Two months with Mr Rude

Two months with Mr Rude Chapter 1 – 3

Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter one
Claire took the mop from the store as soon as she got to the company with dipped it into the bucket before drawing out the mop again, squeezed and cleaned the dirty floor.

She hummed a song as she does that. Shortly, she heard some people making some noise outside. She shook her head cause she knows what’s happening already.

The CEO is here. Hunter Walter. The CEO of the Hunter’s company. The female staffs are there scre-ming their brains out cause of him.

Truly, he’s very handsome with his black curled hair, tanned body, broad chest and everything a woman would need in a man.

Claire kept on cleaning the floor. She was near the elevator when she saw him walking towards the elevator too.

“Good morning sir” She bowed to him and faced her work properly. She can’t look into his blue eyes. No one dare though.

“Hmm….is she the new cleaner you told me about, Peter?” Her boss said, facing the man at his right hand side. His assistant.

“Yes, she’s the one. We accepted her last week.” Peter replied and pressed the button of the elevator.

“Oh…I see.” Hunter nodded, stared at her and made his way into the elevator.

That was a relief for Claire. She muttered, “Thank Goodness” And released the breath she has been holding for too long.

“I thought he’s going to fire me.” She added.

Hunter sat on the swivel chair and whirled around to face the glass, showing the large city of new York. So beautiful.

His company was one of the well-known company in NYC.

“Check my schedules in from Monday to Friday. When it’s 11, come back and tell me.” He ordered his assistant.
Peter bowed and walked out of his office.

He needs to be alone and Peter understands that.
The door opened to reveal Claire coming in with the bucket and mop.

“I’m here to clean the office, Sir.” Claire said.

“Go on.” He answered, curtly without turning to look at her.

“Yes, sir” The girl responded and began doing her work.

Claire’s phone rang out from her br-ast pocket which made Hunter turned back finally. The ringing tone was loud.
He glared at her amd wanted to send her out but he restricted and watched her pick the call.

“Yes…..” Hayley began.
“No…what!? Jason collapsed? Which hospital?” He watched her panic.

Hunter arched his brows, frowned and wonder why she’s like that. Hospital? Who could be in the hospital?

“Okay, I will be right there.” Claire ended the call and ran out of the office.
After two seconds, she ran back and took the bucket and mop. Just as she reached the door, her eyes became dizzy.

She couldn’t feel herself. Before Hunter’s eyes, Claire slumped to the floor. Her eyes closed.

Chapter two

Claire collapsed right in front of Hunter’s eyes.
What happened to her? Is she dead or something? Hunter forced himself to stand up when he saw that Claire wasn’t moving an inch from where she was.

He frowned again and bent down. He didn’t want to touch her. No, he doesn’t touch dirty people.

His eyes traveled down her body. She’s attractive. He thought.

Hunter got up and walked back to his seat before taking the telephone on his table and called Peter.

“Come and take her” He said and hung up.

His eyes watched the lax body on the ground. Is she short of blood? No.
Thats not his business anyway. Argh! He need a b***h to f*ck.

Peter ran into the office and met the Claire on the floor. His brows arched. What’s wrong with her?

He need not to say anything. So, he carried her and told a male staff to call the ambulance.

Shortly, Claire was taken to the hospital.

An hour later, Claire woke up and found her self in the room painted with white and blue.
Realization hit her, she’s in the hospital when she’s supposed to be with her brother.

Her eyes watered, her brother collapsed again.
As soon as she got down from the bed, a doctor came in with a smile plastered onhis face.

“Ma’am, you’re awake. You will be discharged tomorrow. You need a lot of rest too.”

“Doctor, I need to go somewhere. I will come back and take some rest. I need to see my brother.” Claire p-nted heavily.


“Please!! It’s really important. My brother is dying”

“Okay, buy you need to take it easy. You’ve stress yourself so much.” The doctor told her amd moved closer to Claire, checked her body amd told her that she can leave the ward.

“Although, I know you might not come back but buy this drugs on your way. You need to take it. Have a nice day.”

Claire snatched the paper from his hand aand ran out of the ward. She got outside the hospital and took a cab.

Getting to where Jason was admitted, she ran speedily to the reception and explained herself.

“Thank you” She spoke after getting the directions from the nurse.

“Claire!! Thank God you’re here! You need to here what the doctor said.” Nancy, Claire’s good friend uttered immediately she stepped in.

“Is that Jason?” Claire pointed at the boy laying on the bed with different device on his body. This can’t be her brother. Like this? No.

“Yes, Claire. You don’t have to cry now, okay. We need to get the money to treat Jason’s disease.”

“What kind of disease is it?” Claire answered.

“I don’t know too. But I guess it’s a rare disease and it’s likely to cut jason’s life short if there’s no treatment. Thats what the doctor told me. Claire, can you afford $150, 000?”

“What!?” Her head spun.
Her salary can’t even pay half of it. Where will she get the money from? All hope is lost right? She thought so.

Chapter three
“You know I can’t afford that? What am I going to do? I don’t want Jason to die. He’s all I got.” Claire sniffed while Nancy pulled her close and hugged her.

“It’s okay, I will help you find some money. Wait! Why don’t you ask from your uncle or even your boss at work?” Nancy suggested.

“My uncle?” She repeated and chuckled. “That monster that called himself human. Animal! I won’t beg anything from him. He made my life miserable and that of my brother. I wish my parents are still alive.” Claire growled and balled her hand to a fist.

She didn’t want to remember the awful thing her uncle did to them about two years ago.
Her uncle would rape her every night whenever he came back from work. He made her and Jason suffer like they were in hell. And he will threaten them not to tell anyone else, he’d kill them and throw their body to the sea.

It was very fortunate for them to have escaped from the house when he wasn’t around then. Since then, they lived alone.

Nancy was their neighbor and a very good friend to them.

Her mind drifted to her boss. Should she ask him about the money? Will he give her the money? How will she face him?

“I will ask my boss about the money. Hope he will give me.”

At night, Nancy went back to get some food for Claire and maybe Jason too. But it seems Jason won’t be awake for days now. She really pity him.

Claire dozed off on the chair she sat on. She had watched her brother for a long time before she slept off.

A sneeze from someone made her wake up.
“Jason? Jason?” Her sleepy eyes crawled to Jason’s face.

His eyes fluttered opened, “Sister, I’m dying.” He called and smiled before his eyes closed back again.

“Jason? Talk to me. Jason, wake up.” Claire bursted into tears, she couldn’t talk to her brother. She wished his eyes were opened again.
Her brother had just entered college. How will he cope with his studies?

She sure need to get the money from his boss. But she hope it’s easy to collect. She’d replace it with her salary.

“Why did you do this to me? Why?”
“Come, I’m taking you with me.”

The voice of a lady sounded in Hunter’s ears and he woke up p-nting heavily. Nightmares again.
Every night, he lack sleep. He’s so restless.
That lady haunting him in his dream. Tracy.


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