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TWINS – Episode 16
©Tisa Phiri
All Rights Reserved

Mwanida watched the main bedroom door. She shook her head hearing some soft giggles and whispers inside. Knowing so well Isabel was trapped in Jake’s play. She felt she knew Jake better for a jerk and a con man he was. The urge to go to the door and knock it loudly tell Isabel what has happened between her and Jake was so strong but she refrained knowing so well Jake would go on with his threats.

“I have to find a better way of getting this man” she whispered to herself and looked down at the baby who was pulling her asking for water.

” okey baby let’s get you some water, your father is a good man and I will try help him” she spoke to the baby as though she would respond to her.

A few days later, she decided to go and pay Mike a visit. After thinking through it she knew going to the police would be too risky. Aware Jake had some friends there ofcourse the ones who used to be Mike’s friend but he made them his.

She recalled him telling her that if she tried anything funny his friend would tell him before she was even done reporting it. She had tried going against him and went to report and she could not even reach the reception and Jake showed up.

” what the hell are you doing here Mwanida!” He yelled at her.

” I was just.. am. How Did you know i was coming here?” She stammered panicking.

” I told you woman, I have friends at the police and everytime you decide to sell me out know that I have myself covered. Now this time I will pretend you did not try this. But next time this happens you will know better than you know already know about me. Get over it Mwanida”

Jake warned her and drove away leaving her speechless. She looked around trying to see who told him but she could not pin it to any person around the place everyone looked innocent and seemed to be going about their business.

Here she was now trying option two. Trying to get to Mike. She looked at the room around her seeing some other people who went to visit prisoners. She inhaled deeply as she waited for Mike to be brought forward.

” Mwani?” Mike spoke surprised seeing her. He had expected to see Esther or better still his wife.

” yeah, how are you boss?” She smiled at him.

” what ? you know who I am? How did you know am in here?” He asked still shocked.

” it’s a long story Mike but am here to find a way of helping you. Partly it’s for me to ease my conscious because you were good to me and I had not done you justice with my actions. Another part is because I know you are a good man and deserves to know the truth and get out of here” she responded seriously

” I don’t understand” Mike shook his head.

” I know, I just want you to listen to me carefully Mike. Not that I need you to sympathise with me cause I have done a share of my own horrible things just like your brother. Am not what you think I am. Am an ex convict. My family, friends and the person I once loved abandoned me after I went to prison claiming I am a disgrace and threw away my banking career. I used to work as a nurse and later did banking ams worked in a bank. one day I wanted to make fast money getting a huge sum of some deposits for myself. That ended badly and I was given a 6 years jail sentence. ” she smiled sadly at the thoughts.

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” you telling me you are educated and yet came to work as a maid in my house?” Mike asked wondering about her revelation.

” yeah, it’s crazy right?” She smiled wipping a tear in her eyes.

” I had no where to go after I was released from my 6 years jail sentence. Of course my family is there but they made it clear even before I was released they wanted nothing to do with me. So I wanted to start all over again by myself.

I was approached by a woman, a wardress from the prison, she offered me to do a job for her and her friend. They offered me a good pay of which I thought I could use to start over. I came to know of what I was to do after agreeing to do it. I was told I had to work as a domestic worker but my main job was to be an eye and ear. I was to learn as much as possible and report back to them on my findings. ” she paused ensuring that Mike was listening on to her.

He sighed looking at her. ” so you were an imposter all this time? Now I know how my brother knew so much about me and my wife. You heard our stories and our past lives and channelled that to the man who has destroyed me. Can you tell me what happened now for you to come out after almost three years of working in my house” he asked seriously glaring at her.

“That’s true, I did all that. I knew who he was when he came to the house the time you and Isabel went for that vacation. Anyway, the point am trying to say here is I did all that becuse I was desperate, I lost everything after my sentence and the offer was good to make me start over. Now that I have come to know your brother too well, I started thinking of helping you out. I won’t go to the police becuase he has put someone to watch me from there. My last attempt failed and he threatens to harm me. ” she shrugged.

” if you want to help me now why not tell my wife about this. Let her take it up and report that jerk. She had to know the truth you know she has been living a lie for over a year” he told her.

” I am sorry about this Mike, I thought you knew.” Mwanida shook her head.

” knew what?” He asked sternly.

” Well that your wife knows that Jake switched your places. She has known for quiet some time now, I thought someone or even she told you” she looked at him.

” are you playing with me now Mwanida? What do you mean she knows? Why has she not done anything or better still come here to see me?” He shivered puzzled.

