TWINS – Episode 29
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Jake was fast asleep when the loud knock came from the door. He was just getting to sleep after a long time of waiting for Isabel to show up.

He had gone out just to come home to find the maid alone. ” where is my wife and son?” He asked her

” your wife left some time ago and her sister came to get your son afterwards. They have not returned since then” the maid explained

” what? How is that possible? This is almost 22 hours why would they stay this late at her parents house?” He went on questioning the maid who shrugged in ignorance.

” I don’t know sir, she didn’t call to say anything she only said “I will be back before evening ” but she has not returned ” she added

” okay, prepare my food. I will try to call her ” he spoke with a confused stare.

Everything was not working out for him. The accounts had been blocked he could not withdraw any money, he had to take taxis everytime he wanted to go anywhere because Mike sent some people to grab the car with a court order.

Jake tried to call Isabel that night for almost 5 times but she was not picking. The 6th one was almost cutting, that is when he heard a familiar voice answer the phone.

” helo father! Where is my wife and why are you answering her phone?” He asked surprised

” she is not your wife young man, how could you do this Jake or whatever your name is? You have no shame as a man and human being. ” the father went on scolding him without giving him a chance to respond.

” am not talking to you old man, can you put my wife on the phone please” he responded at last.

” I will say it again, stop calling Isabel, she is not your wife and If you dare come near her or even make any kind of trouble for her then you will find yourself in Police custody” the father to Isabel warned.

” you can not do this to me please, at least allow me to speak with her even for a minute” Jake pleaded but the man didn’t listen to him. He hang up on him and the next call he tried to make didn’t go through.

Tired and sad, he retired to bed hoping the following day would be better.

The loud knock from the door came again making him jump out of bed.

” I hope she is the one” he whispered to himself wipping his face as he staggered feeling sleepy.

The moment he opened the door his mouth went open seeing some huge men that looked like that just returned from Vietnam’s war. They menacingly stood there their faces so cold he felt a lamp go down his throat, tried to contain the sound his deep swallow was about to make but it came out larger that he had wished.

” can i help you gentle men?” He trembled not sure if gentle was the right word to address the men before him.

” we have been given this order to evict you from this house with immediate effect” one of the giants responded handing him the order.

” what? By who? This is my house . Am not leaving my house just because some scaring goons came to my house this early. ” he stammered.

” we will be forced to help you out sir, our order is to evict you this hour and trust me we will not go back without fulfuling that duty” another man with a deep voice responded whilst the three others looked on nodding their heads.

” tell me who authorised the order I at least talk to him I cannot move this time please. Give me a couple of days to find somewhere to take my things and family ” Jake felt the tears forming in his eyes.

Begging and crying did not help things. The guys pushed him aside and went to his bedroom parking all his clothes and those for Isabel. They pulled everything outside the gate and ordered the maid out. Leaving the furniture all intact.

Jake resited their order and they pulled him out in his Pyjamas leaving him outside before locking the gates with their own keys.

He sunk down on one of the bags watching as the guys board a car and drove off without even looking back at him.

” Mike you have gone mad ” he shook his head in anguish.

The maid continuously murmured some inaudible words not knowing what to say to her boss who seemed desperate. She sat down too holding her face as they both waited for God knew what.

Mike looked at Mwanida still sleeping in his arms. He smiled at the thought she was going to give him a second child. He was overwhelmed with joy. Now he had all reasons to marry the woman that he so much loved.

He planted a soft w-t k-ss on her l-ips and pushed aside the cover walking to the bathroom.

For a couple of minutes he was staring in the mirror. Feeling a mixture of emotions, happy that he was going to have a new beginning and sad about his brother too. Now that he had stripped Jake of everything, his source of income, his properties and Isabel , he knew there was no way out for him.

He felt tears in his eyes and looked straight at his image wiping the tear before it came down his cheek.

” you pushed me to the wall my brother, I love you but someone had to teach you how to live a better life” he nodded at himself and went on brushing his teeth.

He decided to walk outside the hotel room and take in some fresh air. Sitting on the stools planted in the gardens he felt a presence of someone behind him and he quickly turned to face who it was.

Jake stood there clapping his hands at him.

” bravo! bravo! Well done my twin brother! ” Jake praised him teasingly.

” what are you doing here? How did you find me ?” Mike asked facing his brother.

” well, I did my homework too. I know that you are with that b**** Mwanida and that you two are closer than I imagined. I will not ask how but one thing is for sure.” Jake paused.

