TWINS – Episode 31 Finale
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Mwanida was sitting on the door waiting for Mike. She could not stay calm at the thought of Mike being away. She kept glancing at her phone expecting a call or text from him.

” mommy! ” Elizabeth called from in,side.

” am out here baby!” She responded taking a quick glance in,side watching the girl walk towards her.

” mommy, why are you sitting here? Where is daddy?” The girl asked standing behind her.

” come here” she sighed patting the space next to her.

” daddy had some erand to run, he will be back soon so that we can together prepare dinner as per plan” she tried to smile.

” okay, I love this house you know, it’s bigger than the one we had in Kenya. But I miss my old school and friends, will we ever go back?” The girl asked further changing the subject looking at Mwanida.

Mwanida could not answer as her phone vibrated and she saw Mike’s caller ID.

” no baby we are not going back, now can you go back in,side and watch something. I need to talk to daddy” she stood up holding the phone to her ears.

” My love” she answered upon sliding the phone.

” Madam, am sorry it’s not Mike” the cop answered back.

” yeah. But where is he?” She asked worried

” ummm, am sorry to inform you that Mike is hurt there was some fight with his brother and he was stabbed. You better come down to UTH where he is being attended to by Doctors right now” the man explained and the very second Mwanida started running in,side to grab her bag.

” am coming this moment” she spoke before hanging up”

She grabbed her hand bag and rushed back almost forgetting Elizabeth who was burried in a couch watching some teen age movie.

” sweetheart come with me, I cannot leave you home alone.” She spoke loudly making the girl step up quickly too.

” Mommy where are we going ” she asked as she pulled her hand to lead her outside to the car. Glad Mike had gotten two cars for them, she practically ran to the driver’s seat.

” mommy! Why are we rushing ?” The girl asked again seeing how much Mwanida was panicking

” Will you stop asking questions !” She scre-med at the girl who flinched back startled

” sorry baby ” she sighed realizing she was taking it out on the girl.

” am sorry I didnt mean to yell at you.

Listen Elizabeth, daddy is hurt, he was injured by his brother and is admitted in the hospital. We are going to see him now okey?” She breathed out starting the engine.

Immediately they got to the hospital, Jake was marked ‘brought in dead’. Isabel was badly injured too she was barely breathing, even though Mike was in a bad shape too, he at least was not in a comma like Isabel was. After covering up the deep wound in his shoulder and leg they managed to stabilise him.

By the time Mwanida was getting to the hospital, he was sedated.

” what happened out there?” She asked the cop waiting outside the moment she was told Mike was still alive.

” I told him to wait for me or give me a signal upon s₱0ting any danger. I don’t really know what happned but when I got into the house it was too late. Jake was stabbing his brother and Isable with clear intent to kill. I don’t understand how a man can have such hatred towards his own brother” the man shook his head.

” I have been wondering the same for years. Did you manage to catch him though?” she asked sitting down holding Elizabeth by the hand.

” he is dead, their was no way of stopping him he was going to kill them both. I mean Mike and his former Wife”

Mwanida held her head, shaking it from side to side.

” oh my God I shouldn’t have encouraged him to go, this is all my fault, I will not forgive myself if anything happens to him. He was right, he should have just ignored the call” she cried this time failling to hide it from Elizabeth who kept looking at her.

” it’s going okey, it’s not your fault, Mike told me you were worried Jake would Kill Isabel. You are a good person and never should you place this on yourself ” the man patted her hand standing up to leave.

” call me if anything, let me get back to the station and give my statement. I called Isabel’s parents am sure they will be here soon.”

” thank you again” she nooded at him.

She had to explain briefly what happened to Elizabeth who kept asking questions.

A few hours later, she was called to say they could see Mike.

Walking to his ward, she found him laying down his eyes half clossed.

” hey!” She tried to smile.

” hey!,” he let a week smile too.

” I missed you both” he smiled raising his hand to hold Mwanida and Elizabeth.

” baby you are here too?” He looked at the girl.

” yes daddy, mommy said your brother hurt you. Is he the one you told me looks like you? Why did he hurt you?” The girl questioned one thing after the other.

