Truth Or Dare

Truth or dare episode 51

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🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌸Episode Fifty one🌸

🥀Audrey POV🥀

🎶”Happy birthday to you”
“Happy birthday to you”
“Happy birthday to you, sweetheart”
🎶”Happy birthday to you”

I grinned happily as I watch mom sang, beautifully.

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“Won’t you open your eyes now?” Mom asked and I felt a light tap on my leg.

I sluggishly squinted my eyes open and they landed on mom, who was smiling down at me on the bed.

“Happy Eighteenth birthday, honey” She came closer and pecked my forehead.

I crumpled my face in confusion but then, reality hit me.

“Today’s my birthday?” I asked mom with popped eyes, as I sat upright.

“Yes baby, today is April 17th” Mom replied, brushing my hair back with her fingers.

“And you just sang for me now?” I further asked, still completely surprised.

“Yes dear”

“Oh my.. I thought I was dreaming, mom” I said amidst the small laugh.

Mom smiled before shaking her head.

“You barely remember your birthday, Audrey”

I nodded in agreement.

“I can’t figure out why too, mom” I told her, sadly.

“No Audrey, don’t give me this face on a joyous day like this” Mom frowned.

“Now change it” She instructed and I finally put on a genuine smile.

“Now, go have your bath and come downstairs for breakfast” She says while standing up from the bed.

“We have somewhere to be, so you should hurry up”
She pecked my both cheeks and left my room afterwards.

I’m sure it’s just an outing or probably we go for shopping, that’s the normal routine of my birthday.

I crawled out of the bed while yawning softly.

I reached for my phone on the nightstand, I double tapped the screen and it awake.

My cheeks heat up as goosebumps rise on my skin.

This is not the first time and of course it’s not the second time, what am I saying? This is definitely not the hundredth time I’m staring at this picture, but this is how I feel each time I stare it.

I can’t comprehend why though, perhaps because he was holding my shoulder. No, I guess it’s because we both had our best smiles on our faces.

I can stare at this particular picture forever without getting tired. And that was why I made it my phone wallpaper.

I beamed- this day was truly a memorable day as he had said, initially.

After that day, I’ve came to realised a lot of things, how I’ve been missing out from thrilling experiences all these years, especially at this youthful period of mine.

And ever since, I’ve started saying Hi to everyone that comes my way, including boys.

Well, everyone noticed the new changes but I think they didn’t know how to come ask me about it.

My mom was the most happiness of all, she won’t stop thanking God almost everyday about my new life.

My phone buzzes in my hand, jolting me out of my thoughts.

I looked down at the phone screen.

Oh, it’s Kwan.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that our friendship is now back to our it’s has always been.

I quickly clicked on the answer icon before it stops ringing.

📱”Hi, best” I greeted with a bright smile, sliding my feet into my slippers.

📱”Happy birthday, darling” She shouted into the phone, and I had to remove the phone from my ear for a second.

📱”Thanks, Kwan” I smiled.

📱”I want to believe you’re preparing already” She says and a gasped follows.

📱”I’ll call you back” She said and quickly hung up.

What’s wrong with her?

My phone rings again and I smiled upon seeing the contact’s name.

It’s Ryan.

📱”Hey, doll” I said immediately I answered the call and I’m sure she just rolled her eyes.

📱”I’m not a doll” She defended.
I smiled, she hates to be call a doll.

📱”But you’re my doll, baby” I teased.

📱”Will you stop it now? She growled and I laughed, leaving where I was standing.

📱”Happy birthday, my love” She said in a calm voice now.

📱”Jordan is your love, remember?” I smirked and I’m certain she would be giggling right away.

📱”I wish you would have some senses, now that you’ve added to your age” She says and erupted in laughter.


you, girl” I scowled like she would see me, and I wish it was a video call.

📱”Anyways, I hope you’re getting your lazy self prepared?” She asked after she had stop laughing.

📱”Prepared for what?” I raised my eyebrows.

📱”Are you planning to take me out? if yes, don’t bother about it cause my mom has booked me before you” I said proudly, staring at myself in the mirror.

📱”Talk to you later then” She said and hang up immediately.

Uhmmm… something is fishy.

“Won’t you call to wish me?” I asked Duffer, staring at my phone but all he could do was to smile.

I hit his face, but that was literally my phone screen.

“I’m pissed, so don’t smile at me” I groused and tossed my phone on the table.

Not even a text?
Foolish boy.

A man dressed as a security opened the gigantic blue gate.

Mom drove into the compound and headed straight to the garage.

I glanced at her again.

“Would you tell me what the surprise is already?” I whine, giving her my puppy eyes.

“Stop whining Audrey, we are here already” She stepped on the brakes and removed her seat belt.

I rolled my eyes before getting down from the car.

I observed the environment for a while and my lips fell apart immediately I realised where we are.

I quickly went to mom at the back, where she was picking some of her tools in the boot.

“What are we doing here, mom?” I questioned with widened eyes.

She chuckled before handing out her makeup box to me.

“What do you think, sweetheart?” She asked, pressing her phone.

“Okay mom, I admit you already got a surprise for me, but in this kind of place..”

“So you think your mom can’t afford a place like this?” She shot me a playful glare and I sighed.


is Queens suite mom, one of the best and expensive hotel in the whole South Korea, it’s not a place for people like us”

“Don’t tell me you spent all your savings all in the name of surprise, mom?” I asked breathlessly.

