Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – episode 6

Episode 6

    Waking up on Friday morning knowing that someone like Sonia no longer live under the same roof with me gives me great joy. First time in history, I slept like a princess
      I stood up sluggishly from my king size bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. An hour later, I was ready for school. I went to the dinning room and saw my family members having breakfast. Look like everyone is happy with Sonia leaving the house
Me: Good morning dad, mom and brother
Mom: morning princess. How was your night?
Me: good, in fact very lovely
Greg: I see you woke from the right side of the bed today
Me: ya! Who wouldn’t be, when the person that gives me sleepless nights is not here. I pray she never returns
Greg: don’t say that Shania. She is still our sister. In fact dad, you shouldn’t have given her the permission to leave the house,
Dad: she asked for it
Greg: so? Can’t you make decisions for her. The truth is that Sonia is running away from us.what will people say when they find out she now lives in the slum?
Dad: people will always talk. Sonia needed space and I have given it to her
Mom: honey, Greg is right. Sonia is a part of this family. I know she has been a disgrace but………
Dad: enough woman. Am late for work

     He stood up and left the house. Honestly, I don’t know what has come over my family

        Isaac apartment
 Sonia’s pov
Since am not having lectures today, Isaac decided to teach me how to prepare YAM and egg source
Isaac: now slice the tomatoes
    I did as instructed
Isaac: oh! Itz too big. Are we building a mansion?
Me: am sorry
Isaac: is that the only word you know how to say? You don’t learn with your face like that. My grandma once told me that people that don’t smile get old on time. So always try to wear a smile on your puppy face
Me: okay( I smiled)
Isaac: that’s it! Just keep smiling and you’ll realize that you’ll learn faster. Now slice the onions

    After preparing the food, we are to our satisfaction
Isaac took me out, he thought me how to drive. After the driving lesson we came back home very tired, or should I say I was the only one tired. Isaac went to his bedroom and came back with a guitar
Me: what is this for?
Isaac: its for soccer game. Am sure you are not that dull
Me: are you an instrumentalist?
Isaac: ya! I play three instruments which are guitar violin and piano, I’ll be teaching you how to play the instruments and we are starting with guitar
Me: I have not touched a guitar before
Isaac: you’ll touch it today. I borrowed the instruments so you better learn fast

 The next day which was Saturday Isaac came back alot of books
Isaac: we’ll be studying together to night
Me: am already regretting coming to live with you. You are stressing me too much
Isaac: I love stressing people Flawless
    After living with Isaac for a week, I know everything about him. He is an orphan. Talking about his love life, his love life is so poor, according to him, no girl wants him because they don’t find him cute. I told him to Barb his bears and moustache so he’ll look more handsome but he told me that a full grown man can only be recognized because of his bears and moustache in his village. I have been learning a lots from him. He has been helping me with my studies, I wonder how he does that since he has never been into the university before

   The D_day has finally arrived when am to meet with the famous Eric Anderson. I became nervous. In fact, I have never been this nervous in my life. I was still in my bedroom looking for what to wear when Crystal badged in. At first I thought it was Isaac
Me: what are you doing here?
Crystal: Isaac called me to come dress you up
Me: its not like am getting married today
Crystal: but you are meeting with the famous Eric Anderson. You need to look good Flawless
Me: don’t call me that. It’s only Isaac that has the right to call me flawless
Crystal: uhmmmm….. I see..
Me: what? Stop looking at me like that, its not what you are thinking
Crystal: stop exposing your self Sonia. I know you have a thing for Isaac
Me: stop assuming things. He is just my driver and my bestie
Crystal: you can say that to the birds. Wait did you just say bestie? That jerk is taking my place?
Me: no one can ever take your place and you can’t take his place either
Crystal: well….. In case you were able to get close to Eric, please tell him you have a beautiful friend
Me: what happened to Felix?
Crystal: he is broke this DAys
Me: are you dating him for his money?
Crystal: not really. But you know things are very hærd now in this our cruel country. My dad has not sent me my monthly allowance and I have lots of expenses
Me: so? You want to turn Felix to an ATM machine? That guy loves you. Don’t loose him to someone else or else you’ll regret it
Crystal: thank you chief adviser. Abeg come make I make you up before person come commot my head

     This is the kind of person Crystal is. She is not good at argument at all. She has been my bestie and will always be my bestie

Still on Sonia’s pov

     Isaac and I walked into the company, I was getting nervous, it was like as if my heart is gonna explode anytime soon
Me: Issac, I don’t think I can do this. Am going to faint
Isaac: Flawless, I trust you so you’ll have to trust yourself. Eric is a human being just like you. This is your chance of proving to the world that you are useful. This is your chance of proving to your family that you are useful. You just have to relax. Though I’ve not seen Eric in person before but Victor my friend assured me that he is an easy going person
Me: thank you so much for your word of encouragement. But in case I messed up spank me really hærd
Isaac: I’ll gladly do that

        A young handsome man walked up to us
Isaac: Victor,
Victor: Isaac,
           They both hugged each other
Victor: is she the one?
Isaac: yes! She is the one
Victor: hi miss Sonia wisdom
Me: hi!
Isaac: Sonia, meet Victor, my friend. The one I told you about
Victor: Isaac I’ll take her to the boss now, you’ll have to go and come pick her up in the next four hours
Me: can’t he stay?
Victor: nop! Boss don’t like seeing uninvited people
Isaac: I’ll go. But please take very good care of her for me
Victor: you can trust me on that
Isaac: flawless, you’ll have to make me proud. Remember you have a lot of people to prove wrong
Me: yes!

   He finally left leaving me alone with Mr Victor. Mr Victor told me to follow him which I did like a confused sheep. We got to a desk. A young beautiful lady was busy her a laptop
Victor: Evelyn,
Evelyn: oh Mr Victor, you look more handsome today
 Victor: thanks! We want to see the boss
Evelyn: you’ll have to wait. He is in the board room
Victor: okay we’ll wait

        An hour later, the so-called boss has not arrived. I was already pissed off when he showed up. He was just as handsome as he is in his videos and photos. He tapped Mr Victor that seems to be engrossed with his phone
Victor: oh boss! You’re here
Me: goodday sir

      He looked at me as if trying to see if am hiding a gun or bomb
Mr Eric: who is she?
Victor: she is Sonia… Sonia wisdom
Mr Eric: what’s up with this big glasses?
Me: I…. I can’t see without them
Mr Eric: what!!!!!!


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