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Truth or Dare episode 52

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🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌿Episode Fifty two🌿

💌Audrey POV💌

I breathe out softly, I shouldn’t allow a dim-witted girl to ruin my mood, especially on this special of day mine.

“Enjoy your day” She blew a kiss and sauntered off with her friend, not after glaring at Ryan.

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“Those two can never change” Ryan snorted beside me as we watch them walk away.

I groaned inwardly before turning to them.

“Tell me, how did you invite everyone?” I queried.

They both looked at each other and sighed.


“Just tell me, I want to know” I chipped in calmly.

“Your mom and Min jun were the masterminds” Hazel confessed and my eyes dimmed.

“Duffer knew about this?” I asked, blinking my eyelids.

“Of course, psycho” I heard his voice at my back and I felt my heart started beating tremendously.

“Whoa..” Ryan eyes widened as they both stare at Duffer behind me.

“You’re looking extraordinary handsome, Min jun” Ryan says, beaming with smiles.

“Thanks girl, you’re not looking bad either” He complimented and her cheeks turned red.


“Hi, Hazel” He greeted but Hazel just stared on, not saying a word.

What’s happening?

I eventually turned around and believe me, I regretted it instantly.

He was cladded in a black suit, looking so smart and responsible ever. His hair was gelled backward but a strand was on his forehead.

He’s a perfect definition of a semi-god.
I mean, God took out his time to create this kid.

He took a step forward and his cologne hit my nostril.
Oh my.. the scent was very nice.

He towered above me and I cringe, looking everywhere but not his breath taking face.

“I already told you to stop drolling psycho, I’m all yours”
“Fry me, I am your chicken” He spoke in a husky whisper.

My eyes traveled slowly and stopped on his face, he winked and I gulped, trying to bring myself together.

Say something, Audrey.

“Uhmm.. what are you doing here?” I muttered the first words that came into my mind, but with the look he shot me, I realised it was gibberish.

He finally stood properly to face Hazel and Ryan.

I sighed with relief- thank goodness.

“Can I borrow her for a while?” He asked them politely,

“Of course, of course, she’s all yours” They both chorused, grinning like they’d just won a lottery.

“Thanks girls, where’s Kwan, by the way?” He asked, darting his eyes everywhere.

“She just went off, probably sulking around” Ryan answered, folding her hands on her chest.

“Is there a problem?” Duffer asked again.

“We’ll sort it Min jun, but now you should go enjoy the moment with her” Hazel says, she took my hand and handed it to Duffer.

Crazy girl.

I wanted to remove my hand from his, but he held onto it tighter.

I looked at him and he winked. I quickly took my eyes away, I hate it when he does that.

“Alright girls, later” Duffer waved to them and started pulling me along.

I rolled my eyes. Gosh!

“You’re gonna tell us everything in details when you return, girl” Ryan shouted and I scoffed.

What’s she saying?

We finally arrived at a place, after a long walk inside the premises.

“What’s this place?” I asked him, staring at the canopy before us.

He smiled, not letting go of my hand.

“You should come see for yourself” He replied.
I just breathe out and we both walked into the canopy.

My lips fell apart immediately we got inside the canopy.
There was a table and two chairs at the middle, with different dishes placed on it.

Above are, lightened Chinese lanterns, looking so beautiful.

I gently removed my hand from his hold and walked deeper into the canopy.

How did he do all these?

Something gripped my attention and I stopped on tracks.

My lips curved to a wide smile as I stare at myself in the large picture frame. It’s an art of me, just like the sketch in my room. But the difference is that, I was wearing the same yellow gown I wore the day Duffer came to my house.

Hang on..


quickly crouched down in front of the picture frame and checked beneath it.

Oh my..
It’s Aaron’s art, with exact font just like the one in the sketch.

“How did you get him, Duffer?” I asked, trailing my fingers over the impressive art.

“You mean the artist?” He chuckled.

I stood up and went to where he was standing.

“I am damn serious right now Duffer, I really want to meet him, I told you how much I like his art, didn’t I? I rushed my words, resisting the urge to cry.

His smiled grew wider.

“So could you please take me to him?” I begged earnestly, rubbing my palms together.

I watched as he twisted his lips, probably resting the urge to laugh.

“Why should I take you to him when he’s standing before you?” He shrugged and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m serious right now, you fool” I pushed his chest.

