November 29, 2021

Unconditional episode 15



Chapter 15

“Hi how are you doing…does your head still hurt.” Micheal asked..
“A bit…. but I feel much better and am so hungry…. Can you please get me something to eat..”
Micheal smiled as he removed the small food warmer..It was the first time, Thelma had asked for food since they arrived in India.. He opened the food warmer and got a spoon..

“The food smells so good….did you prepare it or maybe you bought.i don’t trust your cooking, Micheal.” Thelma smiled, exposing her perfect white teeth and her tiny dimple.. She was in a good mood, the operation was successful but her images were not yet clear.. The doctor said it could take some time before she could clearly see.. She believed that no matter how long it took, her sight could be restored and she could see her children again.. It was almost a year now, at times she could dream of Favour and Mapalo..She had called Adam several times at first he had answered but after he realised it was her, he cut the line and never picked her calls…
“No matter what it takes, I will find you my darlings and we will be together again.” She whispered..
“Did you say something love..” Micheal asked..

“I was just thinking loud, so am I going to have my food now.” She smiled..
Micheal put the warmer on her laps and gave her the spoon..She put the spoon slowly in the food warmer, when she felt she had something, she slowly lifted it to her mouth, a few grains of rice fell on the dress…
“Yummy, this tastes so good..I love fried rice..”
Micheal looked at her, Thelma had changed and she seemed happy..She had lost alot of weight but she still looked beautiful..if only she could give him a chance..he thought..
“Micheal, you are too quiet, what are you thinking about.. I know you miss Junior, don’t worry we will go home soon.”


thinking about you and how wonderful it could be if you gave me a chance..”
“Micheal……” Thelma tried to speak but Micheal put a finger on her lips..He got the food warmer and put it on the table.. The desire to kiss her was too much, he tried to push away the thoughts but couldn’t he felt possessed with desire…He moved closer and kissed her lips..
“Micheal…. Micheal…. please.. don’t.” Thelma said not believing her own words..She wanted him so much, it had been awhile since anybody had made her feel this way..Her body was already betraying her. Micheal could feel her n!poles responding to his touch..the thin soft blouse didn’t help matters.. Her heart was beating so fast, she gave in, to his kiss, she kissed him with so much passion…Adam had not made her feel alive, the way she did at this point.. All she wanted was to lose herself in his passion….. Micheal pulled away and lifted her chin..


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you want to do this?” Micheal asked..
Thelma nodded in response, she was short of breath..
“Micheal..stop talking and just kiss me before I change my mind.” Thelma managed to speak..
“Alright..boss then we will get to work.” Micheal said with a smirk on his face.
Thelma pulled him closer and they kissed.. Micheal slowly unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her [email protected] could feel his heart beat, she trembled with each kiss…She could hardly see his face but felt every movement he made… She touched his face and chest.. She wanted to remember it all, lucky they were in the hotel room..
“I will not do anything, you don’t want to do..” Micheal said between the two twin towers… They finally made love..Thelma felt complete, she slept in his arms…it felt good to be wanted.. Tomorrow, they were going back home…..


Favour cleaned the little house they had moved in.. She had not questioned Nick about his decision, he had just come home in the morning..He took his mother aside, they spoke quietly, the conversation looked tense, Favour tried to eavesdrop but couldn’t get anything they were discrete.. After what seemed like a long talk..Nick hugged his mother and he shed some tears.. They walked hand in hand, they seemed closer than before.. An hour later they parked their belongings and shifted to kuomboka.
So many months had gone by, Mapalo was all grown up.. He sat on a stood and kept writing words while Nick corrected him when he made a mistake.He was hard to control but Nick had a way of getting to him. They had opened up a little shop from the money Nick had gotten from his dealings..
“Favour, I will finish up with the cleaning, get ready and go to school.” Nick said.


had given up his education so that Favour and Mapalo could go to school. He worked in the grocery shop and also did other businesses. Favour helped out when Nick went out to order things. The new house was a three roomed house, Nick and Mapalo shared a room while Favour and Nick’s mother shared a room..
Mapalo left his books and went to pick up the trash. Favour and Nick laughed because he ended up messing the place instead of helping out. Nick had ironed Favour’s uniform, she changed quickly kissed Mapalo on the forehead and went to school.. She was determined to do well so she could support her new family, Nick and his mother had been there for them..


Jane paced around the house, it was past midnight and Adam was not yet home.After he had come back from his trip and realised his children were not home he had became distant.. He never came home and when he did he could be so drunk…
She got in her car and went to look for him..word had it that he was dating a student at Ridge way, she had once confronted the girl but it seems the girl was not going to leave her man alone..She was going to fight for Adam whatever it took, no woman could have him over her dead body.. She arrived at the bedsitter in Kabwata were the young lady was staying. Adam’s Jeep was parked outside, Jane went crazy.. She got a brick and broke the windows on Adam’s car, she removed her hair pin and opened the door a trick she had mastered from her ex husband. Jane opened the door slowly, Adam and his side chick were busy in the act..
“Ba Adam, so this is what you have been up to huh, I told you tukafilila mu nsenga.”

Jane removed a gun and pointed it at the girl, the girl looked scared her eyes most popping out of her sockets.. She pulled the blanket so as to cover herself. Adam pleaded with Jane…
I told you Adam….i warned you never to cheat on me.. but.. didn’t not Thelma and am not going to take your shit and you bitch didn’t I tell you to stay away from my husband..huh..Adam is mine and my mine alone.. Jane said as she wiped the tears from her eyes..
She aimed the gun at Adam and back to the girl..
So now you have gone mute huh, talk back at me..let me hear you say sharing is caring.. Jane said and let out a wicked laugh.. My face is the last thing you will see before you die..see you in hell.. She pulled the trigger and shot the girl in the chest and later she pointed the gun at wasn’t suppose to end this way..she said as she shot him twice..

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