TWINS – Episode 21
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Mike looked at the figure of his brother seated uncomfortably in a chair his head leaning back on the stand of the chair. Mike sighed, before walking forward to him. He had left Isabel outside, deliberately wanting her in a position where she could hear everything going on in,side.

He cleared his throat to get Jake`s attention and successfully, he made him look up at him.

“ I had no idea a couple of cops coming to my hide out and bringing me here in a locked room instead of going to the police station was my innocent brother`s move.” Jake spoke staring at his brother who stood across his hands tucked in his trousers.

“Yeah, I told you brother Jake, prison is not the best option for you. I want you outside, I want you to live” Mike smiled pacing to and from his hands still in his pockets his face serious, Jake had no idea what was going on in his mind.

“What’s your plan Mike, you want to create a prison out here instead huh? Just accept man, you have lost it. You might have come out of that prison for sure but one thing is certain. You are afraid of me and you have lost it all. Your wife chose me! How does that feel hmm?” he teased shaking his head.

Mike refrained from making an instant comment. He knew Jake was trying to get him pissed off. If he had to go by his plan, he thought and decided he had to keep a level head and stay calm. So instead of responding to the sarcasm his brother was bringing on, he sighed,

“Well Jake I have one important question for you, do you love Isabel?”

It was clear Jake did not see that coming especially as calm as it did, he sharply looked up at his brother.

“You see Jake, I know you, I know what you are capable of, I know your weakness and I still loved you as my own blood brother. I want to hear the truth from you tonight. Trust me the answer you will give me will save us both a great deal of pain” he added causally pulling a chair and seating next to him.

“She is a beautiful woman, she makes me happy and yes I wanted to get you through her but I think I like her more than I intended. I don’t get why you asking me all this casually like that Mike. What is going on?” Jake narrowed his eyes to stare at his brother closely.

“I want you to have her, no” he paused “ I want you to have my life Jake, you envy the kind of life I lead, you took away my wife, my work, my money. Now I want to give it to you. Yes, all of it take it and let it be yours” he smiled maintaining a serious gaze at him.

“What was that” Jake asked with a laugh, he was now smiling thinking his brother was an idiot or had gone mad.

“yeah you heard me, I will not go back to sleep with a woman who is pregnant with my brother’s child Jake” he paused making sure that was taken and heard clear by Isabel from the other side of the door. She held her mouth shocked he knew about her pregnancy.

“oh yeah, I know about that” Mike shrugged speaking loudly like to answer Isabel`s unasked question.

“She does not want to tell me because now she is not sure of me. You know what though, the two of you deserve each other. Am not going to stress over you both. I swear to God I have had it and it’s so exhausting. The past year and some months has been hell and not to talk of the last few weeks after I knew my own wife has fallen for my imposter brother and will not look at me the same anymore. Well the good news is that you guys have won.” He sighed standing up

“I want you two to have each other,” he spoke whilst walking to the door to open it for Isabel to get in. Isabel opened her eyes wide open to look at Mike, she was not believing her ears. What her husband was up to was apparently not so clear. Slowly whilst looking at the two identical men before her eyes, she walked in.

“Mike what you are doing? “She asked her husband

“My lovely Ex-wife Isabel,” he smiled walking towards her and touching her chin up.

“This is it. You are free to live with my brother. From today onwards I set you free, I want you to have what I was never to give you. Since you found it in him” he looked at Jake. “Well, here he is, you have your happiness my dear Isabel. And you brother, worry not. I have given you what you wanted. Take her and be happy. I will not let you take my daughter though. She is mine and I deserve her.” He smiled again shocking Isabel.

“In addition to the gift of my wife, am leaving you all that money in that bag in the corner” he pointed at a bag placed in the corner which he came with.

“In there are some of my life savings. Use it to start something for yourselves a business or whatever I don’t care. The house we live in is all yours too. Am leaving this very night.”

“No Mike please you cannot do this” Isabel pleaded crying as she tried to hold his hand.

“Don’t touch me Isabel, please don’t “he shook her off.

“Yes I can and I have done it already. Am giving my brother all of the things he store from me only this time on my terms” he smiled looking at Jake who now had his head bow down to the floor.

“What is that Mike? What are your terms? Jake asked expecting the worst but when Mike responded he felt a blow of guilty rush through his veins.

