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Twins battle episode 2


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. lina

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Lisa we better think of a plan, cause i can’t have s£x with that old man; i said

Neither me lina, i don’t even have the strength and body to do all that; lisa said

What are you girls murmuring about;my mom said

Nothing mom, we are just talking about the shoot; lisa said

Hmm, anyway this is the hotel name and room number my mom said giving lisa a piece of paper and a key

Let’s go i dragged lisa by the hand we went outside

The body guard opened the car door for us
Were to ma’am; the driver said

Lisa gave him the piece of paper my mom gave her

Lisa i think i have a plan;i said
What plan do you have lina, i hope is not a plan that will land us into trouble; lisa said

Not really, we’re gonna look for two girls who will sleep with that old man; i said

How is that possible Lina, you know that Mr Gael knows us, so how is he gonna sleep with another girls when he knows they her not us; lisa said

I know lisa that’s way we will be giving him this; i said showing her a bottle

Was that ; lisa said

This is a drug that will make someone to lose their sense when taking to the system, it will fade away after 5hrs ;i said

Okay but is not gonna hurt him;lisa said

Not at all lisa, he won’t be able to figure out who he slept with, but his gonna know he had s£x with someone he went remember the face of the person; i said

Okay i like the plan, but who gave you the drugs ; lisa said

I bought it;i said

We are here; the driver said a guard opened the door for us

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We stepped out from the car and walked to the receptionist

Good morning ma’am; the receptionist said

Good morning to you too ;lisa said smiling at her

Wow am i dreaming, is this really the L’s am one of your biggest fan ; the receptionist said smiling like a fool

Ooh really, am honored that you’re one of my biggest fan; lisa said

Can we ask you for a favor; lisa said to the receptionist

Yes you can, and i will gladly do it ; the receptionist said

Please can you help us with two slim girls that are prostitute; lisa said

Okay we actually have a runs babe in this hotel, so is a easy task; she said

The receptionist purchase some numbers on the landline

Hello please can you tell harmony and sweet to come to the reception, someone just booked them; she said over the phone

She dropped the call,

They’re coming ; she said lisa nodded her head

The two girls finally came
One was putting on a very short black gown, with black heels and a black hand bag

While the other one was putting on a bum short and a crop top

Good morning the one putting on black gown said eating gum like does prostitute

This is harmony and this is sweet; the receptionist girl said showing us harmony and sweet

Harmony is the one putting on black gown and sweet is the one putting on bum short

Harmony is more beautiful than sweet

They’re are the one that booked for you guys;the receptionist said

Please let’s go to the room and discuss; i said leading the way

We told the girls everything we want them to do, and also their money

There was a knock at the door

I think the man is here, you will have to go to the restroom and wait for our signal okay; i said they nodded their head and went to restroom

Lisa opened the door and the man walk in

Hello girls, how are you doing; Mr Gael said

We are fine sir ; i said smiling
Okay so let’s begin;he said opening his trouser

Not so fast sir, we have to drink first so that our system will be ready to accept your big d**k; lisa said licking her mouth with her tongue in a seduce manner

Yes sir She’s right;i said
Okay, is it alcohol or non- alcohol; Mr Gael said

Alcohol sir ; i said
He made some phone call and the drinks was brought minutes later

We all sat on the chair, a table was at the middle

He opened the wine and turned it in our cup’s we started drinking

Lisa looked at me telling me is time, i brought out the bottle from my bag

Mr Gael i think your phone is ringing;lisa said

Mr Gael stood up and walk to the bed, i hurriedly poured all the all drugs in his drink, before he came back

My phone is not ringing;he said sitting down

I thought i heard your phone ringing, don’t mind me Mr Gael; lisa said smiling i also smiled

He drank all his drink, he started behaving strangely

Harmony and sweet is time; i said
They came out, off their clothes they also off the man’s clothes

Mr Gael made s£x with them in an aggressive manner with his long and thick d**k

Thank god we came up with this plan ;lisa said

Mr Gael fvcked them for close to 2hrs
He slept off after the love making

We are ready to go, please give us our money;sweet said

I gave them their money and they left
Lisa we better start going ; i said we walk out of the hotel

The driver took us home

Did everything went well; mom said immediately she saw us

Yes ; the both of us said and went upstairs

Lina what are we gonna have for dinner;lisa said

Maybe doughnuts and juice my favorite;i said smiling

We took our bath went down stairs to take doughnuts and juice

Lisa please put the doughnuts on the bed; i said she kept it on the bed the both of us sat at the bed eating and playing

We were through with our dinner, we did some pillow fight and played alot of games before we sleep



We were waken up by a loud bell
Me and lina hurried to the bathroom, we don’t need anyone to tell us what that sounds of bell means

We came out from the bathroom, put on a dressed we did a light make up

Lina please be fast ; i said going down stairs

Good morning mom; i said
She only nods her head without saying anything,

Where is lina; she said starring at me
An over here mom; lina said coming down from the stairs

We are going to Mr Gael company; my mom said

We all enter the car and the driver drove off

Minutes later we got to the company

Good day ma’am we have been waiting for you; a young lady said smiling

Sorry for the delay;my mom said in a friendly manner

The shoot is on the last floor please follow me; the lady said

We followed her to the last floor, everything was ready for the shoot

Lisa and lina is time for your make-up; the lady said and took us to a room

We did similar make-up
We pulled our dress they gave us a white towel to tie

We stepped out from the room and moved over to were the shoot will take place

They gave us some body cream and soap
We did some posture

You will have to go [email protected] for the shoot to look real; mr Gael said licking his mouth

Me and lina looked at our mom

Take off the towel and go [email protected]; our mom said

I looked at lina a tears dropped from her eyes

The all world will have to see our [email protected], a tears dropped from my eyes
I took lina hand telling her not to cry


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Lisa is the eldest and the caring one
Lina is the youngest and arrogant one
SUSAN IS the mother of both Lisa and lina

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