TWINS – Episode 28
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” oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me that was your plan? I don’t even want to imagine the face of your brother when he realises you took away all that wealthy ” Mwanida remarked sitting in a small couch in the hotel room they were booked in.

Mike smiled leaning back playing with the strands of her hair extensions falling on her shoulders

” you know how he is, he was almost punching me in the face to that. I would say that i felt for him for a moment. He is my twin bother and deep down my heart I know I love him but ….” Mike shook his head

” do not be sad, I know that for sure. Any other man could have killed your brother or sent him back to prison. But here you are being casual with him and trying to show him what he did was bad.” Mwanida interrrupted.

” yeah, but am not stopping on that my love, I have to make sure I pull through my plan. Am not one to back down on a challenge and no matter what, I will do all as planned” he chuckled making Mwanida lift her face back at him.

” mmmmh stubbornness runs in the family hmm?” She teased with a laugh.

He went on telling her how he was going to play his next move that same day.

” do not over do it my love, I don’t want to see that part of you that is like your brother.” She made a sad face at him.

” am sorry love, I have been listening to you about almost everything and you know that I respect you, but this one I will not let you intervain, the very reason I didn’t tell you in the first place.” He shrugged

” I know ,I have no power to stop you. However, I want you to be careful, when Jake is upset he tends to act badly and I cannot afford to have you put yourself in harm’s way. ”

” hmmm. What would you do if he killed me ?” He asked teasing her with a laugh.

” don’t even joke about it Mike, don’t ever do that you hear me?” She pointed a finger at him her face serious.

” come here, sorry i didn’t mean that, give me a smile now will you?” Mike held her face to look at him. She shook her head but he smiled the more k-ssing her.

” I love it that you care so much about me love. That is why I want all this to be over with, there can only be one Mike and I have to make sure everything attached to my name that Jake got is either taken back or removed from my name forever. I need you as my wife you know how much I have waited for you to bear my name eeeh ”

The phone rung and Mike sat up..

” hand me that phone will you? ” he asked her pointing at the phone that was now vibrating from the bed. Mwanida stood grabbing the phone and handing it to him.

She watched as he spoke on the phone nodding all way through.

” that’s good am on my way now” same heard him conclude and cut the line.

” love, I have to go now will take Elizabeth for a while okey” he sighed standing and holding her wa-ist.

” so soon, there is something I was meaning to tell you before the issue of Jake came up. But now that you going, we will probably talk about it when you return” she spoke whilst laying her hands on his chest.

” what is it my love? Tell me I can delay a bit”

” no love, go on I promise to tell you when you return” she smiled assuring him.

” please I won’t be at easy…”

” don’t worry Iove come on its nothing to stress you, infact you will be happy ” she insisted

” are you sure?” Mike asked one more time before leaving.

” go on” she gave him a little push to the door and laughed softly seeing him shake his head looking back at her.

Isabel had been summoded by her parents. She was not told why though. Upon reaching her parent’s house she noticed a strange car parked outside.

Her heart raced at the thought of who it could be. It had been two days after she and Jake lost all the wealthy and she was even afraid to get back to her parents to tell them.

Jake had been more of a pain in her skin the past days. He would yell and shout almost all the time. She knew he was cornered and was feeling the impact of what his brother had done .

Several times she tried to ask him the way forward but Make had no answer for her. He ended up telling her he will not let his brother win without a fight. She was afraid of what might happen but dared not to ask any further cause the look on Jake face every time the issue was brought up made her shiver.

” you are welcome sister” Jane, her sister greeted her from the door.

” thanks, what’s going on here? Where is mom and dad?” Isabel asked seeing her sister looking at her indifferently.

” in,side, go in they have been waiting for you” Jane spoke a tone that read danger for Isabel.

She sighed shaking her head seeing her sister was not going to tell her a thing.

Her knees went weak seeing Mike seated in one of the couches in her parent’s sitting room with Elizabeth.

” Mike!” She spoke in wonder.

” is this Elizabeth? ” she asked walking to the girl and touching her face. The girl moved back and clung to her father.

” my baby! Oh God you have grown so much!” Isabel was almsot crying as she talked.

” leave her alone you are scaring her” Mike pushed her hand seeing how uncomfortable she was making his child feel.

” but…” she amlost spoke but her mother cut her.

” sit down now Isabel” she signalled, Isabel almost shrunk at the sound of her mother’s voice.

Her father cleared his throat to start talking.

” do you know who this man is? ” he asked her.

Isabel bow her head to the ground.

