TWINS – Episode 26
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5 years later…..

Jake stood on top of the new building he had built. An estate with some apartments ready to be occupied . He felt proud of his achievements. There was nothing more fulfilling than working hærd and having a successful business.

Back at home he left Isabel with their 8 years old son, a replica of himself. Jake though sometimes felt guilty for his actions and the way he ended up with Isabel, he was just glad his life was going on well except for one thing,

The family for Isabel were always on him.

Time and again they called him and Isabel to ask about Elizabeth, he had a hærd time all the time telling them the girl was safe and well.

What he could not get to tell them though was the truth about his identity.

He recalled one evening when his supposed father in law went to visit them. He called him to the have a lone talk with him.

” I know we have talked about this before Mike, but today i want to air my dispointment with you. I know nothing about your brother or have I seen him. I am not even sure who you really are right now but the thing of you letting your brother take away by grand child is unbelievable.

How can a man of your calibre do this, you can not tell me you have failed to locate your brother over the years. ” Isabel’s father remarked

” what did you want me to tell you father? He took her away and i have decided to get easy on that. After all we know he won’t hurt her. We have this family to work on and am sure my son is your grand too. I can assure you when I find my girl, you will be the first to know. ” he responded with an inch of sarcasm his father inlaw shook his head disappointed .

” don’t let me start making asumptons Mike. ” he scoffed angrily.

” and what is that supposed to mean?” Jake laughed looking at the old man.

” well, you have suddenly gotten rich. Building an eastate and running a business which is trending in yhe business world. Your business is growing everyday …..”

He could not get to the end of his sentence and Jake laughed so hærd holding his mouth.

” hm. You are serious? ” he asked seeing the man not reacting to his laugh he kept a stern look at him.

” I cannot believe this” Jake chuckled shaking his head.

” oh now am a ritualist who took my own daughter for rituals to get wealthy. I could have never guessed you thought of me that way father, am honestly taken back on this. You don’t believe am a man enough to work hærd and make my own money?” He added watching the now bowed face of the man before him.

” am sorry I guess am just overwhelmed with everything and I have been trying to understand what has been going on over the years” Isabel’s father sighed.

” I don’t have time for this anymore. Please leave my house now!” Jake stood up dismissing him.

” you are now kicking me out of your house now Mike….”

” yes I am” he looked at his face giving him a look that displayed his seriousness.

The man stood and sighed looking at Jake one more time and left the house getting his wife who was still chatting with Isabel and left.

Isabel could see the tension on her father’s face and when she tried to ask what happened, her father only told her she must open her eyes to see clearly.

“Jake what happened here?” She ran back in,side to find Jake pouring a glass of wine in a wine glass.

” I don’t want your father in my house again. ” he snarled without looking at her.

” what happened that made you this mad. Can we please talk about this?” She calmly asked.

” your father thinks I gave up or rather killed Elizabeth for rituals to get rich. Has anyone ever told that old man that people can work hærd and get rich.? He is so backward. He scoffed gulping the contents of the glass and placing it hærd on the table it made some noise.

” am sure it’s a mistake he probably did not mean that, you can not talk like that about my father though. ” she shook her head.

” yes I can talk anyhow I feel like Isabel. He is so old fashion he irritates me. How can he imply my wealth is from rituals? Uh what is this now, he thinks he can just come here at anytime he feels like and give me lectures like am a small child.

Well, I won’t allow him. Tell him that. Am not that fool of my brother he was used to push around. I have been with you for almost 10 years now and I think I have proven am man enough. I have tried to be patient with him he never complained when I gave him money. ” Jake went on ranting as Isabel sat silently listening to him.

She knew he would not stop talking until all his outburst tired out. That was one of the many times she had regretted giving up the most calm man to live with a loud man who would not give her time and chance to talk most of the times.

” mommy, I am hungry” her son walked in..

” it’s alright come I prepare you something to eat” she sighed holding her son and walking away glad he went to cut the one sided conversation short.

Days later, Isabel was rushing to her car parked along the streets in Lusaka town centre when she saw Esther’s daughter walking by.

She called her name and the woman stopped looking back..

” Isabel!” The lady raised her voice walking to greet her.

” yeah, it’s been a while ” Isabel smiled shaking her hand.

” so how is your mother. I have not seen her for a long time too” Isabel responded.

” well, she is not so well, old age I guess. She has been down the past months issues to do with her legs and back”

” that’s sad, please pass my regards”

” hm. I heard Mike went away, is it true you decided to stay with that traitor? ” the woman spoke without hesitation making Isabel kind of irritated by her straightness.

” you have no right to judge him or me for that matter. Anyway I just thought of saying hi I guess will see you around” Isabel turned to leave but the woman pulled her hand back.

” be ready my dear, if what my mother said is true, then you and your traitor boyfriend, well I can’t call him husband because you guys where never married. But my point is that you should be ready to travel some rough path in your life too. You made that innocent man suffer and Karma will catch up with you and I can feel it all over you” the woman teased her with a laugh.

” you are really out of for mind woman. Please excuse me my son is waiting for me ” she walked away leaving the woman shaking her head in disappointment.

” what a pathetic human being, who damps her husband for his brother? The world is about to end” she whispered to herself shaking her head.

Mike looked at the mirror, he sighed heavily patting his chest.

” what is it now?” Mwanida held him from his back planting her head in his back.

” I don’t know I feel cold feet all of a sudden. I have planned this day for years and now it’s time, I feel i don’t know.. ” he shrugged turning to hold her.

” she held his face in her hands and smiled.

” I love you, I don’t care what you decide to do as long as am with you and you are safe. We have come all the way from Kenya because you thought it wise we come back. So stop stressing all shall be well. Just be careful out there. I trust you but not your brother. ” She k-ssed him slightly.

” I couldn’t have pulled through all this if not for you my woman. Thank you for all these years together my love. Even though i could not get to marry you cause of my still married papers. I know am now going to make things right. ” he smiled at her.

“So what are you doing first? Or am i not allowed to know the plan yet?” She let a laugh

” mmmhmh nope, not yet my love. You and Elizabeth can go out there and walk around the city of Lusaka whilst I finally play the last piece. I will tell you everything soon enough. ” Mike k-ssed her and walked past her.

It was a day after they had flown back into the country. Mike lifted a small file and walked out leaving Mwanida watching him.

” daddy, where to? ” Elizabeth now 12 years old met her father along the hotel passage way as she came back from the front where she had been walking around looking at some peac*ck that were kept within the hotel.

” to see someone baby, your mother will take you out for whatever you want. Take care” he k-ssed her Forehead and left for the car he had hired to use for m ovement.

” well it’s high time we meet again brother” he sighed placing the key in the ignition.

Twins continues…


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