Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 3

Twisted Fate (episode 3)

Dave’s heartfelt revelation came as a big surprise to Sophie, as she wasn’t expecting it. She pretended not to hear Dave the first time and asked him to repeat himself again. Dave was nervous at this point because he didn’t mean to confess his feelings for her too soon.

“I love you Sophie” he repeated again. At this point, Sophie was numb and couldn’t utter a word. She kept staring at Dave as tears dropped from her eyes. “Why are you crying? Please say something” he pleaded, “No Dave! You can’t love me and please don’t” she said crying. “Why not or are you already taken?” He asked, “No it’s not that, it’s just” she said and paused without completing her statement. “It’s just what dear?” Dave asked, “Nothing” she replied and bent her head downwards.

As Dave was about to probe further, Sophie’s mum walked into her hospital room. Her mum was so surprised and happy to see Dave as she never thought her daughter would let any man this close to her.

“Hello, Good evening” Dave greeted, “How are you my child?” Sophie’s mum asked, “I’m fine ma’am, thank you” he replied. “Hello mama” Sophie interrupted, “My daughter, how are you feeling now?” She asked, “I’m fine mum” Sophie replied.

Dave wanted to give them some privacy so he got up to leave. “I’ll meet the doctor now and clear the bill, just get better and I will call you tomorrow” he said and bid them goodbye.

Immediately Dave left, Sophie’s mum jumped with joy. “My daughter who’s this fine Bobo?” She asked smiling, “Mummy just leave me alone” Sophie replied blushing. Her mum laughed and said “you must talk now oh”,

Sophie was already getting worn out by her mum’s persistence to know Dave and finally gave in. “Mum, his name is Dave and he’s my friend” she said. “Does he know about your condition?” Her mum asked, “No mum! I haven’t told him and it’s killing me cause I feel it’s unfair to him” she said almost in tears. “My daughter, why not tell him” her mum said, “I can’t because I don’t want him to pity me and start treating me differently, I’m also scared that he might leave If I tell him” she said crying. “You don’t know that yet so just give him a chance, after all there’s nothing to lose if he walks out on you, at least we would say we saw it coming” her mum advised.

Sophie was touched by what her mum said and started crying. Her mum tried to console her as her temperature was already heating up. “Rest my daughter, it’s ok” she said.

Sophie was discharged few hours later and was taken home. On the ride home, she thought about all her mum said earlier at the hospital and decided to tell Dave the truth about her illness. “I have to come clean to him. If he still tells me he loves me after knowing the truth, then I would know he’s for real” she said to herself.

Sophie’s mum had to leave immediately she dropped Sophie off at her house because she had an important errand to run that evening. Sophie walked in,side and sat on the couch in her living room, she was contemplating on how to go about telling Dave the truth. She was so worried and kept thinking about how he would react.

After much thought, she picked up her phone and called him. “Hello Dave” she greeted, “Hi dear, how are you feeling now?” He asked, “I’m much better” she replied. “That’s a relief! Hope they gave you some medicine, just incase the headache decides to show up again?” Dave asked. At the mention of headache, her conscience started pricking her. “I have to tell him the truth” she thought to herself.

Dave was so happy over the phone, knowing that Sophie has been discharged. “Can I see you tonight? There’s something I want to tell you” she said. “Where should I meet you?” Dave asked, “Come to my house” she replied.

After about an hour, Dave arrived at Sophie’s house and knocked on the door. Sophie opened the door and welcomed him. “What can I offer you?” She asked, “I’m fine dear, let’s talk” Dave replied.

Sophie was so tensed as she sat opposite Dave. “What I’m about to say is scary and I don’t know how you might react, but I have to tell you regardless” she said in a panicked tone. At that moment, Dave was so tensed but kept his cool. “Go ahead Sophie, I’m listening” he said.

She finally summoned up courage and said ‘I’m dying”. Dave’s heart skipped several beats but he still maintained order, “How do you mean?” He asked in a confused manner.

Sophie took a deep breath and said “I’m a Sickler!”.

End of episode 3

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