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Jake and Isabel stayed on together. It was hærd in the first days cause they had to convince everyone especially the police that he was Mike. With the defence of Isabel he managed to get away with it.

The other hærd part was telling Isabel’s family where they had taken the baby. She was coerced to mention that a relative of her husband had got the child owing to the formulated fact that she was pregnant and was finding it hærd to take care of the child and work at the same time. Adding to the lie that her maid stopped working .

Well, with her defenceless against Jake’s threats, she played along with his plans and all was going on well.

Her fear he would change against her was not fulfilled as he tried in his own way taking care of her and the baby she was carrying.

She walked home one afternoon after work and was greeted by a smiling Jake standing by the door.

He smiled upon seeing her drive in. ” hey love” he extended his hands to welcome her.

” hey what’s up this afternnon you look happy ” she smiled falling into his arms, allowing him to cuddle her close.

” first of all, how’s was your day my love” he held her face up slightly brushing her l-ips with his.

” well it was all good. The pregancy is growing and glad the morning sickness is subsiding by the day” she smiled looking at his face.

“Hm that makes me happy love. Now I have more reason to work hærd cause I will have to take care of you and my kid here” he gently rubbed her stomac.

” I have made a deal of my life Isabel. I was contacted by one of the guys that am sure used to work with my brother. Of course he does not know am not Mike, he told me to meet him and I did today. So there is this project Mike and him had agreed to deal with before he I pushed him in Prison. I played being him so that we close it this time . If all goes well of which am positive it will, I will make it big my love” he smiled leading her in,side to sit as he held her hand bag with the other hand.

” hm that is good though , it sounds too good to be true, that project, are you sure about this?” She frowned concerned with the sudden turn up of a big deal.

” yeah I am not dull my love, I took time checking out everything and a lawyer helped me confirm the doc-mentations. This will be good I can assure you. Besides the guy thinks he is dealing with Mike so nothing is awkward here. ” he added.

Jake was happy, in his heart he believed in the project and now he felt he could prove it to everyone that he could run things and succeed. Damping his innitial altitudes of flirting with women and other things that corrupted his mind, he had decided to dedicate his life to doing what he felt he was to do his wh0le life.

” am going to work hærd and one day, I will have to pay back my brother for every money that he left me. I will prove to him that I can work and succeed too and that all I needed was a little push. He is no better than me” he whispered in,side his head.

He smiled to himself, watching Isabel changing her work clothes and getting in a pair of loose slacks and body top.

Her curves and smooth skin tone making him feel proud, in his mind he considered his brother as a loser who failed to cope with what happned and decided to flee. After following up things a few days after Mike left, he managed to find out his brother had left for Kenya which made him conclude he was a coward.

” I love you, you know that right. I know you insist that Mike is planing things against me but I can assure you he is not coming back atleast not soon anyway. I want you to be free with me and let us be as we used to when he was in Prison. You have no reason to doubt me now, I am still the same person and in due time I will be able to prove myself to you ” he stepped forward grabbing her by the wa-ist.

” something about all this is not feeling right Jake. I feel it in my heart that your brother is out to play a big one on us and if we are not careful we will not see it coming” she shrugged patting his chest.

” do you love me Isabel?” He asked instead.

” I don’t know, sometimes I feel good being with you that I won’t deny, but again what is the reason behind me feeling this towards you? I ask myself and I somehow end up thinking it’s because you look like Mike. Have you ever thought of that? ” she raised her head at him.

” nope” he shrugged causally.

” no?” She shook her head questioningly.

” no, because here I am and am not the same as my brother. What people usually fall in love with is the inner person and not the outer fresh. Am almost certain you fall in love with me not beacuse of how I look like but something else. ” he looked deep in her eyes to make sure she could read through his words.

” I love you, I know I was a jerk before and I may seem selfish right now but you know it was too late to refuse what MIke left me. He threatened to kill me or take me to prison. I had to take it all and am some how glad I have you here too. You the best gift my brother has given me ” he smiled playing with her nose with his forefinger.

” am not a gift Jake, are you even listening yourself? Where on earth have you heard of such happenings, a man giving away his wife to another?” She argued.

” well, I have heard of such and the reason is simple. He never loved you as much as you thought he did Isabel, that you should know for sure. ” he went on convicing her to get to his side.

” come now, I help you prepare our dinner my love. Today we have to retire to bed earlier than usual and celebrate our new beginning.

” do you think he will be okey?” She asked as he pulled her to the kitchen.

” who ” her chuckled teasing her

” hm you know who ” she breathed deeply making a face at him..

” he is fine don’t worry. He is a hærd guy and am sure he will do just fine ” he responded.

” you know, I love Mike” he sighed stopping in his steps.

” mmm you have a good way of showing it huh?” She shook her head going past him to get the food to prepare from the refrigerator.

” believe it or not I do. He is my brother , the only family I have in this world and somehow I wanted him to see that too and try do right by me. I punished him basically for abandoning me and ofcourse for the insults people threw on me because of him. He has always been smart and all..” he snarled jeaslousy as he said the last words written all over his face.

Isabel laughed placing a pot on the stove,

” there it is, pure jealously ehe”

” it’s not that” he cut her.

” oh sure, I know, you are obsessed with your brother Jake. I have done a bit of study on himan behaviour and from that I learnt that some people harm others not necessarycause they hate them but they could just be obsessed with them. Wanting to live their lives and all. Others tend to work hærd to be like the other but others you know…, they become bitter and would sometimes try to harm the other ” she explained folding her hands facing him as he stood to the wall across her.

” what do you mean by that?” His face turned serious.

” I mean just that Jake, you are twins and I hear twins are obssesed with each other. You want what is his, you want to be him” she shrugged turning away.

” I like your theory but it doesn’t make sense, why is he not obsessed with me?”

” hm. Maybe thats why you hate him. You want that which he has but he does not want yours because you have not offered anything good or maybe better” she spoke casually not knowing he was getting upset.

” you know what? I don’t like this talk at all. I came to help you prepare food but you are vent on spoiling my joy this evening. Am out of here!” He raised his hands walking away.

” what now, Jake ! Come back here!” She called out but he did not respond.

He threw himself on the couch feeling agitated.

” she always finds a way of bringing him up, what the crap!” He scre-med in his head. Wanting to push away the thoughts and plan on how to start a company project suggested by the supposedly friend to Mike.

He had gone out one day trying to figure out what to do with the money left by Mike.

His phone rung ( he was still using his brothers phone) and he answered not identifying the number calling.

” Mike we need to meet and talk” he heard the other person respond.

” who is this?” He asked camly to avoid the other person getting a wrong impression.

” it’s Tom, MIke man don’t tell me you do not recognise my voice”

” yeah sorry man. So how ara you?” He sighed

” Am ready for that deal let’s meet we talk” Tom had told him. Instead of asking a lot of questions he decided to go meet him in person.

Jake successfully meet Tom and by the end of their  discussion, he was convinced about the project even though he had to play Mike all way through.

Twins continues…


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