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Twins battle episode 5 – 6



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🔹🔸 EPISODE: 5🔹🔸
WRITTEN BY success 🌸🌸

You ain’t feeling fine, we better start going home Wesley; lisa said picking her bag from the chair close to her

Okay let me drop you guys home Wesley said

He dropped us home and he left
I went to my room, i guess lisa also went to her room

I don’t know what’s happening to me, why am i not happy for my sister, since Wesley find interest in her

Why am i so jealous of my own twin sister i really don’t understand what’s happening to me or do i need a doctor, am ill for me to be having this feelings of jealousy towards my sister

Am so confused right now, i don’t want anything that would separate us
What am i gonna do

I slept off without knowing


I sluggishly stood up from my bed, went to the bathroom and have a cold bath

I put on a short, and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast

I severed the food,
Lisa i shouted her name

She came down also wearing the same clothes with me, i smiled at her

We ate breakfast quietly before she broke the silence

Lina i think am in love with Wesley,and he his asking me out, should I accept his proposal; lisa said

I don’t know lisa; i said picking on my food
I stood up about to leave the dining room

Where are you going to lisa said
To my room i just lost my appetite;i said climbing the stairs

I played games on my phone, watched some movies, when i checked the time it was already evening

I skipped lunch, i heard the door bell rang
I went out from my room to the sitting room, i saw Wesley kissing lisa

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I was heart broken, am trying to stop my heart from getting jealous but i can’t

I ran to the both of them and separate them

Why can’t you love me huh, ain’t the both of us twins, don’t we have the same face

What’s so special about lisa that you can’t notice me;i said hitting his chest

Please Wesley can you leave;lisa said in a thick voice

Wesley POV

Yes this is what me and my mom is waiting for, our plan is already working

We have course confusion in there mist
That’s our greatest weapon

We can now break the twins cause they are know longer on good terms

Victory is mine, i laughed cause i already won

Lina POV

Wesley already left

Lina what was that for; lisa said looking at me

You know i love Wesley, but what did you do you seduce him; i said climbing the stairs

You never told me you have feelings for him, how am i to know that you have feelings for him lina

Wish i knew on time, i wouldn’t have accepted his proposal, i wouldn’t have gone deeper

I asked you this morning but you said nothing;lisa said climbing the stairs with me

We got to the last floor,
Please lisa stop following me, i said

I won’t we have to talk, we have to sort this out

Sort what out huh, when his already inlove with you;i said

Lisa hugged me from behind

We can sort this out, but not this way please listen to me lina; lisa said still hugging me

I angrily pushed her from my body, and she missed her step, she fell from the building

Lisa!!!! I shouted her name

I love you lina ❤ please stay safe; she said


WRITTEN BY Success🌸🌸


Oh no what have i done, lisa i shouted her name and ran down stairs

Lisa was on the floor bleeding, me and the guard rushed her to the hospital

The nurse rushed her to the emergency room

I waited for 2hrs before the doctor came out, i ran to him when i saw him

Doctor please how is my sister; i said
Hmm i can see that the both of you are identical twins; he said breathing down

Am sorry to say but we lost her, she has inner bleeding in the head we tried all our possible best to stop the bleeding but it got to her brain, am sorry for your lost;he said and walk

I fell to the floor crying, what have i done i just killed my own sister

I went home and cried my life, am left all alone in this miserable life, in this wicked world

The bell rang, i sluggishly stood up from my bed, i slowly walked to the main door

I opened it to see Wesley, what are you doing here;i said

Lisa why are you crying;he said hugging me

But am not lisa why is he hugging me calling me lisa, i thought

Or he can’t differentiate us

Lina is dead i said cry,

Am sorry lisa, what happened to her; he said

She fell from the stairs i said

Everything will be fine okay;he said
I nodded my head

When are you gonna do the funeral; he said

I don’t know if i would be able to bury🔸 her am scared, i will just call the doctor to bury her in his hospital or anywhere; i said still crying

Okay, am gonna spend the night with you; he said

We went to my room,

Am kinda happy that lisa is dead cause now i can have Wesley all to myself

We slept that night Wesley is really funny


Good morning honey;Wesley said and kissed me on my lips i smiled

Good morning Wesley ;i said

Am going home now see you later;he said

Okay hope to see you later ; i said
He walked out of the room


I arrived home

Honey you’re back; my mom said kissing me on the lips

Yes my love; i said kissing my mom on her lips, she reciprocate

I gently off her dressed she was not putting on pant or bra, i grabbed her [email protected] and start sucking it has if my life depends on it

I pushed her to the bed, she already spread her legs, i moved to her and sucked the hell outta my mom pvssy

She stood up and start sucking my d!ck
I m0an out, my mom is just so good in sucking d!ck and she knows how to handle me on bed

We have s£x countless of times, until we got exhausted

I hope you’re not sleeping with lisa; Susan said using her hand to massage my d!ck

No mom am not sleeping with her;i said
That’s my boy my mom said sucking my d!ck

Ain’t you tired mom, i can see you want more s£x i said

No honey;she said and stood up from the bed

Me and my mom has come a long way, i was 15 years old when i started having s£x with my mom

My dad was the one that brought lisa and lina to our house

He loved them like his own children and abandon me and my mom

My mom got angry and killed my dad, the both of us buried my dad at the back of our house

We took all of my dad property cause my dad was rich

My mom took the twins to the slums so she could suffer them she used them to make money, until they threw her out of the house

I went to the sitting room i saw my mom sitting on a couch

Mom lisa is dead, i said smiling
My mom laughed

Is time for our plan B; my mom said kissing me


Me and Wesley are now dating, and i love him his just too caring

It has been up to 1 months lisa past away
Tho i missed her, and i regret what i did

I just hope she will one day forgive me

My phone rang i picked it and looked at the caller, i smiled a big smile when i saw it was Wesley calling

Sweet how are you doing; he said when i picked the call

Am fine honey, but am missing you;i said

Sorry honey, dress up am taking you for dinner, i will be out your place in 20mins;he said

Okay i will be waiting;i said
He ended the call, i ran into the bathroom took my bath

I dressed up, i heard the door bell

I pick my bag and catwalk to the main door i opened it to see my handsome boyfriend

We kissed, he opened the passenger side for me to seat

He moved to the driver seat, he started the car and drove off

Minutes later we got to a really beautiful restaurant

The waitress brought our order we started eating

Lisa ; Wesley called me he kneel down with one leg, he brought out a box opened it and there was a diamond ring in it

Lisa will you marry me ; he said with all seriousness

I smiled at him

Yes yes i will marry you ; i said kissing him


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