Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – episode 4

Episode 4

Shania’s pov
It’s been three months now and Sonia has been acting like someone in love. She’s always smiling whenever she is with her phone. I need to know the person she’s in love with.
Talking about love, I have dated like 16 men right from when I was in secondary school. But presently am single , non of those men are up to my taste. I have tried looking for my Mr right but am unable to fund any. Sonia can not find her Mr right while am still searching

   Sonia’s pov
  Being in love with the right person has so much joy. Enoch and I have been in a relationsh¡p for a month now and am very happy someone accepted me not minding the way I look
My nanny was so happy the day I told her about Enoch. That particular night, I came back home smiling which I found strange since I am not good at that
Nanny: where is this young teenager in love going to
Me: (I was shocked)
   Ah! Nanny vic, I…..
Nanny: you don’t need to explain anything to me girl. I know you even more than you know yourself. What is his name?
Me: who’s name?
Nanny: Sonia, come help me with something in my bedroom
Me: okay!( I innocently followed her to her bedroom. Immediately we got go her room, he held my hand and pull me into a warm hug

Nanny: tell me his name
Me: em….his name is Enoch. Enoch willson
Nanny: but you haven’t introduced him to me
Me: I will very soon. He’s quite busy with work, when he is less busy, I’ll bring him here and introduce him to the family
Nanny( she finally pulled away from the hug and touch my face with her cold palm) am happy for you dear
    Life has been fair so far. One day, after lecture I told my driver Isaac to drive me to Enoch’s apartment. I actually planned introducing him to the family today.

   Later in the day
At the MaCalls mansion
The tension in the living room was hot. Every member of my family were staring at Enoch and I in the manner I don’t understand
Me:( I cleared my throat) mum, dad, bro and sis, this is Enoch. Enoch willson. He is the one I have been telling you people about
    Dad looked at us again with those scary eyes
Dad: young man, what are you doing in my house?
Me: d…
Dad: shut up Sonia. You have the guts to bring a man go my house? I see you enjoy bringing shame upon this family
Mom: Sonia, why can’t you just for ones emulate your twin? Have you ever seen her brought a man to this house before?
        Yes! I wanted to say. I have seen her with men in her room countless times. I have seen her having s€× with most of them. But why can’t I just expose her? Maybe it’s because they won’t believe me. They’ve always labeled me the bad twin. The dull twin. Why can’t they just see Shania for who she really is?
Greg: why are you quiet? So this is what you’ve been doing in school. Sleeping with all the men you come across with. No wonder you are so dull. As for you ass h0le, stay away from Sonia and from this house. I don’t want to ever see you around her
        I watched him pushed Enoch out of the house
Greg: now listen and listen carefully, the next time I see you around any man again, you’ll hate yourself the more because I will skin skin you alive

       He walked away. My mom stood up from the sofa she was sitting on. She walked close to me and landed a dirty slap on my cheek
Mom: am disappointed in you
    She also walked away, dad left with her
Shania: don’t be too sentimental. Am sure he don’t love you. He just want to have fun with you
       She sat on the sofa and crossed her long legs, picked up the remote and changed the channel from NTA to Zee World. I just stood there like a statue , my eyes were blurred with my tears

     It’s been two weeks and I have not set my eyes on Enoch. It was as if a part of me has died.
     On Sunday noon after church service, Shania came to my room which I found wired because she don’t come to NY room on a normal basis. She was smiling at me. At first I thought it was my illusion. She then sat close to me on the bed. Oh no! This is awkward
Shania: hi twinny
           What!!! She called me twinny this is unbelievable
Me: hi!
Shania: come on girl, no matter what , we are twins. I can feel your pain. I know you are hurt because of Enoch
Me: you do?
Shania : yes! I can help you
Me: how do you intend to help me?
Shania: em……. I’ll make dad understand that Enoch is a good man. Then we’ll go to Enoch’s beg him on behalf of the family
Me: you really want to help me?
Shania: I want to make up for all the wrongs I’ve done to you
Me: thank you so much twinny. I’ve been waiting for this day, when we’ll talk like real twins
        I embraced her in a tight but gentle hug. She told me she’ll talk to dad alone
   The next day, she told me dad has approved my relationsh¡p with Enoch
Me: thank you so much
Shania: you are welcome dear. So when are you taking me to my brother in law’s place?
Me: I have a tight schedule today. Tomorrow will do
Shania: okay
      After the chat with Shania, I went to the garden and I saw my driver holding a news paper
Isaac: good day miss
Me: I have told you to stop calling me miss. Just call me Sonia
Isaac: I still prefer the miss. Sonia is the name of my grand mother so you don’t expect me to call you Sonia
Me: okay! Dont call me Sonia and don’t call me miss
Isaac: how about I call you Flawless?
Me: do I look Flawless to you?
Isaac:yap! You are Flawless

  Isaac and I have been really close buddies
Isaac: I can see you and your twinny are now close
Me: yes! I still find it unbelievable
Isaac: well…… If you ask for my opinion
I’ll tell you not to trust her
Me: I won’t ask for your opinion Isaac

            The next day still on Sonia’s pov

       Shania and I went to Enoch’s apartment, his gate man told us that he traveled. I tried his line but it was switched off
      A week later
    Shania’s pov
   That morning, Sonia already left for school. I put on one of my s€×y gown. I left for Enoch’s house. I parked my car outside his gate. After knocking twice, his gateman opened the gate. He stared at me for 6 seconds
Gateman: who you dey find?
Ms: is your oga in?
Gateman: yes! Wetin happen?
Me: tell him Shania wants to see him
Gateman: ( he scrutinized me for seconds) wait here, I dey come.
       He left. Few minutes later, he opened the gate
Gateman: e say make you come in,side
( I went in,side that apartment. When I got to the living room, be was sipping a coffee. With his looks, you’ll know he hasn’t had a shower
Enoch: what do are you doing here?
Me: my sister has been trying to reach you through your phone but…..
Enoch: I lost my phone. I just did a welcome back yesterday. What do you want?
Me: Enoch, you are a very handsome young man. How did you get yourself stuck with Sonia?
Enoch: I don’t get your point
Me: what am trying to say is what exactly are you doing with Sonia when am here?

         2 days later

Sonia’s pov
I have been calling Enoch but he has not been picking my calls so I decided to pay him a visit. After knocking on the gate, the gateman opened the gate

Gateman: ah! Sonia, na u? Oga say make i no open this gate for you again
Me: I know he is angryplease let me speak to him, I need to explain things to him
Gateman; I sur say you hear English, oga say him no wan see you again. Abeg come dey go make I close gate joor
    I was still trying to get in when Shania’s car came to a halt in front of the gate. She alighted from the car. I was more than shock to see her
Shania: Sonia, what are you doing here?
Me: I think I should be the one asking that question, what are you doing here?
Shania: oh! You don’t know yet. Okay, let me explain this to you.. Enoch and I are together now. He chose me over u dummy. So pls stay away from my man iin other not to see my wrat…


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