Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate – episode 6

Twisted Fate (episode 6)

Dave’s proposal to Sophie came as a big surprise to her. For a moment, she thought it was all a dream and needed someone to wake her up. She never believed a day like this would come in her lifetime. She was overwhelmed with unexplainable joy and didn’t know what to say.

“Oh baby! Are you doing this for real?” She asked in tears, “Yes babe, would you marry me? Dave asked again, “Oh Yes of course!” She shouted in excitement. Dave put the ring on her finger and they k-ssed passionately.

“Wow! This ring is so beautiful, thank you so much” Sophie said, “No baby, I should tell you thank you instead” he said. “Why” Sophie asked, “Because you have showed me what it truly means to love and care for someone, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience love for what it truly is” Dave replied.

Sophie looked into his eyes, smiled and said “I must have done something really good in this life, for God to reward me with such a good man like you”, Dave blushed and hugged her tightly.

What kind of wedding do you want?” He asked still hugging her, “A very small one with just family and close friends in attendance” she replied. “I think that would be perfect” Dave said.

They wasted no time in starting their wedding preparations. It was scheduled for the next month so they had little time to get everything ready and set. Sophie’s mum did most of the planning with the help of Sophie’s assistant who handled her event planning business. They made sure it was very simple and classy.

As their wedding day approached, Sophie kept thinking of how their wedding night would be like. She wrote down her wedding night fantasies and secretly slipped it in,side Dave’s pocket one evening he visited her. As Dave was on his way home, his phone beeped and he looked and saw a message from Sophie which read “Baby please check your pocket when you get home, I repeat! When you get home”. Dave smiled and touched his pocket to see if he would feel any unusual thing and felt a piece of paper. He couldn’t wait to get home to read what Sophie wrote.

Immediately he arrived at his house, he slipped his hand in,side his pocket and opened the piece of letter. Dave smiled as he read the fantasies Sophie had for her wedding night. It brought him joy knowing that he would be the one to fulfill them. He quickly texted her back and said “I can’t wait to do all that to you”. Sophie smiled all night after receiving Dave’s message and couldn’t stop imagining how it would go down.

The day of the wedding finally came and Sophie kept crying as she wore her gown. “I can’t believe I’m on a wedding gown, who would have thought” she said to her mum. “You deserve all the happiness this world can give, you are not less human because you’re a Sickler, you are wh0le and complete and you deserve to be on this gown my daughter” her mum said and hugged her.

The wedding was a success and everyone went home with joy in their hearts as it was an undeniable fact, that Sophie and Dave were a match made in heaven.

The newly wedded couples arrived at a nice hotel after their reception. Sophie couldn’t stop smiling as Dave held her hand so tight and didn’t want to let go of any bit of her. As they entered the elevator that led to their room, Dave blind folded Sophie’s eyes and she kept laughing. “Babe why are you closing my eyes?” She asked smiling, “I have a surprise for you” he replied smiling too.

As they arrived at their room, Dave opened the door and they both walked in. “Are you ready?” He asked Sophie, “Yes” she replied laughing. Dave removed his hands from Sophie’s eyes and the room was a beautiful sight to behold. Dave asked the hotel staffs to decorate the room with candles just as Sophie fantasied. There was a slow rom-ntic song playing in a low tone.

“Oh baby I love you so much” Sophie shouted, “I love you too wifey” Dave replied. He held her wa-ist and asked her to dance with him. They both dance slowly for a while, then Dave reached for Sophie’s l-ips and k-ssed it passionately. They k-ssed for a while till Dave lifted Sophie and carried her to the bathroom. He took her gown and his clothes off, Sophie was a bit shy because she was very ski-ny but Dave hushed her and told her she was very beautiful.

They both took their bath together and Sophie kept smiling as she looked into Dave’s eyes. After they were done bathing, Dave carried her to the bed and gently car-ssed her. “You are so beautiful” he kept whispering in Sophie’s ears. Dave was very gentle as he took Sophie on a ride of her life to a world of intense pleasure. Dave k-ssed her wh0le body till she became numb, he made sure to give her the night of her life.

Their honeymoon lasted for a week as Dave had business meetings and appointments to attend to at work. Sophie moved into Dave’s beautiful house and had a hærd time coming to terms that she was truly married.

A month later, after their honeymoon, Sophie started feeling feverish. She thought it was her normal crisis and took her meds but it persisted. Dave traveled out for a business meeting so she had to go to the hospital. Her doctor sensed that something else was up due to the symptoms Sophie described. “I would run a full test on you to find out what could be the problem” her doctor said.

A test was conducted and Sophie was asked to return the next day for the result. The next day, she quickly rushed to the hospital for the result so she could be back on time as Dave was on his way back from his trip.

As Sophie arrived at the hospital, she went straight to her doctor’s office for the result. “Congratulations Sophie, you are 3 weeks pregnant” the doctor said. Sophie almost collapsed from were she sat. “it’s not true!” She shouted, “It is true” her doctor confirmed.

Sophie almost ran mad due to the explosion of emotions she was feeling at that moment. “So I would carry my own child, Oh my! God I don’t know why you’re doing all this but thank you” she said crying as she took the result from her doctor.

On her way home, she almost bashed the new car Dave just got for her as her wedding gift. She couldn’t stop the tears that kept flowing from her eyes. She was so happy!

She got home and quickly prepared Dave’s favourite meal. As Dave returned, she ran and hugged him so tight, “I love you so much babe, thanks for loving and choosing me as your wife” she said with tears in her eyes. Dave hugged and k-ssed her, “I have missed you” he said. “I have good news for you but I would tell you when you’re done eating” she said, “Ok babe, I can’t wait oh” he said smiling.

After dinner, Dave went upstairs to freshen up while Sophie took the plates to the kitchen. Unknowingly to Dave, Sophie hid the result at her back. She walked into their room and went to where Dave sat. “Baby I have something to share with you” she said, “What’s it?” Dave asked. She brought out the result from behind her and handed the paper to Dave.

“Oh My! Sophie are you?” He shockingly asked, Sophie nodded her head and said “Yes babe, We are pregnant!”

End of episode 6
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