November 29, 2021

Truth or dare episode 55


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌊Episode Fifty five🌊

|•Min jun POV•|

I barged into the house and headed straight to my room, with heavy heart.

“Welcome, master Aaron” The maid I approached greeted with a bow.
I didn’t even spare her a glance as I walked past her.

I pushed my door room opened and went inside.

*It was actually a Truth or Dare game* Audrey was dared to go and tell Min jun she loves him*

I shoved my fingers into my hair as those lines kept replaying in my head.


I brushed everything on the table away, including my painting tools. I didn’t stop as I continue pushing everything that comes my way, furiously.

“Why, Audrey?” I yelled on top of my voice.
“Why would you do this to me?”

I got on the bed and threw the four pillows to the floor, I kicked the bedside lamp and it smashed on the floor.

I stood on my feet again, I pulled the bedspread and duvet, tossing them angrily to the floor.

“Master Aaron” I heard a maid’s voice from outside.

“Leave me the f**k alone!” I thundered and I’m sure she would have left immediately.

“Audrey, why?!” I cried in anguish, hitting my fist against the wall.

Suddenly, my phone shrilled inside my pocket, I brought it out and kept it on the table.

It’s Ryan. Why’s she calling me?
I don’t want to speak with anyone right now.

The phone stopped ringing and started ringing again, almost immediately.

I huffed before picking it.


it, Ryan?” I asked gruffly.

📞”It’s Audrey” She sobbed.
I gulped down before adjusting my bowtie.

📞”What happened to her?” I asked her, my voice dropped to a whisper.

📞”She was found in the pool lifelessly, and she’s not opening her eyes. We’ve brought her to the nearest hospital” She explained while sobbing and I felt my heart thud immediately.

📞”Which hospital?” I asked impatiently.

📞”The one closer to the event hall, Kwan, what’s the name of this hospital..”

I hung up on her and raced out of my room.

“Why on earth is there no cab?” I groused, pacing from one place to the other.

Aish, not tonight!

I dialed my driver’s number for the fifth time, but he’s still not picking.

I’m starting to regret I didn’t take the driving lesson when Dad had offered it to me.

*She was found in the pool lifelessly*

I’m going crazy.

Finally, I saw a car approaching my house and I quickly ran towards it. The car screeched to an halt and I discovered it was dad’s car.


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are you doing out this late, Aaron?” Dad asked immediately he alighted from the car.

I opened my mouth to talk, but the person that came down from the car after him made me lost my words.

What’s she doing here?

“I’m going back to the birthday party” I replied, trying to sound calm.

“But why?”
“Why did you come home in the first place when you were not ready to leave?”

“Just get back behind the wheels dad, it’s a long story but right now, I need to get back there” I told him before turning around to the passenger side.

She already moved backward so I can open the car door.

I slide into the car and glanced outside before facing Dad.

“What’s she doing here?”
“When did you start seeing each other?” I asked him, immediately he returned to the driver’s seat.

“It’s a long story, just like yours too” He smiled and I just scoffed.

“Let’s get going, Dad” I told him, impatiently.

“Come in, Eun kyung” He stretched his head out and told her.

She opened the back seat door and got in- I’m glad she’s not saying anything to me though.

Dad ignited the engine and speed into the road.

“What’s up with your restlessness, Min jun?” Dad spare me a glance and asked while driving.

“Is there a problem?”

I felt my throat burnt as I wanted to speak up.

“Audrey was found lifelessly in the pool” I replied as a tear dropped from my eyes.


my God!” He exclaimed.
“What happened?”
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I just told you dad, please drive faster” I urged him, swallowing down the pending tears.


“Min jun, you’re here” Ryan stood up and ran to me immediately she spotted me at the entrance of the reception.

“What happened, Ryan?”
“How’s she now?”

“The doctor is yet to come out since we got here”She shook her head as she talks.

I looked up..Kwan, Hazel, Kwa young, Audrey’s Mom and Dad, including Jordan were all present- with a pale expression on their faces.

It’s obvious Audrey’s Dad has been comforting her mom, with the position I met them.

She’s not looking up, she just stared down at the floor.

Shortly, Dad walked past me and went to where Audrey’s mom was sitting.

“Hi ma’am” Dad greeted politely, with a short bow.
She only glanced up and only nodded.

Everyone rose to their feet simultaneously, immediately a doctor came in.

“Where’s her parents?” The young female doctor asked, removing her glasses from her eyes.

“I’m her mother”
“I’m her father” They both chorused.

“Well, I must say it’s a good thing you brought her here early enough, otherwise something else might have occurred” The doctor begun, and everyone listened attentively as she talks.

“I can certainly tell you that she was pushed into the pool, and with the way water had ran into her nostril, ears and even eyes, I guess she can’t swim, isn’t it? ”

“Yes doctor, my daughter do not know how to swim, she has phobia of swimming right from kid” Audrey’s mom choked on her words, water streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s okay ma’am, stop crying.. your daughter will be fine” The doctor assured.

“I just wonder who could have done that to her, but it’s fine you have nothing to worry about”

“We’ve done all the necessities and I assure you she’s going to open her eyes before 1:pm tomorrow” The doctor assured with a smile on her face and a sighed of relief from everyone filled the air.

“Thank goodness” Everyone says.

“Can we go see her now?” Audrey’s mom asked, beaming with smiles.

“Of course ma’am” She said before turning to a nurse standing behind her.

“Take them to her ward” The doctor instructed.

“Thank you so much, doctor” My Dad and Audrey’s dad says, the doctor smiled and bow before walking away.

I watched as everyone followed the nurse, grinning at one another.

“You’re not going with them?” I heard her voice at my back.

Oh.. I almost forgot she was here.

I breathe out heavily rather relieved.
I went ahead and sat on one of the metal seat in the reception.

“How are you feeling now?” She sat beside me and asked, in a motherly tone.

I glanced at her and our eyes locked for a while.

Oh lord..
Heaven knows how much I miss this woman.

“I’m good, I must say I felt glad to hear she’s okay” I answered, calmly.

“That’s good”

A short silence fell in afterwards.

“Do you love her?” She broke the silence.

My breathe hitched for a while, I blinked my eyes before facing her.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked her, looking away from her nice looking face.

I still wonder how she and Dad had encountered though.

“Maybe you’ve forgotten so soon that you’re my son” She said in a teary voice.

“Till forever, I’ll keep regretting my decision back then, Min jun” She moved closer.

Tears gathered in my eyes.

“Forgive me, Min jun”
“I have no excuses whatsoever but believe me, I can go to any length to earn your forgiveness, son”

I slowly turned before pushing myself to her.

“Omma!(Mom)” I cried in her chest.
“I miss you so much, mom”


miss you more son, please forgive me”She held me tightly to her chest, like I’m going to run away.

“I can’t bear to stay mad at you forever, but please don’t leave me again” We both wept bitterly.

“Of course son, I don’t want to be separated from you ever again” She sobbed.
I smiled amidst my cries.

Now I realised how much I missed her.


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