Twisted Fate – episode 5

Twisted Fate (episode 5)

Sophie’s greatest fantasy reveal came as a big surprise to Dave as he never thought she would think of having kids due to her condition. He fell into deep thoughts, trying to figure out how possible it would be to bring her fantasy to reality.

“Why are you quiet all of a sudden?” Sophie asked smiling, “I’m just thinking of how I can bring your fantasy to reality” he replied. Sophie smiled and stretched her hand to touch his head. “I love you Dave, thanks for being here” she said. Dave held her hand and told her not to worry, that everything would be alright.

After a wonderful evening spent together, Dave retired to his house. All through that night, he couldn’t sleep as he kept thinking of how he could make Sophie’s greatest fantasy come to pass. He surfed the internet to find out if it was possible for a Sickler to carry a Child for 9 months without too many complications. He read over a 100 articles on the internet, trying to find answers to the multiple unanswered questions in his mind.

The next day after work, Dave visited his doctor friend to find more solution and answers. “Hello Tobi, how are you doing?” He greeted as he entered Tobi’s office, “I’m fine bro, you sounded so urgent on the phone, what’s up” Tobi asked. Dave narrated everything to him and Tobi told him it was very possible for Sophie to have a child. He gave other options for delivery, just incase Sophie was unable to push due to lack of strength.

Tobi went ahead to conduct a genotype test for Dave to determine his status. Fortunately, Dave was AA and this made him so happy because it meant the baby had a high chance of not being a Sickler too. Dave left happily, knowing that Sophie’s fantasy could come to pass.

On his way out, Dave picked up his phone and called his Dad. “Hello dad” he greeted, “How are you son?” His dad asked, “I’m fine sir. Dad I want to talk to you about something” he said, “I hope everything is OK at the firm?” His dad asked, “Yes sir, everything is fine but that’s not what I want to talk to you about. I’m coming to the house to see you now” Dave said, “I’ll be waiting” his dad said and ended the call.

Dave arrived at his family house few hours later and was welcomed by his family members. After everyone was settled, he went to meet his Dad and narrated everything about Sophie to him. “Dad I love her so much and want to marry her” he said afterwards. “What if she dies, how would you cope being a young widower?” His dad asked, “Till then dad” he replied.

After much thought, his father told him to follow his heart and gave him his blessings. “I would never deny you of any chance to be happy. Go in peace!” His dad finally said.

Dave was so happy and thanked his dad over and over again. His mum was late and he wished she was still alive to see how much of a kind soul Sophie was. On his way out, he picked up his phone and called Sophie. “Hey Baby” he greeted, “Hello babe, how are you doing?” She asked. “I’m fine! Where are you?” He asked, “I’m home’ she replied. “Ok! I’m on my way to your house” he said and ended the call.

Unknowingly to Sophie, Dave made a stop at a jewelry store to buy a beautiful engagement ring. He bought one of the finest without minding the cost.

After about an hour, he arrived at Sophie’s house and she was so happy to see him. “Baby you look so beautiful today” he teased, “Awwwn, thanks” she replied blushing, “Let’s go in, I prepared your favourite” she continued.

After an awesome meal, Dave lifted her up and she rested her head on his chest. She was very light so it was easy for Dave to carry her for long without being tired. “I’m so glad I met you” she said in a low tone, “Me too, you have changed my life and also made me realise that the most precious things of life can’t be bought” he said still carrying her. “You are my Angel, you are my strength, you are my happiness, you’re the reason I always want to live another day, I love you and even if I die today, I would die a happy woman” she said with tears in her eyes.

Dave was getting so emotional and wanted to cry but held himself. He put her down on the couch and knelt in front of her and said “Sophie you brought happiness to my life, everyday with you is something no money on earth could buy, you give me peace, you give me joy, I cry when you are not with me and smile when I see you. Of everything that ever happened to my life, you are the best of all and today, I want to damn all the odds and ask you to marry me. Would you marry me?” He said with tears dropping down his eyes.

Sophie died and woke up. Her heart kept beating without ceasing, she could never believe that she was the one being proposed to. Her head kept spinning and her body was numb.

Dave figured she was shocked and said “Baby I need your answer, would you marry me?”

End of episode 5

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