” I want you to answer me Isabel, this man came here and told me a story which sounded like a tale from afar. I will not believe this man until I hear it from my daughter’s mouth. So start talking and tell us what is going on. Why is this child with this man? Where is your husband?” Her father questioned and sat back ready to listen to her.

She was tongue tied, her face now w-t with tears she could not look at her parents faces.

” I know this man, he is my husband Mike. ” she started and Mike looked at his daughter.

” baby go on to the car and play games in my phone okey” he whsipered to Elizabeth who smiled and stood to walk out. Making everyone look at her. A fine looking girl with neatly done mambo twist on her head, dressed in a pair of jeggings and a bubbie printed body top. She looked so good Isabel could not help wonder who was taking care of her. Definately that was not the work of a man.

” continue ” her mother interupted hed thoughts.

” mother, he has told you everything I guess so why all this ” she looked at her mother her shame evident.

” you are a fool Isabel, no” her father paused

” you are a mad woman for switching your husband with his brother, you are insane even more for abandoning your child. You lied to us for the past 8 years. How could you? What am I even going to tell people around and the relatives about this kind of disgarace and shame you have brought upon yourself and all of us. You have succeeded in making all of us look like fools.” The disapointed man uttered each word with so much pain Mike could see how much they were going through.

” he lied to me father, I didn’t know he wasn’t my husband and….”

” shut up! Will you just shut up Isabel!” Her mother scolded her.

” you have the guts to justify the shame you have brought in this house. We raised you better, we taught you values to be a better person out there. This man was your husband and you took vowels in church to stay by him for better or worse. You failed to honor that. Now look at you, your own child can not even recognise you. ” her mother spat whilst her father was looking down shaking his head.

Mike sat up clearing his throat.

” well, my dear parents, am not here to hear all this talk. Like I informed you the other day, am here to let Isabel here” je pointed his hand at her.

” sign the divorce papers. I need to be free of this marriage and live my life. My daughter and I will have to move on and I have a woman who has been there for us who deserves to be my wife.” He explained making Isabel look up at him her eyes red.

” who are you talking about? Elizabeth is my child too you know. I deserve to have her in my life.” She responded

” well,you lost that right the moment you chose my brother Isabel. I will not let her go through the heart ache by telling her the woman who raised her and whom she has loves so much is not her mother. Forget it my dear. You never cared for her the past 8 years you lived your life with no effort to find her so let be like that. That girl is no longer a part of you. Now if you will excuse me, I came to let you people know about this and that am taking away my child for good.” Mike outlined and stood up.

” I need these papers sighed by tommorow. ” he added leaving everyonee in the room silent.

“You are no longer going back to that man Isabel” her father looked at Isabel.

” I can’t stay here. I have a child with him dad i I love him ” she responded without looking at him.

” oh yes, you love him hmm. You are so shameless.” He responded leaving the room and before he could get out the door he stood in the way.

” make sure she does not leave. ” he looked at his wife. “If she does I will call the cops and tell them where the criminal is and who is working with him to impersonate another. Mike was right, she will have to go to jail too” he added and walked away.

” mom what does he mean by that?” She asked her mother shocked

” you heard him. You are never to leave this house to see that man and neither are you to call him. If you do Mike will tell the cops everything, the fact that you and Jake took away all his things on false pretence. ”

Isabel held her head in devastation. Now It downed , Mike was taking away everything from his brother. The money, the estate, the house, cars and now herself.

She shook her head knowing what that will make Jake do. He would go crazy.

Hot tears flowed down her cheeks.

” Isabel see your life now!” Her mother clapped her hands in awe and left her crying alone.

Mike looked at the road clearing ahead of him, later in the day. Glad his second attack was a success, he made sure Isabel’s parents were never going to allow their child to go back to Jake .

” hey go ahead.” He made a quick call.

” yeah make sure he is out before dawn” He added and hang up with satisfaction.

” let’s see how much strenght you have left in you brother” he nodded to himself, accelerating the vehicle. He took a quick glance at his daughter in the next seat and she smiled at him making him smile back.

” who was that woman back in the house daddy?” She asked

” she is an old mate my baby don’t worry about her.” He shrugged looking ahead.

” but she seemed shocked to see me, does she know who I am?” She asked again after a couple of minutes in silence.

” yeah, she’s saw you when you were a baby and am sure she was just oveewhelmed by how much you have grown ” he smiled.

” hmmm okey. She looked so sad” the girl added staring out the window.

” let’s go we see mommy now baby okey, she must be lonely” he smi led holding Elizabeth’s hand.

” yeah I miss her too ” she chuckled.

” me too baby, me too” he sighed moving in his seat and focusing on the road.

Twins continues…


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