November 29, 2021

Truth or dare episode 56


🎗️Truth or Dare🎗️
(She detest guys, he despise girls)

🌱Episode Fifty six🌱

🌀Min jun🌀

Hand in hand, mom and I went inside Audrey’s ward and all eyes turned on us immediately we stepped in. Her bed was surrounded by everyone.

Dad met my gaze and a genuine smile plastered on his face while nodding his head.

Audrey’s mom was sitting on the bed, holding Audrey hand in hers as she stared at her face.

“Come over, Min jun” Hazel gestured at me and I started counting my steps towards them, with Mom beside me.

Jordan moved aside before I got to the bed-I wonder what he was still doing here though.

I stood rooted, her face had become so pale and immediately, regrets started eating me up.

I blinked the tears that had gathered in my eyes while watching her face- she was still looking beautiful nevertheless.

I was lost staring at her face but suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I looked up to see Audrey’s mom smiling down at me.

“I’ll be outside for a while too” She announced and started walking out of the room and it was then I noticed everyone has stepped out.


I sat down on her bed and carefully took her hand in my palm.

“I’m very sure of one thing” I began, not looking away from her face.

“If I hadn’t left the party, then something like this wouldn’t have happened”

“I’m so sorry, Mi cha” I apologized as a tear rolled down my cheeks on its own.


I promise you that, whosoever that did this to you won’t go scot-free”

“Just open your eyes soon, okay?”

“I’m missing you so bad already” I concluded.

My fingers caress her hand as more tears dripped from my eyes.

I’m truly sorry, Audrey.

I found an isolated area at the hospital. I sat on a seat, staring ahead.

I need to figure out how she was pushed into the pool.

But how?
How do I go about that?

“Hi, bro” Jordan’s voice snapped me out of my thought. I glanced over at him and my jawline tightened.

“What do you want, Jordan?” I asked gruffly.

“Chill bro, we need to think together” He sat beside me and says.

I rolled my eyes.

“Remember Audrey is also my friend”
I switched my gaze to his figure again and he nodded with a smile.

I ignored him and turned forward.

He cleared his throat after a short silence.


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I guess the first assignment is to find out who pushed her into the pool, right?” He asked, but I didn’t say a word.

“I know how we can do that, Min jun” He says and I quickly turned to him.

“How?” I muttered and I watched as a smirk ran across his lips.

Chun cha (Audrey’s mom):

“Thanks everyone, I really appreciate you all” I say to them as we all approached the hospital garage.

“Please do not hesitate to call me once you get home, I need to speak with your parents” I turned to Audrey’s friends and told them.

Jordan had left with Min jun’s mom earlier, while Min jun had left with his dad.

“It’s fine ma’am, the most important thing is that our Audrey is okay” Hazel said and I just smiled.

So loving.

Jung’s driver opened the car door for them, they all shared a parting hug with me and started to hop in one after the other, including Kwa young.

“Goodnight ma’am, please take care of yourself too” Kwan says with a wave before the driver shut the door.

I took few steps backward and turned to Jung.

“Thanks for your time” I told him, avoiding his gaze.

Suddenly, he took my right hand tenderly and I was forced to look at him.

“Will you ever stop thanking me Chun cha, Audrey’s is also my daughter- I keep telling you that” He reminded calmly and I just smiled.


should get going Jung, it’s late” I told him, looking up at the dark sky.

“But what do I do, I don’t want to leave your side one minute” He said in his baritone voice, staring intensely at my face.

I chuckled softly as I shake my head sideways.

“Don’t be ridiculous Jung, just get in the car; the girls are waiting” I urged him, pushing him slightly towards the car.

“You’re chasing me?” He teases and I laughed.

“Well, you should come see your daughter tomorrow” I told him.

“Of course my lady, I’ll be the first person she would set her eyes on once she opens her eyes tomorrow” He said solemnly, but I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my mouth.

“I’m serious” He added.

“Enough already Mr Jung, you and I both know it’s impossible”

“And why do think it’s not possible?”

“Are you kidding me, I’m sleeping over with my daughter and you..” I trailed off.

“It’s okay, I’ll just drop the girls and come back then” He said obstinately and I shook my head with an eye roll.

“What’s this?” He pressed his hand to my cheek.
I turned around, and a red dot was pointing at my forehead.

“What’s going on, Jung?” I asked perturbed.

The red dot was now aiming at him.

“Move back, Chun cha” He ordered, looking everywhere probably looking for where the red light was coming from.

“You should move back too..” My voice quavers as I shivered in fear. The red dot pointed to my chest and all of a sudden, Jung pushed me back roughly causing me to fell on the floor and the next thing I heard was a gun shot.