” I hate you will have to hear this from me. But your wife is acting weird Mike. She looks confused quiet alright but somehow she seems reluctant to let your brother go. He has been telling her he loves her and he is sorry and from the look of things she likes him too. She seems to be enjoying being with him than she was with you, am sorry Mike. ” she held his hand.

Mike sat back feeling his heart race faster. He did not know if he could believe what Mwanida was saying o not. But then he thought about it, if Meanida was telling him all that , what was she to gain by lying to him. Then it clicked, Jake was using her to manipulate him into thinking Isabel had turned against him. He wanted him to believe he had lost his wife to his brother.

” hahahahaha.. you are good you know that? You are so damn good you almost got me so worked out right now” Mike laughed clapping his hands.

” wow, Mwanida, who could have known, right? You are a very good actress and I give you five for that. How dare you!” He changed his facial expression from that of a laugh to anger.

” so you think you can play me and get me to think ill of my wife. Well I got news for you, go and tell your boyfriend am not buying it. His days are numbered and soon he will make a mistake. I will get out of here and have my family and life back. He cannot do this to me and get away with it, you included!” He scolded her pressing her hands hard making her wince in pain.

Mwanida shook her head… ” you are mistaken Mike. Your brother does not even know am here right now. If he did he would probably kill me. I came here on my own accord and no one forced me to. I just wanted to help you believe me or not” she spoke with so much calmness and sincerity but Mike found it hard to believe.

” I don’t know how but your wife received a call of which I suspect someone went to tell her about this. I stay in that house and I see it Mike. Your wife wants your brother. She is in a dilema to make a choice between the two of you. Take it or leave it, she has fallen for your brother too and if you are not lucky she will abandon you and stay on with him.

I know Jake, he made me sleep with him and promised me to be with him when he gets everything from you. The next day he comes to tell me he had fallen for Isabel and treats me like trash. I have nothing more to lose Mike, I thought a man would love me for me and chose me but I was wrong, that jerk used me all through and I was too blind to see it”

” yeah sure that’s it, he used you and you are bitter, or you are still being manipulated by him and saying all this poo to kiss me off. Say you are right, why hasn’t Isabel come to tell me that herself mmmm? ” Mike leaned forward.

” you are so behind on this Mike. It’s simple, she is ashamed period! She won’t come because she wants your brother and not you. She cannot face her husband knowing she is cheating. Well that’s what I call it cause she knows the truth yet at is still sleeping with him” Mwanida shrugged casully.

” get out of here Mwanida!, you will not succeed and i pray His reward and yours for helping in ruining my life. You deserve all that had happned to you and I hope you rot in hell!” Mike gnarled looking at her..

” am leaving but I know I have done my part. Believe me or not that is your problem don’t say i never told you” she responded standing up.

Mike watched her leave his heart aching, for some reason he wanted to belive her but yet he knew his wife would not do that to him.

” no she is lying, Isabel loves me and cannot do that to me. She would have come here, she could have gone to the police to report him” he kept thinking as they led him back to his cell.

A couple of days later he was called to the vistors room again and this time he walked in to see Esther. The first thing he asked her was about Isabel.

” does she know?” He asked immediately he sat down

” what? ” Esther responded

” I asked a question aunty Esther, does my wife know am here? “

” Mike what happened, did Jake come here?” She asked instead.

” answer my question please ” he breathed deep shaking as he realise she was trying to dodge his question.

Esther knew someone must told him and the Sad look on his face was scaring her. She nodded without saying a word.

” Well, damnmit! ” Mike stood holding his head.

” she knows huh! Well, that’s just great. “

” Mike calm down and sit please” Esther tried to get him calm.

” Why didn’t you tell me the last time you were here? Why didn’t you tell me the woman I love, my wife is sleeping with my brother and she loves him more than she did me?” He cried sitting down defeatedly.

” who told you all that?” Esther asked

” does it matter now? It does not matter, am stuck here forever. My own wife will not come to my aid. She has fallen for that idiot and is letting him succeed in taking my place. ” he shook his head crying.

” you have to calm down Mike. Now that we know Jake won’t hurt your family, atleast not for now anyway, lets get to use another way of getting him back in here. I will personally take it up. I will inform the police about the truth and let them investigate this. You will have your freedom back my son, you have to stay strong and positive like you have always been” she comforted him.

” what for anyway, I am better off dieing in here than go out there to be a laughing stock, everyone will know that I was betrayed by my brother and my wife damped me for him. ” he frowned.

” stop thinking about this Mike. Isabel is just confused, she will come to her senses soon and things will be okey “

” mmmmhmhmh she surely will, she has stayed out there for some time knowing am here and yet she cannot come to face me. Stop giving me false hope aunty Esther. Just stop please” he shook his head.

To be continued…



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