“I’m serious too, psycho” He laughs and then reality whipped me.

Oh my.. it’s true!
He was the only outsider that saw the yellow gown on me that day.

“So you’re Aaron?” I bit out, staring at his face.

“Yeap, my foreign name actually” He replied with a sincere smile and that got me wild.

“So you were the same person I’ve been looking for all this while?” I barked and pushed his chest.

“But I didn’t know you were looking for me” He defended.

“Didn’t I explain everything to you the other day you came to my house, you dummy” I pushed his chest again, but this time I didn’t stop.

“I told you how much I like the artist and was really eager to meet him, but you were right under my nose but still kept mute” I complained bitterly, still pushing his chest.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and brought it down.

“I’m so sorry about that, I just wanted to surprise you, never knew you were really serious about meeting the artist so soon” He said truthfully and I swallowed before looking away, sniffing back the tears that were ready to stream down.


you please forgive me?”

Chun cha(Audrey’s mom)

“Hi ma’am” Kwa young greeted with a bow as I welcomed she and her father.

“How are you dear?” I smiled down at her and she nodded, also smiling.

“Come on in” I led them into the hall.

“Where’s Audrey?” Kwa young asked, I took my eyes around in search of her.

“She was with her friends a while ago” I answered her, still looking around.

“I’ll go look for her then” She said and ran off before I could utter another word.

“This is absolutely beautiful, Chun cha” Jung spoke up beside me.

I almost forgot he was here all along.

“Thank you for everything, Jung” I said gratefully, with a light smile on my face.

“You should stop thanking me Chun cha, Audrey is also my daughter and you should know I’m ready to do whatever it takes for her to forgive me” He said with a rueful smile.

“She’s really coming around lately, don’t worry she will surely forgives you, you’re her Dad after all” I assured him and his face brighten up a bit.

“Thank you so much, you don’t know how I feel hearing those words from you”

“It’s fine, come have your seat” I gestured forward, he nodded with a smile before following me.

You can do this, Min jun.. my subconscious mind assured for the third time.

I released a deep breath.

I slowly dropped my fork before glancing at her, she looks happy as she took every bite.

I smiled to myself, triumphantly.
I’m glad she loves the dishes.

She carried the glass of wine and raised it to her lips, she sipped from it and dropped the glass on the table.

“That was superb” She smiled, dabbing at her mouth with a napkin.

“I’m glad you loved it” I grinned like a jolly panda.

“So can we head back to the party?” She rose on her feet and I also stood up.

“Uhmmm… Are you bored here with me?” I asked, scratching my nape.

She opened her mouth to talk, but the low music that started playing cut her off.

I took few more steps closer, I stretched my hand forward like every gentle men does.


I have this dance?”

She smiled softly before shaking her head sideways.

“I don’t know how to dance” She swat my hand and made to walk away, but I was quick to grab her arm and pushed her to myself.

Our gazes locked as we stare at each other’s eyes, intensely.

My heart began to do its normal movement whenever we are so close.

“Audrey, I don’t know what you’ve done to me” I began, still staring into her dazzling her eyes.

“But I figured you’ve stolen my heart and you’re not ready to let it go”

“I kept reminding myself I was not made to love, I kept lying to myself I haven’t fallen in love with you, but I was only hurting myself, Audrey” I continued, my heart thumping very fast in my chest.

“But since that night you told me you love me, I couldn’t contain my happiness. I felt on top of the world, the only girl that succeeded in capturing my heart loves me in return” I paused, to study her expression but I couldn’t fathom the look on her face.

I leaned more closer, our breath fanning against each other’s face.

“I love you, Mi cha” I confessed.

“I want you right by my side always, since you’re not letting go of my heart anytime soon”

I took my lips into my mouth and slowly let my hands rested on her waist.

“Will you be my girl?” I threw the question at her.
Her eyes bulged but I just smiled.

She gulped, and opened her mouth to say something but I crashed my lips against hers immediately.

Am I really doing this?

I delved deep to dwell into her mouth and it took her some seconds before she reciprocated, expertly.

Our lips were in rythm, none of us was willing to break from the intense kiss.

I smiled in between the kiss, it explains a lot.
One could tell we’ve been yearning for each other for quiet long.

Am I the only one blushing right now?🙈

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