“That you give me your name. Yes” he nodded, “I am Jake from now onwards, and you are Mike. “He shrugged seriously.

“You are joking right?” Isabel looked at him vigorously shaking her head.

“I have never been this serious my entire life Isabel. Am going away. The cops will not know about this, in fact no one will know except for Esther and Mwanida, I will have a talk with them from here. You two will go home and start living normally, whilst I will go away before morning. Where to do not ask, prove to me that you are better than me Jake. Am giving you a chance to prove yourself this time. No more interruptions from me. Go and be yourself, live as you always wanted to” he spoke standing up.

He went through his idea of leaving making sure he emphasized that his brother ought to play his part to ensure the cops do not get to know the truth. Mike later on went back home and took time telling Mwanida and Esther what he was up to. Their objection did not change his mind. He asked Mwanida to go with him as he needed someone to help with Elizabeth and since the baby was already used to her, he thought she will not feel abandoned so much by her mother.

“No Mike you cannot throw everything away like that” Mwanida tried to talk him out of it.

“This is all yours you worked for it, get that brother of yours in jail and turn everything around. You have nothing to lose anymore” she argued.

“I know that Mwanida, I know that for a fact. But I have made up my mind. Taking back Jake in prison will not change him because he never changed the last time he was in there for 10 years. I want him out here and I will not say a thing now but soon you will understand this. Just accept this and come with me please. The baby will need you.” Mike held Mwanida`s hand pleading.

“Go with him my dear, you have nothing to lose too. He knows what he is doing am sure of that, trust him” Esther added.

“I will get on my feet again do not worry. I went to talk to my partner yesterday and we agreed to split up. In a week I will have my part of the company money and that will get me started. I have the skills and the brains to get myself up again. We will be just do fine you know” he smiled standing up.

“Now listen carefully, I left Isabel and Jake somewhere. I want us to leave this place before morning, those two will come here. I have made arrangements with some people to take us somewhere for a few days till I conclude the company thing with my partner then we will travel out” he quickly told them the plan.

“So get what you can for yourself and the baby too. I arranged for a another cop to get the officers off duty tonight so we will not have someone stopping us”

An hour later the three of them, Mike, Mwanida and Esther where ready to move. Esther refused to move though. She had decided to go back her her daughter and promised to help them in any way she could. They parked everything in the vehicle and drove out. By the time they came to where Jake and Isabel were, it was past midnight. He left them in the vehicle and walked into the room they were locked up.

“Well guys time to go? “He sighed.

“ you can go back home and forget I ever existed” he spoke ignoring Isabel who kept shedding tears he was not sure whether it was for pain he had left her of shame of what she had done.

“Why are you doing this Mike? “ Jake asked in a very calm unusual voice.

“Well, I told you I want to give you what you have always wanted” Mike chuckled casually.

“What if I refuse to do as you say?” he challenged him standing up to him.

“Well I know you won’t Jake, you love a good free life and that is what I have offered you. Besides that I can easily have you prison or better still dead. Remember you made me who I have become now and am sure if you can kill a person, so can I” he warned seriously without blinking an inch.

Jake shook his head pacing around the room. He looked at Isabel who kept her head to the floor and shook his head,.

“I don’t want your wife Mike, take her with you. You….”

“Shshshsh don’t say it Jake, this is your wife now, you have her and you will take care of her. You told he you loved her and she told me she did feel good with you than she did with me, so there you have it, you two deserve each other” he frowned trying not to show how pissed he was even when he was acting strong and tough.

Jake was now shaking, he had never heard of such an act, he was expecting a jail sentence or death for what he did but the free gift he was just offered was too good to be true. How possible, he kept asking himself.

Without saying another word, Mike looked at both of them, his anger boiling in,side but he was smiling.

He knew they will not see it coming. The urge to take revenge was too intense against the advice by Esther to leave it to the lord. Mike had decide to work the rest of his life making sure the two people before him will learn it the hærd way.

“If you two think I can give you all this for free, I swear to God you are so mistaken “he scre-med in his head staring at them from the last time and leaving.

Isabel looked at Jake who was now standing by the window though he could not see anything from outside as it was dark.

“What now?” she asked wiping the tears away.

“Well, you heard him, let’s go home. “ Jake responded without looking at her face. He grabbed her hand lifting her from the ground and wal ked out to get a taxi outside carrying the bag full of some money his brother had left him.

Twins continues…



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