Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 1

Twisted Fate (episode 1)

Sophie was a very hærdworking lady, she owned numerous businesses and lived a very low-key and reserved life. Sophie never held back any opportunity to show kindness to anyone she came across, she was very pretty and had a beautiful heart. She was a Sickler!

Sophie was diagnosed of sickle cell disease at a very young age. She was advised by her doctors to live everyday as though it were her last and this made her very ambitious. She wanted to be known for something when she eventually leaves this world.

The motherless baby home was her regular hangout, as she visited almost every week. It broke her parents heart to know that she wouldn’t be around for too long but that didn’t stop them from showing her the best love and care they could give.

Sophie never bothered about going into relationsh¡ps as she felt it would be a waste of her time, since she could be gone at anytime. This mentality made her build a huge wall around her heart, thereby, preventing any guy from entering.

One fateful day, Sophie went on a business errand to procure an important licence for a new business of hers. As she got to the firm, there was a long queue and she was fortunate enough to get the last seat.

The queue moved slowly and other people came to join those already there. Due to insufficient chairs, a lot of people were left standing.

After about 20 minutes, Sophie s₱0tted an elderly woman standing in the queue. She looked around and found no empty seats. She became bothered and felt so guilty sitting down while an elderly woman was standing. She quickly walked up to the woman and tapped her shoulders. “Ma’am please come and sit on my chair” she requested, “My daughter where will you sit?” The elderly woman asked. Sophie smiled and told her she would be fine.

They walked back to the seat and Sophie removed her bag and the woman sat down. “Thank you my child” she said as Sophie walked back to where the woman was initially standing and stood there.

As all this was going on, Sophie wasn’t aware that the Managing Director of the firm saw everything through the glass in his office and sent a security guard to bring Sophie to his office.

After about 10 minutes of standing, a security guard walked up to her, “Hello ma’am, my boss asked me to bring you to his office” he said. “Please do you know why” she asked, “No ma’am, he just said I should get you off the queue and bring you to his office” he replied.

Sophie gave it a slight thought and finally followed him. They climbed the stairs and finally got to the MD’s office. As Sophie walked in, her heart skipped several beats as she beheld a handsome looking gentleman. She quickly got herself back in order.

“Good day sir” she greeted. “Hello, how are you?” He asked, “I’m fine, thanks!” She replied. “Can you sit and please what’s your name?” He asked smiling. “My name is Sophie” she replied as she sat down. “Oh! He smells so good” she thought to herself.

He looked at her, smiled and said “Nice meeting you Sophie, My name is Dave”.

End of episode 1

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