She shut the boot and hugged me to her chest, warmly.

“Even if I’d spent my last penny on this, you deserve more, Mi cha” She cooed and I smiled.

“But don’t worry, you’ll understand everything soon” She winks and took my free hand as we headed into the massive hotel.

So beautiful.


“You’re looking beautiful, my princess” Mom complimented after she was done transforming my face.

I kept glancing at my face in the mirror. My was parked in a high pony tail.
Indeed, I’m looking so pretty.

📱”Yeah, come in” Mom said into her phone and immediately, a knock came on the door.

She blew me a kiss before walking towards the door to get it.

I really can’t wait for this surprise, I groaned inwardly.

I stood on my feet, when I spotted the two ladies that came in after my mom. I recognized one of them as one of my mom’s employee. They were carrying two big boxes in their hands.

“Happy birthday, Audrey” They both chorused with a smile on their faces, immediately they approached me.

“Thank you” I also smiled.

They gently dropped the boxes on the bed and turned to mom.

“You can go back to the venue, we’ll be there shortly” Mom told them and they both nodded with a bow before leaving.

“Now let’s dress you up, princess” Mom squealed before opening one of the two boxes.

And there, she was holding the most pretty yellow dinner gown I’ve ever come across.

I slowly took a step close, my eyes had become watered.

I trailed my fingers over the glimmering pearls on the [email protected] area- this so beautiful.

“Do you like it?” Mom grinned and I sniffed back my tears.

“Mom” I pushed myself to her, embracing her tightly.

“I love it mom, it’s so beautiful” My voice quavers.

“Awww… Baby”
“I’m glad you love it”


“Careful” Mom says, holding onto my right hand as we headed to ‘God knows’

After I was done dressing, Mom used a scarf to covered my eyes before we left the hotel room, and now I don’t have an idea of what’s going on.

“Do I have to be blindfolded?” I asked her, counting my steps slowly.


are close already” She says and I smiled.

“Are you ready?” Mom asked after a few more walk.

“I am absolutely more than ready, mom” I grinned.

And I could feel the scarf leaving my eyes- thank goodness.

I flicked my eyelids opened at the same time the lights turned on.

“Happy birthday, Audrey!” Everyone in the room shouted happily with a round of applause.

Oh my goodness..

I looked at everyone faces, I noticed they were all my classmates.

But how?

I stood dumfounded, as I watch everyone with smiles on their faces.

Kwan, Hazel and Ryan approached me from nowhere, grinning.

They were all dressed, nicely.

“Happy birthday, darling” Hazel hugged me and says.

Followed by Kwan, then Ryan.

I couldn’t utter a word, so I just watch them.

“Come on, don’t be a baby” Ryan swat my arm playfully and they all laughed.

“Whoa, we are glad you love the surprise, anyways” Hazel said and I finally gulped before speaking up.

“You guys knew about this?” I bit out, I’m really short of words.

I looked behind me, mom was out of sight already.

“Of course sweetheart” Kwan winked, adjusting the strap of her black dress.

“You’re looking so sweet” Hazel blew me a kiss but I just rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, she’s looking hot”

“Min jun is one lucky guy, isn’t it?” Ryan added and I think I blushed at the mention of his name.

“Oh look at her cheeks girls, she’s bushing already” Kwan teases and they all laughed heartedly.

“Now let’s enjoy the party!” They hooked their arms with mine, and mixed with others.

“Happy birthday, Audrey”

We looked up to see Kwan’s boyfriend or should I say ex boyfriend cause they’re not together anymore.

He came too?

“Thanks” I said with a little smile.

“Here’s a present for you, I hope you like it” He stretched out a small wrapped box to me.

I glanced at my friends and they gave a nod, except Kwan though who was looking ahead.

“Thanks, Seo yun” I collected it from him.

He smiled at me before turning to Kwan.

“I would like to have a word with you later, Kwan” He said to Kwan.

“What word?” Kwan fired.

“Oh, you’re planning to humiliate me once more?” She barked and I held her palm.

“Calm down, girl”

She slowly removed her hand and walked away.

“Kwan!” Seo yun called after her, but she didn’t stop.

He sighed before turning to face me.

“Audrey, you’re the only person I know she would listen to” He began and we all watch his mouth.

“Please, I need you to beg Kwan, I really want her”

We all shared a short glance.


“It was true I wanted to play with her feelings, but since the day you talked senses into my skull, I’ve been full regrets and it was then I realised how much I like her” He explained sadly, and I feel for him.

One could see the sincerity on his face, boldly.

“I understand how you feel, Seo yun”
“Don’t worry, I’ll help you talk to her” I assured him with a smile.

“Really?” His face brighten up and I nodded.

And without notice, he hugged me.

“Oops” Hazel said.

“Thanks, Audrey”

“Enjoy the party” I told him and he nodded before leaving.

“I didn’t see that coming” I said after he had left.

“Me too” Hazel and Ryan also said.

“Happy birthday, Crazy”
We all turned to the direction- it’s crazy blondie.

My eyes bulged at once.

Who invited her?

“I don’t know how your single mom had managed to do this, but I must commend she really did a great job” She sneered, looking around the whole place.

She took her eyes back to my my figure, my eyes glowered as I stare at her and which she equally keep the gaze.

I don’t know how they invited Audrey’s classmates, but must crazy blondie be included?🙄

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