TWINS – Episode 22
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She kept looking back as the vehicle moved. She had just been forced to start a new life with a man she now was not sure of. Well, in her Heart she convinced herself she loved him.

Jake, however had not given her so much of the courage to believe he loved her as much as she did.

She didn’t have the courage to get to her parents and tell them what happned. Mike had turned the tables for her. He had sacrificed himself, his freedom and all just to give her away to his brother, even though she found it hærd to believe he was serious about it. Her reason for continually checking behind her was filled with hope she mighty see him driving to them and telling them he was just prunking them.

Unfortunately they got to their destination, that is to her home. Well, the one which used to be her matrimonial home with Mike who now had gone away leaving her in a shock.

She turned to look at Jake seated next to her in a taxi they had booked. He was looking ahead without noticing her gaze.

Recalling the time she had met Mike…

She was seated in the front roll at a wedding for her friend. Isabel was one of the bride’s maid on that wedding.

” look at that guy there, he looks so calm and mature” her friend had whsipered to her.

” yeah I know him, they are friends with Paul the brother to my husband” responded another friend who was the the bride at that wedding.

” i will introduce you two Isabel, you are the only one not taken here and the two of you would make a perfect match” her friend added making them all laugh in whispers.

Later that evening she was standing outside waiting for a car to pick them l, Mike walked to her. He smiled extending his hand to her.

” hey am Mike. I was just talking to the bride, she told me you need a lift home” he smiled and Isabel looked up at him. He was smartly dressed his suit and shining shoes all in the perfect match.

” she did huh?” Isabel had smiled back knowingly.

” yeah she did. I will be pleased driving a beautiful woman to where ever she is going” Mike giggled

” thank you, I appreciate the gesture but I don’t want to be any trouble. I can wait for the other vehicle to return so I go with the others.” She shrugged

” I insist please. ”

That day she got to know his names and what he did. She could tell he was a genuine person from the way he expressed himself. So much that when he asked for her number she felt compelled to give it to him. The days that followed they went on a few outsings till they finally started dating. Isabel recalled that she had never seen him doubt her not even once.

He had showed it time and again how much he wanted to please her. Isabel knew for that fact that the man now seated next to her in the that vehicle was never going to be like Mike. Although the way he treated her made her fall for him. Just that moment she realised their was more to love than sweet words and making love.

From the look of dispointment in Mike’s eyes, Isabel had seen how much she had lost. He looked at her like she disgusted him. She swallowed hærd at the thoughts of him. Realising how too late she was in thinking the right thoughts, wishing she had reacted better by refusing what Mike proposed, her silence seemingly meant concert and now she was forced to have to bare it all.

” thank you man” she startled as Jake spoke to the driver who just got to their house.

” Isabel are you coming or not?” Jake asked bending down the door to look at her.

” yes, am sorry didn’t realise we are here” she sighed stepping out of the car.

” I know this will not be easy for a while but we are going to live together from now on. You love me I know that so I guess it won’t be a problem right?” Jake spoke as soon as they got in,side.

” I don’t belive you are acting all calm after what has just happened Jake. Your bother has left you a huge sum of money and this house. He damped me and practically threw me on you and all you are talking about is stupid love here” she scolded feeling angry.

Jake chuckled a little bit and sat on the arm of the couch.

” first of all, am not sure what that brother of mine is upto, secondly he has given me what I have always wanted, so like it or not am starting over. I will prove to the world that am better than him” Jake smiled proudly.

” you are out of your mind. I know Mike very well, he does not do things without a concret reason , unlike you he is so thoughtful and believe me you, he has something up his sleeves and so instead of celebrating all this try to find out what it is before you touch that money” remarked Isabel.

” so now all of a sudden you know him hmm? When you were sleeping with me you never knew your husband. ” Jake winced carelessly.

” you are so unbelievable you know that? How was I to know that……” she paused getting angry.

” forget it I have no time for this nosense” she spat walking away from him.

” am leaving this house tomorrow morning I dont see this working. Am married to Mike and so if my husband is not here then I better leave too.”

” the bad news for you Isabel is that you are stuck with me. Your hear? You are not going anywhere and that is final” Jake raised his finger pointing at her.

” heheh will see about that, am not married to you and I regret ever hesitating to run to my husband the first time I knew you were an imposter!” She raised her voice tears threatening to spill out her eyes.

” I said you are not going anywhere Isabel. As it is am your husband. You are carrying my child too. I will not let you go crying to your relatives and telling them what happned. I will not go to prison again just beacuse you will not cope with your guilty conscious. You know I will not hesitate to do what I can to keep my freedom ” he shrugged making her shake her head.

“I can’t believe I was a fool to believe you loved me !” She shouted at him as he went past her and he stopped walking towards her.

” come here!” He ordered

” I want you to know that I love you and that is true. However, do not make a mistake of comparing me to my brother because as much as I love you, so I hate a person who compares me to that clown. Are we clear?” He held her close k-ssing her l-ips, she just nodded her head.

” good. ” he smiled walking away.

Isabel whispered upon seeing him enter the bedroom… ” what did I do?”

Sure she knew he was not going to let her tell anyone about anything, the fear of all the things she heard he had done before clouding her mind she felt her hands shake. Realising she was hungry, she walked to the kitchen to get herself something to eat.

Mike summarised the sharing of the company prospects with his partner. ” I have a friend of mine in Kenya willing to connect me to some businesses. I will move there with the lady who used to work for us and my child. Don’t worry sir I will be okey. Just do as we have agreed and I will apprecaite so much ” his partner listened nodding his head as Mike concluded.

” don’t worry all will go according to plan. ” he assured him.

Mike stood outside the company taking a good look at it for the last time. He had a good feeling about what he was going to establish in Kenya. The plan though worked on in days was making a lot of sense.

He knew he would get back everything Jake had got in terms of money, double or even three times what he had sacrificed.

In an hour Mwanida, the baby and himself were at the airport waiting for Kenyan airways plane for them to board.

” How are you feeling? ” Mike asked Mwanida seeing how silent she had become holding the baby in her arms.

” nervious, I have never gone out of this country and am scared of the unknown” she sighed a smile.

He smiled assuring her, touching her hand and squizzing it gently.. ” you will do just fine. You and i both need a fresh start and there is no better place than away from home ”

” yeah. Am sure it is” she looked in front of her watching the people walk by.

Twins continues…


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