” it’s a long story, I will tell you when am out of here.” He tried to smile.

” go on outside I talk to mommy, dont worry about me I will be fine ” he whispered

Mwanida watched as the girl walked out and she turned to look at Mike. ” am sorry I forced you to go I feel…”

” shshsh, my love, it was not your fault. You were right I could have lived with guilty knowing I could have tried to save Isabel but didnt get to do it. By the way how is Jake and Isabel? Have you talked to that friend of mine? The last thing I recall is Mike trying to stab me after he did Isabel. ” Mike winced in pain as he tried to move.

” Mike ammm um” Mwanida hesitated not knowing how to break the news to him.

“Isabel is in a comma, the Knife left a very deep internal injury and she lost a lot of blood too. God willing she will survive. Her parents came to see her and promised to come see you later. ” she told him sitting on the chair next to the bed.

” okey?” Mike looked up at her.

” Mike am so sorry, but…”

” he is dead?” He asked more like a statement.

Mwanida could not get to say it, instead, she nodded her head. Holding his hand firmly.

” am so sorry, your friend said he could not make him stop, it was either you or him. He saved your life but your brother died from the gun shot” she wiped a tear from her eyes.

Mike was quiet for a while, tears rolled down his side as he leaned on the pillow. The pain of loosing his brother griping on him, he wished things could have been different.

” am sorry” Mwanida frowned.

” he was a jerk but my brother and I loved him. I should have not pushed him too hærd. He was trying to live his life and am sure he was happy, maybe he was finally getting what he always wanted in his life and now he is… oh God” Mike sobbed.

” Mike you have to calm down now, I know it hurts but you have to get well, look at you, he could have killed you without hesitation and he has always hated you ”

” that’s not an excuse to justify his death. He deserved another chance to change and I acted like him. I was so hurt I focused on teaching him a hærd Lesson to fulfil my own ego and now he is no more. Am such a loser” he ranted the more.

Mwanida kept encouraging him over and over again just to get him to calm down.

days later…

Mike was being discharged from the hospital and as Mwanida pushed his wheel chair since he could not walk properly yet, he saw Esther standing by the waiting room.smiling at him.

” Aunty Esther! You are here again.” He smiled back at her.

” yeah I wanted to see you get out of here and go home. I told my daughter to bring me since I can’t walk around alone anymore. ”

” Thank you for being here. Am just glad you and Mwanida have helped org-nise the funeral for my brother, I could have not done it well enough in my condition. ” Mike frowned looking down at his legs.

” it’s alright my son, God will see you through. Am just happy Isabel is recovering too and this night mare is finally over. Your brother is gone but you have to live on and take care of his son as though he is one of your own. Raise him with your kids too and try create a good relationsh¡p between your Children to avoid history repeating itself. One day tell them the wh0le true story and let them learn from your mistakes too. ” Esther spoke calmly and emphasizing each word.

” I will live to remember him for the rest of my life.” Mike cut in as they all walked down the hallway to the car park.

” yes you will Mike. In his mistakes we all have learnt some lessons, the act of greedy and jealous leads to the dark. And as for you, know that it’s not in your hands to revenge, God has his own way and time of settling the scores of every human being. That guitly you feel now is the consequnces of wanting to take up God’s responsibility and make your brother pay.

I pray you find peace though. You deserve a happy life and am sure God will help you through it all. You have found love again, and now your family has grown, treasure that always and know there is nothing that surpasses the joy of having a peaceful and happy family. It is the basis for all that your children will become and if you don’t pay attention to bringing out good virtues in your kids, they will lose their way and it will be so hærd to bring them back. ”

” wise as always Aunty, thank you.

I promise to get Jake’s son as soon as Isabel is well enough so I help raise him together with my own kids. As for this angel here” he smiled looking at Mwanida.

” as soon as I get off this chair, we are getting married.” He smiled

” yeah do that, she is a good woman and I wish you two all the best. ” Esther smiled as did every one around.

” can we move on now?” Mwanida let a laugh pushing the wheelchair and Elizabeth held Esther ’s hand walking behind Mwanida.

They got in the car and Mwanida drove them heading home to finalise the funeral plans for Jake.

………. The end………….

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