TWINS – Episode 27
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Jake paced around the office his forehead sweating. The doc-ments before him where almost giving him a heart attack.

” what is this” he audibly asked himself lifting the papers and putting them right back. He could not get what was going on. The forms in the file where indicating that Jake had lost all his investments. The titles deeds yo the estates and everything he had in his accounts was transfered to someone else.

” Zulu! Zulu! Come here right this minute!” He yelled at his lawyer on the phone. A few minutes later the lawyer walked in and Make threw the file in his face.

” what the hell is the meaning of that?” He asked and watched as the lawyer flipped through the papers.

He could not get to answer and Jake heard a soft knock from the door.

” am busy right now Silvia ! ” he shouted but was shocked seeing his brother walk in wearing a wide smile.

” Mike? What the hell are you doing here?” He asked his shock unhidden.

” yes brother , happy to see me ehh?” Mike smiled stepping right in.

” am busy right now. Wait outside” Jake spoke sarcasm in his voice.

The lawyer who was now shocked seeing two people that looked the same standing before him.

He stood slowly an-lysing the two brothers his mouth open.

” who….” he almost asked but Mike stepped towards him ” am Mike Chibende” Mike smiled

” you mean you are the one who..?”

” yes, am the owner of everything in this company. I own it all” he shrugged casually.

The lawyer sank back realization ticking in.

” what does that mean you fool, this is my company, I worked for it blood and sweat over 8 years. You come walking in here to claim everything is yours?” Jake uttered so furious his hands were shaking in rage.

” can you leave us alone Sir, my brother and I need to talk. You know, catch up it’s been so long” he chuckled dismissing the lawyer.

James watched the guy leave and immediately the door closed he launched on his brother pushing him to the wall.

” what the hell have you done you idiot!” He snarled angrily.

Mike instead started laughing enjoying the moment.

” let go of my shirt you mad man” he pushed his brother back.

” what is this huh? You are acting like a mad man here. Yes I own everything, your 8 years of hærd work and everything you have attained here is all mine.

If you can’t believe me, well then you better check your files again.” Mike sighed and sat down comfortably

” what have you done? I gave you back your money with interest. You cannot just walk in here and claim all that I have worked for is yours Mike” Jake burst out his eyes red with rage.

” hm. Interesting ” Mike scoffed

” those words sound familiar Jake dont you think?” He looked at him.

” yeah they do actually, i still remember them so well cause I said them. Together with pleading for you to leave me alone. I guess I don’t need to spell that out for you right?. You know so well what you did afterwards. ” He stood now advancing at the humbled Jake who kept his eyes at his brother.

” you took away everything,” he nodded

” every thing I worked for, everything I held dear. Without remorse of compassion you destroyed my life brother. All I did was try to be good to you, I did all I could to take care of you but you stubbed me in the heart Jake. I lost everything you know that.. ” Mike paused walking towards the window shaking his head.

” you know what marvels me about all this?” He leaned on the edge of the window facing Jake.

” you even proudly took my wife and my money afterwards. You had no gut to refuse it. You just took it all away. I placed a bet before you, in my heart I trusted that my brother would never get to that point of accepting money and my wife after seeing me suffering. I so much wished you act differently but no, you couldn’t, know why? ” he let a laugh

” I realised you are just a bitter and jealousy person. You are driven by nothing but greedy even against your own blood. ” Mike added now turning to look away.

Jake was silent he knew that his brother was out for vegnece even in his pride he feared the worst might come his way.

He cleared his throat.. ” so what now? You think you can do that to me as well, take my money, probably Isabel and my child too” he scoffed making a face.

Mike laughed softly shaking his head.

” hmmm. No, more than that dear brother. I will not take Isabel from you though. You know why? ”

He paused purposeful. ” you two derseve each other. I have found someone far much better.” He smiled.

” ahhh, oh my God you have no idea what am going to do brother, I will not only take away your money but i will make sure you feel the pain of betrayal. By the time am done with you” he closed in onto him.

” you will beg me to take your life. ” Mike spat the words in his face and withdrew.

” yeah about Isabel” he turned back before leaving.

” I have found someone far much better. Am happy and I will never go back to my vomit. She is all yours you know” He repeated and opened the door leaving. Jake was stationed to one place.

He was so pissed, he kicked the wall and hit it hærd in anger.

” son of the devil!” He yelled his hands shaking with rage.

” no no ! he cannot take away my money. He can’t” he whsipered to himself grabbing the phone to call back the lawyer.

” so what is the probability of him taking away all my wealth?” He asked Zulu the moment he walked in.

” am afraid sir, he has the legal rights to everything. He has the powers to transfer all of it into his accounts since the doc-mentation and everything was in his name. There is nothing for you to do everything is gone” the lawyer responded.

Jake was quiet, realising how Mike played him. He had deliberately sent someone to make a pact with him and since Jake still pretended to be Mike, everything else was in his brother’s name. Her recalled what Isabel told him years back to change the names but he had insisted it was going to expose him as an imposter.

Now Jake had no way of accessing his money. Mike had blocked his access and changed ownersh¡p of everything into his daughter’s name.

” we cannot let him take away everything Zulu. You are a lawyer, is there any way of reversing this?” He panicked pacing around.

” am afraid there is nothing sir. You have no power to do that and if you did, the law will be against you for using someone’s names to obtain the things you have now. It’s a criminal offence and you might end up prosecuted” he explained calmly.

” get out here then! ” Jake yelled at the lawyer.

” hey ! out you worthless piece of s***! Incompetent lawyer!” He added slamming the door when Zulu passed through it.

Zulu shook his head looking at the Secretary..

” he is going mad” he whsipered and walked away.

Jake got home late after passing through a bar and drinking himself till he could not walk properly.

Isabel was puzzled to see his friend drive him home in that state. She pulled him to the bedroom and submerged him in the water. She made a cup of coffee for him, giving him some minutes to come to.

” what the hell is going on Jake? She asked when he seemed a bit sober.

” all my money, my hærd earned money and assets, including the car I was driving, everything has been snactched away in an instant” he raised his hand clicking his fingers as he spoke.

” what do you mean by that?” She asked sitting down next to him.

” yeah you heard me right, my brother is back and he has taken everything” he looked at her and spoke with a giggle.

” what? Mike? When did he come back? Where is he? What about my daughter? ” She asked one question after the other shocked too.

” that is not important woman, what is important is that he has taken away everything I own, the wealthy I have spent years acc-mulating. Just when I was beginning to enjoy my life and becoming the person everyone was enving , he appears and takes it all and there is no damn thing I can do about it” he bit his lip in anger.

” but… how can..” Isabel stammered realising what was going on.

” oh my God! He planned this” she stood holding her head.

” he plannedd it all and now he is out to tear us apart. I told you to be careful you never wanted to listen to me Jake, who knows what he planned on doing next ” she shook her head feeling her legs weak.

She looked at Jake who was covering his face deep in thoughts. She shook her head continuously feeling scared of what was ahead of her. Without money, how were they going to survive?. She regretted giving up her job and joining to work with Jake’s company. Her head started aching she felt her strenght drained.

” what do we do now?” She looked at Jake but he didn’t look at her.

” we need money to feed, we need shelter…”

” stop talking Isabel!” Jake yelled cutting her short.

” I stop talking ? are you crazy! This is insane! It’s all your fault, stop talking to me like that okay? Am worried too…” she shouted back at him and before she knew it he was up raising his hand at her.

” don’t you e ven dare !” Isabel raised her head looking at him.

She watched him withdraw and walk back to the bed shaking his head in fury.

Twins continues…


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