Unconditional episode 1 – 2


Chapter 1
Thelma Mwanza looked at the time once again.. It was past midnight and her husband was nowhere to be seen… She felt more alone than ever… Marriage life was suppose to make one complete but this one felt empty and loveless… She didn’t even feel close to being complete… She discarded her bottle of whiskey on the floor and opened her second bottle of whiskey… She needed something strong to burn away her sorrows…. She staggered to her feet swaying a little.. ” I hate you Adam, for making my life miserable. ” she yelled..

She bumped into the stand, the picture frame fell to the ground making an irritating sound..The frame broke in pieces.. “Damn ” Thelma swore as she bent to pick it up… The broken pieces reminded her of her shattered marriage… She looked at the wedding picture with digust and hatred… How could one feel so lonely and empty.. Life could suck at times… If it wasn’t for the children she could have left… Thelma looked at the picture.. Adam looked handsome in his blue suit… People always said they were a match made in heaven… Well people said alot of things.. Thelma threw the picture on the floor… She felt like crying her heart out but the tears couldn’t come out.

Thelma managed to get to her bedroom, the place that once was filled with happy memories. The room was well decorated, the bed was huge with white beddings and a big plasma TV on the wall. She sat on the floor and took a long swig from her bottle.. the liquid sent a burning sensation down her throat. ” I can’t live without you honey, you see..you know how to calm my nerves.” She spoke to the bottle.. She closed her eyes, the old memories flooding back.

“You are beautiful, Theo” Adam said. He was holding their first born Child in his arms..Favour smiled at her father. Thelma smiled,she couldn’t ask for a better husband.. They met when she was in grade twelve at Kamwala secondary school..Adam was a Lawyer, he gave her a lift to school and afterwards they became inseparable.. She stopped school when she discovered she was pregnant. They got married and things were fine until she had her second child five years ago. It wasn’t her fault that her child was autistic but Adam and his family blamed her. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the car outside.

She stood up with difficulties and put the bottle of whiskey in the drawer. She didn’t want him to see her broken. As she was going to the bed she fell down. Thelma held the bed for support and managed to sit on the bed and waited for Adam.
Adam parked his car and cleared the lip stick stains from his neck. He prayed that he would find his wife asleep. He got out of the car and opened the door slowly. “I wish she can leave already besides, these kids are stressing me out.” He thought. Jane was different, she was always sweet and never stressed him.. Adam stopped and looked around the living room,the place was a mess, he picked up the empty bottle of whiskey and threw it in the bin outside the house. He somehow felt guilty that he had driven his wife into that state.
He walked to the bedroom and found Thelma waiting for him. “So you have finally managed to find your way home huh???” Thelma yelled.

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“Thelma, spare me tonight, I’m tired and I need some rest,so keep your issues to yourself.” He said as he undid his tie.

“You missed your son’s appointment today and he needs money for his drugs.” Thelma accused.

“Stop referring to that thing as my son and I am not spending my money on him,why can’t you just leave with your children.” Adam snapped. Thelma was full of rage.. She got out of bed and slapped Adam across the face.. ” I am not going anywhere and Mapalo is your son so start behaving like a father.” She yelled. Adam became furious,”How dare you hit me woman.” He pushed his wife on the floor and started hitting her..Thelma screamed but Adam kept hitting her.
Mapalo was awakened by the screams and yelling from his parents room. He got out of bed and started screaming.. No! No!No!No!. He got out of bed and threw his toys,he covered his ears with his hands, hoping to block the screams. Stop stop stop..he kept repeating the words over and over. He walked to his parents bedroom and stood at the door. He hated violence, stop stop..he screamed.
Favour heard the screams, it was the same every night. One particular sound caught her attention, she rushed out and went to her parents bedroom. She found her brother looking shaken, he was screaming and crying. “Stop it daddy,stop it .” she yelled. She was very tall for a fifteen year old, she went to her father and pulled him from her mother. Adam was breathing heavily, He looked at his daughter with blood shot eyes. He got his car keys and left without saying a word.


helped her mother to her feet,she went to the bathroom and got some cold water. She cleaned her mother’s wounds and helped her to get in bed. Thelma didn’t want her children to see her in such a state but she was so drunk and as soon as she was in bed she fell asleep.
Mapalo was still traumatised, he kept screaming and started biting his hand. This was his habit when he was upset. Favour covered her mother and went to take care of her little brother. She tried to hug him but he pulled away.. no no no no,he kept repeating. Favour looked at him, she started singing his favorite song. “I love… You.. You.. Love.. Me.. We.. Are… One.. Big.. Happy.. Family..” Favour sang.. Mapalo stopped screaming, he sat on the floor and stared at the ceiling… Mapalo sat next to him and hugged her little brother… She kept singing as tears rolled down her cheeks… Mapalo touched his sister briefly on the hand and withdrew… “It’s just you and I

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Favour held her brother in her arms until he fell asleep. She lifted him slowly and took him to his bedroom. The room was big, with alot of posters and yellow paintings most of them done by Mapalo. Mapalo was an intelligent child, he only said a few words and repeated them but at times he could go mute or undress those were the bad days but Favour made sure he was taken care of them.

