unconditional episode 11 – 12



Chapter 11

Thelma stood in the yard staring at the gate…She was still absorbing what Adam had just said.. There was no way she was going let Adam take her children from her.. If it might fighting then she was going to fight.. Although at times she felt maybe her children could be better off with Adam.. She felt overwhelmed with everything that had happened…Thelma held her head, the pain was too much..Her legs felt weak and all she could see where blurred visions..
“Am I going blind…is this it..Lord this can’t be.. please take away my pain..when will it stop..I need to live..give me more time..” Thelma kept talking.. as she slowly fell to the ground.

“My head…oh..this pain..My head..” Thelma cried.
She saw an image, though it wasn’t clear..it looked like a male or female..
“Is that you Favour???”
The image became dull with each passing moment, finally Thelma couldn’t see a thing.. She heard her children cry but couldn’t reach out to them.. The voices became faint with each passing moment and finally she heard nothing….
Favour panicked, she didn’t understand what was going on.. A few moments ago her mother was fine and now she was lying unconscious on the ground.. Mapalo cried as he tried to wake his mother.. He kissed her forehead but his mummy didn’t wake up..

“Mummy…. Mummy… Mummy” He called out..
Micheal who had arrived earlier on to give Thelma, Mapalo’s medicine that he had managed to get from the pharmacy. Rushed to Thelma, he lifted her and took her to his car. Favour and Mapalo followed Micheal.. Mapalo’s face was stained with tears..
” Mum will be ok, Favour takecare of your brother, he needs you.. I will inform you about your mum’s condition.” John said.
Favour protested, she got in the car and held her young brother close..
” We are going with you and don’t think of leaving us behind.”
Micheal knew there was nothing he could do to change their mind.
“Let’s get going then.” He stepped on the accelerator and drove like a mad man.. Within a short time he was at Uth.. He parked the car and lifted Thelma.. Favour and Mapalo tagged behind.

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Thelma was taken to the emergency room.. Micheal, Favour and Mapalo remained praying for Thelma.. The wait was taking forever and Micheal was getting impatient.. He asked any nurse who came out of the room..The doctor finally came out…..His face said it all bit Micheal prayed that whatever it was…Thelma could make it through.. He didn’t understand why he felt attached to Thelma…. For the past weeks he had been thinking about her and now that he had her close..he wasn’t ready to lose her…
“Doctor how is she doing.” He asked.
“Her condition is worse, the tumour has grown and if she doesn’t get an operation she will die.. Am sorry nurse but there is nothing we can do in Zambia, she does to go to India..” The doctor explained..

“What do you mean, she has a tumour.” Favour and Micheal asked at once….
“She didn’t tell you, Thelma has been sick for months now… Am sorry, but she won’t be able to see.” The doctor said…
Favour broke down and cried..she held her brother tight.. Mapalo didn’t understand what was going on, he touched his sister and kissed her on the forehead…. Micheal leaned on the wall for support, the news was a blow he wasn’t expecting that…
“Doctor can we see her.” He asked…
“Yes, you can go in.”
Thelma was lying on the bed, she heard footsteps but she had no idea who it was..
“Mummy… Mummy… Mummy” Mapalo called and rushed to his mother’s bedside… He climbed on the bed and hugged his mother.. Thelma opened her eyes but she couldn’t see her son’s face…
“What’s happening to me?” she asked. Thelma panicked… I can’t see…I can’t see.. what’s happening… Why can’t I see my boy… Lord this is not happening.. Mapalo looked at his mother with surprise.. He started crying not knowing what to do… he got out of the bed and hugged his sister.

Cont 11part 2

Micheal rushed to Thelma’s side and tried to keep her calm..
“Thelma, don’t panic everything will be alright..” He held her hand… Thelma went quiet… It’s like the wind of death had passed through the room… Favour hugged her brother and hoped that all this was just a nightmare… This wasn’t happening… Why did her mother have to go through all this pain… She removed her phone and wrote a text to her father.. She needed both her parents at this moment..
Adam was going through his case files, when his phone buzzed.. He read the text and somehow felt bad.. why didn’t Thelma talk about her illness, even though they had parted he still felt something for her.. Feelings didn’t just disappear like that.. He stood up and grabbed his keys..
Micheal was still holding Thelma’s hand when Adam, came into the room..
“What the hell are you doing here, all I see so Thelma you have started dating this old bug..huh..you know what you deserve whatever is happening to you.. since you are no longer fit, I will take my children with me and I promise you..you will never see them again.” Adam yelled..


for goodness sake, this is a hospital and Thelma is sick.. keep your voice down..” Micheal said..
Adam, could not have it, there was no way he was going to let another man take his place in the family.. To him Thelma and the children belonged to him and nobody else.. He grabbed both Favour and Mapalo’s hands.. the children struggled to break free but he was too strong..
“I am taking my children and you will never see them again.” He yelled as he dragged the children out of the ward..
“Adam, bring back my children…” Thelma yelled.. she tried to get up but fell back on the bed.. she felt so helpless and frustrated..
“Micheal please help me get my babies back.. please..I did to get better so I can have my children..I need my sight back.. I will do whatever it takes.” She sobbed. Micheal held her in his arms…


