Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – episode 9

Episode 9

At the McCall’s mansiy
Shania’s pov

 I went straight to my bedroom. I can’t believe the only man I fell inlove with rejected me all because of Sonia. Sonia the dullard
I could not eat dinner that night. I could not sleep  either. All because of Sonia.
    The next day, I went to the living room. I saw Greg trying to make a phone  call. Without asking , I know he was trying to reach Sonia. He has been trying to reach her all to no avail. I am sure he don’t know where she lives and I don’t plan telling him either.
Greg: Shania, I finally met with Isaac yesterday. He told me Sonia has been living with him. She traveled to US and she’ll be coming back today. Am so happy I’ll finally get to meet my sister
Me: good for you
Greg:ya not good for you because she has taken your place in my heart. How could you be so wicked? All These while I’ve always seen you as the good one when you are actually the bad one. You slept with Enoch, Meshach, Joe, Fred, Steven, and the rest of them.
Me:am still better than Sonia
Greg:lie!! She is better than you. Dad will really be proud of you when he finds out the true you

        ******************************Narrator pov
Eric picked up Sonia from the airport
Sonia: where is Isaac?
Eric: as you can see, he didn’t show up. You look so beautiful without your 👓 glasses
Sonia : thanks sir

Later in the day, 
Isaac walked in his house, he went straight to the kitchen and met Sonia preparing dinner. Immediately she saw him, she hugged him
Sonia :i missed you so much
Isaac :i missed you too flawless. You look more beautiful without your glasses
Sonia:now you are sounding like Eric

    Few minutes later after dinner, Sonia dressed up ready to go out
Isaac:are you going out?
Sonia :yes!!! Eric will be picking me up. He wants to take me out for dinner
Isaac:but I thought we just had dinner
Sonia :yes another dinner. I’ll be sleeping over at Crystal ‘s apartment
Isaac:okay! Just take very good care of yourself

    There was a knock at the door, Sonia opened the door thinking that it was Eric but it was his driver
Driver:boss ordered me to come pick you up
      Sonia’s pov

   How could Eric be so stupid, he should have come by himself. I walked close to the car and hopped in. On our way to the venue , the car broke down. The so called driver claimed that he know what wrong with the car. We spent more than 30minutes trying to fix the car. Finally the car started. On getting to the venue, Eric was standing with his two hands buried in his pockets. I have never seen him done that before. He reminds me of Isaac and I feel guilty for living him alone at home.
Eric:are you going to stand there all night?

    Oh! He brought me back from my thoughts. The venue was so awesome beautiful and it’s just a table for two. What? A table for two? Is this a date or something? I walked closer to the table and sat on the chair. I picked the menu
Eric:no need. I have ordered for your favorite
Me:my favorite?
Eric:rice salad
me:what? Who told you?
Eric:isaac, Isaac and I are getting along
me:i see……..

    a handsome waiter waled up to us with our orders. He placed them on the table and walked away. I was full but I can’t ignore rice salad not even for 10million
Eric:i know you are wondering why I brought you here
me:i know
Eric :you know?
me:yes! You brought me here to have dinner so I’ll add weight
Eric :no! That’s not the reason why I brought you here. I brought you here to confess something to you. I know I was harsh towards you at first. But I have come to love you. I am in love with you Sonia. I’ve always been in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I have never felt this way towards any woman before. I want you to give us a chance Sonia.
me: Eric, am so sorry. The thing is………. am inlove with someone else. You are a very good man but my heart doesn’t beat for you am sorry
Eric: you wanna choose Isaac over me? He doesn’t have the means to take good care of you.
me: he maynot be rich but I still love him.

    I stood up and left the restaurant. I boarded a taxi that took me to Crystal apartment. after talking about US, I decided to talk to her about Eric and Isaac
crystal : has Isaac proposed yet?
me:he hasn’t
crystal :then how sure are you that he loves you
me: I don’t know but I love him
crystal :then it may be one sided love then. According to my observation, Eric loves you
me:but I love Isaac. He has a big role in my life
crystal::then what about Eric? I know you have feelings for him too
me:i don’t know. Am so stupid. How can I be inlove with two men. I don’t even know what Isaac feels for me. And Eric, I don’t know if he is trying to use me
crystal : go to bed. You might find a solution in your dream

  The next day, narrator pov
Sonia went back to Isaac apartment. on getting there, the was not locked. she went straight to her bedroom to relax
sonia:oh my! Where the hell is my phone? Oh I left it at home last night

she went to the living room. she searched for it every where but could not find it. she then went to Isaac bedroom to search for it. on getting there, she saw Isaac’s diary and pen on the table. Out of curiosity she picked it up. She wanted to open it
sonia:no! It is wrong to go through someone else’s personal property

       she wanted to drop the diary when she saw a picture on the table. she poked it up and then decided to go through the diary.

    later in the day
Isaac came back home looking sick
sonia: where are you coming from?
Isaac: my uncle ‘s child was not feeling fine so I had to take her to the hospital
Sonia : why have you been lying to me?
Isaac : lying to you about what?
Sonia: let me give you a hint. I went through your diary. I now know your secrets Isaac, or should I say Eric Anderson


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