We will make it through kid.” Favour said as she touched his chick. She got in the covers and held him tight. The moment Mapalo was born Favour had vowed to protect her little brother.. Before she slept she said a little prayer..” Lord in heaven, please help daddy so that he can love us and he can stop beating mum…Amen” With that she slept and dreamt of happy memories..
The following day, Favour woke up early. She said her prayers and went to wake her mother. She opened the door to slowly and peeped before she entered.. Thelma was fast asleep with one arm almost touching the floor. Favour immediately knew it was one of those days.. she entered the room and made sure her mother was comfortable.. She opened the top drawer near the bedside and drafted a note.. “Don’t forget to pick up Mapalo and his drugs have finished..love you.” She put the note on the dressing mirror and left…

Favour went to the kitchen and made breakfast for Mapalo and herself.. she put a smiley face on Mapalo’s pancakes with the golden syrup. He liked them that way and she had got used to making his breakfast. Afterwards she packed the food and juice.. Mapalo came peeping in the kitchen with his teddy bear in his hands which Favour had brought for him. He was [email protected] and didn’t seem to mind.. Mapalo ran to his sister and hugged her legs.. Favour smiled at him and lifted him. “Morning big boy.” She said.. Mapalo smiled back.. “You need to get clean and go to school.” She said as she headed to the bathroom..
An hour later both Favour and Mapalo stood at the road side waiting for a bus. Favour held Mapalo’s hand, so as to avoid him running off. Thelma was too drunk to take her children to school and Adam didn’t not show up. Finally a bus showed up, the two got in the bus and Favour put Mapalo on her laps.. She had been using a bus as a means of transport for the past two weeks. Sometimes it was difficult especially when Mapalo was in a bad mood. The family house was in Kamwala south, she always disembarked at SDA took Mapalo to UTH special school and then walk back to Libala Secondary school.

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When they got to UTH special school,Favour kissed her brother goodbye and went to her school. “Favour Zulu, can you look at the time this is past 08,you are always late for class.” Her teacher scolded.. Favour looked down at her shoes..” am sorry, Mrs Mubanga I had to take my brother to school, mum is not feeling well.” She answered in a tiny voice.. She always covered for her mother and father but her teacher was now becoming concerned..
” Go in class,i need to talk to your parents.” Favour walked slowly and sat at the back. Grade nine was not as easy as she thought.. Favour couldn’t understand what the maths teacher was explaining, she was too exhausted and all she wanted was to sleep..

Thelma woke up at 11 in morning. “Ouch,my head hurts” she said to herself. She got out of bed and went to the dressing mirror. She picked up the note and read.. “sorry my darlings, I have failed you again, I promise to be a better mother” she said to herself. Thelma got up and went to the bathroom.. She vowed to stop drinking and focus on being a good mother.. Thelma was busy in the kitchen preparing a meal for the children when she heard a knock on the door..She wiped her hands with a tea towel and went to open the door.
A short woman with a big belly stood outside.. Thelma analysed her from head to toe.. “How can I help you.” She asked. Jane smiled and touched her belly..” I am Jane, well the woman who has been taking care of your husband,
I am carrying his child, well a normal child, You see Thelma unlike you am woman enough to give our man a normal child.. point of correction normal male child unlike that…. Thelma stood at the door speechless.. how could Adam do that to her, the man she had loved all her life….She watched as Jane walked away and got in a very expensive car..

Thelma went inside and started looking around.. She finally found a bottle of whiskey and took a full swig.. The whiskey didn’t not take away the pain she felt, she needed something strong.. She went to her room and got a paper.. “I am sorry my darlings, I have failed to be a mother to you, please Favour promise me that you will always take care of your brother no matter what.” She put the letter in an envelope and addressed it to Favour.. She removed the pills from the drawer and took them all.. I am tired of this life… Thelma fell to the ground and white liquid came out of her mouth…

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