Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – episode 8

Episode 8

 A month later
Narrator’s pov

  Eric was in his office when Shania barged in followed by Evelyn his secretary
Eve: am sorry sir, I tried to stop her but…..
Eric: leave us
Eve: okay sir( she walked out of the office. Eric stared at Shania from her head to her toes. She was putting on a very short gown that reveals her laps
Shania: I am Shania wisdom. The daughter of Mr wisdom McCall. A successful business man
Eric: I know you
Shania: uhn? You know me?
Eric: yes! Sonia told me alot about your family
Shania: oh!
Eric: so tell me, what are you doing here?
Shania: well…… Mr Eric, I …I… I mean you are my mentor, my role model. I’ve always wanted to be like you. I admire you a lot. I want to be famous like you. I want to be a singer
Eric: interesting! Which instrument are you good at?
Shania: instrument? I don’t know how to play any instrument.
Eric: and you want to be a famous singer.
Shania: am ready to learn if you are willing to teach me. Am very fast in learning
Eric: well…. I don’t need any other lady to sing with me. Sonia has already occupied the space. I must confess, she sings like an angel
Shania: I sing better than her
Eric: really? Sing any of my songs
Shania: I… I.. I don’t……….
Eric: you don’t know how to sing any of my songs yet you called me your mentor. Never mind sing any song you know

    Shania sang a song by Travis Green

Eric: the truth is that you don’t have a lovely voice compare to the voice of Sonia, it almost sounded like that of a crocodile
Shania: what? My dad always complement on my voice. That’s why he calls me princess
Eric: if you watch Disney cartoons you’ll realize that some princess are dull, some have the voice of a crocodile. Some even pick their nose. So being called a princess is not something special. Now leave!! You’ve overstayed your welcome miss McCall

   Later in the day,
Sonia walked into Mr Eric’s office
Sonia: you called me sir
Eric: yes I did. Actually….. a lot of people are talking about your song. For that am proud of you. You are more good than I thought
Sonia: thank you sir
Eric: so flawless
Sonia: uhn? Flawless?
Eric: Victor told me its your Nick name
Eric: so, I want to fly you abroad for your sight treatment
Sonia:OMG! Thank you so much sir
Eric: you are welcome. Very soon, you won’t be able to walk on the street without guards
Sonia: am patiently waiting for that day to come sir

     Isaac’s apartment
  Sonia came back home but Isaac was not around as usual. She decided to prepare dinner. She set the food on the table, just then Isaac walked in. She embraced him in a hug
Sonia: I prepared dinner
Isaac:I can’t wait to devour it am famished
Sonia: you went to your uncle’s place again?
Isaac: yes!!!
Sonia: I’ll like to meet that your uncle someday.

Few minutes later after dinner
Isaac; you’ve been smiling a lot
Sonia: you told me to always smile remember?
Isaac: yes! But am sure there is something behind this your smile. Tell me are you falling for Eric?
Sonia: are you crazy? Am just happy because he promised to fly me out for treatment
Isaac: woaw! That’s a good news
Sonia: am so happy. Very soon I’ll stop using glasses
Isaac: am glad to see you happy
Sonia: he is more nicer than I thought
Isaac: be no longer scold you ?
Sonia: nop! In fact he called me flawless today
Isaac: be did?
Sonia: yes! And to be honest, I love the way he pronounced it. FLAW__ _____LESS
Isaac: did you tell him am the only one that have the right to call you that?
Sonia:stop being jealous. Be can’t take your place in my life. You are my teacher. Because of you, am now one of the best in my department. Because of you, I met Eric. So you see why no human can take your place in my life?
Isaac: when are you leaving the country?
Sonia: I don’t know yet. But while am away, take care of yourself for me.ill be back before school resumes

Few weeks later
      Shania’s pov
  I put in my s€×y gown and went to Isaac’s apartment. I knocked on the hærd door but no one was responding I thought he is not around but suddenly the door opened. Isaac stood at the door looking at me with those eyes of his
Isaac: what?
Me: can I come in?
Isaac: yes!

  Be opened the door w¡der for me and I walked it swaying my h¡ps.
Isaac: Sonia traveled
Me: I know!
Isaac: if you know then what are you doing here?
Me: Isaac, I know I’ve been harsh towards you. Well… Pls I want u to find a place in your heart and forgive me
Isaac: I owe no grudges against you so pls leave
Me: am here with a proposal. My dad has promised to give me a very good position in his company, you know I want to be a doctor. So, I want to give the position to someone I love which is you. I love you Isaac. I’ll make you rich just be my man
Isaac: I don’t need your money. I don’t love you but your twin am sorry. I’ll propose to SOnia as soon as she arrive Nigeria
Me: what do you like about her? Remember am my father’s princess
Isaac: and she is my flawless. Some princesses are dull

      I was already getting angry with his harsh words so I decided to proceed to plan B. I know he won’t be able to resist me. I stripped myself unclad. He stared at my unclad body and smiled
Isaac: you look ugly when unclad. Pls put your clothes on and leave. Stop embarrassing yourself. Stop showing men your uncladness all because of Sonia. You are the one losing your dignity and not Sonia. You are becoming worse than a pr-stitute
Me: whatever! Even if you propose to Sonia, she won’t say yes to you because she is already in a relationsh¡p with Eric

    He was silent. I know he is hurt by my words. I wore my gown and went to Eric’s apartment.
I met his mom taking a selfie in the living room
Me: gudday ma
Mrs Anderson: gud day dear, bow are you?
Me: am fine ma
Mrs Anderson: pls who are you?
Me: am Shania wisdom McCall . am Eric’s girlfriend
Mrs Anderson: oh my! This boy will not kill me before my time. He has never introduced any girl to me as his girlfriend. Well… Thanks for introducing yourself dear. How is your family?
Me: they are fine ma
Mrs Anderson: but be is not around
Me: I know! I actually wanted to surprise him. I’ll wait in his bedroom while you call him to come over.
Mrs Anderson: good idea. Be has a lot of explanations to make today. Sarah take her to Eric’s bedroom
Sarah: OK ma

   Sarah the maid took me to his bedroom. She then left me alone in the room. He has the room of a king. I know Eric is filthy rich. That is why I have chosen him. I striped myself unclad and lie in his bed. I covered my nude body with his big blanket. I know be won’t be able to resist me like Isaac.

Narrator’s pov
Eric walked into the house
Eric: mom, what’s up with the urgent call?
Mrs Anderson: why didnt you tell me about your girlfriend?
Eric: which girlfriend?
Mrs Anderson: she is in your bedroom

Eric ran to his bedroom. Immediately Shania saw him, she pulled the blanket away from her body. She stood up from the bed and hugged him
Shania: welcome back babe
Eric: what are you doing?
Shania: am trying to prove to you how much I love you
Eric: I love you twin and not you. You better stop introducing yourself as my girlfriend
Shania: why Sonia? Am more beautiful than her
Eric: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

    He picked up the blanket and covered her body with it
Shania: (with tears( Eric…
Eric: don’t ever try to sed-ce me again. Stop  sed-cing men that are close to your twin


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