TWINS – Episode 30
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” where are you Jake?” Mike asked as he drove out of his yard.

” hm.. I knew you would come brother, let the party begin!” Jake responded looking at Isabel who he had locked in,side a room.

” I will text you the address and In case you decide to play smart with me and call the police, I wil make sure I deliver her body to your house before you get to spend a night there” he added with a firm warning voice.

Mike didnt respond to that, he slid his phone to see the text a few minutes later and shook his head.

The address was the old house they used to Stay in before their mother died. They had put it on rent for a long time, Mike could barely recall the three roomed house in Kaunda square since Jake was in charge of it. The tenant would deposit the money in his account every month and he had not taken time to follow up on them since the confusion with Jake started.

” he had to get those innocent people out of the house, what a joke ” Mike sighed looking ahead as the road w¡dened joining great east road.

He had told his police friend to stay close and get his brother in case anything went bad.

” make sure he does not suspect you, I don’t want any issues of someone dying today no wonder I called you privately” Mike spoke on the phone to his friend.

” don’t worry man, I will be discreet just let me help you” the friend responded before Mike hang up.

Jake paced around impatiently holding a knife in his hands.

” what is all this Jake? Why are you holding me in this house and what’s with that knife?” Isabel asked staring at him.

” well, you are that bait for that stupid husband of yours. He thinks he can take away my life and I sit back and watch him?. ” he paused

” no I won’t do that, so ask here to end it all” he smiled at her making Isabel shiver with the coldness that was on his face.

” why can’t you for once in your life do the right thing? Go back to your brother and apologise, he is a good person you know that and am certain he will help you up again. You guys are brothers and it’s high time you put your past behind.” She tried to talk to him but Jake laughed

” wow! All of as sudden you decide to play wise with me. You watched him leave without blinking your eyes. You are a fool Isabel. You are right ” Jake giggled walking around and pointing the knife at her.

” you know what? I just realised you are a pathetic b****! Yes, how can a normal woman reject her husband and stay with another man? You could have had retained your dignity you know. At least then I could have respected you. Now that I think about it, I don’t need you anymore Isabel. In fact am glad you are out of my life cause a woman like you can kill if given a chance.

So yeah, am capable of killing you together with that Mike and take back everything again” he spoke with optimism.

Isabel shook her head. The words she was now hearing from the man she had been meant to believe loved her over the years that he was using her to get away with Mike’s name.

” yes I was happy and attracted to you ” Jake spoke again like to answer her question.

” but now am fade up, I cannot have you as my wife given a chance…”

Jake could not finish throwing insults at Isabel when his phone beeped.

” good he is here” he sighed looking through the curtain to see outside at the sound of the vehicle pulling over.

Mike looked at the yard memories of his child hood coming to his mind. Looking up the door, he could not see any signs of a human being. He walked on till he came to the door and knocked softly.

Jake had to make sure the guys watching outside for him confirmed there was no presence of the cops outside. Unknown to him the cop friend to Mike already s₱0ted the wathchers and had waited for them to give Jake a signal of before tagging behind Mike before they could react..

” okey good” Make responded upon receiving their confirmation.

He walked to the door and opened for his brother locking back the door after allowing Mike in. Mike stepped in,side looking at the crazy looking brother who was smiling at him.

” what do you think you are doing Jake?” He stopped once he was in,side.

” I knew you would come. You have always had a soft s₱0t for me huh ” Jake teased

” I came for Isabel Jake,j just give up already you lost, be thankful I didn’t hand you to the cops. Stop this madness once and for all. There can only be one me, am Mike and you will never get to be me no matter how much or how long you pretend to be me!” Mike shouted this time feeling upset with his brother who kept smiling as though it all was a joke.

” come in you see your wife Mike. ” he pushed Mike on the shoulder into the other room where Isabel was.

Mike was still checking if Isabel was okay when he felt a sharp stab in his shoulder.

He scre-med in pain falling down to the floor.

Jake came to face him pushing him futher down.

” you are right brother, there can only be one of us. This is the end for you, am going to have it all, this face of ours, your money and everything else except that b**** you plan to marry Mwanida. For me she will always be a maid.” He yelled at his brother watching as Blood rushed out Mike’s wound.

” Jake please don’t do this, he is your brother please don’t kill him” Isabel tried to plead getting down to the floor even when her hands were still tied.

” how rom-ntic, up to now you cannot decide which side you are on ehh? ” Jake scre-med in her face making Isabel flinch back crying loudly.

” Beg me for your life you idiot!” Jake scre-med the more pushing his brother as Mike held his wound in pain.

” no I won’t , kill me, come on ! You have always been a monster so yeah go on and finish me !” Mike shouted back in anguish.

” stop please stop!” Was all Isabel could shout trying to get the two to listen to her.

” you wil die brother don’t even doubt it. Your end is near and it will be as it should have been from birth. There will be only me. ” Jake let a loud laugh.

” mother is probably moving in her grave at the sight of what you have become you cold blood murderer!” Mike spat and before he could say anymore Jake stabbed him on his leg making him yell the more in pain.

Isabel was shaking and crying at the sight of what was going on. She tried to push Jake away with her tied hands but he pushed her back.

” you know what, I bet its high time you two died together, till death do us part right?” He mocked and cut lose Isabel’s tied hands pushing her closer to Mike.

” leave her alone ” Mike’s weak voice spoke as he looked in pain at his brother holding a kinfe and ready to stab her.

” husband first! ” Jake moved towards Mike lifting his hand high up to target his brother’s heart.

Without hesitating, Isabel pushed herself on top of Mike and the knife went right through her heart and she let a weak scre-m falling to the floor.

Jake held the knife up again to aim at Mike but in the momet, the door slang open and Mike’s cop friend stepped in pointing the gun at Jake yelling for him to drop the knife.

Jake was like a mad person though, instead of obeying the order he went foward to finish his brother and the cop fired shots at him killing him instantly.

Mike looked around and felt his eyes close, he was feeling so weak, the sight of blood all over the room was the last thing he saw before he fall flat to the floor.

“Call an ambulance now, come to this address we have to try save any of them! ” the cop  called his mates on the phone panicking at the sight of the three people now silent.

Twins continues…

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