’m sure she’s not aware she looks more beautiful with her cute frown.

“I’m not hungry” She said flatly, as she placed her books into her backpack.

I leaned over, bringing my lips to her neck.

“What are you doing, Duffer?” She gritted her teeth.

“We are in the classroom” She reminded and I smiled.

I noticed the class has become silence though.

“If you don’t come with me this minute, then I would kiss you in the presence of everyone here” I threatened, huskily.


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gasped softly.

“Remember I had wanted to do it in your bed yesterday” I added. I blew some air into her ear before standing properly.

“So, shall we?” I winked down at her.

She gawked at me before rising on her feet with her backpack.

“Let’s go, Ryan” She called her friend and I fumed inwardly.

“Coming!” Ryan yelled, zipping her backpack.

“I was thinking it would be just the two of us” I groused silently, not looking at her.

“Keep thinking” She winked and started walking ahead.

“Hi, Min jun” Ryan greeted cheerfully and ran to meet up with psycho as they both stepped out of the classroom.

Gosh. Foolish girl.


“I love what your mom did at the party Audrey, she didn’t want to create a scene” Hazel said, wearing a sympathetic look.

“Yes Hazel she’s a good woman indeed, she knew if she’d say something that evening, it would ruin Kwa young’s party” Ryan also said.

I glanced at Duffer, who was watching from my face to others, probably not understanding what we were saying.

“It’s okay guys, you’re making me look pathetic” I complained, squeezing my face and they both smiled immediately.

“So can we eat now?” I asked them and they both nodded, happily.

“Uhmm.. aren’t you going to illuminate what you were saying for me?” Duffer pouts and I shook my head.

“It’s girls talk, Duffer” I told him, munching on my toast.

“Hazel, would you tell me what’s going on?” He faced Hazel and asked her.

“It’s girls talk, Min jun” Hazel replied and winked at him, which earn a small laugh from our mouth, except Duffer who was shooting us daggers with his eyes.


even you?”

Ryan swallowed down the content in her mouth before speaking up.

“Don’t worry buddy, I would tell you after shortbreak” Ryan told him and they both shared a high five.

Duffer stuck out his tongue at me and I frowned.

“I’m sure you weren’t serious about that, Ryan” I glared at her and I watched as a light smirk lingered on her lips.

“You dare…”

“Annyeonghaseyo eonni(Hi sister)”

It’s Kwa young.

She was standing across our table, shinning her beautiful set of teeth really hard.

“Eonni?” Duffer says, looking at everyone’s face.

I grumbled before turning to Kwa young.

“How’re you Kwa young, have your seat” I told her, giving her my best smile.

“Hi Ryan, Hi Hazel” She waved at them as she sat down, still smiling.

“Hi sunbae(senior)”

“It’s Min jun, his name is Min jun” Ryan told her and she nodded.

“Thank you all for celebrating with me, I really appreciate” She said with a deep sense of gratitude.

I looked down at my bottled water on the table and sighed- I just hope she won’t talk any further.

“It’s our pleasure Kwa young, we really enjoyed your party” Hazel said with a smile.

“Yeah Kwa young, it was a blast- I felt bad Audrey left so early” Ryan says and I breathe out.

Here she comes again- I really don’t want to talk about the party.

“I don’t know what to do Audrey, but since that day, my mom and dad have been in hot quarrel. Yesterday was even worse, they were both at home and kept fighting each other at any slight chance they got- it breaks my heart to see them like that, Audrey” Kwa young explained bitterly, tears building up in her eyes.

I took in a deep breath before scooting my chair forward.

“And it breaks my heart to see tears in your eyes too” I said, wiping her tears with my thumb.

“I’m sure it’s just a little misunderstanding, they would both come around very soon” I said soothingly.

“Are you sure?” She sniffed. I smiled and nodded.

“Of course baby girl, I’m sure”

“Now smile for me” I pulled her cheeks, playfully.

She laughed softly before getting up.

“Thanks eonni, do extend my regards to your mom” She pulled me for a hug and says.

“I should get going now ”

“Bye” She said and scurried off at once.

We all watched her back till she was out of the cafeteria.

“She’s so sweet” Duffer complimented, still staring at the entrance direction.

“I never knew such a pretty girl was in this school” He continued and I coughed lightly

What was that?

“That’s enough Min jun, they’re sisters” Hazel confessed with an eye roll.

“I know, but I think I would go for her instead- she’s so pretty” He said lovingly and I couldn’t help the small jealous that was building up in me.

“Isn’t it?” He faced Hazel and Ryan and they both glared at him.


We headed to our class after we heard the bell rang.

It’s break over.

“I’m hungry, guys” Hazel said and we all stopped walking and turned to face her.

“What?” She asked.

“Did you just say you’re hungry?” Duffer asked her and she started pouting.

“The toast had digested before we even left the cafeteria” She said tearfully.

I rolled my eyes and continued walking with Ryan beside me.

“Such a glutton” Ryan whispered and I nodded in agreement.

Kwan approached us when we were close to the classroom.

“Can I see you for a minute?” She asked me, looking so pale.

“You can go ahead guys, I’ll be right back”
They all nodded and walked away.


it?” I asked her, sounding blunt.

“Uhmm, can we go to the garden if you don’t mind?”

I stared at her for some seconds before giving a short nod.


“So what’s it?” I asked her immediately we arrived at the school garden.

Suddenly, she went on her kneels.

I scoffed softly- I didn’t see that coming.

“Please forgive me, Audrey” She cries.

“You were right all along, you strongly warned me about Seo yun but I didn’t listen, and I allowed my own foolishness to ruin our friendship” She further says, still weeping.

My throat tightened as water gathered in my eyes.

“But despite all the ill-mannered treatments I gave you, you still stood up for me in the presence of everyone, Audrey”

“You’re just the best friend anyone could ever wish for, and I wish I could turn back the hands of time- I regret everything, Audrey”

“Please forgive me, forgive me Audrey, please” She wept bitterly, staring at the grass.

I slowly crouched down, tears gushing out from my eyes too.

“It’s okay, Kwan”

“Please get up” I managed to say, but she shook her head as she stares at the tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I won’t get up till you forgive me, Audrey” She choked on her words.

“Of course I’ve forgiven you, Kwan”

“I can’t stay mad at you and that’s how much I cherish you” I confessed with a real smile.


I nodded happily.

“Oh my, Audrey…” She snuggled me into her arms immediately.

“You’re my role model” She sobs on my shoulder and I smiled, patting her back.

I missed her so much.

Audrey was such a darling 😊

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This story hasn’t ended and I’m missing it already 😐

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