“Are you ready, boys?” Biggie asked..
The Nick and the boys had black masks with guns.. This was the first operation Nick was doing and he felt uneasy… What if something went wrong… He brushed off the negative thoughts..life was about risks and he was willing to take this Risk…
“Remember, we do this in twenty minutes and don’t mess up..am I clear..now let’s go.”
Nick and the boys covered their faces with the mask and entered AB bank in Cairo road…Nick went to the teller and removed his gun and pushed a bag…
“Put everything in here or I will blow your brains..”
Biggie shot all the cameras and made sure that everyone was lying on the floor..


anyone, moves or calls the police..I will make sure I track you down and kill your entire family…” Biggie warned..
Nick made sure all the money was packed in the bag..He signalled for the other guys and they left.. They got in the car and drove off.. when they arrived in Misisi they got rid of the car and got in another one.. Once they were in Chawama, they went to Biggie’s house they counted the money it was worth five hundred thousand kwacha.. The guys celebrated, they opened some brandy and Vodka and smoked..
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“It’s been a month now without mum and not a day passes by without thinking about her.. I have frequently gone to our old house and the hospital but mum is no where to be seen..” Favour explained to Nick who was sitted on the chair… The two had became good friends since the day Adam had taken his children.. life was hard and Favour had dropped out of school so she could take care of Mapalo..
“You little brat, who told you to write on my walls, huh do you know the price of paint… I will teach you manners since your mother didn’t do a good job” Jane yelled… He was holding Mapalo by the ears.. She got a cooking stick and started wiping Mapalo…


heard her brother’s cries… Both her and Nick stood up and rushed to the living room.. Favour was very furious, she went between Mapalo and Jane…making sure that the next beating landed on her…
“Stop, beating my brother you wicked witch.. can’t you see that he is a young boy huh or maybe you are so dumb that you can’t understand that he has special needs!!!!” Favour yelled.. she pushed Jane on the floor and grabbed the cooking stick…
“Oh so you have the guts to push me and talk back at me in my own house you stupid girl.” Jane stood up and grabbed Favour’s hand.. She slapped Favour and hit her face… Mapalo screamed and rushed to defend his sister..he bit Jane’s legs and ran to Nick who was trying to defend her. Jane finally gave up and went to her bedroom…

“Hey let me take care of that black eye, it looks bad.” Nick said as he took Favour’s hand…He got some ice from the freezer and put it on her face…
Jane paced around the room, there was no way am letting that stupid girl and her brother stay in my house over my dead body will they stay here… I have to act now and let those fools out of here… I have to take advantage of the fact that Adam is aboard..
She went to the children’s bedroom and packed their clothes… Jane went to the kitchen and dumped the clothes on the floor…
“I don’t want you in my house…get out this instant!!!!!” Jane yelled.
Favour, Nick and Mapalo stood put and looked at Jane in shock… The whole scene was like those in Nigerian movies…
“We are not going anywhere, this is my father’s house….you leave instead if our presence bothers you so much…” Favour yelled back…

Jane was now raging mad…She went to the kitchen drawer and removed a knife…
“Get out of my house!!!” She screamed.
Favour got the sack bag and held her brother.. They got out of the gate and sat outside… Favour had no idea where they could go next.. it was already dark outside and she had no money… She hugged her little brother and they cried..
“Mummy where are you…..why have you left us..”
She stood up and started walking with Mapalo close by… Her face hurt and she felt hungry.. most nights they went to bed without food..
“Hi Favour stop!!!” Nick shouted..
Favour looked behind and saw Nick running towards them…
“Where are you going?” He asked…
“I have no idea and I have no phone… We will spend a night at one of the churches then tomorrow morning, I will figure out something..” Favour said as she held Mapalo’s hand who was becoming restless…

“We can go to my house but I warn you my house is small and whatever you have heard about Misisi is true.. it’s not paradise but at least you will have a roof on your head…”
The three managed to get on a taxi… Favour was quiet the all way.. Nick played games with Mapalo…Nick had not told anyone about his double life and he still lived a simple life even though he had thousands in his account..
They arrived at Misisi police station and from there they walked on foot.. Favour was uncomfortable, she put Mapalo on her back… Women where shouting, insulting…The place was totally different from what she was used to.. They turned a dark corner… A drunk man staggered and fall..He smelled of urine and the local brew( kachasu).
A young couple was making out in the dark corner…This was not what she expected but sometimes one had to accept what was served especially if one had no option…

We are here.. Nick said.. The house was surrounded by three other houses.. The area smelled of urine and human waste.. There was what looked like a small bathroom at the far end and a latrine which looked like it would fall off..
Nick entered the house first, his mother was sitted on a bed.. The small house was tidy, Mapalo screamed when he saw a big rat.. pass just where Nick’s mum was sitting.. This was going to be one long night.. Favour thought.. She greeted Nick’s mother and sat next to her…
“You will sleep with my mother while Mapalo and I will sleep on the other side of the curtain.”

Favour couldn’t sleep, the noise from outside was unbearable and the rats moved from one end to another.. She kept thinking of her mother, Favour removed the letters she had found at the door step and read them again,as she had done every night.. She felt her mother close by with each word she read..

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