” You know what Mike, I know you and me are not so different after all. Just look at what you have done to me. Aren’t you the one who preaches about God? Are you sure your God would approve of revenge?” He teased even more shaking his head.

” listen you jerk, I will not allow you to manipulate me, leave God out of this. Now you feel it, the pain of being stripped of everything. You are better off because whatever I got belongs to me. The wealthy that you so much boasted about is all mine Jake. The house you lived in, the business you had, the woman you were sleeping with, all of it ” Mike paused staring at his brother closer.

” yes it’s all mine and I had to wait til you have a feel of what working hærd and losing everything is. That and more, is what I felt for over 1 year you put me in Prison brother. One and half years of being in that hail for the crimes I didn’t commit. The pain of betrayal, the pain of knowing my woman is sleeping with my own blood brother. The pain of constantly being spat in the face. Yeah, I didn’t derseve it Jake, I didn’t but for you” he clicked his tongue.

” you derseve it all, it is on your head. You are just reaping what you planted brother. ” Mike added making Jake even angrier.

He stepped forward pushing Mike in the face, the first one hit him but he saw the second one coming and dodged it.

Mike grabbed his brother’s hand and instead pushed him back making Jake fall to the ground.

” leave this place you idiot, or I will call security on you!” He warned shaking with rage.

” you will pay for this Mike I swear to God. You will pay!” He shouted in anger.

” you know what? I beat you once and I will do it again!” He shouted in his face wipping the moist in his hands where he touched the w-t grass.

” hey out of my sight! You have lost and you will never have what’s mine again. Go on now, go live your life free and far away from me. Prove to yourself that you are a man of your own and not like my shadow, the way you have lived so far. ” Mike’s voice was stern and seriously.

Jake was silent his face covered in rage.

” we will see about that, we will see. This world is not enough for both of us you know, there can only be one of us” Jake spat and headed to the entrance.

Mike shook his head feeling disappointed.

” let’s see how you live now you fool. You cannot even feel remorse for destroying my life. Well you deserve it all” he uttered to the air sitting back down.

He decided to move Mwanida and Elizabeth to the house he just acquired a few days later. Smiling as he watched the ladies admiring the house and putting their things in,side, Mike stood by the door.

His phone rung and he answered it.

” Mike we need your help” he heard the voice from the other end respond.

” what happened? Is Isabel okey?” He asked hearing the p-nting voice of his ex father in- law.

” no my son, that is why I called. Your bother took her away. ” the man informed him.

” so what? They have been together for years after all why do you sound worried? Am not going to sue them anymore. I have had my revenge and took what belongs to me. ” Mike responded.

” no Mike, it’s not like that. He threatened to kill her. He said if you do not show up he will kill her.

” show up? ” Mike asked his face frowning. Show up where? ”

” we are not sure he just gave us a number this afternoon when he raided our house. He said we should tell you and give you the number so that we deliver the message. ” the man responded.

” am sorry, am really sorry, I don’t know what you expect me to do. Am getting married to another woman tomorrow and whatever Jake has to do with Isabel is not my problem ” Mike remarked shaking his head as though they could see him.

” please my son, you are the only one that can save my daughter. I know she made a terrible mistake but for the sake of the years you guys were together, for the sake of your daughter, who no matter what happened came from Isabel. Please help us. Save my child Mike please.”

” hmm. I am sorry I can’t” he cut the line sighing deeply and holding his face.

” what happened now?” Mwanida asked him coming from in,side their new house.

Mike explained the situation to her.

” you got to help her Mike, I know what she did hurt, trust me you brother is not going to hesitate to kill her. He knows he has nothing left to lose. But you will not live with yourself knowing you could have saved her life. One day you will have to tell Elizabeth about her mother and am not sure you want to come tell her you let your brother kill her. ” Mwanida held his hand.

” I can’t Mwanida. What if he is just playing? He can’t harm her, he claims he loves her you know” he shrugged.

” I know your brother remember that, he does not have a heart to love someone. He was just satisfied with the fact that he got away with what was yours. Trust me he will kill her if you don’t help. He will not harm you cause I know he can’t. ” she added.

” you cannot be so sure now can you?” Mike scoffed.

” if he wanted you dead he could have killed you years ago. Just go with your friend that police man for safety’s sake. Please go and help her” she pleaded with him and he finally agreed.

” make sure you stay in,side. The guards as always will be around. Mike quickly k-ssed Mwanida

” I know don’t worry that’s is why he has not kidnapped any of us so far. We are safe here please be careful too. ” she k-ssed him back and watched him drive out.

” God help us!” She whispered going back in,side.

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