Twins With Differences

Twins With Differences – Final Episode

Story: Hidden Dream – Episode 1 

Grand finale

Narrator ‘s pov
Isaac: I can explain
Sonia :you don’t need to explain anything. Am just angry because you have been deceiving me all these while. You were acting as Eric and Isaac. Your beards and mustaches are all fake. I don’t know who to trust any more
Isaac/Eric: am sorry
Sonia :now tell me where you are coming back from
Eric:after the date yesternight, my mom called me to come over. I spent the night there because I know you’ll be sleeping over at Crystal ‘s apartment. This morning I had to rush to work for a very important business meeting. Am so sorry. I did what I did because of what I went through in the hands of women. So when I heard about you and Shania, I disguised myself as a poor man. I came to your house to work because I had interest in Shania. But on getting there, I realised that Shania is not the right woman for me. Am sorry for keeping you in the diary all these while
Sonia : when did you plan on telling me?
Isaac:when you become very famous. When your family realise that they can’t do without you.

At the McCall’s mansion
Greg and his mom were ready to go out
Shania :can I come along?
Mom:no dear. We’ll have to see her first. I pray she gives us her attention
    They both went to Isaac apartment. Eric(no longer Isaac) ushered them in. He offered them wine. Sonia walked out of her bedroom, she was flabbergasted to see her family. She hugged them one after the other
mom:babe, I’ve missed you so much. Am so sorry for all you went through because of us.
Sonia :it’s okay mom. You don’t need to apologize for anything.

Few days later
Sonia walked to the school looking like An Angel. People were trying to get her attention. She walked straight to the library. Immediately Shania saw her, she walked up to her
Shania :good day twinny
Sonia:shania, I heard you’ve been telling people that we are related. Please stop talking about us we are not related. Stop calling me twinny.
Shania :Sonia I know I have been a bad twin painting you the bad one. Am sorry. I regret everything now. Pls find a place in your ♥ to forgive me. I wronged you. I sed-ce the men that are close to you because I didn’t want to see you happy.
Sonia :there is something you should know. Being one of my fans I will tell you. Eric and I are in a relationsh¡p now.
Shania :you and Eric? But I thought Isaac loves you
Sonia :am in a relationsh¡p with Isaac
Shania :the both of them at the same time?
Sonia:am not like you dummy. Isaac AND Eric are the same person
Shania :what!!!
Sonia:Eric was disguising himself as Isaac. Next time don’t judge a book by its cover.
      She walked away leaving Shania in shock
   few minutes later

Sonia became very popular. She was already a graduate and she was posted to Delta state for her NYSC. Before leaving for Delta her Atherton apologized to her. Sonia was so happy that her finally accepted her

   * * *
After her youth service she went back to her father’s house. she was till not giving attention to Shania. even her mom pleaded on Shanias behalf but she remained adamant
      on their 24th Birthday, a bash was org-nized for them. Mr McCall bought new cars for them. During the party, Sonia called everyone attention
Sonia:excuss me everyone. I have something very important to say to my so called twin
I know you’ve been pleading for my forgiveness for the past few months now. I forgave everyone including Enoch. But I won’t forgive you. I won’t forgive you inless you accept my gift for you. Here is the key to your own hospital. I can’t stand my twin working in someone else’s hospital

   she handed the key to her. Shania pulled her into a tight hug
shania:thank you so much
sonia:easy girl. You are going to break my bones.
  they all made a joyful noise. During the party, Eric proposed to Sonia. Everyone were happy. Sonia assured Shania that her man will come at God’s appointed time

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THE END (Thanks for reading, pls comment)

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