I covered my ears with my hands.

“What was that?” I gulped, my heart beating heavily.
Jung collapsed to the floor and it was then reality hit me.

“Jung!” I shouted as I stood up and rushed to where he was lying.

His grey shirt has soaked with his own blood.

“Open your eyes, Jung” I cried, shaking him roughly.

The girls had also raced out of the car, including the driver.

“Daddy!” Kwa young shrieked as she crouched beside him.

“Don’t this to me Jung, please open your eyes”

“Somebody call the doctor!!” I yelled to no one in particular and everyone scurried off immediately.

“Daddy, it’s Kwa young- open your eyes” We both sobs as we shook him.

Securities are now at the scene while the police car approached us, with its siren wailing.

Mia(Kwa young’s mom);

It’s 8:30pm, Jung and my daughter are not back yet.

Isn’t this a bad idea?

I shouldn’t have allowed my daughter to go with him, but it’s because I want my plan to be executed without a trace.

And now they aren’t home yet?
Is the party really that breezy for them not to be home yet?

I picked my cellphone on the stool closer to me and called Jung’s phone.

The phone rang for some minutes, but he was not picking up.

Whoa, whoa, I’m sure he’s enjoying the moment with his ex wife.

Don’t worry Mia, everything is coming to an end tonight.

Maybe I should just call Kwa young then.. I thought as I dailed her number.

She didn’t pick up at the first and second ring and I was starting to get worried, but I was glad she picked up at the third ring.

📞”How are you sweetheart?” I asked cheerfully.
I carried the glass of wine on the stool and raised it to my lips.


I heard her sobbed and I stood up, abruptly.

📞”What’s wrong dear, why are you crying?”

📞”It’s dad, mom” She answered, still sobbing.

📞”What happened to your Dad, Kwa young?” I asked and she bursted into tears.

📞”Talk to me, what happened to my husband?” I asked her impatiently.

📞”He was shot, mom”
I felt my heart shattered immediately, and even the glass of wine I was carrying crashed to the tiled floor.

Oh my goodness..

I quickly hung up on her and with shaky fingers, I called Spencer’s phone.

📞”Tell me it’s not true, Spencer” I fumes into the phone immediately he picked up.

📞”I’m sorry boss, I lost the target” He said, remorsefully.

📞”To hell with you, Spencer!” I thundered, pacing the room, restlessly.

📞”Listen and listen good, if anything happens to my husband, then I promise you a bullet in your dumb skull” I threatened, through clenched teeth.

I hung up and rushed out of the house.

“Richard! Richard!!” I shouted his name as I approached the garage.

“Yes ma’am” He says faintly as he walk out of nowhere, holding his stomach.

“Get in the car this minute!” I shot at him before opening one of the cars in the garage.

“But where are we going this late, ma’am?” He questioned and I became more livid, I shut the door before sending a resounding slap across his cheek.

“Don’t ever question me again, now get in the car” I fumed.

“Yes ma’am”
“But I can’t drive in this state I am right now” He says, staring down.

“What state?!” I yelled.

“I’ve been purging since afternoon and despite all I’ve used, it wouldn’t stop” He explained.

I huffed, ruffling my hair.

“Are you for real?”
“You can’t even manage?”
“This is very urgent, Jung was shot” I told him and his eyes widened as he become restless.

“Will you go now?” I asked him calmly.

“Maybe I should go get the gatekeeper then” He said and made to walk away.

He stopped walking and held his stomach.

This is driving me crazy.

“Where’s the car key?” I fired.

“Here ma’am” He dug his hands into his trouser pocket and stretched it to me.

Before I could snatch it from him, he already threw it to the floor and started running towards his quarters, holding his butt and stomach in the process.

Foolish boy.

I picked it and hurried towards the same car I had opened earlier.


I handled the steering with a hand while I used the other to call Kwa young’s phone.

📞”Hi mom”

📞”Send me the hospital name, I’m on my way”
I kept the phone on the passenger seat, and it buzzes almost immediately.

I slow down a bit and picked the phone, I read the text and continued driving but this time, speedily.

Thank goodness, it’s close.

I drove like a maniac, cussing Spencer inwardly.

He messed things up again! But I’m never going to forgive him this time, if anything should happen to Jung.

Suddenly, a truck honks and I was snapped out of my thought. It drove to my direction and I tried making using of the brakes, but I think it’s late.

I panic as I kept stepping on the brakes, but to no avail.

Good Lord!

The truck crashed against my car, and everywhere became dark immediately- it was a blackout, not even a tiny ray of light.

Hmmm.. who else is thinking what I am thinking?🤔

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